Letter 146


Gnomen 181 – For sure culminating points are here. This time Ben Loulou made a big Booboo and he will not be forgiven for his written words. The letter is in angry response to what is written here in chapter 2. 


He writes:

I hadn’t had time to respond until now. I wonder if you will post my reply on your site or not. It will indicate whether or not you have any integrity or you are completely enmeshed in faksehood. Whomever you had reply to me, did so in a tiring convoluded manner without any rational proof for any of his arguments.

- - ‘You tell of a ‘secret society’ of saints who possess the truth regarding the Zohar and further claim they are the 36 righteous. Maybe they are. Maybe they are not. I contend that myself and my co-workers are indeed the 36 righteous. Neither of us have a shred of proof. You cannot even prove that they had the slightest knowledge of Torah. It is wholly silly in that there is no evidence from the Talmud that the 36 righteous even know that they were one of the 36. Those who wish to lie make up things that are far away.” - -


gnomen 182 – Igea Marina – Hotel Tirsus – with Giuseppe – Sept. 23, 2005; Elul 19, 5765; Refuge of Armadillo 6, 3958;

To mister Loulou,

What right have you to say that I am lying! Do you know me? I studied Torah with the Tzadik Haim, Head of the Thirty-Six Hidden Tzadikim of his generation. This is the truth, a truth that I speak clearly before God Almighty and before people. What law of the Torah or halacha gives you the permission to accuse me of being a liar? And where is your slowness in judgment, especially in that which you know nothing about!

I have, thank God, written texts for 23 years now on the truth of the true identity of the Hidden Tzadik, Haim ben Moshe, born in Saana Yemen in 1914, with whom I studied in Milan, Italy, for 13 full years.

What kind of foolish judgment are you making basing yourself on a few words? What do know about the proofs that I have or don’t have? You know nothing of my life nor of what I have studied or not studied or what I know or don’t know or what I have done or have not done. And yet you adamantly decide that “You have not one shred of proof”.

I, Paul (Peretz) Green, born in Newark New Jersey in 1945,  am the one saying what I am saying  and I am responsible for what I say, no one else. Being responsible for what I say is the holy law of the Torah. And I am a hundredfold more bound to such a responsibility in declaring the fact that the Tzadik Haim was the Head of the Thirty-Six Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, until his demise in June 1982. One must have great fear before God in speaking of the chosen servants of God.

I did not express an opinion. I speak humbly but clearly in expressing the great love that God Almighty has shown me in having given me the enormous privilege in having studied the Holy Torah for 13 years with the Head of the Thirty-Six Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim. In those years the Tzadik Haim taught me and showed me that which pertains to the ‘institution’ (for lack of better word) of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim from the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik.

It is not a question of opinion or of believing. Belief is needed to arrive even to the beginning of truth but when the truth is known it is a matter of knowledge not of simply believing.

I fear the God of Israel, the Almighty Creator of the heavens and the earth. I would not make up or invent such a thing. I am, thank God, mentally sane and well-balanced and I know, thank God, the weights and measures of what I say. I do not speak and give over teachings of the Tzadik Haim to convince people he was the Head of the Thirty-Six Hidden Tzadikim of his generation. I reveal it. I have permission from him to reveal his true identity after his demise in written texts for the sake of the generations that are coming. All will desire to know the truth of this matter as history proceeds.

The words that you express here are foolish, arrogant and facetious. They are indeed indicative of the entire level of all your other statements in your letters. In what gendre of mythological stupidity have you dared to speak about the 36 Hidden Righteous. You have placed them as innocent bystanders who know nothing of the Design into which they have been thrust nor do they know that they themselves are part of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim.

This idea is mythological or popolar legendary hog-wash, epitomized in the hands of a cleaver novelist in his book called The Last of the Just.

This is insipid foolishness. The true 36 Hidden Tzadikim are those of whom it says ‘bnei ‘aliya muatim hem’ – (few are the men of the ascent).

And in Succah 45b it states ‘la fahhot alma mei-taltin ve-shita tzadikei de-mekablei apei Shechina be-chol yom’ – (The world never has less than thirty-six Tzadikim who receive the Divine Presence every day).

As Men of the Ascent, they know the ascent in which they ascend and know each level of their ascent. They therefore know perfectly well who they are and each ones knows the level to which he reaches.  The Hidden Tzadikim have the secrets of what is above. How then could the fact of their being Tzadikim be unknown to them? Such an idea is totally silly and has no sense whatsoever.

As for your statement that you contend that you and your co-workers are the 36 Hidden Righteous, if you are purposely being facetious, you will pay for your desecrating words that speak indiscreetly concerning those loved by God. And if you really think such you will pay for the terrible inner arrogance which lies behind such a statement.


Look how your arrogance comes out, “Do not invoke the Gaon, the Ari and the Baal shem. No one needs your stamp of approval”.


Excuse me, mister Loulou, I don’t understand. You may invoke the Gaon, the Ari and the Baal Shem but I must not speak about them. Is this a new halacha or where does it derive from? Why am I not allowed to speak about the great Gaon of Vilna or about Rav Yitzhak Luria or about Rav Yisrael Baal Shem Tov. Is it for you to decide about whom I can speak or not?

I have respect for them and for many other Hachamim and Rabbis. They were great in their knowledge of Torah and they walked be-kodesh. That they themselves became entrapped in an historical idolatrous sin, prophesied in parashat ha’azinu, that befalls the sages of Israel be-ahhrit ha-yomim, does not diminish from their walking be-kodesh or of their being yirei shamaim. They did not know, as today it is still not understood by most religious Jews, that the very doctrine of Atzilut (Emanation) is a false and idolatrous doctrine. If they would have known, they would have continued in all their other Torah matters and would not have taken into account the Zohar or anything deriving from it. Had they known they would have placed the Zohar in Hherem, point blank, so that it never enter the confines of Judaism. So I maintain and so have I explained in texts. So why have I no right to speak about the Gaon or R. Yitzhak Luria or the Baal Shem? And whoever said that they need my stamp of approval!


You go on:

“In truth you continue in your hypocrisy in that you either believe that all the wonders, miracles, visions etc. of these sages that were related to kabbalah and the lurianic system were either fabricated or the products of delusion at best”.


First of all, I do not know about the wonders, miracles and visions etc. to which you refer. There are thousands of stories told for each hassidic Rebbe, for example. And there are many books of stories, miracles and wonders of Yisrael Baal Shem Tov. So too are there many such stories about R. Yitzhak Luria. I do most certainly believe that a great many of these stories have been fabricated or are totally exaggerated. Some of them may well be true but I cannot judge them except on a specific basis. In any case, you are totally confused. Some of these sages, such as Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, the Maharal of Prague and Abbuhhatzeira knew some secrets of the Kabbalah Maassit.

Such secrets of Kabbalah Maassit have absolutely nothing to do with the Zohar and the Lurianic System or all that which has been propagated by the doctrine of Atzilut. These are two different worlds separated one from the other. The Zohar was written in Spain some 750 years ago. The Kabbalah Maassit is part of the heredity of Jacob, our father. You and many others as you are confused in mainstream superficiality: you speak of Zohar as Kabbalah and you hear speak of Kabbalah Maassit and the two terms become confused.


you go on:

“You have no right to discuss them at all because in truth by default you must view them in one of those aspects. The maggiddim that appeared to the Beit Yosef, the Ramchal etc. were of course figments of their imaginations. Thus the leaders of Israel, those on who we rely today for every action we take were delusional. (the Rama also studied and espoused Lurianic Kabbalah”.


If the Beit Yosef had his maggid, it was a maggid of the halacha, nor do the Beit Yosef or the Rama make piskei halacha based on the Zohar or Lurianic Kabbalah. That the Beit Yosef have a maggid from above who helped him in difficult halachic decisions has absolutely nothing to do with the Zohar or Lurianic Kabbalah. You have again fused things together that must be separated.


you go on:

“No, the only true saints are your Rabbi and his hidden society who besides attacking the Zohar have contributed nothing to Judaism or Torah nor possessed any credentials that would impress an objective reviewer. And all the great luminaries from whose “mouth we drink” were either falsifiers or delusional. right.”


I am sorry that you have spoken such but obviously your arrogance is there in place of any true yirat shamaim. It states ‘al tibez le-chol adam’ – ‘do not show disrespect to any person’ . I was taught by the Tzadik Haim that aside from the pshat it alludes to the 36 Hidden Tzadikim since they do not reveal themselves and walk among people as everyone. If for some reason someone shows disrespect for one of the true Tzadikim, he will be punished even though he didn’t know anything of his true identity. Therefore must one be careful with all people so as to never fall into such an error.

You say that according to me the hidden society of the Thirty-Six Hidden Tzadikim attack the Zohar. Maybe they have, I do not know, but that that is not what I said. I said the Tzadik Haim, Head of the Thirty-Six Hidden Tzadikim of this past generation explained to me that the true kabbalah of the true hidden Tzadikim has absolutely nothing to do with the Zohar and all that followed. On the other hand, the Tzadik Haim ordered me, for the sake of all Israel, to prepare the Introduction and Supplements to Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem against the false doctrine of the Zohar. I am the talmid of the Tzadik Haim. I am not one of the Thirty-Six Hidden Tzadikim. I am, however, the only talmid of a Hidden Tzadik who has had permission to speak about them. This is another story. The Yemenite Hacham Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh was not one of the Thirty Six Hidden Tzadikim. He was a profound Sage in the entire Jewish Tradition.

Since you have not heard of him, your egocentricity diminishes him, but this is pure foolishness. There are many, many talmidei hhachhamim whom you have never heard about. Such is absolutely irrelevant. Whatever talmid Hacham  maintaining a certain thesis within the realm of Torah Tradition, showing and citing each argument in accordance with what is written in the Torah, in Prophets, in the Mishnah, in the Talmud and Poskim, must be studied, understood and answered to. You, instead, keep foolishly trying to make comparisons with the Vilna Gaon, with the Maharal etc. Such comparisons have no sense whatsoever. Whoever speaks of Torah in the framework of Jewish Tradition must be heard. It is the Torah which is spoken and explained that counts, not the name, famous or otherwise, of the author. Kiblu daati (you must accept my opinion) does not exist among hachamei ha-Torah. Each one may express his opinion and then the majority decides.

It is absolutely egocentric and very stupid for you to say that the Hidden Tzadikim (of whom I am speaking) contributed nothing to Judaism or Torah nor possessed any credentials that would impress an objective reviewer. It would be better for you to dig a hole in the ground and keep your head in it for at least 3 days. What do you think yourself? It is you then who knows what the Hidden Tzadikim have contributed to Judaism or Torah. Have you placed yourself at the Gate of the Torah into which one may not pass unless he has shown you his credentials and so would you review them to decide whether or not they might impress an objective reviewer. In truth you do not realize minimally the terrible and subtle arrogance that work together with your defense of the Zohar.

The true 36 Hidden Tzadikim have been the Pillars of the world from the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the world itself could not have remained without those Pillars of Sanctity and Suffering. They need not give you account of what they do or do not do, nor must they show their credentials to anyone. Their true identity is totally hidden and never do they tempt to impress objective reviewers. It is better that you put your head in the ground and pretend that no one can see you for you have no idea upon whom you have spoken.

Arrogance covers over stupidity in oneself but others can recognize it. You do not see that in your zealousness to defend the Zohar you believe that all means are legitimate, even that which is against derech eretz and against Torah, as long as you defend those whom you retain great kabbalists. Such is pure hypocrisy but you cannot see it because in truth you are defending that which is not true Torah but false Torah; therefore its roots lead you into arrogance and into making foolish statements that have nothing at all to do with the true question of what Emanation is and why it is totally forbidden to believe in Five Emanated Partzufim and Ten Emanated Spheroth.

These are the New gods come recently prophesied in Haazino and the Rabbis and Sages who fell into this error were in the category of ‘lo searum avoteichem’. They didn’t have the parameters to deal with the doctrine of emanation. Am naval is Germany and the prophecy goes up to the shoa. We thus know that the idolatrous sin spoken about had certainly been going on for some centuries. It is therefore totally useless to rely on those who fell into the trap and who did not know the idolatrous parameters into which the doctrine of Atzilut is woven, even if they were rabbis and talmidei Hachamim etc. The prophecy itself is explaining that it could not be evaluated and therefore the Jewish nation fell into believing in these new gods of recent stamp. It was obviously not something obvious but something quite hidden, otherwise it would have been easily recognized by talmidei Hachamim. So is it obvious that the pasuk is not speaking about amei aratzot or of the Jewish masses on their own right but of those who know the Torah and are responsible for the others. It is they who served other gods unknown previously come recently that your fathers were unable to evaluate.


You go on:

“All the world class talmidei Chachamim whose genious and saintliness are well known and documented (not to mention their Torah accomplishments) were also “wrong” in their anaysis as to the author of the Zohar, and your “saintly society” who for all intents and purposes we lack any objective gauge of their scholarship are right. Sure.”


What world championship are you playing, the World Series of Talmidei Hhachamim? This an ugly un-Torah expression. In any case, all those Hhachamim who believe that the holy Tana, Rabbi Shimon bar Yohhai, is the author of the Zohar are wrong, dead wrong. Rav Moshe de Leon is the author in 13th century Spain.  Those Hhachamim did not analyze the authorship of the Zohar. They received it on faith and they fell into its error. There is, however, no need for such a hhakira. What has to be analyzed is the Doctrine of Emanation itself which is a purely idolatrous theology. When this will be understood, then the prophecy in haazino will be understood and no one will have any doubt that the author was Moshe de Leon and not, God forbid, Rabbi Shimon ben Yohhai.

Never will you or anyone else ever have any ‘objective gauge of the scholarship’ of the Hidden Tzadikim. They are hidden and their study is hidden and the secrets of the Men of the Ascent can never be written in texts and it is absolutely forbidden to write them or to speak about them. They alone know the secret in which they live but great is their suffering for the benefit of Israel and for the world.

As explained, however, it is not the Hidden Tzadikim that are involved in the question of the Zohar. The author of Milhhamot ha-Shem is not one of the Hidden Tzadikim. He is a true talmid Hacham, and he totally destroys every basic tenet of the Zohar and the chain of all the false kabbalah that derived from it, in the pure language of the Torah, Mishnah, Talmud and Poskim. It represents an enormous light destined to awaken all Israel once it be understood by the rabbis. It is an immense and potent light that totally burns away all the emanated partzufim and emanated Spheroth of the Zohar. We know the potency of this light and we know the fallaciousness of the doctrine of Emanation (as we know, for example, the fallaciousness of John’s doctrine of the Logos). There are, of course, still thick walls of darkness that continue to impede the light from shining through but it represents a true light that will never again go away and it will steadily make its way to the younger generation of true Torah thinkers and it will be taken out in the open in order to purify Judaism from this idolatrous error.

Again you have spoken with foolish disdain of the ‘secret society’ but you are unaware of the sin into which you have fallen. In the end your great love for the Zohar has brought you into a level of iniquity for which you must pay the consequences. It would have been a thousand times better for you if you had never written at all. Obviously your love for the false kabbalah is outstanding and therefore the hatred of Heaven has not spared you from opening your mouth wide against the Thirty-Six Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim of every generation greatly loved by God.


You go on:

“Comparing your rav to say the Gaon from Vilna, would be the equivalent of the comparison of an elementary school Physics teacher to Einstein. (if we were indeed to give the author of Milhhamot so much credit). If you had a question on a scientific issue, and Einstein was backed by all the great physicists of his day, who would you side with?”


This piece of Yeshiva Bucher wisdom is so foolish, insipid and downright stupid that it hurts. Nevertheless I bring your words here in our text of Ester 11 since it has been promised us that eventually these texts will become known to all. You are trying to throw around weights of which you haven’t the slightest capacity to weigh or to measure. If the Gaon of Vilna, peace be upon him, would have had a copy of Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem of R. ElKafeh and he would have studied it on his level of Torah study, he would have recognized its truth and the terrible idolatrous doctrine of Emanation. There was no such a Sefer at his time. There were some who contested the Zohar and a few writings but nothing so exhaustive and clarified as the Sefer of the Hhacham ElKafeh.

The only one that might be compared to Einstein for ingenuity is Moshe de Leon himself, yimahh shmo ve-zichro, having invented a theory of ‘Divine Relativity’ among the emanated godheads of the world of Atzilut, camouflaging his Divine Drama with the names  of previous sages etc. and using the most suave language-charm to beguile his victims. He was for sure not of normal intelligence but as explained by the author of Milhhamot, once again the yitzra d’avoda zara had been liberated from the eifo into which it had been thrown and covered over with a lead covering after the destruction, be-avonot ha-rabim, of the First Temple. The Yitzra d’avoda zara is an angel, as is the Satan, and he used Moshe de Leon for the Last Great Stand against the people of Israel, this time with the most sophisticated metaphysical system of Emanated Divine Aspects and Emanted Spheroth ever to exist. Therefore the destruction of this false doctrine and the very clear understanding of why Emanation-Theology represents idolatry will be an overriding Tikkun which will never again permit Israel to fall into the subtle idolatrous sin of the fathers in all future generations.

Your comparison, nevertheless, betrays the level of the falsification of the faith that resides in you. Higher conceptual physics is on the opposite plain of the Torah’s injunction Tamim tehiye im HaShem Elohecha. The faith in which we are commanded in the Torah is not for the elite, it is for all Jews and even for all the people of the world: God is One. But since your faith has become so enmeshed with kabbalah metaphysics and the Lurianic system, you think that one must almost be a Gaon in order to know the true faith. But even if the greatest of physicists or meta-physicists proposes a highly complicated and sophisticated cosmogony of Emanated godheads before Creation and a young child or simple Jew says in faith Shema Yisrael HaShem Eloheinu, HaShem Ehhad, it is this child or simple Jew who has expressed the truth and complied to the mitzvah, not the physicist or meta-physicist or Lurianic kabbalist.

This is the plague of the Zohar and all the false kabbalah. It is a totally undesired ‘addition’ to the faith, an addition which in the end ‘complicates’ and falsifies the very essence of the simplicity of the faith in which we are commanded. One must remember that the root of roots of idolatry is found in Eve’s unfortunate ‘addition’ to God’s command. So too the Trinity is an addition to the faith which falsifies the simplicity of one’s belief in God’s Oneness, even though that they too claim that He is One. So too the very sophisticated Pantheon of Emanation theology is an undesired addition to the faith in which the Lord, our God, has commanded us, even though that they too say that He is One. It is an addition that falsifies the true faith itself and consequently falsifies the heart of simplicity and the temimut in which we must try to walk. All your words, mister Loulou, are a manifestation of just such a falsification of the heart. And as for those rabbis and Torah sages who have been spared from such a falsification, this does answer to the vast majority of Jews who enter those studies and who have not the means to overcome the evil undercurrents that uproot them from the true sanctification of Tamim tehiye im HaShem Elohecha.

Einstein’s relativity, nevertheless, was concretely useful to Science. Moshe de Leon’s emanation-relativity has thrown all Israel into its terrible last historic shame before its Final Redemption.


You go on:

“Being that there is not irrefutable proof against the Rashbi authorship of the Zohar, that all the “smart money” with a tiny minority of exceptions have supported this view, given the eyewitness accounts by such saintly people as Rabbi Chaim Vital etc. Rabbi ad infinitum as to the realities of both practical kabbalah, Maggidim, the Ari’s use of Divine names in, dozens of instances, his near prophetic abilities, his mastering the language of the birds etc., his taking of Rabbi Chaim Vital to Miriam’s well etc. Wouldn’t you be better off trying to be rational then vilifying the greatest saints of our religion and casting them as delusional or liars? Have you even read Rabbi Chaim Vital’s account of his time with the Ari? (not to mention that many accounts were corroborated by the Ari’s other students).

This is not to mention all the accounts of so many Kabbalists from his time on, dozens of which we have first hand testimony from Chaim Vital, to Rabbi Israel Abouchatsira in the last generation. (see Rabbi Yehuda Tzadka’s account account of his meeting with the “wonderchild” etc)

Couple this with the fact that you have violated the dictum of our sages, achrei rabim lehatot, and “ha=poresh megidrei chachamim nachash yenachshenu etc.” You have no emunat chachamim nor emunah in the Hashgacha of clal Yisrael.

Your supposition that believing in the Zohar is akin to the golden calf is ludicrous, in that it was a mistake that was corrected almost immediately and was done Knowingly by Aron HaKohen in order that the nation not kill him. Nowhere do we find EVER in the Torah or chazal, that the majority of gedolim or sages in a generation were mislead in regards to the “soul” of Judaism and were all ensconced in avodah zara save a “select few” (your “circle of saints”) *as you accuse the gedolim of klal Yisrael to be)”.


Shivim Panim le-Torah. I have explained at length the prophetic value of the Holy Torah in the recounting of the Golden Calf. A detailed explanation of ‘feraoh’, the same letters as Pharaoh, relates the idolatrous root in that episode to the theological doctrine of Hhartumei Mitzraim. That doctrine maintained a higher god, similar to the ‘ein sof’ of Zohar Kabbalah, uncounted among the Nine gods emanated from him. The Tenth emanated god was Pharaoh himself. The mixed-multitude, in the absence of Moses, fell back on its previous beliefs envisioning Moses as the Tenth Emanated Man-God. It is a profound and methodic study of the root-idolatry of the Golden Calf. It is pure Torah.

That Aron did what he did in order not to be killed is only one mode of interpretation. If so one must assume that Aron knew of the pure idolatry that was in course but nevertheless showed them that he was with them and so he had them bring gold, and then to build an altar for it and then to declare ‘A feast unto God tomorrow’. Our opinion is that Aron would not have done such had he truly known that idolatry was involved. He believed, instead, until almost the very end that in some way that golden calf might be acceptable before God, as a sort of Temple (explained in the Kusari of R. Yehuda HaLevy) and with that thought he was able to pronounce the words “Hhag l’Adonai mahhar”. Indeed Aaron calls Moses here ‘ADONI’ even though Moses was younger than he. Remez. In the question of the idolatrous thoughts of the mixed-multitude, you are my ADON. You studied in Egypt among the Hhartumei Mitzraim while I was always here with the Tribe of Levi and I know not of their subtleties and sophisticated theologies.

Aaron’s position in simply not understanding the idolatrous thoughts of the mixed-multitude is prophetic to the rabbis from 400 years before the Shoa who believed that the new kabbalah could be sanctified to the service of God. Only in the end does Moses descend from the mountain and the idolatrous golden calf is revealed for what it is and is totally burnt down etc.

Such is the historic-prophetic level of the Holy Torah as it played out in history in ahhrit ha-yomim. WE are thus not diminishing the great Torah scholars of the past 400 years. On the contrary, as Aaron, High Cohen, was not, hhass ve-shalom, culpable in the actual service to the golden calf, but did what he did in good faith while NOT UNDERSTANDING THE IDOLATRY INVOLVED, so too the rabbis of the past centuries believed in good faith in the Zohar without having any understanding of the idolatry involved. Until the time comes and the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation is revealed for the charming prostitute that it is.



He goes on:

“Regarding your understanding of kabbalah, it is well known that had the author of Milhhamot HaShem not been exposed to watered down versions of kabbalistic doctrines, he would not have lead astray as much as he was. It is obvious to all those in the know his complete misunderstanding and consequent misrepresentation of those doctrines.”


I have seen in the Admin Site that this theory has been totally disproved. The versions used by R. ElKafeh are the same used by the ‘kabbalists’. In any case it is the doctrine of Atzilut which is shown to be idolatrous and the Zohar and all that derived from it were based on this doctrine and ‘watered down versions of kabbalistic doctrines’ would change nothing of the substance of Milhhamot HaShem. Ask yourself instead why such watered down versions of kabbalistic doctrines might have existed? And you think that you are really dealing with secrets of the Torah, God forbid.


He goes on:

“All of your suppositions are totally emotional, without reason and unempirical. You have bought into a doctrine for whatever strange psychological motivation, and by doing so are subject to all the punishments of those who violate decrees of the sages. (Nachash Yinashechenu). I do not know what deeds have lead you to such a sorry situation, where you can’t even admit the possibility of error, despite having no shred of proof and despite much evidence to the contrary. I can only hope that one day, you repent and Hashem heals you.”


Don’t worry about it. If what I’m saying is totally emotional, without reason and unempirical, what should you worry about? Who might ever listen to such a one. And if a snake bites me, don’t worry about it, it my problem, no? And as far as my not being able to admit the possibility of error, this concerns the purely idolatrous doctrine of emanated divinities in a concocted world of Atzilut. That this doctrine has been firmly established as idolatrous is secure and proven from every angle of the Torah and Tradition. Why don’t you try studying Milhhamot HaShem. Then you might learn something! After this letter, I will not answer you again or post your words on our site, unless there is a truly valid reason.

Peretz Green

responsible for Sefer Mishnat Haim of the Third and Final Redemption