הצג בעברית  



I dreamed some 3 weeks ago: I was with the holy Tzadik and chosen Final Goel, Haim, before 770 of Habad. At a certain point we stood before the large, iron front door. The Tzadik Haim was criticizing me for something that did not please him. It was something not just of now but also of the past years. Then he opened the large cast iron door, entered and closed the door leaving me outside. At that moment 770 became a sort of Palace, such as I might associate with Queen Ester (in the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption), with colors of violate on black. 


I didn't understand the dream but it kept coming back to mind. What was it in me or in what I have done or written that so unpleased the Tzadik Haim? I had to understand what Habad had to do with it. 


The matter began to come to the fore while rereading some of the texts of 1987 in memory of my beloved father Morris Green. I was struck by my dream of the New True Kabbalah. I had not even remembered that in the first part of that dream a Habadi named Shalom gave over a pear to the Tzadik Haim and he ate it; it was said in that instance that that 'sign' would not yet be understood. Later on in 1987 Noda dreamed that the Tzadik Haim had finished eating the pear. 


In that first dream, after eating the pear, in a garden, under a sort of canopy, the Tzadik Haim had me stand up and he placed in my hands some papers to read out loud and to announce the new, true kabbalah. On the sheet of paper in my hands were many 'symbols', some in Hebrew, some in Cuneiform, others in Greek etc. I began to announce the New True Kabbalah but my voice was too loud and the Tzadik had me lower my voice somewhat in making that announcement. 


Another dream of 1987 really shook me up. It had been received by Beniamino Perico, peace be upon him. He saw the Tzadik Haim who said, "My first pupils are Peretz and Renato (Levi). Only Shimon (Lupano) believes in the Resurrection. All the others have doubts.  


That perked up my brain; what an incredible thing to be said! Shimon, it is true, took the resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in such a vital sense that his thought was on seeing him. He was always looking around to see if he might appear. Once Shimon was in his Jewelry store and he saw a man looking into the store window whom he was sure was the Tzadik Haim. He went outside to see him but there was no one to be seen anywhere. – The point is that for Shimon the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim was an extremely real matter. 


I then read through the dreams brought in Sefer ha-Tzadik Haim (9th Petal of SMH) in which the Resurrected Goel appears. The great majority of those dreams shows the Tzadik Haim alive in the world, not in the Kingdom of Heaven but from the Kingdom of Heaven. Those Signs open the Great Door between the KoH and the earth. 


In other dreams: the Tzadik Haim is born in the world as a new-born baby who grows quickly into boyhood and speaks and says, "I am the Teacher Haim" etc. (clearly in fulfillment of 'A child has been born unto us' in Isaiah). In a dream of Paolo (Fierro) the Tzadik Haim says to him, "Touch me, you see that I am here!" etc. In a dream of Giuseppe (Manigrasso) the Tzadik Haim puts him to test to see Giuseppe's level of derech eretz, making himself as an old man etc. Also in Daniel's dream more recently, the Tzadik Haim came as an old man and Daniel held on to him and accompanied him step by step, very slowly, while the Final Goel Resurrected spoke of matters of the Final Redemption etc.. 


Except for dreams properly of the Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven (such as the Second Great Completed Sign of the Anointed Judge in the KoH, received by Renato Levi in 1983 or Noda's dream of the 'Chair' of the Tzadik Haim in the Kingdom of Heaven etc.), the Final Goel 'descends' into the world, speaking or performing actions or making 'signs' with the talmidim in the world and not somewhere else. 


The Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven is rightly in the KoH and no words are spoken in it, indicating its hiddenness. Renato Levi, however, is in the world, standing before a Staircase of White Marble Steps that represent the Hidden Virtues of the Heart necessary to elevate the person to live under the blessing of the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus the purpose of the Sign is for the elevation of people in this world. 


The KoH is nonetheless very hidden, as is the 'secret' of the 'Seat' of the Anointed Judge of the KoH. And as it is hidden, so is it large in its many hidden aspects. So too the hiddenness of the Final Goel Haim in the KoH remains. That hiddenness and that hidden position must continue to exist for the sake of the FR. So have we explained it in conjunction with the 'closed mem' of 'marbeh ha-misra'. That is the Gate which sanctifies the mind's curiosity in the hidden ways of God Almighty for the sake of reaching 'wonderment'. 


The Sixth Great Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim (received by Giordano Levi in 1984) is itself a 'meeting place' between two worlds, a world of New Gardens with marvelous trees and perfumed flowers in which are found together both worthy persons after their death and worthy people of this world. It is 'outside' and distinct in this from the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven which is inside the 'Palace'. 


In the First Great Completed Sign of the Stars (received by Gino Tampieri in 1983) the Tzadik and Resurrected Goel Haim announces the present, historic Stellar Time of the Final Fourth Generation and makes a 'Sign' between the Fourth Displaced Star and the Star of Abraham thus binding 4000 years of 'Redemptional History' to the Time of the Final Redemption. Also this Sign is not in the Kingdom of Heaven but rather in the world, outside, before the Heavens. 



The Third Great Completed Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot is properly the New Light of God's Marvelous Design of the House of Prayer of Seven Floors and Thirteen Altars, the prophesied House of Prayer for all the Nations and the prophesied House of Prayer of Universal Peace, even greater than the Temple of past history. This is the New Light of the Great Reconciliation of the Heart promised by God to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. This Sign is of this world and for the world. 


The Fourth Great Completed Sign of the Donkey who eats the Redemptional Bread of Bethlehem refers to the Messianic Donkey Mission which is in the world and for the world. It is also the Sign of the Great New Equilibrium of the Final Redemption which establishes the humility and humbleness of the Messianic Missions and of the New Priesthood in the House of Prayer. It thus comes after the New Light so as to balance the enormous effulgence of the New Revelation so that no one use that Great Illumination for uplifting himself over others or for any other unworthy purpose. 


The Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread is the Messianic Instrument of the Final Redemption that pulls along the Cart of the Great News of God's choice of the Final Goel, Haim. The Final Goel sits on the Cart and guides the Donkey in bringing the News of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption to the world. The hitherto unknown 'secret' of the FR is this: the Mashiah is not the Goel and the Goel is not the Mashiah; the level of the Mashiah compared to the Goel is as that of a donkey compared to a man. The Goel is the Anointed Judge in the Kingdom of Heaven after his death and resurrection. The Messianic Donkeys of the Final Goel are in the world.   


The Great Key of the 'Renewed World' is the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in this world and for this world. In this I have been lacking in all these years. I have kept the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim on the level of a 'New World' between Heaven and earth, instead of bringing the Resurrection to the level of this world. 


I am now, thank God, aware of this; before I was not.  I'm thus on the right path in resolving this Correction. And yet there remains a big question. What has Habad to do with all this? And why 770 Eastern ParkwayBrooklyn, which was the central office of the late Lubovitcher Rebbe? And why it did it become a Palace of Ester? The Sign here does not seem to indicate the Resurrection as much as it does the Kingdom of Heaven. The Palace of Ester indicates the KoH. 


There are, however, other allusions to be searched into. Habad is particular in many ways and it is also the exact opposite side of the true Final Redemption and of the true New Kabbalah. Habad is in the Sign of the Hated Fourth Generation and its claims and its propaganda cause terrible decrees, God save us, as proven in the Completed Signs. There is, however, a depth which can be gleaned from just the exact opposite position. There is the advantage of the light appreciated through its battle with the dark force of contrast. 


The Habadiim believed for many years that the Rebbe was the Mashiah ben David. They continued to believe such after his death but obviously they had to adopt a new terminology to the new status of the Rebbe. Some of their main conclusions: the Rebbe did not actually die but he remained alive in an invisible form. The Rebbe, after his non-death, became omniscient and since he now knew and saw everyone, it was possible to address him with prayers and requests. One can say that they have reached a very 'high level' in the logic of these total falsehoods. 


They have touched upon questions which can and must be corrected by way of the true Final Signs of the Kingdom ofHeaven and of the Resurrection of the chosen Goel Haim. 


The Tzadik Haim, after his resurrection, can know all people in the world, on a personal level. This is a prerogative of the Final Goel. 


This does not mean that he actively sees every person in the world on a personal level but that he has the power to do so and to know all that he desires to know of that person and to know the remedies and the corrections of each person. The Holy Tzadik Haim was able to know these things when he was alive in the world. How much more so in the exalted position of Goel and Anointed Judge of the KoH! 


The Tzadik Haim specifies, "I was dead but I am resurrected" Resurrection must be preceded by death because Resurrection means New Life. 


God Almighty has designed it so that only the Prophet Elijah never died and he arose wholly to the Kingdom ofHeaven. It is false and against Tradition to say that the Lubovitcher Rebbe never died. This is hogwash which even pigs would not eat! 


The Lubovitcher Rebbe is not the Goel and not the Mashiah ben David and he has not been chosen by God for any redemptional or messianic mission, not in his lifetime and not in his death. It is therefore absolutely false to assert his 'omniscience' etc. In truth God alone, Creator of the heavens and the earth, is Omniscient. The fact that the Goel Haim can know every person in the world has, in truth, little to do with the omniscience of God Almighty. 


About a year ago I dreamed that I was in 770 where I had an appointment with the Lubovitcher Rebbe. Inside his office, he began to say something but I stopped him and then I said, "Your followers make an idolatrous cult to you:. He wanted to say something but I said, looking above, "I'm a messenger, I have a mission" and he was forced to stay quiet. I continued, "Your followers hate one another and their heart is filled with hatred". At this point the Lubovitcher Rebbe fell backwards, distraught. I stood up to leave and seeing him in that anguish and that position on his back, I asked, "What's the matter?" He tried to lift up his head and said, "I would have preferred that you pray for us". I answered adamantly, "No, they hate one another and they practice hatred". 


Walking out of his office, before leaving the building, I noticed a dining room. Paolo was there and another person, the one who had been responsible for organizing my encounter with the Lubovitcher Rebbe. I wanted to leave 770 but Paolo insisted and gave me to understand that it was also correct towards that person. So I entered the room and on the chair upon which I was to sit, there was a huge loaf of Bread. I took it up from the chair and placed it on the large table and woke up from the dream. - - 


It most certainly would have been impossible to receive such a dream, a dream clearly given by the Higher Tribunal, if the Lubovitcher Rebbe were the Goel. He is not the Goel and not the Mashiah and not Anointed Judge nor is he Resurrected etc. and the Movement of Habad has to be purified from Judaism and from the world. The Habadiim say that these things, his not dying etc. are 'new things' that must be understood in a different way respect to past ideas. 


March 8, 2006; Adar 8, 5766; Beauty of Paradise 8, 3958: 


One must admit that their false Messianism has brought them a long way. They 'knew' the Mashiah ben David had to be alive, no! They have been fooled but not so foolish as to realize  that 'new things' will get you into trouble with Jewish Tradition. They concluded that it's impossible that the Rebbe actually died and thus the great novelty of the final redemption was that he never died and is alive. Trouble with Jewish Tradition or not, they believed it and had the courage to announce it. 


Fortunately for Judaism and for the world, Menahhem Mendel Shneerson is not the Mashiah and not the Goel; he never was and never will be. The Lubovitcher Rebbe has absolutely nothing of the true Sign of the Resurrection. The 'Messianism' of the Rebbe is a pure myth created by  the Great Propaganda Machine of Habad. 


770 eastern Parkway was the Center of the Habad Movement, with the Rebbe in his office, answering to the hundreds of letters sent to him every day. In Kfar Habad, in Israel, his hassidic followers had built$$$ a perfect replica of 770. It was built when they still believed that the Rebbe would come to Israel and reveal himself. I suppose that after his death they await his ghost. 


Let it be understood. Habad is the 'OTHER SIDE' / the sitra ahhra/ of the truth. It is the absolute falsehood that pretends to be the truth. At one point, perhaps in 1990,  I had written that Habad, after Shneerson's death, would become even more dangerous. I was sure of that because the time of the true chosen Goel, Haim, had come and the true Final Sign of the Resurrection was of the Tzadik Haim and of no one else. The 180 degree Haman had to show his counter position. The 'OTHER SIDE' had to run out its course. 


The truth had really come and when the truth comes, the 'other side' rallies to its last great stand, augmenting the force of its pretences to a degree similar to the truth, yet while standing 180 degrees in the opposite direction, in dark falsehood. I was therefore sure that Habad would invent its new Goel even while calling him Mashiah or whatever. 


Without the true authority to do such, and without any true testimony to such, the Hated Fourth Generation of the idolatrous Emanation sin of the Zohar would not be missing in its final idolatrous form. The Rebbe never died! Of course not. Rabbi Shneerson was the Great Habad Receiver of the World of Emanation which is before the creation of the world and thus higher than death. The Rebbe could not die; he was only re-Emanated by the 'descent' of the World of Emanation in him, the King Mashiah ben David. This, for Habad, was the 'great secret' of the Geula ha-Shleima, the Complete and Final Redemption. The Diefied Christ had made it again! 


The Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim is the Complete and Finalized Resurrection for the sake of the world. 


The Lubovitcher Rebbe's non-death resurrection, however, has fooled none except for the Habadiim themselves by way of their heinous indoctrination in their Schools and Yeshivot 


Who can imagine the amazing power of Tzadik Haim, resurrected in the Final and Complete Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead! 


The Tzadik Haim died and he was resurrected and his Resurrection represents new life for the world, among living people on earth. Fire, water, air and earth are forming for us a new living body and a new living being in our faith in the marvelous new force of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. 


Also in my dream, 770 contained the 'work room' and 'office' of the Lubovitcher Rebbe. With the door closed the Tzadik remained inside and I remained outside. 


It seems to me that inside the Palace, the Tzadik Haim was to 'use' that 'room'. 


The OTHER SIDE steals its main forces from the truth but places it into a context the foundation of which is false thereby covering up and falsifying the truth. At the end of the cycle, however, the truth is revealed and the falsehoods are revealed and the light destroys all darkness. In the end, after the embrace and kiss,  Jacob, our father, is called Israelwhile Esau returns to Seir. 


The true Torah, the true Tradition, the true Kabbalah, the true Final Goel and the 'Signs' of the true Final Redemption, including the Sign of the Resurrection, have all been falsified in the 770 Palace, in the Room of the Lubovitcher Rebbe. The true Goel, chosen by God Almighty, descends from the Kingdom of Heaven into that Palace and into the Rebbe's Room in order to undo the great myth of the New Messianism of Menahhem Mendel Shneerson and to dispel him from his 'office' for the sake of redeeming the true Torah, the true Tradition, the true Kabbalah, the true Final Goel and the true 'Signs' of the true Final Redemption including the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. 


The resurrected Tzadik Haim has entered the 770 of Habad to redeem the Jewish world from a plague that otherwise would have been caused, God forbid, against the Jewish people. Habad is the Hated Fourth Generation and it is plaguing thousands of Jewish communities with its hateful presence. Its roots must be destroyed once and for all. It is no small thing. The Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven has descended into the world and has entered 770 to accomplish a very great and positive Ve-nahafoch-hu against the evil Haman propaganda machine and to see it hanged, together with its ten sons, on the 50 cubit Tree, prepared against the true Final Goel, loved and chosen by God.   


There is no 'mysticism' in the Resurrection of the true Goel. The Resurrected Tzadik Haim descends into the world and reveals himself to the talmidim, primarily in redemptional dreams. We do not vaunt of understanding. Read and study the testimonies and judge for yourself. 


I have as yet, nevertheless, failed to bring the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim to the level of the world. 


 Perhaps for this reason the Tzadik Haim left me outside the door of 770 and didn't let me enter, alluding to my not entering into the core of announcing the Resurrection in such a way as to make it alive for the world. There was no truth to take up from Habad but I should have at least studied their art of getting things known! 


For 50 years that great Propaganda machine has kicked up falsehoods for every sneeze of the Rebbe. And you, Peretz, with a thousand true testimonies before you do not know how to make things known! What would the Habadiim have done with even one thousandth of the true testimonies of the Final New Pact in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim! 


Now, however, I begin to understand something of the pear given by a Habadi named Shalom to the Tzadik Haim to eat. 


So I make this announcement for the lost souls of the House of Judah, those who have fallen into the Great Propaganda Trap of Habad. For you I cry unto the Lord, our God, that you be awakened unto your salvation from the insidious Messianic Trap so difficult to break out of once you have been closed inside. 


It is not easy for me to understand my dream. After 23 years of announcing the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim and after denouncing Habad for over 30 years, the Final Goel now sends me a dream in which he himself enters into 770. I too would have entered behind him but he closed that large and heavy iron door because there is something for which I found not favor in his eyes and that something is related to Habad. 


The Tzadik Haim is the true Goel. Why has he entered the Palace of the false Messiah, Shneerson? Unto you I speak now, fellow Jews. You need to be washed and cleaned from the Rebbe cult and you need to be saved from every sort of Habad Institution. Rav David Berger reports in his illumining book 'The Messiah,  Rebbe, and the Scandal of Orthodox Judaism' that there are over 2000 Habad Institutions in the world. – For sure, then, there are no less than 60.000 victims. To you I speak. 


I do not speak to those who were born into Habad in Lubovitcher families. These cannot be saved. They are lost to the falsehoods of their indoctrination. I speak to those who come from Jewish families, very often non-religious families, and who have been captured by the subtle Habad charisma of serpent origin and have entered their Institutions. You must be saved from the false Judaism and the false Messianism of Habad or else you will be lost to the Torah of truth. You are being brain-washed and roboted in false beliefs. The Lubovitcher Rebbe is not the Mashiah and he never was. He was the false Messiah of a strong Propaganda Machine that was carried on for 40 years before his death. How many hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on announcing a false Mashiah. How many minds have been thrown into mystic confusion and clouded over by the false pretenses of Habad! 


I have the right to speak. The Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of this past generation, saved me from the clutches of Habad into which I had totally entered for 5 full years. I was a Lubovitcher Hasid, black garb, full beard and all when the Hidden Yemenite Tzadik decided to save my soul from this terrible Trap. I have thus known Habad from the inside, 2 years at 770 and 3 years in the Lubovitcher Yeshiva in Brunoi France. Then I came to Milan to work for Habad and shortly afterwards the holy Tzadik had mercy on me and decided to save my soul. I too was of the lost sheep of the house of Judah and with unsuspecting simplicity of heart in my faith, I had tumbled into that dark dungeon and had been convinced that it was light. The Tzadik Haim extracted me from that darkness and brought me unto true light. Therefore I have the right and the duty to speak. 


That was all before the Hidden Tzadik Haim was chosen, after his terrible suffering and death, as the Final Goel, resurrected as the Third and Final Redeemer of Israel and of Mankind. To you I speak, precious souls of the house ofJudah. I was redeemed from the terrible deceit of the entire Habad system so that I might help others be saved from that profound pit of Propaganda Messianism. I have not yet fulfilled my duty in helping you. It may well be this for which the Tzadik Haim rebukes me and closes me out of Ester's Palace. When the Final Goel Haim enters 770 it becomes a 'hiddenpalace of Ester'. This is a Sign of 've-nahafoch hu', a complete turning of the tide and defacing of the Habad fantasie. 


For twenty-three years now I've been writing the truth concerning the Hidden Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation and, in his death and resurrection, the chosen and Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. In all these years, thank God Almighty, I've been writing explanations of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and reporting in writing the testimonies received mostly in dreams by the Donkeys of the Goel. 


I am not worried about being believed. There are some thirty volumes of material that testify to the truth of all that we are saying. They are simply not yet known publicly. Nothing of all this is mine. It is sent by God Almighty and it is given in such a way that when the time comes all will be understood and all will be verified. In truth, it is not mine to convince anyone of the truth. The Final Redemption and this Fourth Generation is the TIME of truth and all will be verified. God Almighty will verify the truth of the Final Redemption as He verified the truth of the first redemption in the hands of Moses, our teacher. We are simple Donkeys preparing the texts of truth for those who are coming. 


So too in this announcement I mention the truth concerning the Final Goel resurrected but it is not my purpose here to convince you of this truth. I speak here of my dream in which the chosen Tzadik Haim enters 770 Eastern Parkway,Brooklyn. He has rebuked me because I have not done enough, even very little, to help redeem the fallen sheep of the house of Judah, as I have been redeemed. Awaken unto your senses. The Messianic Revelation does not come from Habad or from any other existing movement. The Geulah ha-Shleima comes from God Almighty at the time decided by him and in merit of the Goel chosen by Him. The Final Redemption is Complete and is totally new and it comes replete with New Messages and New Things written and testified to so that it be given over to the world for scrutiny and understanding. And from that understanding will the promised New Spirit come and the Pact of the Holy Torah, this time, will enter inside each person and will be written in the heart. 


We have no illusions. We have also witnessed 23 years of total non-comprehension from every side. I do not say 'they will not believe me' for fear of the great lesson given to Moses, our teacher. It is not our doing that in this period of history all are confused and closed into preconceptions of the past. The world is not ours. History is not ours. The Final Redemption is not ours. We have no Propaganda Machine to create illusions that capture the unsuspecting minds of the lost sheep of the house of Judah and lead them into believing in a false resurrection of a Habad-declared Mashiah without any authorization from Above, without any new messages promised for the Final Redemption, without any true testimonies that relate to the historical Corrections necessary for the change of mind-set and changes of heart promised for the time of the Geulah ha-Shleimah. 


Habad Messianism is a figment of the imagination created by brain-washed followers who have absolutely no idea about the true requisites, the true character and the true testified to authorization from God Almighty concerning theChosen Tzadik and the Final Redemption. 


You have been snow-balled under in mid-summer. You have been propagandized until your gills overflow with false visions that have no existence. I may speak. Our dreams are true and they come from Above. They contain true messages that contain God's will. The messages have sense because they are authorized from Above. They are given because people need to understand them. See my dream mentioned above where I entered 770 and gave over the unfortunate but true verdict of the Higher Tribunal. An idolatrous cult has been created around the Lubovitcher Rebbe and there is hatred on all levels between the Habadiim themselves. 


Our reception has been verified a thousand times over for 23 years now. Our testimonies stand before Heaven because they have descended from Heaven, by way of the Kingdom of Heaven in the hands of the chosen Goel and Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, Haim. These are true and everlasting messages. Habad is garbage. The messianism of Shneerson is an illusive movie that has no real existence. You are eating the excrements of false Emanation theology concretized in the 770 myth. 


Get out if you can. If still there is any objectivity left in you, stand up, go outside and become a spectator to the farce that you were part of. Save yourselves from a life of nothingness and from the stupid complacency of messianic mirage and Hasidic hallucination. Save yourself from the great delusion that will come spinning down upon you in the end, waking you up to the terrible realization that you have spent your days with cataracts blinding your sight from the reality of the true Jewish Tradition. 


I have the right and the obligation to speak. I know of the true revelation of the Final Redemption and of God's choice of the Final Goel Haim. I can call it out before the Heavens and before the people of the world and before the Jewish people and in oath before the Holy Torah. It makes no difference that others do not yet know what I'm speaking about. The Tzadik Haim is the Final chosen Goel of Israel and of the world, even if as yet very few know it. This is a true Sign received by Adam Kamkhaji in a redemptional dream. The Redemption is from God, Blessed is He, not from a hundred thousand Habadiim calling out frantically, "We want the Mashiah now". Poppycock, foolishness, propaganda shtick, ingrained deceit, frustrated yearnings of a falsified form of Jewish hope. Call to Baal all day and raise your voices high in the case that he is slightly deaf. Victims of a fifty year old underlying arrogance of Habad pretenses, Cream of a Pig-Cake cooked in the deceitful Mashiah Oven of 770. 


Be aware and take fear. The true Hidden Tzadik and the true Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven has descended and has entered 770 to break asunder its falsehoods and to destroy its false foundations. You, Habad, impede the true Final Redemption from residing in the world. Therefore you will be broken down into a thousands strands of yelping dogs. Take heed. The dog-catchers have begun to know your scent and to understand the horrendous stench that exudes from your pores. If you douse excrements with perfume, it will stink even more. The Rebbe never died. If so it is because he never lived a true Torah existence and gave you eat philosophical poppycock and helped you cut away Mickey-mouse pictures from your comic books, as well as the other un-kosher animals. This, he explained, will hasten the Redemption! False wisdom in name of the Holy Torah perfumed with excrements. 


I can speak and I know my voice will be heard sooner or later because it is not from myself that I speak. The true wisdom of this moment that creates perfume before Heaven comes from burning every photo of the Lubovitcher Rebbe that you can get your hands on. Burn down the Propaganda Machine that has taken you in all these years and leave Mickey Mouse to Disneyland! Burn the pictures of Shneerson and you will accomplish a great mitzvah of the moment. His image, unfortunately, has become totally hateful before the Lord, our God, because it falsifies the truth and dirties otherwise clean minds in messianic falsehood. And if you think that you love him, do him then a great favor and alleviate him from the shamefulness that has been created around him. Every picture and photo of him that you burn helps him in some way but every picture and photo that is kept holds him down on his back. I speak the truth and the Higher Tribunal agrees with this affirmation. Habad is a detriment to the true Redemption of Israel and it keeps true Torah Judaism down on its back. 


Take off the black robes of Habad if you have worn them and burn them to ashes. It's a mitzvah of the moment. Do not read from any sefer Torah that was written by a Habadi. The mezuzot written by Habadiim are passul and instead of protecting your house from sheddim and evil-spirits, the words and names written in them call to sheddim and to evil-spirits and invite them into your house. Do not eat of the shehhitah of a Habadi; they sacrifice to demons, not to God. And after his death, he has been deified, a new god come recently. The fathers of the Torah would not have believed that it could happen but it has happened: the Lubovitcher Rebbe has become Omniscient and you may address your prayers to him, hhass ve-hhalila ve-shalom! Save yourselves from idolatry and do not believe in the cover-ups. With the sagacious art of deceit they cover their nudity with intellectual mysticism and you are the victims. 


You have lived in deceit for as many years as you have been with Habad. Do not continue for even one minute. Wash yourself from the sin of the Hated Fourth Generation and save yourself from the wrath that is coming against those who impede the true Final Redemption. Listen to my words if your ears are yet open to hearing. In June of 1982, the life-sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim was completed. That was the final Sacrifice needed for the redemptional salvation of those savable during this Fourth Generation. Twenty-four years have passed since then. The wrath of Heaven against Habad has been mounting every day since then. There is no time left, I tell you. I am not fooling you. I am not deceiving you. I am not tricking you. There is no time left. Those who can be saved can save themselves in this period. Afterwards it will be too late. Those who are closed into the sin will no longer be able to get out. 


The situation is desperate. Otherwise the true Final Goel Haim would not have entered into 770 after rebuking me severely for not having worked enough towards your salvation. To you I speak, to all those who have become Habadiim but not to those who were born into Habad. They have no ears to listen and no heart to understand. Only for some miraculous exception might one of them be saved. They are disgustingly wrapped into the false messianic vision of Shneerson. They cannot get out and until their last breath they will call unto the air and the air will blow back images that are hated before the heavens and the earth and they relish those images and plunge into idolatrous thoughts and the new puppet-god can do nothing about it. 


He has no power to come and relate the truth. He is down on his back for the sins of Habad and he cannot come in dreams to correct the great error. He himself was part of the great error and he fomented the error on his own doing. He could have stopped it but instead he fomented it. The Tents of Habad were filled with foreign gods but instead of clearing them away from the Tents he encouraged a false cult and had no understanding of the idolatrous evil that lay behind it. Having made no corrections when he was alive, how might he have the merit to correct things in his death. Therefore do not wait for him to tell you anything. Take yourself into your own hands and reactivate the freedom of mind that will allow you to understand objectively the unrelenting plague into which you have been submerged. 


I speak the truth. I was saved from that plague and also you can be saved from it now because the true and final Goel of history has entered into 770 to perpetrate the ve-nahafoch hu and to save you from the idolatrous reign of Habad. Do you see that in my dream I have been rebuked by the Tzadik Haim? And even though I was rebuked but not told clearly my fault, this is because I must take merit in searching for it until I find it and analyze every aspect of it and bring it down in writing. The Tzadik Haim comes to correct us. This is the true force of the Completed Signs, the Signs of Correction that we receive. The Goel died and was resurrected for the world. He presides in the Kingdom of Heaven but he is the Goel resurrected for mankind. Therefore he descends to correct us and this demonstrates the force of truth which renders the Final Redemption everlasting. 


 At length we've explained that the sin Emanation theology of the Zohar is the return of the Golden Calf for its final Correction and its final destruction, and that Habad is the Hated Fourth Generation to the sin of the Zohar and all the false Kabbalah that followed. After his death, they have deified him with omniscience and omnipresence. Their Hatedness has surged upwards in a spiral of the Emanation theology that was always behind it. Save yourself from Habad and save yourself from the so-called Jewish Mysticism from Spain, Tzvat, Hasidism and Habad. You have been sucked in but you can get out. 


The true and chosen Tzadik has come to bust the 770 Myth. He comes in the true Final Sign of the Resurrection to destroy the false and idolatrous resurrection of the Lubovitcher Rebbe. He comes in the true and final Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven to undo the false Messianic Palace of 770. 


I was left outside so that I fulfill my obligation to speak with you. If you remain inside Habad, you will not be saved. If you leave Habad and return to normal Judaism, you will be saved. It is all a great hoax, a build-up for many years that has now come to its head in the Hated Fourth Generation sin that has sucked you up mentally and spiritually, riding on the idolatrous falsehoods of Emanation theology. 


If you listen to what I am telling you and hear what I am saying, you can still be saved. Your souls are higher than those who were born into Habad and there is still mercy upon you from the Lord above, the God of Israel. You have been led astray but you can be re-found. You have given away your spiritual energy to false dreams but you can return to reality. And if you are searching for true dreams, you can find them in the final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim. Those are not dreams that detract you from reality but are true dreams that teach you to live correctly in every sense in the reality of the world, even in the new reality represented by the Final Redemption. 


You believe in the existence of Partzuf Arich Anpin and Partzuf Aba and Partzuf Ema and Partzuf Zeir Anpin and Partzuf Nukvei, but with the knowledge of the sin of the Zohar you can still break asunder the yoke of 'other gods' and cleanse yourself from Four Worlds of the idolatrous sin of the Zohar. You can still be saved from this long, profound, insidious and idolatrous error and return to yourself, to your own mind and to your own heart. You can again serve God Almighty in simplicity and fulfill 'tamim teheye im ha-Shem Elohecha'. You can exit still and save your precious souls from the prophesied sin of Ahhrit ha-Yomim. 


You must, however, take this opportunity. Time is running out and when the mind and heart go beyond certain barriers, they cannot return. How do I know, then, that there is still time left even if it is very limited? The Sign of the chosen Tzadik Haim who descends from the Kingdom of Heaven into 770 is an Ultimate Sign. It is a 'Terrible' Sign in a Last Chance attempt to save as many as can still be saved. In the great love of the Tzadik Haim for those precious souls who can still be redeemed, he 'lowered' himself into the idolatrous Palace of Habad to turn it inside out from the inside and to see the realization of the ve-nahafoch hu in order to redeem those worthy of redemption. 


Your souls cry inside you, without your knowing it, knowing that they have been trapped into the Terrible Sin of the Last Days of Judgment. They cry and call out for help but the person is unaware of it. Yet from Above comes mercy and compassion on your precious souls and a Last Chance Standing is sent for your salvation. And the prophecy declares that 'the desire of God will be successful in his hands'. This refers to the Final Goel in his coming. Enter then into the furnace of truth and be saved from the hell-fires of mystical idolatry. I was, thank God, saved and redeemed from the sin of Habad and from the 400 year Chain of the sin of the Zohar, in the hands of the Hidden Tzadik Haim; so too can you be saved and redeemed in virtue of God's choice of the Final Goel. The sin of Habad has reached its pinnacle. Very little time is left. It is a moment of mercy and compassion. Do not let it slip away. 



Peretz Green 

March 22, 2006