הצג בעברית

Introduction to the dreams concerning the Resurrection of the Goel Haim


Since, in the preceding document 'Behind the Great Iron Door of 770' I mentioned the fact that for 23/24 years now we been receiving dream-testimonies which relate to the historic Resurrection of the chosen Goel Haim, I thought it proper to demonstrate some 60 such dreams in order to give some idea of what we are speaking about.


These examples are taken from among those we registered in the first 1o years of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim, from 1983 to 1993. We registered in writing about 1000 dreams (the numbers of the dreams given here are based on that original list) just for those years but the dream-testimonies have continued to come and indeed will not stop. This is the redemptional 'canal' which once opened does not cease to flow. There are thus until now several thousand dream-testimonies.


Some will ask why so few people have actually received these dreams? These are, indeed, the same very few people who have known and believed in the New Revelation; and also now, after 23 years of the Completed Signs, we are extremely few. It has to do with Higher Wisdom, to which I cannot properly answer, concerning the manner of having the Final Redemption become known in the world. We have received a vast and marvellous testimony of the Final Redemption, the likes of which have never been seen or known before. Our work, as faithful Donkeys to this mission, is to prepare everything in all these 'first' years so that the entire Revelation can be offered to the world in due time. We say that all is prepared inside the Palace of Queen Ester and from here it will be revealed to the 127 Provinces that are waiting for the great salvation of the New Purim.


As mentioned in that 770 document, we are in no way worried about being believed and ours is not a work of convincing people of anything. These dream-testimonies and the messages they contain speak for themselves. And even at this early stage of our revealing things on Web-site Camillo and Web-site Beit Ester, if anyone applies himself in good faith to looking slowly and closely to the material given, it is impossible not to be surprised, amazed and even 'flabbergasted' at what is being revealed here.


The dream-testimonies concerning the Tzadik Haim's Resurrection is only one category. The categories follow the Scheme of the 6 Great Completed Signs, thus dream-testimonies concerning (1) the Stars of the Final Redemption (2) the Kingdom of Heaven (3) the New Light of the House of Prayer of Seven Floors and Thirteen Altars (4) the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread (5) the new prophecies concerning this Fourth Generation, including the period of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord that is coming and (6) the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead.


I am speaking softly but the dreams revealed here represent an immense explosive bombshell which will eventually be a great source of faith in the generations coming. In any case, belief in 'new things' is a generational process and for the Jewish world, the difficulty of belief in 'new things' is a thousand fold harder and more complex, even though it is so clearly prophesied in Isaiah (48 -6,7,8) 'new things' of now, and guarded, and you did not know them. Now were they created and not from before and not a day ago, and you did not hear of them, lest you say, behold we have known them. You have not heard and you did not know' etc.


If, indeed, one approaches these visions with such a mind-set, it is not possible to remain indifferent and one will undoubtedly want to know more and to hear more. As for my purpose in attempting to save Habad victims from their unfortunate plight, it is, as stated in that document, not for the purpose of bringing them to the Final Redemption but for helping them be liberated from the Habad myth and the false messianic cult into which they have fallen. I report these redemptional dreams to give some indication of what redemptional testimony is about, of what to look for in searching for proofs to 'resurrection', in how to appreciate what is meant by 'new things' which were unknown and unheard of previously. Let them compare all the kinds of testified to Propaganda from Habad and let them judge for themselves. For the rest I can only hope and pray that some of them can wake up in time and free themselves from Habad.


That the Tzadik Haim was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his lifetime is not of itself directly related to the Redemption. This fact becomes related to the FR after the Last Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim and God's choice of the third and final Goel of history and the Final Sign of the Resurrection. He saved me from Habad when he was alive in the world and I had the immense privilege of studying with him for 13 years in Milan. As his first talmid, the responsibility of gathering in the testimonies and explaining to the best of my ability all matters of the FR fell upon me. So too was I ordered by the Tzadik Haim to be a strong soldier in the war against the false Kabbalah of the Zohar etc. and to make known sefer Milhhamot HaShem of the Yemenite Sage from Sana, Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElKafeh, and to write supplements to that text. I have, thank God, complied to this as can be found here in the Camillo Web-Site.


It is quite natural, of course, that many have thought me off my rocker, a kofer, a dreamer, a great schemer, a false prophet, a deviant from the Tradition, a misled victim, a poor soul, etc. etc. These, however, are all people who have heard a few words of ours on the FR and they have not bothered to read and study our documents. And of course those of a fairly good share of Orthodox Judaism who believe in the Zohar are quickly ready to call me a kofer, a scoffer and even a maniac for going against a great ocean of Great Hachamim who followed it etc. They, however, are unwilling to study in depth the terrible and hitherto unknown idolatrous 'sin' which derives from Emanation Theology. It's a matter of reading closely and understanding the words written. It is easy enough for one who has no preconceptions and thus for very few in the religious Orthodox Judaism of today.


Even a group of Yemenite Jews who know and believe firmly in Rav Elkafeh's Milhhamot HaShem and understand perfectly the idolatrous Emanation Theology of the Zohar has criticized me severely for going ahead with questions of Pacts, New Laws and Donkeys. See my answer to them here on the Site. The foolishness of their accusation, however, makes me laugh. One of them writes quite accusingly that they have done a thorough research on the Tzadik Haim of whom we are speaking and announcing and they have found nothing and no one has heard of him.


Very intelligent! The Tzadik Haim was a HIDDEN Tzadik. Even his wife and relatives knew nothing of his true identity. No one in the Jewish Community knew or even suspected that he was true Hidden Tzadik. As his first talmid, I knew it. It was taught to me and shone me by the Tzadik himself in all the 13 years I studied with him. I had permission from the Tzadik to tell it to a few others, such as Giordano Levi, Davide Levi, Renato Levi, Eliade Levi, Gino Tampieri, David Banin, Sara Puddu and some other friends. That's it.


So tell me what research they might do! It defies the intellect. The only way to understand the truth of our announcements is to study the testimonies, the texts and explanations prepared, and to seek out the meanings of the 'New Things' that have been revealed.


Does Tradition not say that the Mashiah (the Messianic Revelation) comes be-hesech da'at, without anything being known of it previously?


Do not take me wrong. I'm not complaining nor am I criticizing anyone. I'm only demonstrating the incredible difficulty of presenting the 'New Things' prophesied for the Final Redemption in face of the steadfast preconceptions which all are afraid to abandon.


I therefore exert the great privilege that God Almighty has bestowed on me and I present you with some of the dream-testimonies concerning the True Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Hidden Tzadik and chosen Goel, Haim. Try to be of a simple and neutral heart in reading them and these testimonies will speak to you and encourage you to further know and understand what has happened. If you are open-minded, your mind will be opened and if you are of a neutral heart, you will begin to feel something of the New Heart prophesied for the Geulah ha-Shleima. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.


Peretz Green, March 26, 2006


dreams for the Book of the Hidden Tzadik Haim


Small Prologue


The Tzadik Haim, loved life. In everything that he said and did, he expressed an immense love for life and for the wisdom of appreciating life. He loved to see people enthusiastic in loving life, in loving what they were doing, in taking pleasure in doing, in speaking, in conversing, in travelling, in appreciating nature, in eating delicious foods, in singing, in music and in every pleasure of the many permissible pleasures of the world. The Final Goel in this world was all life, as his name Haim.


The Tzadik’s movements were always alive. His manners were oriental. When he spoke, his entire person was involved in giving over the contents of his words. There was no north-western-type cold speech where only the mouth moves. There was no intellectualised professor-speech to have people gasp at high concepts. The Tzadik Haim was extremely warm and he responded to the heart of every person. He was Yemenite and there is no people so filled with the love of life and the sensibility to others as the Yemenite Jews.


Commentary A Word of the Secretary. I am, of course prejudiced in this, because the Teacher Haim converted me from being a born Ashkenazi Jew to being a Yemenite Jew on the authority of the Tzadik. Therefore I am totally biased and slanted on this matter and I am convinced that no other group of Jews are so dedicated both to precision with love of all the commandments of Torah and Tradition and to gaining the maximum of the natural treasures of God’s creation and partaking of their beneficial pleasures.


Dreams involving the Resurrection of the chosen Final Goel, the Hidden Tzadik, Haim


846 - Paolo dreamed (Feb. 13, 1993 - Sombrero) the Tzadik Haim, just born. From his body shone a candid white light.


Isaiah 'A child has been born unto us, a son given us'


844 - Beniamino Perico dreamed (Jan. 25, 1993 - Sombrero) that he saw Peretz, Renato Levi, Shimon Lupano and others unknown to him. These were pupils of the Tzadik when he was in the world. (this is not true of Shimon, however) The Goel Haim said, “The first pupils that I chose were Peretz and Renato. In the dream it was said that Shimon (Lupano) believes in the resurrection of the Tzadik while the others have a certain doubt about it. Some of those present asked Beniamino information about Peretz. He replied that in this period there was no permission to speak.


Note:     This dream is indeed strange. Why is Shimon mentioned when he never knew the Tzadik personally? What is meant by Shimon’s belief in the resurrection as being superior to the others? Why is the strong word ‘doubt’ used for all the others concerning their faith? One thing is sure; the dream is of the Kingdom of Heaven. Beniamino, peace be upon him, was in the 'sign' of the ‘silence’ of the Kingdom of Heaven and so too Renato, having received the first Great Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven. And ‘there is no permission to speak’ agrees. While Peretz, Renato and Beniamino may have a hold on silence, the same can absolutely not be said of Shimon whose tongue unfortunately knew no limits whatsoever and who was unable in the end to maintain the Equilibrium of the New Pact. Yet it says here that Shimon’s faith in the resurrection of the Tzadik is without a 'doubt' whereas the others have doubts. The only thing I know is that Shimon always awaited to see the Tzadik, ready to greet him when he would walk into his Jewellery shop. He once saw a man and he was convinced that it was the Tzadik Haim. The man had stopped to look into the Shop windows. Shimon was convinced that the man gave him a ‘sign’ so that Shimon would understand. Then Shimon went outside to see in which direction the man went but he was no more to be seen. I always had a doubt about Shimon’s truly having seen the Tzadik but after this dream I am afraid to have a doubt. It was the Tzadik Haim. I understand from this dream that the belief in the resurrection of the Tzadik Haim is unbound to other qualities. It is a particular faith which goes above the particular levels of the person and whoever receives this faith and has no doubt about it corrects his entire past, as Shimon here became considered a talmid etc. The matter is enormous and I'll try to widen it, God willing, in another text. - For sure we are advantaged in knowing the ‘truth’ of the Final Signs but it is another thing to reach that truth and to live in it until there is naught else.


840 - Adam dreamed (Jan. 4th, 1993 - Bersheva) that he was with the Tzadik Haim in Brazil. The atmosphere was clean and healthy. Adam considered his great fortune to have merited to this trip with the Tzadik, Haim, and he understood it as being a sign of Correction (Tikkun) for a mistake committed by him in Brazil 19 years before.


831 - Beniamino dreamed (Dec. 25, 1992 - Milan) the Tzadik Haim who was in a room, seated at a desk; Paolo stood close by. The Tzadik had in his right hand a ring with a large blue stone and in his left hand was a ring with a large green stone. The Tzadik Haim smiled and kissed Beniamino and said to him, “You kiss like the Teacher”.


See the incredible testimony concerning Beniamino's death, 'taken' by the Tzadik Haim as a necessary 'sacrifice' for the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread. Thirteen weeks previously the Tzadik Haim had sent a message in a dream that the pupils make a 'sign of mourning' for 13 weeks. In another dream it was said that the Tzadik Haim had to 'take' someone for the benefit of the world etc. On the morning of Beniamino Perico's funeral Giordano Levi received the dream of Beniamino's resurrection. Afterwards Paolo dreamed that Beniamino, having died of concussion in an accident at work, forced to jump down from a builder's scaffold, felt no pain at all in his death. He had died in 'kiss'.


701 - Giuseppe dreamed (June 27, 1990) that he was with the Tzadik Haim. The Teacher was ‘different’ than always. He acted as an old man, no longer clear in his understanding. Giuseppe was extremely respectful and stayed close to him, occupying himself with the Tzadik’s needs and making sure that nothing lacked. The Tzadik wasn’t able to speak well and demonstrated malformations of the tongue. He said to Giuseppe to pass ahead of him. Giuseppe answered, “No, Moreh, I cannot pass before the Teacher. I must have respect. The Tzadik laughed and continued to walk in a contorted manner and with his tongue hanging out slightly gnarled. He walked together with Giuseppe. The Tzadik let out a negative word. Giuseppe asked why he had ‘cursed’ and Tzadik answered saying, “I meant to say the world of things that are here”. Giuseppe very respectfully followed him and then saw the wife of the Tzadik Haim, Signora Mazal (passed away March 1993) together with her husband; they were very happy. Giuseppe walked together with them and then the Tzadik Haim said to Giuseppe, “I put you to test”. - The scene then changed. Giuseppe was with some people at the foot of a mountain. Atop the mountain was a man. The people together with him began to speak. There were 8 men with long vests. An orange coloured light encompassed them and brought them to the top of the mountain. A voice from Heaven was heard: ‘the secret of Sinai’ - Giuseppe for a moment thought of the ‘secret’ of 40 days and 40 nights of Moses on Sinai without eating and without drinking. At the top of the mountain Giuseppe saw Moses, our teacher, and he thanked God with enormous joy. Moses wore a long, black garment. His hair was long and his beard very thick. Giuseppe could hardly believe his eyes. Then the vision moved to the Jordan river where the Israelites had passed. Giuseppe saw Moses with his staff who prostrated to God. A voice said ‘Now look at Moses and you will see the course of the Jewish people throughout history’. Before Moses and the 8 men appeared a vision in which in one moment was seen the entire history of Israel.


Aside from the marvels of this vision, the principle point is that true derech eretz and proper respect is from Sinai and that only by way of derech eretz can one reach any true level of true Torah.


704 - Paolo dreamed (July 8, 1990 - Houston Texas) that he was in a cemetery. Astonished, he saw the Tzadik Haim, resurrected from his grave. Coming close to Paolo with a smile, he said, “You see that I have been resurrected?” After this they walked together; they went up a white-staired escalator; then they were on a boat sailing on a large river. The water was dangerously turbulent but the presence of the Teacher tranquillised Paolo. After some time the waters became calm and there was an atmosphere of serenity. Then the Tzadik and Paolo went to a place where Peretz, Deborah and the children were found. The Tzadik Haim didn’t want them to recognise him and he went close to Peretz in a sort of hidden manner and, friendly-like, gave him a smack on the cheek, and said to him with a smile, “Oh, what’s the matter? I’m here.” Then he and Peretz entered into a private room and when they came out, Peretz was much more serene and was smiling. After this the Tzadik continued his walk with Paolo.


These are studies on the incredible closeness of the Tzadik Haim in the Final Sign of his Resurrection (found in most of the dreams brought here), a closeness that does frighten but brings calmness and serenity.


711 - Giuseppe dreamed (August 21, 1990 - Milan) the Tzadik Haim who was very content and was smiling. He then took Giuseppe’s arm and with his shehhita knife he rubbed forcefully until a drop of blood came out.


This represents a very particular bond with the Tzadik Haim to which Giuseppe has merited.


716 - Jonathan (son of Adam Kamkhaji) dreamed that he was in the synagogue of the Persian Jews (in Milan). With him were Adam, Peretz, CarmineSaul (Fierro) and Paolo. The Tzadik Haim was reading the parasha of Haazinu (Deuteronomy 32 - Hearken o ye heavens and I shall speak and let the land hear the words of my mouth)


This dream represents the new historic bond between the prophecy of the Holy Torah and the time of the Final Redemption with God's choice of the Final Goel, Haim. This is what we call the Renewal of the Torah in the Pact of the Final Redemption.


738 - Giuseppe dreamed (August 8, 1991 - Milan) that he was at home. The Teacher, Haim was present. Giuseppe was making signs and then together with the Tzadik signs were made on the columns (or pillars) that hold up the house. Then Giuseppe, with the Staff of the Teacher, made signs to send away the spirits and the demons from the house.


This dream concerns the new Mezuza of protection of the Final New Pact. (see dream of Anna Passalacqua of the New Pesah and the New Mezuza)


765 - Deborah dreamed (Dec. 12, 1991 - Sombrero) that there arrived some women who had come to know about the School of Shoshana. Deborah, seeing that they were interested in knowing something more about the studies of the School, opened a book. This book contained the Life of the Teacher Haim, his teachings and discourses. Deborah read a phrase regarding Shabbat: On Shabbat the kitchens are ‘broken’ because one cannot cook. But Shabbat doesn’t mean only ‘don’t cook’ or ‘don’t light or use fire’. On Shabbat there descends on the person a spirit of prayer, and it is especially on this day that one should ask of God that which he or she has in his or her heart. If, for example, one desires to ask God to have mercy on those who have no food or no clothing or no house, Shabbat is propitious for such prayers. - The women, not having understood well this subject, were not very enthusiastic. After this Deborah saw the Tzadik Haim and Peretz who came close to her. She greeted them while noticing that Peretz made himself as a ‘tail’ behind the Tzadik. When they were in front of Deborah, she embraced both of them.


The renewed Shabbat of the New Law and New Rite of House of Prayer of the FR.


767 - Paolo dreamed (Dec. 25, 1991 - Sombrero) that he was together with the Tzadik Haim. Also Peretz and the others were present. The Tzadik spoke to them with assuredness and determination, transmitting tranquillity and the desire to take action on behalf of the redemption. It was as if he gave a project to each person and each person upon receiving orders from the Teacher felt strong and ready to work.


It's a new commandment in its time to those who merit to work for the Final Redemption and the person who believes in the Completed Signs will receive "work" or responsibilities from the Tzadik Haim and will become strong in this merit.


792 - Peretz dreamed (May 16,1992 - Sombrero) the Tzadik Haim. They were both seated at a table, the Tzadik at the head and Peretz to his right. Peretz was reading the birchat ha-mazon (blessings after eating). At a certain point the Teacher stopped Peretz because he was very disturbed by errors of precision in reading. The Tzadik Haim said an expression in Hebrew 'kefilat peh' - which indicates the doubling of an expression in a way to leave absolutely no doubt of its meaning). Seeing the Tzadik so disturbed, Peretz quickly brought himself to implore him not to rebuke him so strongly because he was not able in that moment to support that severity. The Tzadik Haim consented and continued speaking to Peretz in a normal manner.


This was for a correction in my document of oaths before God concerning the New Law which had to doubled, such as ‘this is the true and prophesied New Pact of the Final Redemption and no other New Pact of the Final Redemption has ever existed before or will ever be revealed again' etc.


602 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Nov. 7, 1989 - Milan) that she said to Peretz, “I’m sorry, Peretz, that you are still fixed in your thought. Displace yourself and place yourself in the thought of the Teacher, in particular in that which he taught concerning the importance given to the bricks in making the building instead of the true importance that must be given to the persons who construct it. That which has happened in the first 6 years is comprehensible, but now remember that it is the year of Justice and if someone has suffered, he has the right to be recognised and thanked.


The Goel Haim makes corrections also by way of other talmidim. This was a correction for my not having given sufficient credit to those who had suffered for the Mission until then and I was thinking only about establishing the Completed Signs etc. The Tzadik Haim' by way of Anna' had me remember the generation of the Tower in which he explained that when one of the bricks fell and was lost, they mourned for it but if one of the builders fell and died, they didn't even think about it.


607 - Peretz dreamed (Nov. 14, 1987 - Milan) that he saw the Tzadik Haim seated on a work-table. Peretz stood close to him and with a trembling voice said, “May I have permission to stay close to the Tzadik”? From great fear, it was even difficult for him to pronounce the words. The Tzadik Haim answered, “Yes, it is better in this way”. The Tzadik was working with a clay material and he showed to Peretz the form of a fish just made. Then he indicated some sheets of paper written by hand.


610 - Giuseppe dreamed (Nov. 27, 1989 - Milan) that he was home together with the Tzadik Haim. The Teacher, lying down in a corner of the room, asked Daniel to pass him his staff. Daniel in carrying it hesitated somewhat and the staff almost fell out of his hand, but the Teacher saw this and quickly took hold of it before it fell. Then the Tzadik blessed Daniel and touched his head with the staff. Then he blessed another youth unknown to Giuseppe. The third blessing was given to Giuseppe. After this Giuseppe presented some boys present to the Tzadik Haim as the ‘last redeemer of mankind’. The Tzadik with mild speech rebuked Giuseppe saying, “It’s not good to say it in this way” (Giuseppe doesn’t remember the rest). A youth who was present said, “I have seen the Goel; I can affirm it and no one can say anything”. A girl there said, “It is true, he is the Goel. I must tell this to my mother”. Giuseppe’s sister, Anna, held tight to the Teacher’s arm joyously and said, “Spain, France”. At that point Giuseppe said to his sister, “No, the New Pact must go out for the whole world. And one must always say ‘Thank God”. The Tzadik Haim smiled, understanding Giuseppe’s intention. Giuseppe then said, “Next year will be 90”. The Tzadik answered in a very serious tone, “90 will be a terrible year”. At that point all the youths sat down with the Teacher and Giuseppe, standing, said, “In the first 6 years the Signs came. Now the New Orders are coming”. The Teacher interrupted Giuseppe and said, “You must say N.O. This breaks down (the margin of error in) the S. of the previous years. It’s a sec. of the K.O.H.” The Tzadik stood up and began to speak to the youths who were seated. He said to them in a very decisive and strong tone, "I am the Teacher, the redeemer (Goel)” Some of them didn’t show the proper respect. The Tzadik said, “For whom have you taken me, San Remo? I am the Teacher, the redeemer (Goel)”. Then he spoke to them with much patience about the problems of each one. One of them repeated, “The redeemer”. The Teacher reprimanded him, saying, “Don’t run too quickly with your thoughts”. Giuseppe was then alone with the Tzadik and he took the occasion to ask about the question of going to Israel. The Teacher said, “What! Has he (referring to Peretz) not yet gone?” Giuseppe mentioned something about the difficulties, but the Tzadik with a very decisive tone answered, “It’s to be done!” Giuseppe said, “Yes, that is just”. The Tzadik looking at his watch, said, “They must arrive before dawn so that things go well”. In that moment Giuseppe saw that he was with the Teacher in Israel at dawn. The Tzadik said, “I know a way to get there quickly”. Giuseppe said, “I know a Romanian company”. The Teacher said, “But the revelation must go out of Italy” and he added, “Unfortunately, I cannot help you from here with money, because here there is no money”. As he said this, the Tzadik pointed to his jacket indicating that he had no money.


This dream represents a profound meditation on the ways of the Tzadik Haim, the Teacher, the Goel, on his humility, his patience and his tolerance; never does he get angry but with serenity criticises if there is something to criticise and explains if something must be explained. One must appreciate here the balanced closeness of the Goel Haim in his Resurrection while at the same time his decisiveness in revealing himself. (note to Habadiim: Take all the 'testimonies' on the Rebbe, for forty years before his death and 10 years after his death, and throw them all into the garbage; come instead to meditate on true things that belong exclusively to the Final Redemption and to the true Goel Haim chosen by the Lord, our God.


611 - Adam dreamed (Nov. 28, 1989 - Milan) that he was with Peretz and the others. At a certain point one of the pupils stood up and referred to Peretz all the dreams that he had received in which the Tzadik Haim appeared. Adam remembers that he was the last to complete this type of report for Peretz.


629 - Adam dreamed (Jan. 6, 1990 - Beersheva) that he saw the Tzadik Haim who was together with a massive crowd composed of people of all kinds and all races. The Tzadik Haim, with extreme humbleness and immense love, embraced one by one, without distinction, each person of that enormous gathering which included very poor and humble folk, and said, “We are all of the same flesh”. Central Pillar of the teachings of the Goel Haim.


633 - Peretz dreamed (Jan. 10, 1990 - Beersheva) that he saw the Tzadik Haim, in an airport, who was dressed in extremely poor and torn clothing. He had the look of an Ashkenazi Russian Jew. Peretz ran joyously up him and asked where the Tzadik was going. He answered that he was going to Israel for four days. Peretz asked if he might go with him. The Tzadik answered, “With pleasure, if you accept the conditions” and he indicated the state of poverty that he was in. Peretz was very happy that the Tzadik agreed.


This is the Sign that the great Russian aliya came in merit of the Hidden Tzadik and Final Goel Haim


648 - Deborah dreamed (Feb. 9, 1990 -Beersheva) that Peretz, Giuseppe and she were in a field of grain with straw and hay; they held each other by the hand, jumping up and down like young children and sang ‘The Tzadik Haim is the Goel, the Goel is seated on the Chair of the Kingdom of Heaven’ .


This Sign reflects the truth of Jesus' affirmation that at the time of the coming of the chosen Son of Man, those who are able to receive him and to receive the Kingdom of Heaven will be as young chidren whose heart is simple and clean. We can testify to this truth in all these 23 years now of the Final Redemption.


664 - Anna Gasparotti (March 15, 1990 - Framura) dreamed that the Tzadik Haim was guest at her house. The Teacher spoke with them casually and joked with them in good spirit. All were pleased. Anna said to her mother, Carolina, “You see that he is resurrected. You can touch him”. Anna and Marco Federico were close to the Tzadik and they shook hands with him. Suddenly they saw an enormous room filled with bread of every form and size. The Tzadik Haim took up a gigantic basket and placed in it a large quantity of bread to keep in reserve. That quantity, however, diminished nothing of the bread that filled the room. The Tzadik distributed bread to those present.


This Sign demonstrates the enormous quantity of Redemptional Bread of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. Notice the repeated theme of 'you see, you can touch me' – this is the Resurrected Body of the Tzadik Haim in which, when he desires, he can descend into the world properly, although for the most part, he comes in dreams. The Goel Haim is showing us this Resurrected Body so as to have faith in his Resurrection and thus to be able to merit in that belief to the Resurrection, as we have seen, for example, in Beniamino noster, in Sig. Domenico Manigrasso, in Sig. Remo Levi, in Sig. Kamel Kamkhaji, in Antonieta (aunt of Paolo Fierro), in Vincenzo (uncle of Paolo) and others. For sure there are many levels of the Resurrection and the Resurrected Body, and although these mentioned may come in dreams, I do not know if they could actually descend into the world properly as the Goel Haim can (and did, see the testimony concerning Anna Passalacqua). It is said by Giordano Levi in the Great Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim that 'only the Tzadik Haim can do this'. In any case, the aspiration of believers in the FR is to merit to a Resurrected Body when they leave this world, amen. Therefore the Goel Haim is teaching us the faith in his Resurrection.


BIG CORRECTION: April 5, 2006. I wrote the above comment April 2, 2006. Yesterday night, April 4, I read it to Paolo, Noda, Giuseppe, Abram and Hadassa. Afterwards when I slept, I had two dreams. In one, I had to urinate and ended up in a stinking, outside place and as I exposed myself to urinate, my male member and the whole middle part was rotting away and was already in a state of decomposition. In the second dream, Noda, together with the children decided to kill themselves and together with a fairly large group of people threw themselves down from a rope that hung over a turbulent river below and it was done. I remember that just before this, I had tried to convince Noda not to do this but to keep on living but she didn't agree. - -. This is a BIG CORRECTION on what I had written about the aspiration to a resurrected body!!! Jamestown again, God forbid and God save us. Such an 'aspiration' is not balanced and it leads to the very opposite of what is desired. First of all, what is said of meriting to a Resurrected Body is only after one has died and has passed Judgment in the Higher Tribunal. The person's body dies, decomposes and is eaten by worms in the grave. If the person is deemed meritorious to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, he merits to a newly created body according to the 'place' and 'level' which he has earned. That 'body', in the other world, after Judgment, can be called a Resurrected Body in merit of the Resurrection of the Goel Haim. It is wrong and dangerous to state, as I did here, that our 'aspiration' is to gain this Resurrected Body. Our aspiration must be to serve God in every way possible in this world so as to merit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven afterwards. We are speaking of the 'New' Kingdom of Heaven which exists in its final form after God's choice of the Tzadik Haim as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. We thus speak of this in conjunction to the Final New Pact etc. It is not sufficient to believe in the Resurrection of the Goel Haim. Everyone must try to walk in the Ten Commandments, in the Virtues of the Heart, in the ways of the Just person who 'lives' in his faith. This must be our aspiration, to live in the Virtues that are loved by God and to try to elevate ourselves on the White Marble Steps of the Virtues of the Heart and to try to be worthy to be accepted in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Giordano's statement 'Only the Tzadik Haim can do this' becomes ever clearer now. No one else can truly merit by his merits to the Final Resurrection. Only the Tzadik Haim has merited to this and no one else. In his merit there is New Life both in this world and the next. We need, however, to work hard and to persevere in our service to God and in helping others. One must have great faith in the Resurrection of the Goel Haim. This is a Key in the reception of the New Spirit. We must absolutely not be thrown off balance by it. Nor must we in any way forget about the laws which pertain to this body of nine holes because it is through the deeds of this body that we may gain merits. We must not come to any form of exaggeration, in mind and heart, because of the incredible Sign of the Resurrection. We must continue to live in the simplicity of our faith, not to jump into rivers so as to rid ourselves of this body and to receive the new one. One cannot merit to anything by doing that which is against God's will. WE have come unto the threshold of a New World but in truth the sign of the Resurrection of the Dead has been part of Tradition for millennia. It is a true sign of the true faith of Israel. What has not been known in Tradition is the Sign Level, the Initial Sign of Jesus and the Final and Completed Sign of the Tzadik Haim, which bring the world closer to its concept and to its realisation. Even in certain Midrashim, some Torah scholars have been led into unbalanced opinions concerning the Resurrection of the Dead and of the time and manner of those meritorious just who arise from their graves in their new, resurrected bodies. The Tzadik Haim taught me clearly, in no uncertain terms, that God alone knows that time but, in our terms, it is yet far, centuries or millennia away, from its realisation and God alone knows the true manner of its realisation. What we now know, and this represents a great jump in our understanding, is that after the Resurrection of the Goel Haim no other Historical Sign is needed in order for mankind to be brought unto that future realisation of the Resurrection of the Dead. For this reason it is called the Final and Completed Sign. And for this reason the Goel Haim, resurrected from the dead, is teaching us the great faith in this Sign, so that we take cognizance of its truth and we marvel at God's Design in the Redemptional History of mankind, not so that we aspire to a Resurrected Body but that we aspire to be just people who live in their faith and that we might merit to a felicitous continuation of Life before God Almighty both in this world and in the Kingdom of Heaven. Let me then be forgiven my terrible error in merit of this Great Correction, sent by the Goel Haim, so that we fall not into unbalanced thoughts because of the marvellous and totally higher than rational Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim.


665 - Peretz dreamed (March 19, 1990 -Bersheva) that he was very emotional because he awaited a telephone call from the Tzadik Haim. Then, instead, he met with the Tzadik himself who consented that Peretz walk at his side, allowing him as well to hold him under his arm. As they were walking he said to Peretz, “Did you see how much suffering!” Peretz answered with felt involvement, “No one has ever undergone such suffering (referring to the Hidden Tzadikim) and after such a decree no one will undergo the weight of such a decree again”.


This refers to the last suffering of the Tzadik Haim of cancer of the stomach of which he died. This was for substituting a devastating decree that would have otherwise fell on the world. The Tzadik Haim took that entire decree upon himself. None of the Hidden Tzadikim of the past ever witnessed such a terrible decree of worldwide devastation, and those Tzadikim in the time of the Tzadik Haim saw it in the Higher Tribunal but were themselves totally stunned by it and afraid and did not take it upon themselves. (revealed to me by the Tzadik Haim himself before his demise) Thus there was never a suffering such as this among the Hidden Tzadikim. Nor will there ever be such a suffering among them again; this is because that suffering was called the Last Sacrifice after which the Tzadik Haim was chosen Goel, the time of FR entered and the time of the Fourth Generation entered. No longer was there permission for the Tzadikim to take decrees upon themselves, otherwise the Fourth Generation would not be realized in the world. Let the profound thinker or donkey meditate.


673 - Daniel dreamed (April 14, 1990 - Milan) that he was together with the Tzadik Haim and his wife Mazal. Also Peretz was present. The Teacher spoke together with Peretz. Daniel spoke with Sig.a Mazal in another room. Then Daniel was somewhere on a street that was thick with vegetation and prickly bushes that issued from every angle, making it extremely difficult for him to walk. He turned to the Tzadik Haim (who was now present) and asked for help. The Tzadik stood up and became angry against the Tempter and with other obscure forces. Daniel then asked the Tzadik Haim to hold on to him to keep him up. This the Teacher did and then he disappeared. Peretz then said that the Tzadik did not to appear because Daniel’s mother was present. Then the Teacher appeared, taking on the form of an ex-friend of Daniel, and said, “What do you think, that I don’t know your life?”


One's faith in the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim will help to win out against the Tempter and all negative forces. People are complicated inside and have difficulty in walking because of the thorny bushes of the Yetzer ha-Ra etc. Therefore true help can come from God alone who knows the life of each person in every aspect. In the Final Redemption, the chosen Goel of whom it is said, 'The desire of God will be successful in his hand' knows all the aspects of a person's life. Whoever believes in his Resurrection will receive true help against the Satan and all negative forces. This faith has exactly the same value as is written 'and they believed in God and in Moses his servant'.


682 - Peretz dreamed (April 28, 1990 - Bersheva) that he saw the Tzadik Haim at a table of an outside café. Peretz approached him and the Teacher greeted him and had him sit down. At a certain point he said to Peretz, “I have just been with Moses and he told me to tell you to take away the sin of your mouth that you spoke last night”. After this Peretz saw (in that café) a clear-coloured hat the same type of which he himself had at home. The owner of the café said that the hat was not for sale and that it had been completely renewed from the basis of the model of the hat that Peretz had at home. Indeed the hat, compared to his own, had a completely new aspect that made it much more pleasurable to see. After this Peretz found himself in the apartment of Gino and Iliade. Gino explained to him that this was the same apartment as before but that it had been completely renewed; all the furniture were new and there were all the modern conveniences and electronic commodities etc.


This was the sin of my having said “I must renew the Torah from the letters of the Torah” – (see documentation from Bersheva 1990) - so grave and distorted was that idea that it reached the ears of Moses, our teacher, who is responsible for the Torah etc. after this two examples are given to explain the kind and the limits of the ‘renewal’ of the Torah - see documentation Introduction to the New Law.


686 - Davide Levi dreamed (May 8, 1990 - Bat Yam, Israel) that the Tzadik Haim, appearing quite old, was in a very modern hospital and underwent the ‘operation’ of the (New) Brit Milah. Davide assisted throughout the operation.


Sign of the New Pact (Circumcision) made upon the Ancient Pact of Circumcision, in merit of the Final Goel Haim, born circumcised, 1914, Sana Yemen, at dawn of 6 Sivan, Shavuot (afterwards understood as the Sign of the Completion of the Holy Torah in the Completed Pact of the FR. On the circumcised Jew who enters the Final Pact, a sign is made to let out a drop of blood by way of a light cut on the circumcision (as was done, according to Halacha, on the Tzadik Haim, born circumcised). Thus the Tzadik himself gives this New Sign. The Modern Hospital indicates that this cut must be done with a modern and safe cutting instrument.


535 - Davide Levi dreamed (April 12, 1989 - Israel) that he saw the Tzadik Haim enter his parent’s house (in Milan). The Teacher heartily embraced Davide and then sat down at the table at which were seated as well Davide’s parents, Remo and Nelda) and Peretz who held in his hand the Sceptre of the Tzadik. Then the Tzadik Haim said to Peretz, “Be ready and I will give you a sign”. Peretz had to strike with the sceptre a sort of bowl that contained gun powder and to provoke in this way a flare-up. As Peretz did this the Tzadik Haim transformed himself into a new-born baby. He then began to speak as a child, astonishing everyone. Then he said, “Don’t be amazed. I am the Teacher and I have become a baby”. All those present when they heard this laughed with joy and there was great happiness.


Prophetic realization of 'A child has been born unto us, a son given us, upon his shoulder is the mission' etc. (Isaiah).


536 - Peretz dreamed (April 12, 1989 - Milan) that he received from the Tzadik Haim new flour for the matzot of the New Passover. The Tzadik said, “This is the New Sanctification of the corners of the House of Prayer and for the Renewal of the Torah”.


This is for the New Hagada of the New Rite of Pesah.


537 - Adam dreamed (April 16, 1989 - Milan) that he was in Piazza Duomo and he met the Tzadik Haim. The Teacher was well dressed, about 50 years old, slender with quick and agile movements. He said to Adam, “I heard that you are leaving (to live in Israel). Very good.” The Tzadik Haim pressed Adam close to his side (Adam remembers that his arm was like steel. Together they entered inside the Duomo of Milan and sat down in a row of seats. Adam sat at the right of the Tzadik and was able to see his profile very well. In back of them, on the floor of the Church, were candles lit to idolatrous images. The Tzadik Haim began to pray in a marvellous way, filled with the spirit of God. In a high voice and with enormous joy the Tzadik sang psalms in Hebrew and praised God with immense participation. Shortly after this, a Christian who was sitting in front of them, obviously moved by this prayer stood up and, turning to the Teacher said, “This man is truly the redeemer”.


The FR is for Christians as well. The Sign of Yeshua's Resurrection was Incomplete; he showed himself to his disciples one time but afterwards he could not come in dreams to teach, and more important' to correct the errors etc. Afterwards Christians will to know, to understand and to believe in the Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik, the Goel Haim. (see The Book which Astounds concerning the mission of Jesus and the Correction of Christianity).


Paolo dreamed (April 25, 1989 -Milan) that he was in a large Catholic Church with Peretz who was wearing a green tunic. Peretz gave a speech concerning the New Message in which he referred to himself as the Man of the Signs who prepared the ‘messianic ways’ for the future generations. All were astonished. Paolo then spoke with a Cardinal and explained that the Tzadik Haim was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. Hearing this, the Cardinal was taken with emotion and he said, “Ah, the true men, the Hidden Just”.


Peretz, although he studied 13 years with the Hidden Tzadik Haim did not merit to be a Hidden Tzadik. When the Tzadik Haim was chosen as Goel, Peretz was chosen as the Man of the Signs, to explain to the coming generations the Completed Signs and to explain the matter of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation. That Paolo was able to explain this to a Cardinal and the Cardinal was able to receive it, is proof that the work of the Man of the Signs was functioning.


549 - Giuseppe dreamed (May 6, 1989 - Milan) that he was on a bus in which were the Tzadik Haim, Peretz and Paolo. The Teacher was giving instructions to Peretz saying that he (Peretz) had to make certain signs. These signs must appear as 'secrets' to the people and added, "Peretz knows that the signs he makes are serious". Giuseppe assisted the lessons given and then approached the Tzadik saying that he would like to make a sign. The Teacher asked him, “What is a sign?” At that moment Paolo intervened and said, “It’s true. That’s what people are always asking about the signs”. The Tzadik Haim then demonstrated to Giuseppe how a man must speak. After this they were in a room with a table upon which was a House of Prayer constructed with four stones. In its midst was a bowl of water. Peretz and Giuseppe were wetting bread in that water, but the Tzadik stopped them, touched the bowl with his sceptre, and then gave permission to go ahead with dipping the bread in that water.


Every 'sign' made by a Donkey must be in the permission of the Tzadik Haim.


550 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (May 6, 1989 - Milan) that she was in a store the space of which was used without criteria and she was talking about this fact with the women who ran the store. At a certain point a young girl came in. The women moved back away from her, frightened because they knew that this girl had died. Anna gave her her hand and she noticed from certain characteristics of the hand itself that the girl was from the world of the dead. Anna, nevertheless, continued the conversation with naturalness. The girl was in bad humour because of certain disturbing voices which bothered her and she asked Anna how come she remained to speak with her. “I want you to greet the Teacher”, Anna said in one breath. The girl became radiant at once and, by her jests and expressions, let it be understood that those of the other world, not only did they know the Goel Haim well, but that they were also extremely happy about the Mission of the House of the Final Redemption.


A Marvellous announcement from the other world in merit of the Resurrection of the Goel Haim.


565 - Deborah dreamed (June 19, 1989 - Milan) that she saw Peretz and some other pupils at the cemetery before the grave of the Tzadik Haim. The Tzadik Haim arose materially before them in a way that they could all see him. Peretz immediately showed great respect and followed the Tzadik walking behind him. Deborah wanted to ask the Teacher advice about something, but it was said to her that the Tzadik had come for the sake of talking to the journalists. After having spoken with the journalists, the Tzadik Haim returned to the place of his grave. Deborah understood that the Teacher was angry with the pupils because they were lacking in derech eretz (the laws of respect). - After this, Deborah was in a house and entered a room where Peretz was speaking to Antonietta. Peretz asked Deborah to leave because he was talking about private matters. Deborah, as she left, felt ill at ease about this. Then a voice from above said that this was a lack in proper behaviour because if someone desires to speak privately with Peretz, this should not create any uneasy feelings in other persons. After this , it was said that a woman must not stay alone at home, especially if she has a child, because something might happen to her and she would be without proper assistance.


When the Tazdik arises from his grave, this is a very difficult sign that he is severely bothered by something. The teaching of the Mishna that 'Derech Eretz comes before the Torah and without derech eretz there is no Torah' was a constant teaching of the Tzadik Haim. Deborah then receives here a delicate lesson on derech eretz. That a woman not stay at home alone is a general advice, when it can be followed, but I do not understand its relationship to this dream.


577 - Adam dreamed (July 28, 1989 -Milan) that he was together with the Tzadik Haim, and with Peretz. They were in a school room. The Tzadik was between Peretz and Adam in the place reserved for the pupils. Peretz was seated in the back of the room. His table and chair were on a one-step elevated platform of wood. Adam was on the opposite end. They were studying Torah. Adam was very interested and fascinated by the explanations of the Tzadik. Every once in a while Adam went over to the Teacher’s table to ask questions. At a certain point, at the end of the parasha that they were studying, Adam saw it written in Hebrew ‘The Lord made a pact between the Tzadik Haim and the children of Israel’. Adam asked Peretz if it was the first time that the name of the Tzadik appeared in the Torah. Peretz said that it was. Adam then went over to the Tzadik Haim and asked, as if they were already in some very distant future time, “Moreh, how did the rabbis and the scholars of the Torah interpret this reference to the Tzadik Haim?” The Teacher answered, “I don’t understand---they speak of a pact----perhaps derech eretz”. Then, smiling, the Tzadik said to Adam, “They stole a title from me”.


'And the Lord, God, formed the man, dust from the soil, and He blew into his nostrils the soul of life, and the man became a living being'. (very briefly): the 'creation' of man before this refers to humanity in general. 'He formed' refers to the forming of man in his elevated form. Va-yitzer 'He formed' has an extra yod, thus two formations; and 'the man' with article is mentioned twice in this verse. 'Dust from the earth' even the highest of those chosen is dust from earth, to avoid any error of deification. (and Yeshua received it in the School of the Essenes that the Final Goel is called 'ben ha-adam' - 'the son of (the) man'.) The two formations are to be interpreted in Abraham, our father and Moses, our teacher; and at the end the historic cycles, at the time of the FR, the two chosen formations refer to Abraham and to the chosen Goel. Thus the Tzadik Haim questions here the Pact between the Goel and the children of Israel which belongs to Moses, magister noster. The Pact with Abraham, instead, is for 'a multitude of nations' and thus not the Pact of the Torah but rather a Pact of 'derech eretz' which pertains to all people and better corresponds with the Final Pact of the RF. Thus in Abraham and in the Goel Haim is the particular formation in which is given 'the soul of life' which means that the 'soul' of mankind is totally renewed through them. And since the chosen Goel's name is Haim (Life) this verse alludes to the Pact of Derech Eretz between the Goel Haim and the world of many nations. Perhaps, in the future, the Rabbis and Sages of Torah, will prefer to interpret it in Abraham and Moses, it seeming in their eyes as a lessening of honor towards the Pact of the Torah. In truth, however, the entire Pact of the Torah enters and is renewed in the Pact of the FR. In any case, their interpretation is similar to 'stealing' the 'title' of ha-adam – The Man – from the Goel Haim. Nevertheless, the Tzadik smiles and is not bothered by this, and who desires to understand will understand.


582 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (July 31, 1989 - Villosimius (Sardinia) ) that Marco Federico had gone to play in the woods near their house and was now calling for help. She and her husband George ran to him and he informed them that he had been molested by a man. This man was known to them; he was married and had a son. George spoke to him trying to make him understand that it was wrong for him to behave in such a way. The man seemed to understand. Then an elderly man, also homosexual, joined the conversation. This man had never been married and had always lived with his mother and had always hidden from her this fact. In speaking about himself, he related a dream. Anna interpreted the dream, saying that it revealed that his mother had come to understand this fact very well and that for this very reason she had died of heart failure. The man was very struck by this revelation and he remembered that, in fact, his mother’s face had assumed an extremely tormented expression and that this ‘mask’ (of not letting him know that she knew) had been transformed only after her death. Since the two men now seemed to be convinced that they were in error, Anna and George decided to bring them to Peretz. Peretz received them and invited them to enter a room in which, to the amazement, incredulity and joy of Peretz, George and Anna, there was the Tzadik Haim. He her was seated on a sofa with his face turned towards the window. Peretz murmured some words of thankfulness to God. Anna quickly went close to the Teacher to show how delighted she was. The two men, of course, knew nothing of the Tzadik or of the miracle of his being resurrected from the dead. These two men were then washed with soap and rinsed in the genital zone (following an oval sign which passed under the scrotum, turned towards the outside and passed over the penis). With the purification finished, there was conversation but only at the moment of taking leave, one of the men, somewhat astonished, said that the Teacher, in a way unseen by the others, while they were in that sign of purification, had passed his male member over their back side. This information created great joy for Peretz, George and Anna who understood its meaning, namely that the healing of the two men had been completed by the Goel Haim and that they had been freed forever of their problem.


See New Law – Letter to Homosexuals


417 - Peretz dreamed (Nov. 30, 1988 - Milan) that he was walking with the Tzadik Haim. Peretz said to him very decisively that he felt the desire to destroy idolatry. The Tzadik Haim smiled and consented.


418 - Paolo dreamed (Dec. 1, 1988 -Milan) that he heard the entire night the phrase 'ha-moreh hu ha-goel' ‘The Teacher is the redeemer’. Paolo perceived the that the Tzadik Haim was smiling and he felt the presence of angels, the bringers of much happiness.


436 - Deborah dreamed (Dec. 29, 1988 - Milan) that she saw in the sky a throne made of stones. Below this were angels. Then she saw the Tzadik Haim (but not too clearly). A voice then said ‘No one, not even the angels, can see the Throne of the Kingdom of Heaven as it really is’


444 - Daniel dreamed (Jan. 3, 1989 - Milan) that he was in the Bank (where he worked for some time in construction) when armed bandits entered. As they made their getaway, one of their gun-shots killed a small child. The mother of the child was present and cried from the pain of his death. Also Domenico Manigrasso (Daniel's father) was present and seeing all this, he took up the dead child and said, “O Lord, God, resurrect this child”. After a short time the child began to open his eyes and to smile. All those present thanked the One Living God of the universe for this miracle. In the meantime the armed robbers had been trapped inside a room but they held hostages. Suddenly there appeared the Tzadik Haim and with strategy he called the spirits of the bandits and ordered them to go towards him. Then Daniel, from the courtyard outside, saw the bandits thrown out of the window one by one. He saw the Tzadik Haim and he woke up.


In merit of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, also others loved by the Tzadik are given the power of 'resurrection' such as Domenico Manigrasso, resurrected in his death in merit of the Final Sign of the Resurrection


450 - Giuseppe dreamed (Jan. 9, 1989 - Milan) that he saw the marriage of Tina (Eusapia) and Saeed. In heaven there was great celebration for this marriage. Giuseppe then saw the Tzadik Haim, who was very content and he spoke to Saeed in Arabic.


This was important for the Muslim world who will eventually be part of the Final Redemption. Our friend Saeed, who is Muslim but in no way fanatic and who has respect for the Jewish people, became a 'sign' for the Muslim world of the FR even though, as yet, he himself understands very little of it.


471 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 24, 1989 - Milan) that the feet of the Chair of the Tzadik Haim were in Gold; they had descended from above to touch the ground. Deborah said, “This is the binding of the Kingdom of Heaven with the earth, and the stars are a means to bring the splendid news on earth by way of dreams”. Deborah then had to say ‘God is Doctor of us all because only He knows the good of every soul’.


487 - Peretz dreamed (Feb. 5, 1989 - Milan) that he was in a small house and was excited. He felt the presence of the Tzadik Haim. Then he saw the Tzadik who said to him, “Why do you say you are the pupil of Judah, denying that you are the talmid of ha-Moreh”? Peretz began imploring the Tzadik, “Moreh, it is not true. I have never said such a thing and it is not so. I am the talmid of the Tzadik Haim.” After this, the Teacher went close to Peretz and smiling at him said, “Yes, I know Peretz; I just wanted to put you to the test”. Then, at a certain distance, Peretz saw Paolo and it was given to know that while Peretz was closed up in his little house, Paolo had gone to see the Teacher several times without saying anything to Peretz. This fact caused a certain jealousy in Peretz and he said to Paolo, “You’re pretty clever. You went to visit the Tzadik and you said nothing to me”. At this point, Peretz heard the voice of the Tzadik that said, “It doesn't matter, Peretz, Paolo has the fortune of Joseph".


491 - Giuseppe dreamed (Feb. 19, 1989 - Milan) that he was in his native south Italy at his aunt’s house. As he greeted them he felt the presence of his father, Domenico Manigrasso, peace be with him, who was in the next room. He entered and embraced him. Then Giuseppe saw the Tzadik Haim who motioned him to follow. At first the Teacher spoke together with the relatives in their dialect. Also Giuseppe’s father walked behind the Teacher observing everything closely. After this the Tzadik was seen in bed and Peretz was at his side. Peretz said, “From now on no one will suffer of this illness” indicating the place where the Tzadik Haim was operated on for cancer of the stomach.


This is a prophetic promise that a cure for cancer will be found, hopefully soon but in any case during this Fourth Generation.


307 - Deborah dreamed (April 1, 1988 - Milan) that Paolo was trying to explain questions relative to the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. Paolo was sure of what he was saying but Peretz reprimanded him and said, “Be careful. You cannot pretend to explain the matter of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim so easily, when, in truth, there is behind this a study of many years.”


349 - Paolo dreamed twice in the same night (July 18, 1988 - Milan) that he was in the house of the Tzadik Haim. The Tzadik had died and preparations were being made to bring him to the cemetery. Peretz and Paolo carried the coffin, but instead of carrying it horizontally, they carried it vertically. Some days later, with great surprise, the Tzadik was at the house of Paolo and with him was Peretz. The Tzadik Haim was alive, in perfect health and very happy and said to Paolo, “Look, touch me, you see that I am alive”. Paolo touched him with his right hand. He was happy and felt no fear in seeing the Tzadik personally, even while knowing that he had died. Afterwards all went into another room. The Tzadik Haim undressed. Paolo saw his feet and the Circumcision (Paolo held his head lowered for respect). After this also Peretz undressed and he anointed himself abundantly before the Tzadik Haim.


This was the reception of the Sign of Anointed Priest in the House of Prayer.


390 - Giuseppe dreamed (Oct. 25, 1988 - Milan) that he saw Saeed with the pupils of the House of Prayer. Saeed said, “We await a man who will give explanations to Jews, Christians and Moslems”. In the same room was the Tzadik Haim who was smiling.


This popular belief among Muslims will eventually represent the key to their entrance in the Final Redemption


396 - Giuseppe dreamed (Nov. 1, 1988 - Milan) that he was at home in his room. He heard the voices of his sisters who were saying, “Look, Mamma, father has arrived”. Giuseppe, hearing this good news, went quickly into the kitchen. He remembered the words of Peretz, “In case your father comes, bring a chair immediately and have him sit down, for respect”. Giuseppe took a chair and asked his father to sit down. Giuseppe then spoke with his father and asked him, “Is it true, father, what we are doing?” (this he asked, not for himself, but for the sake of his sisters who were present). Domenico Manigrasso, in a very delicate manner, answered, “Yes, it is true”. Giuseppe asked him some question about the other world. He answered, “This is a secret; it cannot be said”. Then Giuseppe asked, “Is it true that you have been resurrected”. His father answered, “Yes, it is true”. Giuseppe continued, “Thank God, for merit of the Tzadik Haim?” His father, “Yes, for merit of the Tzadik Haim”. Then Domenico Manigrasso indicated to Giuseppe to touch him and he touched him. His father then began to smoke a cigar. Giuseppe said, “Papa’ , doesn’t it harm you that cigar”? His father said, “There’s no pain here”. Then, all together, they left the house and went into the house of a woman. When the people of the house saw Domenico Manigrasso alive, they were amazed. He said to them, “Thank God, I was dead, but I have been resurrected in merit of the resurrection of the Tzadik Haim”.


216 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (July 2, 1987 - Milan) that she was in front of the Tzadik Haim who was seated at the head of a table. The Teacher had need of an ice-chopper. Anna, extremely happy to be able to be useful, brought the ice-chopper to the Teacher and, with much emotion said that she was sorry for the smallness of this favour. The Tzadik Haim, smiling, answered, “Each person does what he or she is able to do, and this is good”. Because of her emotion Anna noticed that she was waking up. The Tzadik assured her not to be concerned and that even if she woke up she would again fall asleep and return there. Indeed, Anna woke up and when she fell asleep again she was in the same place. Now the Tzadik Haim was speaking with two men about a third person who had presented strange and worrisome symptoms. The Tzadik explained that that illness was due to the influxes of the moon.


In other dreams we have been warned against the influxes of the moon and the sun-rays during this Fourth Generation – see documentation 'dreams concerning the Fourth Generation.


226 - Adam dreamed (July 18, 1987 - Milan) the Tzadik Haim who said to Peretz, “Peretz!” (he arose to his feet immediately) “Who am I?” Peretz answered, “The Tzadik Haim is the Goel, even if only a few know it as yet”.


And so is it until this moment of reviewing this doc. March 26, 2006


110 - Remo Levi dreamed (April 12, 1986 - Milan - the day before the meeting of the Pope in the Synagogue of Rome -) that he saw the Tzadik Haim (in the Jewish cemetery) and he asked him if he might help him in some way, even though it was Shabbat. The Tzadik was sawing a large piece of wood. Remo said, “But perhaps the guardian of the cemetery will hear you”. “Don’t worry” said the Tzadik, smiling. Remo then tried to help hold the wood in place, but the Tzadik did not let him, saying, “I must do this myself”.


sign of the cutting of the long 2000 year decree of the conflict between Jews and Christians, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim - the encounter in the Synagogue was the corresponding sign for the world to remember etc.


111 - Anna Passalacqua dreamed (March 21, 1986 - Pioltello, Milan) that all the pupils were together to celebrate the Passover. Before beginning the Seder, the doorbell rang. Anna opened the door and it was the Tzadik Haim. He said, “I am happy to see you together”. Then he went towards a table which had signs (stones) on it; Peretz was there praying. The Tzadik blessed the table and the stones in Hebrew. Then, turning to Anna, he said, “I want some blood to put on the door”. Anna gave him of the blood of the lamb (which Peretz had slaughtered) and the Tzadik put it on the door post, under the Mezuzah. There was an incredible atmosphere; all were silent. The Tzadik went to the Seder table and embraced each pupil greeting each one with a good Passover. Before the pupils sat down at the table, the Tzadik Haim said a prayer in Hebrew and remained with the pupils to make the Seder.


sign of the New Pasqua (Passover - Easter) in the House of the Final Redemption - sign of the New Mezuzah - etc. see the particular documentation on Anna Passalacqua's incredible experience in seeing and hearing the resurrected Tzadik who descended into her apartment, not in a dream!


119 - David Banin (a Jew from Asmara and friend of the Tzadik Haim) dreamed (June 22, 1986 - Milan) that it was Kippur and he had to give over a Taleth to the Tzadik Haim. He found the Tzadik in one of the rooms where he was reading the Sefer Torah. Sig. Banin did not want to disturb him but the Tzadik stopped his reading in order to receive the Talleth from him.


This dream comes for the Sign of the New Sanctity in the House of Prayer, as we say when we wrap ourselves with the Talet, 'Blessed is the Lord, our God, who has sanctified us in the new sanctity of the Tzitzit'. – Tzitzit (the fringes of the Talet) alludes to all the commandments of the Torah. This dream represents the bond between the First Sanctity of the Torah and the New Sanctity of the Torah in the House of Prayer and the New Law and the New Rite, in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim.


123 - Sarah (Puddu) dreamed (July 5, 1986 - Milan) that she was in a room with Peretz, Adam and another person. Then Adam said, “The Tzadik is here, the Tzadik is here”. Peretz then assumed an attitude of prayer and a dense cloud filled the room with its presence.


'The holy clouds of Glory' will return in the Final Redemption to the House of Prayer in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim.


137 - Eusapia (Oct. 8, 1986 - Milan) heard CarmineSaul speak in his sleep; he was saying, “Haim means peace”.


Allusion to the 'prince of peace' in Isaiah


147 - Paolo dreamed (Nov. 5, 1986 - Milan) that there was a celebration at home; all were at the table; there were many guests who joyously ate and spoke. One of the persons, in particular, was very distinct in his respect and manners; it was the Tzadik Haim when he was about thirty years old. Paolo went into the kitchen to get something for the Teacher and he thought, “It’s so wonderful; the Tzadik has died but now he is here with us, and he eats and drinks as we do”. In the same dream, Paolo was then at a sea resort and he accompanied the Tzadik who was now quite old and sat on a wheelchair.


50 - Peretz dreamed (March 28, 1985 - Milan) that he saw the Tzadik Haim descending a mountain accompanied by two others. The Tzadik ordered Peretz sternly to go down from the mountain. Peretz was away for a moment, then he was back, trying to console the Tzadik whose face was distraught with anguish. The Tzadik said, “Our little sister has been wounded”.


note the ‘little sister’ is the Torah, wounded because of the false ‘mystic’ doctrines of the Zohar and the false messianism of the Habadiim which falsify the true Kabbalah of Sinai etc.


79 - Giordano dreamed (Nov. 2, 1985 - Milan) that the pupils of the Teacher Haim were standing somewhere outside, close to a large gate. On the other side of the gate, extremely tall, surrounded by an ‘incredible cloud’ was the Tzadik Haim. Giordano, through the bars of the gate, held fast to the legs of the Tzadik who announced, “Tell them that I am the Tzadik who is incarnated three times" (in history).


This corresponds to Giuseppe's dream (later, perhaps 1994) in which the archangel Michael declares "Three are the men of the Redemption, Moses, Yeshua and Haim". Three times in history the Will of God was 'incarnated' in these three chosen servants for the sake of the Redemption of mankind.


88 - Adam dreamed (Dec. 21, 1985 - Milan) that he was before the Tzadik Haim who interrogated and examined him. The atmosphere was serious, as for university exams. Adam, embarrassed and with his head down, referred to himself as a pupil of Peretz and he explained all that had been done by the talmidim. The Tzadik Haim said to him, “You are useful to us because you bind the ‘composite project’ “.


Adam Kamkhaji, Sephardic Jew, was the first, and certainly the first Jew, to enter the Final New Pact of those who did not know the Tzadik Haim in his life (also Anna Gasparotti, first Priestess of the Altar of the Nations (Malchitzedek), had never seen the Tzadik but she knew something of him). From 1990 Adam lives at Bersheva. It is he who created the Web-Site Camillo and the Web-Site Beit Ester. These Sites are designed for the sake of presenting the Composite-Project of the FR contained in the writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim.


90 - Gino Tampieri dreamed (Dec. 23, 1985 - Milan) that he was in line behind Giordano, Renato and Davide (Levi). They entered into a church (perhaps there were funeral services). In another room there was a Star of David and a piece of marble in commemoration of the dead. Gino then saw the Tzadik Haim stretched out on the floor. Immediately afterwards, the Tzadik was standing up and smiling. Gino was very surprised and he asked Giordano how it was that the Tzadik was there. Giordano answered that the Tzadik Haim had to ‘announce’ himself’. Gino was very happy and he cried for joy. He said, “I am very happy that the Tzadik Haim has returned among us”. The Teacher said to Gino, “You like the old company”.


7 - (April 1984 - Milan) - In his dream Giordano Levi found himself in a beautiful and magnificent garden, filled with perfumed flowers of all kinds. Then he saw coming towards him the Tzadik Haim together with his wife Mazal. They exchanged greetings of Shalom with great joy. Then Gino Tampieri, Giordano’s brother-in-law, came into the garden. He was amazed to see the Tzadik alive. The Tzadik, realising Gino’s dilemma said, “Yes, Gino, it is true, I was dead but I was resurrected”. Gino became even more amazed and he looked to Giordano for help in understanding. Giordano, content and smiling, said, “Yes, Gino, you are right, no one can do this, only the Tzadik Haim”.


6th Great Complete Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim


Peretz ( ) saw the Tzadik Haim in a dream who said, "It’s not you who has to worry about where I am. I am guiding the mission and I know where I must be and when".


Peretz dreamed ( ) that he had spoken of some very high question without due heaviness and respect. The Tzadik Haim came and began to rebuke him for such light-headedness. Peretz lowered his head and closed his eyes and almost in a tone of crying said, "I beseech the Tzadik to help me. It is so this light-headedness. I cannot stand this lowliness. I love God. I am doing what I can but the things bring me down to such levels that they make me forget. This is what I cannot take; it’s making me forget (referring to the holy teachings of the Tzadik Haim)”. At this point the Tzadik said, “(Do not be afraid), from now on I will be giving the orders in guiding you”. Then the Tzadik quickly left the bus in which they were standing. Peretz had had it in mind to ask as well if it were not possible that in some way his obligation in the war against the false Kabbalah be made easier, but the Tzadik had already left the bus, giving him to understand that there was no way to lessen that burden.