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The Holy War against the Doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar 87 Hharamim - The Excummunication from the Torah of the false doctrines of the Zohar


Hherem 1: We have, in truth, in all our writings, never denied the existence of the Ten Spherot whereas we have constantly denied the existence of Ten Emanated  Spherot and all the explanations concerning them. The doctrine of the Ten Emanated Spherot derives from the Book of the Zohar and every part of that doctrine and its Five Emanated Partzufim are prohibited by the Holy Law of the Torah and against all the prohibitions of idolatry contained in the Second Commandment.

The Heart of Big Fish: In 1990 at Beersheva, I received a very important dream relative to the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. In that dream James Baker was holding a press-conference and he explained quite diplomatically to the reporters:In that which concerns the existence of the Ten Spherot themselves, we must say that they do exist but the great confusion that has issued has been due to the misinterpretation of the Ten Spherot.- -

As expressed in Hherem 1 above, this in no way represented a contradiction to all that we have stated in the writings of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. Nor could I have said differently because I knew of this directly from the Tzadik Haim.I mentioned the fact in some places but in a sort of under the table manner because it is a matter that might seem to confuse more than clarify. Came James Baker to demonstrate that not to explain is to confuse but to explain will lead to clarification in the end and he established the parameters within which the question is to be explained.

We have already explained the matter in the Hherem in Hebrew and in Esther3 in English. The original textual usage of the expression ‘Ten Spherot’ may be assumed to be Sefer ha-Yetzirah with the expression ‘esser sfirot bli ma’ Ten Spherot without substance; and blima is written together so as to include the interpretation ‘blom picha mi-ledaber’ seal your mouth from speaking of it. That which is without substance cannot be spoken of or expressed in words except negatively to say that the matter is without a substance about which one can or may speak and because it is so it therefore becomes an obligation to seal your mouth from speaking because speech will represent substance and thus your words will only falsify the true contents relating them as a substance.

It was the non-compliance concerning said interdiction that allowed for the collosal error to take place.Moses de Leon didn’t treat the Ten Spherot as if they had no substance and he opened his pen to substantialise them. He ‘converted them into substance’ and to cover over the contradiction of their not having substance, he ‘elevated’ them to the falsified-non-substance of Emanation linguistics. ‘Atzilut’ ‘emanation’ was for him above all substance because it was before creation and above creation. He had ‘elevated’ the level to the nihilo before the creatio. What substance could you find in the ‘ain (nothing) before the ‘yesh’ (substance)? This is the very essence of the terrible error committed.James Baker is right: to understand that the expression Ten Spherot of itself is representative of a ‘true hidden-matter’but that the falsification of such a term brought about the immense confusion is illuminating to all those who desire to comprehend why all this has happened.

As the reader studies the Hherem, let 2 points be kept in mind: the idolatrous-sin of the Zohar and after it of all the false Kabbalah that issued in the 400 years before the Holocaust is itself called the ‘sin of emanation’. The doctrine of ‘emanation’ is itself an idolatrous doctrine which is against the true faith of the Holy Torah. The second point is that the doctrine of Emanation is in direct opposition to the all-essential beginning of the Torah ‘bereishit bara elohim et ha-shamaim ve-et ha-aretz’ (In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth). The Torah has been given us in the linguistics of ‘creation’ with the obligation to remain within that boundary. The emanation-linguistics of the Zohar distroys the ‘beit’ of bereishit, as explained in the Hherem and in Esther3.

The fact of the mentioning of the Ten Spherot in that book called Sefer Yetzirah, falsely attributed to Abraham, our father, can be properly simplified for our purpose here in the Hherem. These Ten Spherot are creations of God, as the light hidden away for the just. They are part of ‘secrets’ revealed to the true Hidden Tzadikim. There is no permission to explore or study or interpret or write about them etc. etc. They exist as many other true ‘secrets’ that exist. There exist 7 heavens. Can you climb to enter them? Absolutely no, unless one is authorised by his teacher who is one of the Hidden Tzadikim.


Hherem 2:  Even greats of the Torah, men whose life was spent walking in the holy ways of the Torah and Tradition, such as Haim Vital, Moses Kordevero, Yitzhhak Luria, the Baal Shem Tov, the Gaon of Vilna, the Malbim and many, many others, have unwittingly fallen into this grave error. The fact of their greatness in all other facets of the Torah was not sufficient to override the terrible blindness of the hidden sin referred to in Prophets as ‘Avon Ketz’, the ‘sin of the end time’. This refers to the terrible hidden sin of the ‘last days’ (some 400 to 500 years) which on hidden levels brought Israel to its prophesied and unspeakable Shoa.


Hherem 3: These greats in Torah, since they were convinced that the Ten Spherot mentioned in some texts even previous to the Zohar rendered it legitimate to enter the study of the Spherot, never realised that the existence of Ten Hidden Spherot is one thing but Ten Emanated Spherot is of an entirely different order of things. It is, indeed, absolutely forbidden to speak of Emanations of the Lord, our God, nor has it ever been permitted. We are allowed to speak of the Creator. It is totally outside of the true faith to speak of or to belive in the Emanator above the Creator.


Hherem 4 -  Many reasons may be given for their fall, that is the falling of those first rabbis in Spain which led to the great historical fall of the rest of rabbinic Israel in ‘officialising’ the ‘sanctity’ of the ‘Zohar Ha-Kadosh’ (the Holy Zohar). Those many reasons, however, are secondary to the fact itself that they fell and that with their fall they no longer distinguished between thoughts concerning the Holy One, Blessed is He that are permitted and between thoughts of that which is Above and Before the Creation of the world. There is no authorisation from the Torah and Tradition to speak about Contractions in the Infinite One (tzimtzumim mei-ha-ein-sof) until coming unto the Chosen Contrated Emanation of Zeir Anpin in the World of Emanation, a Zeir Anpin which then proceeds to become the Creator of the Lower Worlds, the Creator mentioned in Bereishit!!


Hherem 5 - In their error they brought proofs to their sin thinking that it had become permitted to enter the Newly Revealed Door ( the Tettragrammaton) of God’s House. In this they came, unfortunately to falsify the Yod of God’s holy name. For they said that as the Yod which is a ‘point’ and even a smaller ‘Kotzo shel Yod’ above it are totally hidden, although it’s gematria is Ten, so too the World of Atzilut is similar to the Yod and to the Kotzo shel Yod in which all exists there as ‘contained inside a point’ such as the Ten Emanated Spherot. This is pure philosphical idolatry!


Hherem 6 - It is thus permitted us in this Hherem Mi-Deoraita to use a language of shamefullness, of abomination and of the curses of excommunication regarding all their sin and regarding as well the person of Moses de Leon and the terrible plague that came out of his idolatrous pen in the Book of the Zohar. The same harsh language is then extended, within the framework of 400 years, to its second, third and fourth generations of the false Kabbalah deriving from the Zohar. Great Rabbis fell. For the most part we are not speaking about them personally but about the doctrines themselves and the terrible idolatry that they contain. There is, unfortunately, the Hated Fourth Generation deriving from this sin which became bound to the false and disgusting messianism of the Habad Movement around their presumed Messia, M. M. Shneerson and here the Hherem Mi-Deoraita falls on the persons of this Movement itself because of its danger for all Israel. Even after his death, they continue to dance around this Last Golden Calf of Israel. The Hherem also falls on the School of Kabbalah of Jerusalem established by R. Ashlag and his followers and on the persons who have responsibility in that Movement.


Hherem 7 - Our work in this Hherem, however, is not to cite from the Zohar or from the vast Kabbalistic literature deriving from it. The Hherem explains the idolatrous Sin of Emanation and the doctrines built upon it and it closes them into the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. In the permission of our Teacher, the Tzadik Haim, from Sana Yemen, upon whose authorisation this Hherem Mi-Deoraita is sealed, we have included in the Hherem Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem of R. Yihhye Ibn Shlomoh Elgafeh of Sana Yemen. All his argumentations have been approved by the Tzadik Haim. That Sefer is necessary for the Rabbinic exposition of the sin of the doctrines of the Zohar. Also my own study of the sin of the Zohar was based on that precious and holy work and I was ordered by the Tzadik Haim to study its contents and to elaborate some commentaries on it and to extend the Hherem which it contains to the Fourth Hated Generation of Habad. Those commentaries comprise the Text ‘The Five Tablets of the Pact’ which is part of the first Petal of the 13 Petals of Sefer Mishnat Haim. Those explanations together with the entire text of Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem, in Hebrew, are found on our Web-Site ‘Camillo’ from Beersheva directed by Adam Kamkhaji. There is as well an important introduction to and an abbreviated version of Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem in English. We have also placed several chapters of the Sefer Ari Nohem, in Hebrew, at disposition for readers.


Hherem 8 - The importance of Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem is not to be underestimated as a rabbinic source, based on Torah, Mishna, Talmud and Poskim, the Rambam and Ahhronim. It is therefore included as an integral part of this Hherem Mi-Deoraita. It roots out systematically the idolatrous belief in Zeir Anpin of the Zohar on the basis of pure and true Torah at every level. The rabbis and students of the Torah need this text for a more complete and fuller understanding of the entire error. With true Torah, Yihhye Ibn Shlomoh ElKafeh totally destroys the false Torah of the Zohar and of all the false Kabbalah that ensued from it. This Hhacham and Yemenite zealot for the pure monotheistic faith of our tradition vigourously reveals the prostitute lying under those idolatrous doctrines. He is justly fierce in exposing the false beauty of that harlot, as the Prophet Elijah in his time exposed the prostitutional Baal on Mount Carmel. It is true that not all Israel needs this text; most Jews need only the basis of understanding wherein lies the idolatry in those doctrines to be warned and to stay clear of it. Most Jews indeed know nothing of what the Zohar and the so-called Mystical Doctrines are all about. Nevertheless, a purely rabbinical work is needed for Traditional Jews who base their lives on the halacha and poskim.


Hherem 9 - I, Peretz Green, first talmid of the Tzadik Haim, am responsible for the formulation of this Hherem Mi-Deoraita but I am not a rabbi and I have no authorised power to speak on behalf of the rabbis. I speak on the command of the Tzadik Haim and in his authorisation and I have invented nothing of my own in explaining the idolatrous sin of the Zohar. In truth, the Hherem itself, as mentioned, is contained in essence in Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem. My work is to formulate the Hherem Mi-Deoraita and to explain it. To do this I have elaborated, in the Five Tablets of the Pact, on the sin of the generation of Enosh, the sin of the Tower of Babel, the sin of the Golden Calf, the reason of the breaking of the first Tablets and even on the original sin of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because it is from a deeper understanding of these episodes that the true knowledge of the 4 generations of the ‘idolatrous sin’ alluded to in the Second Commandment itself is to be acquired. From them the Torah study and profound meditation of the Sin of Fathers, the Sin of Sons, the Sin of the Third Generation and the Sin of the Hated Fourth Generation will be gained.


Hherem 10 - This is, in fact, the meaning of Hherem Mi-Deoraita: it is the Excommunication against all idolatry, the Excommunication  contained in the Torah itself within the framework of Tree of Knowledge, Enosh, Babel and the doubled Golden Calf and its Destruction and the Breaking of the Tablets. These are in correspondance to the 4 generations of idolatry of the Second Commandment. It may also be possible to see the Tree of Knowledge as the root of sin of fathers, Enosh, the sin of fathers, Babel, the sin of sons, the Golden Calf, the sin of the third generation and its completion, the hated fourth generation, and the breaking of the Tablets represents the historical destruction of the final golden calf of history, the sin of Emanation of the Zohar.


Hherem 11 - For the idolatrous doctrine of the Zohar is an historical sin which had to come into existence in order to be eradicated for all times. It is thus the sin of sins which when revealed and broken and destroyed, reveals, breaks down and destroys all other forms of idolatry that exist. It is the worst, most soffistocated and most ‘hidden’ category of idolatry the destruction of which becomes the representative of the destruction of all lesser or more external forms of idolatry. The sin of sins of the Zohar therefore relates back to the original sin as well. Those rabbis who were caught in the trap saw ‘that the tree was good to eat and that it was a pleasure to the eyes and that the tree was pleasurably stimulating to the intellect’ and they took of its fruit and they ate and they gave of it to the other rabbis and they ate. The sin of the Tree of Knowledge contains the roots of idolatry as seen from the plural in ‘for God knows that on the day of your eating thereof your eyes will be opened and you shall be as ‘gods’ who know (to distinguish) between good and evil’.


Hherem 12 - This is the root of roots but the root of idolatry itself in the world is from the generation of Enosh, as explained in the Mishna Torah of the Great Eagle that the essential error protruded from the idea that the Creator, Blessed is He, is too far and too removed from the world and He therefore gave over the powers of governing to the stars etc. Yihhye Elgafeh illumines true Judaism in explaining fully and from all aspects of the matter how the Kabbalists have done exactly the same thing, postulating an EIN SOF too far and too removed from the world and elaborating a system of ‘contractions’ of the EIN SOF until reaching the ‘more tangible’ World of Emanation and finally the Object of Cult, the Emanated Zeir Anpin to Whom, in essence, our prayers are intended, God forbid.


Hherem 13 - The sin of the Tower is that of sons, the Idolatrous Building that proceeds from the Sin of Fathers; this, in essence is the Construction of False Theologies that pretend and boast that through them one can climb into the heavens; that evil pretense and the self-gain intentions behind it cause the language on which it is based to be falsified and all that which is constructed on that falsified linguistic structure becomes a Hated Building before God until the time of its judgement and its destruction. The level of hatred from Above to this construction is revealed in the decree ‘and this is the beginning of their action, and now let there not be held back from all that they intend to do’. From God it is decreed that they complete their sin and their entire idolatrous construction so that it be judged and destroyed in the end. In this way the Builders are totally blinded to the reality of those doctrines and in their great fervor to see the Building completed they no longer have the power to distinguish its evil and the linguistic falsifications that they contain.


Hherem 14 - Those of the Tower took their force from the Original Tongue, thinking that by substituting the name of Nimrod for God, the Creator, they would, through Nimrod and through the construction in his name, take possession of the Divine Powers of that Original Language and use it to create for themselves an ‘eternal name’. Those of the false Kabbalah used the language of the Holy Torah to formulate the new doctrine of Emanation. This caused after it that the name of God, instead of being used with the simplicity of the faith, became the ‘Name-God-Construct’ of 4 Worlds, the higher Yod World being that of Emanation. The sin is immeasurably great but also the evil-intention behind De Leon’s Emanation Scheme comes out historically in the Kabbalists without their realising it. They believe that their work in serving God is to complete the Construction of the World of Emanation and they believe themselves co-workers in that Construction, a Construction which they believe elevates them to the heavens and protects them and creates for them an eternal name in this world and the next.


Hherem 15 - The Tree of Knowledge  is thus the Root of all idolatry. The Generation of Enosh is the Father of Idolatry, the Tower the Idolatrous Construction. The Third generation is the idolatry of Egypt, a complex theological idolatry which was behind the mentality of the Mixed-Multitude in desiring the Golden Calf. The realisation of the Golden Calf, their cult to it with all the abominal idolatrous rites attached to it, culminates in the Hated Fourth Generation. The Ten Commandments of the first Tablets had to be smashed to pieces so as to destroy the concept in the Mixed-Multitude of the Ten Great Emanated Gods of Egypt (from Atum, the Higher Creator of all, not counted and not served; the Gods were 9 and Pharoah himself represented the tenth, the God of the Kingdom). Moses, in their eyes, was similar to this Tenth God in whose absence there was no binding to the earth and thus they sought a Tenth-God to substitute him.


Hherem 16 - Habad’s cult to its presumed Messia and all the disgusting pretenses of which their propaganda machine has attained and the idolatrous comportment with his photos etc. etc. is the false and idolatrous doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar descended until its Hated Fourth Generation level in concrete abominations. The Breaking of the Tablets represents the Correction of the misinterpretation of the Ten Emanated Spherot so that the Second Tablets could be given within the framework of the true Tradition. For as history has clearly ascertained, even the commandments themselves are not sufficient to maintain the pure faith if the ‘theology’ in which they are taken is in error. Christianity is a perfect example.


Hherem 17 - The Correction of the Ten Emanated Spherot is their Breaking and Destruction. The Correction of those who have fallen into its trap, the rabbis and Torah-scholars of the last 400 years etc. lay in the atonement of the High Priest Aaron. As Aaron, these have fallen into the error unwittingly. Had they known that the entire doctrine of Emanation is falacious and idolatrous, they would never have fallen. Also Aaron, in his confusion and in his not comprehending the idolatrous intentions of the Mixed-Multitude etc. thought that the Golden Calf could be ‘sanctified’ and he ordered an altar to be built for it and until the very end he said, “It is a Feast unto God tomorrow”. This is exactly as these rabbis of the last 400 years who speak of the Holy Zohar. In truth it is the Last Golden Calf of Israel in its period of the Last Days of Judgement before its Final Redemption.




Hherem 11 - until Hherem 21 - with Adam in Beersheva

they become here 18 until 28




Herem Mi-Deoraita              


Hherem 11- Are there, then, in God 10 categories for reason of the first letter of His Holy Name! It is blasphemous to think such and to build categories in God. Upon what have they constructed categories and buildings! The gematria of the Yod is 10 and no one will deny the importance of the number 10. And even if we would say that the Yod alludes to the 10 Commandments we cannot say that this alludes to ten categories in Him or in His Godliness. And if there are alluded to the important categories of 10 including that which is called the 10  Spherot as we have received, that these do exist but that the entire interpretation of them has falsified everything, these refer to 10 Spheroth created from His Holy Name and these Spherot are hidden secrets known to the Higher Tzadikim, we are not speaking about 10 categories in Him or in His Divine Being and most certainly not 10 Spherot Emanated from the Ein Sof!


Hherem 12 – Everything has its hidden aspect as well and it not this that we are denying. I am writing this Hherem Mi-Deoraita in the permission and upon the command of the holy and Hidden Tzadik, Haim, the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim who knew the Secrets of nature and the Secrets of the angels, the Secret of kfitzat ha-derech, the Secrets of the Firmaments, the Secrets of the Celestial Orders of the stars, the Secrets of the neshamot (souls), the Secret of the Ascent, the Secrets of antiquity, the Secrets of the Higher Tribunal etc.etc. The Tzadik Haim ordered the angels to do his bidding and they were under his command: I speak of this here for the sake of understanding that we, the pupils of the Teacher Haim, most certainly do not deny all the true secrets that exist. We are instead denying some 5 hundred years of ‘secrets’ that are not secrets and are not true!


Hherem 13 – The truth is that all the  true secrets are not for the ‘level’ of mankind and no one can enter them. They do not depend on  the will of the person or in one’s tiring himself in the study of Torah. Talmidei Hachamim tire themselves an entire lifetime in the study of Torah without knowing anything of these Hidden Matters. The true Secrets are not simply a question of ‘knowledge’ but of higher levels of a hidden knowledge and they are totally outside of the nature of this world. It is impossible to enter into these categories without a teacher and such a permission does not come until after years of preparation with one of the true Tzadikim. My personal good fortune has been to know of these secrets from the Tzadik Haim but I have not merited to enter them.


THE HEART OF BIG FISH LEVIATHAN: The world, however, is replete with impure spirits of every sort and every Guru and every Witch-Doctor considers himself one who has entered hidden secrets according to his magic and his meditation. There is no end to the number and kinds of these impure spirits nor to the personal gain procured from them. Also magic is outside of nature but its sorce is from the demons below and not from above.


Hherem 14 – We have repeatedly spoken about the fact that the true secrets and the hidden things into which a very few yehhidei segulah can enter cannot be put into writing. In truth this fact is simple and yet it does not enter the brains of many Jews today because of the propaganda of the ‘writers of secrets’ of the last 400 years. The Tzadik Haim clamored with anger and was inwardly saddened by the internal blemish and the damage to the intellect caused by such ‘writers of secrets’ who have confused the brain with vanities and who have undone the simplicity of the faith ‘temimut’ from the heart of those Jews who study them.


Hherem 15 – They erred and they fell into sinful error. They desired to hasten the End-Time (ketz) and they were fooled by the Book of the Zohar into thinking that the ‘final purpose’ of the Torah is to enter into the Pardes and they forgot that ‘the hidden things are unto the Lord, our God, and the revealed things are unto us and unto our children’ and they forgot that ‘the heavens are unto the Lord, our God, and the earth has He given to the children of man. And even as they say that R. Akiba entered in peace and existed in peace they forget about the other 3 hhachamim who did not find peace and who never got out peacefully.


Hherem 16 – The true secrets of Above can never be written! All those secrets therefore written in their books are falsehoods, enormous confusion from the confusion of Shinar. They are the results of errors that become sinful and idolatrous, the propaganda of Satan at the End of Days. All study in them is invalid as all study in Christian theology is vanity if believed on faith. The foundation of Christian theology is the trinity and the foundation of the Zohar is the world of Emanation with its five partzufim and its ten spherot. Nevertheless, aside from the idolatry in both of them, the ethics and the study of virtue even on the foundation of Christian theology have more rectitude than the darkened hidden ways of the kabbalistic works.


Hherem 17 – The books of R. Ashlag and his followers in the School of Kabbalah in Jerusalem must be burned because of the idolatry that they contain. Such a School impedes the Final Redemption; it is a School of lies and self-deceit ‘The Torah teaches you what to do, the Kabbalah teaches you why’. May that God, Blessedis He, save us from the lowness of this crazy generation. I have seen their propaganda pamphlets; they are disgusting from the beginning to end; theSatan dances on them and the false god Mamon plays his fiddle. Until what point has this terrible blemish reached in our people. The Torah in their hands is bound in tachrichim and is dead. Awaken ye rabbis!


Hherem 18 – Listen to the propagandistic subtleties - ‘Does one have to be religious in order to study Kabbalah? – asks the old and wise Satan. The answer then follows that even if one is not religious let him come to study the secrets of the Kabbalah and from this he may as well come to religiosity. - - Does one need to explain that all this is taref and passul and far away from the way of the Holy Torah? Our time, however, is the time of purification and there are many such impurities. For in this the Fourth Generation all the evil that was hidden underneath must come to the surface and from Heaven their sins are revealed openly and seen by all.


Hherem 19 – It is, of course, and enormous enterprise the selling of the Books of the Zohar. How many times the Tzadik Haim said to me “Look at nothing else but at the money that comes in from selling these books, look well and you will see that it is not they who are speaking but it is the money that is speaking.” I must admit that until I saw this propaganda pamphlet of the Ashlag School of Kabbalah I had not yet fathomed the true depth of this concept! –Does one need to be 40 years old in order to study Kabbalah? – asks the Bank representitive in his Hassidic garments.


Hherem 20 – May that Heaven reveal their sin and that the Lord, our God exonerate us from this punishment because our little sister has been wounded. Return unto God o breakers of the bone so that your bones not be broken on the day of anger and wrath. For they have made the Torah into a play-thing of deceitful money! They are excumunicated and the entire School of R. Ashlag is included in this Hherem Mi-Deoraita. For there is no patience left in the time of the purification, and there are remembered before the Jealous God the four generations of idolatry of the sin of fathers of the Zohar. It is true that the fourth generation of Israel is particular and that it finished with the Shoa but in the time of the purification the great sin that lay underneath is revealed retrospectively while the wrath and the anger do not fall on the nation except for individuals who are held guilty by the Higher Tribunal and our work is only to warn and to explain as much as we are able with the help of God in the work of our hands. (for the further exposition of the sin of the Ashlag School of Kabbalah see Ester 3).


Hherem 21 – They have touched the Name, God save us. The sin of the End-Time (avon ketz) also alludes to the upper point of the Yod (kotzo shel Yod),  they violated the upper point of the Yod because of the impatience of their spirit (katza ruhham) in waiting for the End-Time decreed from Heaven and they thought they would hasten it because of their impatience in exile. But receiving the exile in its time is  obligatory and attempting to hasten it before the time leads to error, first of all with an  erroneous approach that causes sin, and sin conduces to sin, until they reached the point of placing the upper point of the Yod on the Higher Emanated Crown from the Ein Sof and there follow every kind of Sof.



Hherem 29 - Even at the very beginning of this sin, straight thinking in Israel was at its end. Nothing in the Zohar is straight. Its language is the serpent’s tool to help innocent Torah Jews fall into the trap. Are there Ten Emanated Godheads in the Yod?!!! Not only but Ten Emanated Godheads above the ‘level’ of the God of Bereishit!!!! Ten Emanated Separated Godheads yet before the Act of Creation!!!! That doctrine goes back to the Ten Emanated Gods of Egyptian Theology.


Hherem 30 - Many prophecies of the Torah return for their final revelation at the time of ‘Avon Ketz. This is, indeed, the substance of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, to explain how the prophetic substance or the prophesied-idolatrous-substance of the sins of the Tree of Knowledge, of the generation of Enosh, of the Tower of Babel and of the Golden Calf come into their final prophetic realisation in the doctrines of the Zohar until they are destroyed in this the final Fourth Generation of history. Then too is the sin of the High Priest Aaron desperately needed because all those who have fallen, notwithstanding all their good intentions, need, with Aaron, to claim their error of ignorance in not recognizing the idolatry involved in the Golden Calf.


Hherem 31 - The sin of the Generation of Enosh is the subtle but false reasoning that the Infinitely High Creator Himself is ‘too high’ to be directly involved with the lower creations on earth. This returned in the Zohar since the entire ‘necessity’ of the Ten Emanated Spherot was created because the EIN SOF in His Infinity emanated lower existences for the sake of having ‘contact’ with the creations. And as the generation of Enosh began to call the stars with the name of God (EL) attached to them, so too the Kabbalists have placed the holy names of God known from the Torah on the Ten Emanated Spherot.


Hherem 32 - The Breaking of the first Tablets returns because the false Kabbalah of the Zohar has been extended to a vast gamut of literature, Books on Torah, Commentaries, later Poskim, Sidurim etc. etc. falsifying the true intentions of the Holy Torah. All these books and commentaries have been contaminated by the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation and to redeem the Torah in them, the books must be burned and the Torah in them re-written (in those texts where it is possible). This is similar to the fact that the first Tablets  were destroyed but the second Tablets contained the same Ten Commandments. This is true also of the Siddurim that contain the idolatrous Kabbalistic formulah ‘le-shem-kudshe-brich-hu-u-shchintei’ (for the sake of binding the Holy One Blessed is He (Zeir Anpin) to His Divine Presence (Nukvei or Malchuta)’ which must be excised from them to render those Siddurim usable.


Hherem 33 - So too returns the prophetic substance of the Tower of Babel in the Emanated City of the falsified linguistics of the Zohar and the Great Construction of its Four Worlds. So too the Zohar comes unto its final Hated Fourth Generation in the City of Lubovitch where sits the Son of Shinar (Shneerson) with its huge idolatrous Tower and immense propaganda machine etc. Nothing can be redeemed from this movement, including the vast Torah-studies of Rabbi Shneerson, because all of it represents the quintessence of the doctrinal idolatry of the false Kabbalah.


Hherem 34 - The sin of ‘Avon Ketz (the sin of the end time) brings to ‘every kind of ‘sof’, every kind of end. This means that this Final Sin is judged at the time of the End-Time in the Final Fourth Generation. In the Final Fourth Generation there are many, many kinds of ‘ends’. The roots of all kinds of evil will be destroyed and only a third of the world of today will be saved for the sake of their descendants that they may partake of the good in the times of the redemptional peace and harmony that will come after the Final Fourth Generation. The Final Fourth Generation itself thus represents the prophetic realisation, great and terrible, of the Second Commandment itself. In it are destroyed the Final Golden Calf, the Final Sin of the Generation of Enosh, the Final Sin of the destruction of the Linguistic Unity of the True Torah in order to create an idolatrous Tower for the Emanated Zeir Anpin, the Final Sin of Ten Emanated Gods, the Final Sin of false Messianism and the Final Sin of trying to eat of the Forbidden Fruit of true hidden matters reserved for the true ‘hidden’ Tzadikim. Also this Hherem Mi-Deoraita is the Final Hherem Mi-Deoraita of history because only in this Final Fourth Generation do these true explanations of the Torah against idolatry come together for their finalised formulation. There will be no need for another Hherem Mi-Deoraita against idolatry after this Final Fourth Generation.


Hherem 35 - The Hherem Mi-Deoraita is, thus, on its own right, a full-fledged Meditation on the roots of idolatry. The Meditation is profound. Its practical result, however, is the simple and pure faith in God felt in one’s heart. The Hherem Mi-Deoraita brings the Jewish world back to the verse ‘tamim tihiye im ha-Shem Elohecha’ ‘Be of a simple heart with the Lord, your God’ and it reteaches ‘the hidden things are to the Lord, our God and the revealed things are for us and for our children’ and it verifies the verse ‘God has made man straight but they have sought many calculations’.


Hherem 36 - The Hherem, therefore is Mi-Deoraita, from the Torah itself, and not Mi-Derabbanan, a rabbinical excommunication. For it is the Hherem which is contained in the Torah itself but which is formulated in its final form only at the time of the Final Fourth Generation, as explained, where all kinds of end-times come together, together with the Final Explanations against the ‘Avon Ketz of the doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar.

Jacob, our father, began to see in his prophetic vision the marvelous things that would happen to all the tribes of Israel in the periods of the Final Redemption but he was then confronted as well with the terrible prophetic visions of the Final Fourth Generation of Israel, ending with the unspeakable Holocaust, and thus he was held back from revealing anything of ahhrit ha-yomim (the End of Days). The Final Fourth Generation of Israel, however, comes before the Final Fourth Generation of the world. The return to Israel and the establishment of the State of Israel is a sign of Israel’s Resurrection, a resurrection which leads it to a thousands levels of resurrection after it. Through Israel’s resurrection, it begins its process of purification and correction so that it will be able to receive the Final Redemption. This Hherem Mi-Deoraita, in merit of the Tzadik Haim ben Moshe of Sana Yemen, thus represents the pivotal turning point of Jewish history as soon as it will be understood; it represents the inner catalyst to the purification and correction of Israel’s Torah people, a purification and correction which will lead to a totally new heart and a great reconciliation among all Jews.


Hherem 37 - Jacob, our father, after the reconciliation between him and Esau, had to set out for Beit El and yet it was necessary for him to order his household to get rid of all the foreign gods that many of them obviously held. This refers to the present time, the time of purification from the foreign idolatrous doctrines that have crept into Jacob’s heredity and which must be destroyed and burnt before Jacob can receive the blessing of God at Beth El and receive the Final Third Temple at Jerusalem.

 - It is prohibited from the Torah to say that above the creation and before it, in level and in time, God has Aspects (Partzufim), as it states ‘You shall nat place other gods on My countenance’. Nor does this prohibition change according to any category of explanation, even the most spiritually sophistocated that might exist. It is absolutely prohibited to speak of such, to believe in such or to philosophise on such and every aspect of it is idolatrous and punishable. The punishment of these sins are first of all in the mind and heart of the believer who is invaded by false beliefs which do not allow for the truth of the Torah to be revealed in him or her.


Hherem 38 - It is prohibited to use terms concerning the Holy One, Blessed is He, that were not accepted in the Tradition of Israel. Sometimes, in the language of the Sages, of blessed memory, when they described a state of momentary revelation of the Divine Presence, were used such expressions as ‘On the bank of the Nile before its splitting, the children of Israel saw the Holy One Blessed is He as a Shaliahh Tzibur (one ‘sent’ by the congregation to conduct the prayers for them). This is a description of a momentary revelation of the Divine Presence which may reveal itself in whatever form is desired for that moment. It is, however, absolutely prohibited to say that in the Holy One, Blessed is He, there exists the Divine Aspect of a Shaliahh Tzibur. And to whom then must God turn to in prayer?!!!!!


Hherem 39 - It is prohibited from the Torah to say, think or believe that there exists a ‘construction’ in God or that in God there is a fixed number of worlds.


Hherem 40 - It is prohibited from the Torah to say, think or believe that the Infinite One ‘contracted’ Himself until He came unto his Emanated form of the ‘Small God’ Zeir Anpin called by the Kabbalists ‘the Holy One Blessed is He’ to Whom must be addressed all prayer and all service! This is pure idolatry no less than the Christian Trinity!


Hherem 41 - There exists no permission to think about separated and distinguishable levels in the Will of God. The Kabbalists have done exactly this postulating separated levels in the Kotzo shel Yod which they have refer to the Higher Crown. His Will becomes for them an Emanated Will or Higher Crown over the Lower Worlds. This, as explained, is one of the sinful and idolatrous elements alluded to with ‘Avon Ketz. All these are prohibited by the Torah within the framework of the prohibitions regarding idolatry, an associated faith, a multiplicity of reigns, other gods and every image etc.


Hherem 42 - It is prohibited from the Torah to say, think or believe that ‘bereishit’ (‘In the beginning’ - first word of the Torah) refers to Aba d’Atzilut, Emanated Father and ‘bara’ (He created’ - second word of the Torah) refers to Ema d’Atzilut, Emanated Mother. Also Christian theology has done such having ‘In the beginning’ refer the Father and ‘He created’ refer to the Holy Spirit from which was ‘emanated’ the Divine Son. In essence there is no difference in this in the doctrine of Zeir Anpin ‘born’ of Aba and Ema. This, however, represents a ‘multiplicity of reigns’ which is strictly prohibited.

         Hherem 43 - THE HEART OF BIG FISH: The true Kabbalah of the Torah is called the ‘Beit of Bereishit’ (see the last 3 chapters of Esther 3). Here is its simplest formulation: Beit Reishit - there are 2 beginnings in creation, the creation of the heavens and the creation of the earth; God is One but in His Divine Wisdom He created both the heavens and the earth which are of 2 very separated levels; therefore the result of the Wisdom of God in creating the heavens is different than the result of the Wisdom of God in creating the earth. Thus Beit Reishit - 2 beginnings; Reishit, explain the Sages, is Wisdom; there are 2 ‘ways’ in God’s Wisdom concerning the creation of the heavens and the earth.

         Hherem 44 - The Creator is One and both the heavens and the earth are His creations. God’s Wisdom is one with Him and it cannot be described or limited, to say that His Wisdom in creating the heavens is called Aba d’Atzilut and His Wisdom in creating the earth is called Ema d’Atzilut or Malchuta d’Atzilut. If you fix levels in His Wisdom you are creating Divine Levels in the Divinity and you are creating other gods before Him. We are saying no such thing. The true Kabbalah of the Torah is teaching us that the way of God’s Wisdom in creating the heavens is different than the way of God’s Wisdom in creating the earth and that all is according to His Divine Will.

Hherem 45 - Their interpretation is a denial of what is known in Tradition that also Breishit is a Maamar, the first of the Ten Sayings in which the world was created (a Saying - for the other 9 it states ‘va-yomer elohim’ -and God said- thus also Breishit, the first verse or the first 2 verses before ‘and God said ‘’Let there be light’’ ’ are as if it had stated ‘And God said ‘in the beginning’ ’ etc. It is prohibited from the Torah to say, think or believe that the Creator by way of Partzuf Aba created everything and by way of Partzuf Ema He created man, the Emanated Partzuf of Zeir Anpin that copulates with his Nukva, the Emanated Wife of Zeir Anpin, and in their mating in the ‘Unification of the Holy One Blessed is He and His Divine Presence’ are created the lower worlds of creation, formation and action!!

- Blessed is the Lord, our God, who has taken us out of the bondage of Egyptian idolatry, out of the slavery of false theologies!


Hherem 46 - Deep have the Mystics fallen with their myriad Emanation Scheme, 5 Fold, Ten fold and 13 Fold, with their Cosmic-Sexual relations so as to create the Lower World children. But ‘the heavens are the heavens unto God and the earth He gave to the children of man’. In this is maintained the Beit of Breishit because if the wisdom given man on earth is thought to be as the wisdom of God in creating the heavens, the true separation of the Beit between the heavens and the earth is not maintained and every interpretation will be totally false; the human intellect that tries to construct Divine Levels creates a pantheon, a hated Tower and a Golden Calf and when such an idolatrous theology comes to interpret the Ten Saying of Creation or the Ten Commandments, Moses, our teacher, descends from the mountain to destroy those falsified Tablets, Tablets falsified by false interpretation even though the Ten Sayings or the Ten Commandments of themselves remain intact.


Hherem 47 - It states ‘and until the fourth generation to those who hate Me but I use loving-kindness to those who love Me and who abide by My commandments’. The immediate sequence of ‘to those who hate Me’ to ‘but I use loving-kindness’ is indicative of this Final Doubled-Fourth Generation, doubled in the Great Final Judgement of the world, of those who are punished and destroyed and those who are saved and redeemed. The Almighty God of the universe will reveal His mighty hand, His signs and portents and His omnipotence in this generation to the entire world. All of us must tremble with fear when the mightiness of EL KANA, the Jealous God, comes to destroy all idolatry from the face of the earth. Two-thirds of the world will be destroyed, God save us and of the Jews in the world two-thirds will be saved but terrible is the wrath of God against the doctrinal trap of the false Kabbalah that falsifies the Holy Torah and with subtle sophistocation renders it idolatrous and hateful.

Hherem 48 - The Kabbaists speak of a Chain of 4 Worlds which they call ‘hishtalshelut’ a proceeding from higher levels to lower levels, each level or world enchained to the world above it and the world below it. It will eventually be understood that such a Chain, rooted in the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation, serves only to create a long idolatrous Chain. Without realising it, they fell into the very Idolatrous-Chain alluded to in the Second Commandment itself, fathers, sons, third generation and fourth generation. As explained ‘Avon Ketz is the Idolatrous-Sin of the Final Time and thus the Final Time of ‘until the hated fourth generation’ is in direct positioning with the ‘Avon Ketz itself. For this reason every element relating to the doctrinal sins of the Zohar has a perfect correspondance with the Hherem deriving from the Second Commandment. Such for example is the Idolatrous ‘hishtalshelut’ of the Worlds of Emanation, the suble sin of fathers, the World of Creation, sin of sons, the World of Formation, sin of third generation and the World of Action, sin of the hated fourth generation.


Hherem 49 - The concatenation from the subtle sin of fathers to the hated actions of the fourth generation in which God’s wrath is revealed, hides the sin from the eyes of all 4 generations. (the sin of fathers is called ‘subtle’ because it bases itself on a new and seemingly plausable logic such as ‘the Creator is too far removed and invisible, therefore He gave us His Governors, the visable stars, to call to and to serve’ in the generation of Enosh’. For the Kabbalists ‘the EIN SOF is too infinite to have to do directly with the lower worlds, therefore He emanated spherot which may be called to and given His names because as His Emanations it is as if calling to Him through the Lower Emanations that can be perceived’) Since the ‘Avon Ketz of the Zohar, the sin, in essence, of not understanding that the entire concept of Emanation is idolatrous and prohibited, established the sin of fathers with its own false ‘theological’ logic, the 4 generation Chain into which it fell no longer allowed those fallen to recognise the terrible error. This essential concept must be studied in order to better understand why so many Torah scholars have fallen into the trap in the past 4 to 500 years without being able to recognise or immagine any error or how much less so idolatry.


Hherem 50 - Exactly as in the sin of the Tower of Babel, the beginning of the sin was so grave and so hateful before God, a directly opposite theology to the true faith of God’s Holy Torah and for sure with the sinful intentions of those first Kabbalists to make a name for themselves etc., that the decree of the Tower was given, ‘This is the beginning of their action and now let nothing of their intentions be missing from all that they have proposed to do’. Each of the 4 generations of the idolatrous sin, Tree of Knowledge, Enosh, Tower and Golden Calf has its own 4 generations of the sin. By studying the ‘sin of fathers’ in each one we can better understand the depth of the hatefulness involved in decreeing the Chained-In sin to be completed. The decree, however, is seen in the Tower because the sin of the generation of Enosh was not with evil intentions but rather with an erroneous logic that brought them off course. In the sin of the Tower, their intentions were evil, to use the first language given by the Creator to Adam and Eve for making of its words a Tower of Salvation for themselves and to make an eternal name for themselves and to change the names used in referring to God, the Creator and to place them on Nimrod etc.


Hherem 51 - The fourth final Fourth Generation, in its own ‘sin of fathers, will have in it the roots of the ‘sin of fathers’ of the Tree, Enosh, Tower and Golden Calf. It is not difficult to interpret the Tree for its seeming beauty and its marvelous scent and its intellectual stimulation and finally its conniving Serpent cunning to awaken the desire to be as other gods who know how to distinguish between good and evil in relationship to the terrible trap of the Zohar. The prostitute moves with sagacious steps and works downward until she captures her victim. The root of evil in the story, however, is the Serpent’s wisdom and the sin of fathers lay in Eve’s inclination to disobedience because of the strong nature of her desires.


Hherem 52 - The root of evil in the time of Enosh was the in the subtle arrogance, for reason of their ability to reason, in placing their own logic above the simplicity of heart loved by the Creator. The ‘sin of fathers’ of Enosh’ time was the break-away from the Creator, the First Cause of all, and the displacement of their actual faith on His creations. This, as demonstrated at great length by the Hhacham Elgafeh, was exactly the same sin of the Kabbalists in breaking-away from the Infinite One and placing their intentions on ‘lower emanated causes’ upon which they placed His Holy names as known from the Torah and Tradition. We cannot immagine how hateful this idolatrous falsification of the true faith of the Holy Torah given by the Giver of Truth is before Him. They left the commandment of the Torah ‘tamim tihiye im ha-Shem Elohecha’ to engage themselves in sophistocated proposed levels of the Infinite One’s myriad emanations before the creation of the world, with reasonings concockted by the limitations of human intellect.

Hherem 53 - It is, however, the sin of fathers in the  Construction of the Tower of 4 Worlds, the head of which reaches the heavens, from which the terrible decree of 4 generations, totally blind to its own error and abomination, issues. It is here that the Unified Language of the Holy Torah becomes falsified by the New-Theological Emanation Linguistics, totally and connivingly undoing the Linguistics of Creation given by the Holy Torah and substituting every true concept with Emanated Godheads and Emanated Spherot who in separated contexts speak out the verses of the Torah. There is nothing more blasphemous than this; the Emanated Father who speaks out the fiats of the rest of creation while the Emanated Mother takes on the responsibility of creating Zeir Anpin, the chosen Emanated Son, the Cosmic Man-God, who already possesses the 248 Cosmic Limbs so as to be the source of the creation of mankind!  Let us take heed, o all Israel, let us be seen even naked but not with shameful uncleaned and smelly excrements still still clinging from our back side!


Hherem 54 - It is prohibited from the Torah to say, think or believe that there exist Ten Emanated Spherot before the creation of the world. For also the act of creation in the the first verse of the Torah is the Saying of God, the Almighty Creator of the universe. This is so that no one come to create other theologies about that which existed ‘before’ and ‘above’ the act of creation. So too is the language of creation in the Torah indicative of creatio ex nihilo, creating an existence from non-existence. This is important because the power of bringing the world into existence from non existence cannot be ‘understood’ by human intellect and it is taken on faith, the faith of the Holy Tradition of the Torah. What then does a foolish human being think that he might be able to perceive of ‘levels’ before and higher than creation!


Hherem 55 - He is a thief of Torah words and has placed them on false mental constructions which have no true existence and he lives in self-illusion! And such he calls the Mystical Kabbalah of the Holy Torah! A 400 year decree of malign chained-in-cancer until the death of the shoa. But that is done and Israel’s death became it’s resurrectional sacrifice and we entered the period of our purification. Israel and the Jewish people will never again be destroyed and 80 percent of the Jewish world has nothing to do directly with the Zohar and its doctrinal sins but now we must clean up the stinking excrements which still cling to the back side. And the people of Jacob must now rid itself of foreign gods!

Hherem 56 - Unfortunately the result of ‘Avon Ketz, the sin of the false doctrine of Emanation, was the shoa, as explained more at length in Paulus Corrected. The Holocaust was the Final Punishment of the Final Hated-Fourth Generation of Israel, be-’avonot ha-rabim, and we would not speak about it but the correct placement of this Hherem requires that Israel understand its sin. By the time of the shoa, all Israel in general was distorted, off course, rebellious, callous, stiff-necked, deviating from the Torah; therefore every religious group blamed the others, the haskalah, the Reform movement, the hasidim, the mitnagdim, the Yevsekas, the Zionists, the over religious, the non religious etc. Back and fourth they blasted each other in their historical sequences before the shoa and also after it. The truth is that no one could understand why such a large part of the Jewish people had to undergo such a terrible inhuman punishment. On the other hand, no believing Jew could deny that the decree was of God and the Torah and Prophets had foreseen it. It was thus foreseen that Israel would fall into a most horrendous sin at the End of Days.


Hherem 57 - Still today Jews may think about the inhuman tragedy that befell us at the hands of the Germans with justified hatred but no one dare speak of the causes also because it is useless to debate such an argument the bottom line of which cannot be reached. And still today, justly so, the subject matter is extremely touchy. It is also true that the shoa must never be forgotten. It will not be forgotten and in the near future Amalek will be totally destroyed while the world will see it and understand. And in that prophetic destruction of Amalek, the shoa will never be forgotten. A generation has passed and the time of the Final Redemption has set in and if we said that the bottom line could not be reached, this means that it cannot be reached by debate or discussion.


Hherem 58 - All the currents of Judaism or of non-Judaism existing at the time of the shoa were only the manifest results of the malign-cancer in Israel that was at the core of God’s wrath and therefore nothing can be gained from discussing them. The Torah, however, is eternal and that which happens to the Jewish people is the continuation of Torah history and it is a mitzva of the Torah to contemplate our errors and our sins of the past generations (binu shnot dor va-dor). The shoa itself was the hated fourth generation of the Jewish people which came a generation before the Hated Fourth Generation which relates to the entire world. The wrath of EL KANA of the Second Commandment spilled out in the Holocaust against the people of the Torah. The wrath itself is Torah and thus it is not possible that the true reason or reasons of the Holocaust not come to the fore in their time. It is an event of the Jewish people in its Torah existence and it cannot be left ununderstood. The Jewish people must know and understand in the end why the wrath of God was more than justified; He did not kill the Jewish people unless they were culpable of the death penalty.


Hherem 59 - The shoa must thus be seen as the end time for Israel of 4 long generations of a very horrendous and idolatrous sin strictly bound to the prohibitions of the Second Commandment. For the wrath that came out was of the Second Commandment and that commandment concerns idolatry while the 4 generations of the sin were in a decree of complete non-understanding. Nor was it easy to contemplate idolatry in the Jewish world which in appearance was the last of Isreal’s many ways of disobedience. To understand the question therefore one must not look for apparent reasons or for human motivations or for human account but one must turn back to the true Torah of God from which the wrath was prophesied to issue.


Hherem 60 - We must search for and find the horrendous idolatrous sin that lay underneath it because this is our history and we must know of and understand our sins in order to correct them. So must we understand: 1) the unspeakable gravity of the shoa derives from a very grave sin before God Almighty 2) the sin is historical, that is a sin which has historical roots as we are explaining 3) the sin is prophesied, both in the Torah and prophets, the term shoa itself is in Prophets. 4) the sin is hidden and unknown until it is revealed afterwards because it was closed into a 4 generational decree of non-understanding, also this because of how much it was hateful before the God of Israel


Hherem 61 -  5) the shoa was the terrible decreed death of a large part of the Jewish world but the terrible death was also taken as Israel’s sacrifice, Israel became the accepted holocaust of God by way of the shoa and therefore its redemptional history begins 3 years after the war in 1948 as proven by prophecies of Israel’s return etc. 6) this fact also demonstrates that in essence most of the Jews killed in the shoa were guilty collectively but not individually 7) this fact is very hurtful because it redeems multitudes of Jews but it condemns the Torah leaders and Torah scholars responsible for the Torah demonstrating that their Torah was not true; in fact no Divine Protection came from their Torah 8) for these reasons when the understanding of the terrible idolatrous sin of the Zohar which falsifies every aspect of the true faith of the Second Commandment comes to the fore, its history and its influence etc. and one understands the terrible profanation involved, all the various strands of understanding, unfortunately, come together.


Hherem 62 - If the Torah is profaned, God save us, from the top and the sin is taught instead of being uprooted, what Torah is there that remains with the people?! But if in the mouth of the people the Creator had remained the Creator, in the mouthes of the Mystic Kabbalah were heard the Mystical Partzufim and the Ten Spherot of the Emanator. Those responsible for the Torah destroyed the Beit of Bereishit. They created Deified Houses for Emanated Gods and they no longer recognised the true barriers between the heavens and the earth. They raised themselves up to be called Tzadikim in the eyes of the people, Mystical Tzadikim who roamed around the Higher Emanation Chambers furnished by the Zohar. They sanctified Moshe de Leon’s Pantheon until it became a second Holy Torah to them and even more it became the Mystical and Spiriual Torah while the Five Books of Moses were only the revealed Torah. They abandoned the EIN SOF and they clang to Emanated Causes which were closer to them. They constructed 4 Worlds on God’s Holy name of 4 Letters so as to justify their Emanation Scheme in the Yod of God’s Holy name. One must study this matter in view of the truth of God’s Holy Torah that was being profaned and falsified, God save us.


Hherem 63 - Retrospectively Israel will understand all that happened. It takes a long generation and it requires the authority of this Hherem Mi-Deoraita given by the true Hidden Tzadik, Haim. I am not writing in this Hherem the matter of the Final Redemption so as to remain on subject of the Hherem itself.

(Sefer Esther3-9 - Gnomen 424 -) - In the generation of Enosh, even in the light of a very sophistocated and ‘philosophical’ logic, they turned the true, simple faith into a complex theological cosmogony of Star-Gods. In the generation of the Tower, they rebelled against the First Cause, Blessed is He, the One Living Creator of the universe. They chose, instead, to steal the Emanated Divine Powers hidden in the words of the ‘unified language’ that He had given them and to reformulate the meanings of those words so as to build for themselves the Tower that binds the lower world with the heavens. Instead of the simplicity of the only true theology, the First Eternal, Absolute Cause and Creator of all that exists, they chose the very complicated and intricate construction of their new Nimrod theology.


Hherem 64 - (Gnomen 425) - True wisdom must be loved for the truth itself that it teaches, a truth that enhances and increments the love for the Giver of the true wisdom. As soon as one believes that he has already acquired that wisdom and that he is autonomous with that wisdom and, subtly and without realising, diminishes the Giver of that wisdom while augmenting his own standing in his own eyes, he is a fool who has rendered himself vulnerable to every whim of the Serpent. Therefore it states ‘the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God’ and since wisdom itself is called the ‘beginnng’ as it states ‘In the beginning’ and is translated in Targum ‘with wisdom’, we learn that wisdom will remain wisdom only if it carries with it always its beginning which is the fear of God.


Hherem 65 - (Gnomen 426) - And from where does one know that his fear of God is that fear truly binding him to true wisdom? Therefore it states ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth’ that is when in his fear of God he does not exceed or go above or beyond the first ‘saying’ of bereishit itself representative of the wisdom of God expressed in words from which mankind can take benefit. Not by trying to elevate oneself to a fabricated Emanated Spherah of Wisdom above the level of creation! Can one acquire Divine Wisdom when he has gone directly against that which has been decreed by the true wisdom of the Creator!


Hherem 66 - (Gnomen 427) - Our wisdom and the wisdom that, if we merit, we may aquire, stands exclusively in ‘In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth’. It is decreed in the true Tradition of the Mishnah that ‘it is forbidden to search for that which is above, below, inside or outside’ of that ‘created beginning’. Wisdom, therefore, does not come from unbounded searching but from within the boundaries and conditions in which that wisdom has been given. How many thousands of ‘sophistocated’ volumes have been written on the ‘theological wisdom of the Trinity’! Christianity, however, formulated its theology on a theological and deified Christ who through John and Paul became the ‘unique instrument of God in His creation’. Burn all their books of wisdom and re-learn the Second Commandment. The true faith is simple.


Hherem 67 - (Gnomen 428) - All idolatry becomes complicated as it continues on its 4 generation course because it has detached itself from the true faith and from the full heartfelt confidence in the absolutely unbounded One Living God, the First Cause of all, the Creator of all and the Loving God who has mercy and compassion on His creations, the Omnipotent God who saves and redeems with marvellous miracles those who walk wiith Him in humble simplicity and serve Him with a simple heart. All true teachings do not come to complicate the faith with emanation-mysticism but to teach the simple faith of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to study the humble faith of Moses, our teacher, for which he was so loved by God. 


Hherem 68 - See how the Gilad-Pharoah-Zohar has reached the exact opposite and as the coldness of the mixed-multitude’s ‘this man, Moses’ compare ‘a Kabbalist, called Moses,our teacher, perceived what he could and wrote his Book of Kabbalah called the Five Books of Moses’. As sophistocated as idolatrous doctrines may become, they always lead in the end to pure arrogance and they always come in the end ( because it was inherent there in its beginning) to manifest the exact opposite of the True Tradition of ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’.


Hherem 69 - Therefore the Sages of blessed memory taught that the Torah did not begin with an Alif for reason of its possible association with ‘arur’ (cursed) which begins with the letter alif.

(Gnomen 432) - Such is the idolatrous doctrine of the B.o.t.Zohar in which the Emanated Godhead, Zeir Anpin, unites with the Emanated Nukva, his wife, in order to give life to the Lower Created Worlds. And Zeir Anpin they call the ‘heavens’ while Nukva they call the ‘earth’. That is the Illicit Union which ‘theologically’ dissolves the true separation between the heavens and the earth, turning them into one ‘emanated’ essence (to which the created world is only a receptical). Thus, instead of maintaining the ‘separation’ of the heavens and the earth of the ‘beit’ (two) of bereishit, the illicit idolatrous union of Zeir Anpin and Nukva renders the heavens and the earth an alif, one essence rooted in the Emanated Zeir Anpin and Nukva.


Hherem 70 - (Gnomen 433) - For this reason the Torah begins with the ‘beit’ so that the heavens and the earth always remain in two separate categories and do not become enmeshed into a unified category by theorising their unification on a level of Emanation above creation. Notice that only the doctrine of ‘emanation’ can effect such an illicit ‘theological’ union because of its being believed ‘Unified Godliness’ ABOVE CREATION. Such a falsified theological union turns the beit into an alif which demolishes the true foundations of the world, God save us. And in that illicit union in the occult waters of the Yeor, the light becomes a curse instead of true light in which resides the blessing of God.


Hherem 71 - (Gnomen 434) - Therefore the Holy Torah begins with the Beit so that humanity come to receive the blessing of the Creator who in His wisdom created the heavens and in His wisdom created the earth, in two separate categories, as it states ‘the heavens are the heavens unto God and the earth He gave to the sons of man’. And the Sages, of blessed memory, explain, ‘et ha-shamaim’ all that which is included with the heavens and ’ve-et ha-aretz’ all that which is included in the earth. Two ‘et’s are needed to reinforce the separation, so that we do not come to think that what is included in the creation of the heavens is included in the creation of the earth and what is included in the creation of the earth is included in the creation of the heavens. for they are two separated categories in God’s creation and their only point of true unification is that they are both the creations of the One and same God, Creator of all.


Hherem 72 - the Beit responds both to the marriage-relationship between the heavens and the earth and to the true separation between the heavens and the earth.

(Gnomen 439) - The doctrine of Emanation accomplishes the opposite of the Beit of Bereishit; it creates a false and illicit unification of the heavens and earth which, in turn, because it is false, creates a false, ‘platonic’ relationship between the heavens and the earth that separates the true relationship between ‘True Kabbalah and Torah’ and between the Wisdom of the Torah and the Understanding of Tradition and between the Written and the Oral Law and between the true spiritual marriage relationship between the Holy One, Blessed is He and the Holy Congregation of the children of Israel. In the end therefore it is the Beit of Bereishit that reclaims the True Tradition and ‘returns’ to destroy all the false-Kabbalah based on Emanation.


Hherem 73 - (Gnomen 440) - The false mysticism of the false-Kabbalah mystifies the true sense of ‘heavens’ and ‘earth’ taking them out of their created context and bringing them to a ‘superior level’ a ‘higher spiritual level’ which precedes them. As explained, whatever pretends to speak about ‘higher levels above creation’ is a doctrine of Emanation, whether or not the term emanation is used. The B.o.t.Zohar, however, is not simply a doctrine of emanation ; it is THE doctrine of Emanation itself. Once the heavens and the earth have been ousted from their created context to levels of emanation, they can begin to speak about ‘spiritual unions on the level of emanation’ between the heavens and the earth. And since those ‘spiritual unions’ are ‘Divine’ because they stand on the level of Emanation, they are ‘illicit idolatrous unions’ which give birth to false concepts on every level of heavens and earth, thus exiting and totally distorting the true equilibrium of the Beit of Bereishit.


Hherem 74 - (Gnomen 441) - They turn the blessed Beit into the cursed Alif on the level of Atzilut and all that follows the Course of Emanation comes down in a distorted and falsified comprehension, in a relationship between the heavens and the earth that is not limited or defined by the true barriers of separation between them. The marriage of emanated lights or divinities that represent for them the ‘way of union’ of the heavens and earth undo the true equilibrium of the Beit of Bereishit. All ancient mythologies have this element of idolatrous marriage between the heavens and the earth.


Hherem 75 - (Gnomen 442) - All idolworship in its inception moves away from the First Cause. What change are the types of cult and the linguistic formulas and the names used to place on the ‘emanated beings’. But whether the ‘Kabbalists’ of the generation of Enosh or the ‘Kabbalists’ of the Tower of Babel or the ‘Kabbalists’ of Greek Mythology or the ‘Kabbalists’ of the idolatrous Book of the Zohar, they all, within the structures, cosmogonies, pantheons or spiritual worlds of the doctrine to which they ascribe, all involve ‘Illicit Divine Unions’ that undo the separation between the heavens and the earth and falsify the true unification between them, the true equilibrium between them as sealed into the Beit of Bereishit.


Hherem 76 - (Gnomen 443) - Obviously the worse offenders were not of the generation of Enosh or of the Tower or the Greeks but those who made the golden calf in the framework of egyptian idolatry. These had witnessed God’s redemption and His great miracles and the revelation at Sinai. And in later history the worst offenders were not Christians or all those of the idolatrous asiatic meditation religions etc. etc. but those who fell into the idolatrous error of emanation of the Zohar-Kabbalah. These were Jews commanded in the purity of the Holy Torah and in the true Tradition of  the Beit of Bereishit.


Hherem 77 - (Gnomen 444) - To add some understanding concerning that equilibrium: the true Hidden Tzadikim know the true secrets of the true, hidden Ascent. The true Kabbalah of the True Hidden Tzadikim maintains the true equilibrium between the heavens and the earth as created and maintained by the Beit of Bereishit. Since they maintain and support the truth of that equilibrium, they are bound to the enormous and incredible responsibility connected with each level of their Ascent. This is what is meant by the expression received from the Tzadik Haim that the 36 Hidden Tzadikim are the Pillars of the world because it is they who maintain the equilibrium of the Beit of Bereishit.

(Gnomen 445) - True hidden light carries with it an enormous weight. Many have been jealous of them because of the light that they know but that is because they have no understanding of the suffering involved in those levels, a suffering of which they would hardly be jealous if they knew its weight.


Hherem 78 - (Gnomen 446) - The Key to the idolatrous sin: 1) the ‘original’ desire to become as small-gods and to know everything (Emanation) 2) the forming of imagined Emanated Deities that represent Lower Causes from the Infinite God above (the subtle sin of the fathers in distancing themselves from the First Cause) 3) the construction of a Corrupted Linguistic House to accomodate the Divine Emanated Forces 4) the displaced descent into the concrete idolatry of the hated fourth generation whether on the level of pagan idols or whether the pagan gods are abstracted to the higher levels of their Godliness by sophistocated linguistics of Emanation or whether those linguistics are totally simplified ad absurdum to accomodate the vulnerability of the masses. Its name is idolatry. Each one of these corrupts, defiles, distorts and exits from the true Beit of Bereishit.


Hherem 79 - (Gnomen 447) - The Emanated Deities or Emanated Spherot, having been distanced from the First Cause, are called with names and are called upon in those names in order to reap benefit from them. The benefit of those ‘Divine Names’, however, increment their benefits by joining with one another or by being joined through the intentions of their servers. Those conjoinings then take on the attributes of kissing and hugging and uniting, eating, sleeping etc. and every other human terminology that helps them feel closer to their Divinities, whether these are understood in the crudest of manners or whether they are taken as symbols or examples to be abstracted into mystical lights etc.


Hherem 80 - (Gnomen 448) - Such Illicit and Idolatrous Divine Unions will always have the purpose of binding and marrying the heavens and the earth so that from the heavens the person may reap benefit on earth. Therefore  at least two Divine Emanations from among the Pantheon of Smaller-Gods will always come to represent a spiritual marital union between the heavens and the earth. That marriage union between the heavens and the earth, on its Divinity Level or its abstracted Emanation Level do not maintain the separated duplicity of the heavens and the earth. Zeir Anpin and Nukva, for example, or the Ten Emanated Spherot are said to be One, according to them, because all that which is part of Emanation is pure Godliness and there are no true separations there but only the ‘sources’ of the separated creations that come afterwards.


Hherem 81 - (Gnomen 449) - They failed to realise that the Chain of Worlds deriving from the World of Emanation the source of which is itself idolatrous will only falsify all the other concepts and ‘theologies’ of the ‘lower created levels’ until it reaches it maximum Hated Fourth Generation completing itself on earth and finalising such a totally anti-Torah doctrine such as Kabbalah, the Hidden Torah of Gilad Shadmon of Bnei Brak. In any case, on all levels, it is the Beit of Bereishit and the equilibrium that it contains that will determine what is the true Kabbalah of the Torah and what is false-Kabbalah.


Hherem 82 - (Gnomen 450) - The extreme gravity of the matter is verified in history, unfortunately, especially for the children of Israel who have received the Torah and who have inherited the true Tradition of the Beit of Bereishit. The false, idolatrous doctrine of the Emanated Heavens and Emanated Earth on the level of the World of Atzilut of the Book of the Zohar, after its 4 generational descent, does the exact opposite of the proposed Perfect Unification of the Heavens and the Earth of Emanation. It separates the true created heavens from the Jewish people on earth, the Holocaust. For the created heavens by way of the Pact of the Torah  and by way of the Beit of Bereishit are bound to the people of the Pact in the world, to benefit them if they maintain the Pact and to abandom them to every evil if they abandon the Pact.


Hherem 83 - The Beit of Bereishit became ‘one’, the alif of ‘arur’, on the level of the Unification of Zeir Anpin and Nukva of Atzilut and after 400 years of expansion, the heavens and earth for the Jewish people became separated into a ‘hateful platonic relationship’ dispised and hateful to the loving God of Israel who choose them in virtue of the Patriarchs for the sake of a true spiritual Marriage Bond between the Holy One, Blessed is He and His chosen and beloved people Israel.


Hherem 84 - (Gnomen 301) - The false theology of the Book of the Zohar thus represents the worst historical sin of Israel of all times. When the hidden sin behind the terrible Holocaust will be understood, the two things unfortunately go together. There was no greater punishment and destruction for the Jewish people as the Holocaust in all past history. So does it unfortunately correlate perfectly to the level of the sin of the golden calf. The sin of the false-Kabbalah is the prophetic realisation of the golden calf, the worst moment of all Jewish history.


Hherem 85 - (Gnomen 302) - The breaking of the first Tablets was the saddest moment in Israel’s history. From what would have been the greatest and most felicitous realisation of Israel’s historical elevation from then on became the most shameful act before God and before mankind in all its ensuing history. We must, however, at the same time that we take cognisance of the immense tragedy of that historical sin, not lose sight of the Design in History which must be accomplished. This does not make it less tragic in itself or less sinful in any way but, nevertheless, it refreshes the equilibrium to know that in the long scheme of history, it had to come out. It had to come into existence and it had to be punished all for the sake of what would have to be understood from it in the end.


Hherem 86 - (Gnomen 309) - It is only in this perspective that the various elements of the idolatry that has still to be purged from the people of Jacob can be truly perceived. The Book of the Zohar is the historical terminal of the Idolatrous sin of history. The original sin caused by the Serpent is in it. Not figuratively. Those first rabbis who fell into the sin of the Zohar believed that their eyes would be opened as ‘gods’ (receivers of Divine Emanations) who know good and evil and they fell head-first into the Emanation-trap. Without understanding what was happening they were cast out of the true Garden of the Holy Torah, falsifying the True Kabbalah of Tradition. They saw that the fruit was beautiful to look at and deliciously stimulating to the intellect and they ate of it and once they ate of it, the Serpent had won again as he had won with Eve.


Hherem 87 - Gnomen 310 - This is not drush. It is the historical prophetic realisation of what had to happen. Deep is the prophetic substance of the Torah, the words of God Almighty, amazing and terrible in their historical outplay, but redemptional in the end when all is clarified. And only the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption brought by the Final Goel, Haim, allow us to envision globally the 4000 year cycle from the Star of Abraham as well as the 6000 year cycle from Adam and Eve, our first father and mother. Only the CS give us the new prophesied tongue of the FR to read and to decipher the Signs of history sealed into the Holy Torah so that their understanding come to the fore with the coming of the Final Goel and the entrance of the Final Fourth Generation.

(Gnomen 321) - And, in truth, only by way of the final destruction of the final golden calf of history will the history of the golden calf, written in the Holy Torah, become understood, both to Israel and to the world. The beginning of this comprehension is to realise that the maximum level to which the sin of idolatry might ever reach was reached in the sin of the golden calf and the counter-position of the breaking of the first Tablets is proof to this. The absolute extremes between that idolatry and between that most ‘terrible’ Correction are reached there at their maximum levels in every sense. And so too the prophetic realisation of that final idolatrous sin of the end time and of its final destruction forever with the final breaking down of the falsified-Tablets of the false-Kabbalah of the Zohar represents the maximum level to which idolatry can reach and the maximum level of the True Kabbalah of the Holy Torah is required to break it into pieces and to burn it out of history forever. Therefore it happens only when the Final Goel has been chosen by God and when he is revealed to at least a part of Israel.