29 January 2002


Dear readers, two of the most asked questions have been: What do think about Dati Halacha? and Could you please tell us more about the Tzadik Haim


From Readers


Please tell me all that is written is for real.I'm from the U.S.A and I came across Camillo and Beit Sefer Ester when I typed 'True Kaballah' into my search page knowing that all the stuff on kabalah that I had read could in no way be true. What's even funnier is that I had almost fell into B'nai Baruch trap. I was thinking to myself that these people surely know what they are talking about because they were brought up in the Tradition of Israel. But somehow I came to my senses and realized that what they had was in fact only good for the garbage pile.I've been trying to find my way for.


years and I always come to dead end streets.So what I'm looking for is others of like mind I can come together with and so far from what I've read your group knows where it's at.Perhaps someday I will have the good fortune of meeting some of you.Until then I will be reading and rereading all that I can concerning the true things of G-d.



Greetings. Either you are not very friendly or your web site lacks a front door to walk through. You information in not usable. It is not accessible. You do not help.



1). Why? What is the need for prophecy in our time? For what

purpose would God give it to you? For what reason would you give it to us?

2). Who are you? Are you Jewish?

3) What are you trying to do?

4). Where do you come from?

5) When?


I have read and understood “Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem.” Thank you. You must understand, I say this after studying the Zohar for many years. I need additional information from you. I am looking for the Dar Die, but I cannot find them. Can you tell me where to look for them in the United States? If they are not in this country, than can you give me their address in either Israel or Italy? I need their Siddur. I need their help.



Okay... you have a good memory. . I apologize if I offended you. I was just trying to provoke an answer from you. You never answered the letter I wrote to you years ago--even before the one you mentioned. Look, I have always identified with the Dor Daim -as I think you do. So I think you can understand my skepticism about all your dreams. As you know, the Dor Daim are extremely practical people. You took me the wrong way. I didn't mean to offend you. I merely meant to understand where you were coming from and provoke an answer. Besides, there are all kinds of rules about believing someone who claims to have heard from a non-living Tzaddik in dreams. Try and put yourself in my shoes for one second. I have had your translation of Milhamoth HaShem verified by a reliable Temani scholar. He said that it was the real thing. But people want to know more about this Rabbi Haim. My group (of temanim) have been researching the claims on your site for at least two years in the hopes of verifiying.


his existence. We even looked through burial records in Milan. We can find no evidence of his existence. I am not accusing you of being dishonest. But people want something a little more tangible.


I think you could really make the changes you hope to achieve if you were a little more forthcoming with information. Otherwise, it looks like you spilled your head and imagination onto paper--and are some extremist to be ignored.


There is no doubt that your heterim are unbelievably awesome. I just can't dismiss that. So I am torn over what to believe. Many in our Temani league believe that you got the first part correct (about Milhamoth HaShem) but that you lost your mind after that. If you are trying to change the world, we need a little more information about your sources. This is not some guessing game .... is it? I have dedicated my life to the preservation of mesoret Yehudi Teman.


My questions to you are as follows (please answer)..

1-Where do you stand on the observance of Halacha? I remember reading once that you use electricity. Is this correct? I know that in certain circumstances, electricity does not equate to kindling a flame. But what really bothered me about your site was that you seemed to dismiss the entire DATI movement's interpretation of electricity as malacha --as if we are all a bunch of extremists. I think you even admitted being Conservative. I admit that our Dati Avoth have added a bit too many fences. But these traditions (fenses) go back to the Talmud and the ideology of the Parushim. I can't just dismiss everything in the name of modernity or my Judaism wont last. At least not in the Galuth. We have to protect our children from the strong influence of the Galuth?


2. Can you tell me a bit more about this hidden Saddik Haim?. If you can't...is there someone who can?


3. How do you hope on fixing the Avon Ketz if you don't have any allies in the Galuth?


4,What is your view on the Notzrim? Are you a believer in Yohushua as the Moshiah ?



I've been reading your site for years. Could you please tell me a little more about this hidden Tzaddik Haim from Milan?


Thanks, Ban Chaim

PS: I am the only other person --that I know of-- who publically endorses Milhamoth haShem on the web. Do you still hold by Dati Halacha? It was not too clear from your site.



I think you lost your mind. You really blew it with the stuff about

breaking Torah Laws like Shabboth and downing Orthodoxy for being Machmir.


You should have just published Milhamoth Hashem and left it at that. Ben Chaim Ben Asher Ben Chaim Ben Yehudah Lev Ha Kohayn Dar Daee Chay vichayam ....L'olam Va'ed...



What we have received and are receiving in merit of the Final Goel, Haim, enters the prophesied context of Jeremia 31, the New Pact. We call it the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Final chosen Goel, Haim.


Not only Jews have been among the receivers of the Final Signs of the Final Redemption. We are Jews, Moslems and Christians but Christians who have left the Church and who believe that God is One and who do not accept absolutely any of the Church Doctrines.


The Final Redemption is for mankind, not only for Israel. A great general new law of the FR has been received in a dream of Adam Kamhaji in which the chosen Teacher, with immense love, embraces the poor folk of all the nations and says to each one “We are all of the same flesh”. The form and contents of this Sign do not pertain to the halacha. The halacha is for Jews. The New Law (Hhok ha-Hhadash) is for Jews and for non-Jews, while not undermining the great essential difference that Jews are commanded in the Laws of the Torah, non-Jews are not commanded.


So too the Synagogue is basically a house of prayer for Jews. But of the prophesied House of Prayer to be the Third and Final Temple at Jerusalem it says “and My house shall be called a house of prayer for the nations”. Thus with God’s choice of the Final Goel, there descend into the world, by way of very special dreams, the Final Signs of the FR in which are found the Final Historical Signs of God’s Design to bring the world to its Final Redemption. The Composit Design of the FR has descended to a very restrictive number of talmidim, with the announcements of the Final Redemption in merit of the Tzadik Haim, of the new Kingdom of Heaven in which the chosen Goel is the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, of the New Time of the ‘Great Purim’ of the Fourth Generation, of: the Third and Final Temple based on the House of Prayer of Seven Floors and Thirteen Altars of Prayer, the Great Correction of Christ, of the Terrible Correction of the sin of the Zohar and the false and idolatrous doctrine of Emanation that it teaches, the New Law of the FR, the New Rite of the New House of Prayer, the New True Kabbalah of the Final Redemption also called the New True Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan, the Keys to the Reconciliation of the hearts of fathers to their sons and the heart of sons to their fathers, the Signs of the mission of the Donkey who eats Bread, the Great Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim, the new prophecies of the Fourth Generation, the School of the Rose (in Israel Beit Sefer Ester) etc. all the historically awaited for Final Historical Signs of the FR.


The testimony that we possess is the historical testimony of God’s choice of the Final Redeemer and the amazing revelation of the Final Signs testify to the coming of the Goel Haim.


Concerning the Redemption only a few texts have so far been put on the Site. The main concentration is on Milhhamot Ha-Shem against the Zohar and the false Kabbalah because that is a terrible evil force which makes victims every day and which impedes the Redemption from settling in eretz yisrael and in the world.


The air of the world has yet to be purified of many things before the Announcements can be appreciated in the world and by the Jews of this time. They are the true announcements of the FR and they are potent. It is not that we have held back in giving over more information but we have rather been held back by the experienes of these past years from giving over all the texts on the Site. Aside from that, the fact is that we, the pupils of the Teacher of Life, Haim, have been so few and so disperced from one another and so-unrich that we have not the means to do very much.


The New Law of the Final Redemption replaces the halacha with the New Law and New Rite for all those who do not follow the halacha. All this is sanctioned by Heaven by way of the Final Signs; but the New Law does not come to replace the halacha for those who walk and live in the halacha. We are not in contrast to that which the halacha is. We have, instead, a new historical task of establishing the New Law. The halacha has the great advantage of being the historical derivative of the Sanctity of the First Redemption. The New Law is formulated in the framework of the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. It is the true New Mishnah of the Final Redemption. I previously followed the halacha. From the moment of the New Revelation we try to follow the New Law. If I must teach it I must at first walk in it. It is a mitzvah of the time in which a few donkeys carry loads of true Great News for the sake of the generations that are coming. We have few illusions as to the documents placed in Beit Sefer Ester. Only some particular, generally young individuals will be given from Above that merit to sense the truth in all our statements.


In any case, I’m not here to argue with the rabbis, they have their work and we have ours. eventually the fathers of the halacha will be reconciled to the children of the New Law and the hearts of children will understand the great standing of the halacha even while following the New Things that have arrived. And both need the other for their completeness, the New Law exists because the halacha has existed throughout yet the halacha needs the New Law so that the redemptional purposes of the Great Universal Redemption be accomplished. The New Final Pact is needed; the halacha does not contain the Keys of the FR.


I have been accused of complaining about the severity of the halacha, especially concerning Shabbat. My opinions are formed on those of the Tzadik Haim as I received them. The Tzadik complained that many elements of the halacha could have been made easier and more accomodating to the Jewish masses but were, instead, treated with more severity adding fences around fences. This has been especially true of the last 400 years under the mystic shadows of the Zohar where molecules of sin become mountains of perdition and every further severity became a protective fence to keep far away the gloomy darkness of the outside world. The Tzadik’s statement is not against the Halacha as such but is an opinion, a holy opinion, concerning the way in which the historical course of the halacha brought it to being more severe instead of less severe.


The true halacha, that is the true form of the halacha itself will be reassessed afterwards when the Great Last Sin of Israel, the Doctrine of Emanation, will be known and understood by the Rabbis, when the Book of the Zohar will be seen for its true idolatrous self and 400 years of false Kabbalah and false Hassidut and hundreds of undesired ‘new minhagim’ will be cancelled out of Judaism forever.


In a prophetic dream that I received in the first years of the Completed Signs, the Tzadik Haim gave over to me to sign the Contract of responsibility for the New House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. After my signing, the Teacher said “In 400 years, between 400 and 500 years from now, in the Beit ha-Knesset, tfillin will no longer be used”.


It is clear from the dream that the Beit ha-Knesset continues on its historical course at the same time in which the New House of Prayer develops in its new historical course. So too the halacha to which the Beit ha-Knesset is bound remains and continues on its historical path satisfying all those Jews who follow it. The Goel’s prophetic words concerning tefillin demonstrate the high level to which the Jewish people will obtain by that time, as the sanctity of Shabbat that no longer needs the sanctity of tefillin.


The matter of tefillin is mentioned because the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption does not require tefillin in the New House of Prayer of 7 Floors and 13 Altars of Prayer. Since tefillin are treated as Mi-Deoraita in the halacha, it would immediately be reason for ‘scandal’ and non-belief by religious Jews. When it will be known who the Final Goel is and all his words are taken to precious study, also this prophetic dream will be understood. The Tzadik here gives over the Contract and with it the New Sanctity of the House of Prayer, a Sanctity that is born in the Great Light of the FR and derives from the final part of the name of God “EHEYE” of the full name “EHEYE ASHER EHEYE”. The New Sanctity is of the Final New Light of the Third and Final Temple that will be; it is New Sign which no longer requires the ‘Sign’ of tefillin.


In another important dream of the third years of the Completed Signs, of a girl, afterwards married, who was officially converted in the Italian Comunity in Milan before her marriage, the New House of Prayer was shown in Israel; it was filled with many Jews who were praying and singing joyously; it was Purim, there were men priests and Jewish priestesses. The girl wanted to stay there because of the joy that she felt. She felt nastolgic, however, for theTraditional Synagogue and perhaps she had some doubt as to her fulfillment of the Law. One man of the New congregation saw her dilemma and with much gentleness explained to her that “all the mitzvot that a traditional Jew accomplishes by way of the Synagogue, can be accomplished in the New House of Prayer”.


This statement becomes an important general rule (klal) for the New Law and New Rite of the FR. A Jew who prays in the New House of Prayer is not less, in any way, than a Jew who prays in the Synagogue. So too the New Rite contains all the elements for the Jewish fulfillment of the mitzvot of Torah and Tradition, Shabbat, Yom Tov, Taharat ha-mishpahha, kashrut, etc. etc. but the forms of Yom Tov are new and the prayers are new, all according to the New Keys of the FR. The New Law, for example, concerning Shabbat, is often less severe than the halacha whereas it often gives emphasis to other matters more than the halacha, such as in derech eretz and in loving one’s neighbor, Jewish or non-Jewish, and in all that which concerns the Universal Signs of the FR.


Obviously, the few texts placed on the Beit Esther Site, are a kind of ‘bait’ for a few very senstive people who feel the truth of our announcements and who search for contact with us. I have been living now for a year and a half in Beersheva, Rehov Denise Gibur 13 with my family. It is also possible to write me by way of the Site run by Adam Kamkhaji in Bersheva.


My name is Peretz (Paul - American passport) Green, born to Ann Becker and Morris Green, peace be upon their souls, askenazic Jews. My father and all my grandparents were born in Russia. I was born on July 11, 1945, in Newark New Jersey. I graduated Weequahic High School, in Newark, and I studied for one year at the Yeshiva University and afterwards five years with the Habad Movement, two years in Crownheights, Brooklyn, and three years in Brunoi, France, suburbs of Paris. From there I went to Milan to work with Habad. In Milan I met the Tzadik Haim who knew everything about me while I still knew nothing of him. I became his pupil and studied Torah and the true-hidden-oral tradition with him for 13 years. The Tzadik was Yemenite, born at Saana, Yemen, in the Tradition of Dor Deia or Dardain, those Yemenite Jews who knew by way of the book Milhhamot Ha-Shem of Yihye ibn ElKapach of the terrible idolatrous error of the Zohar.


The father of the Tzadik, Haim, was a true hidden tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation. The Teacher Haim received from him that exalted Tradition and was in this past generation the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. The Teacher was born (June 1914) on the dawn of Shavuot, exactly at the moment of Matan Torah and he was born completely circumcised. Those were ‘Signs’ of the Completed New Pact which he represented. He lived for sixteen years in Saana, for three years in Aden, for twenty-seven years in Cairo and the rest of his years until the age of 68 (gematria Haim) in Milan.


As Head of the Higher, Hidden and Soffering Tzadikim, he took upon himself the expiation of the most terrible worldly decree ever to be seen in the Higher Tribunal. After almost horrendously painful years in that last suffering, in the sickness of the generation, and with two extremely difficult operations, the death of the beloved Tzadik was still needed to complete the expiation and the annullment of that higher, terrible decree.


With the death of the Tzadik Haim, I believed that I would follow him in his place, among the Hidden Tzadikim, but I did not merit to such. Instead I was lifted up to understand what had happened, on the eighth day, after seven days of mourning, in an incredible dream, I received the Opening Sign of the Final Redemption, outside standing by night on a tar platform with circles drawn on the ground around me, with the stars shining brillianly; the Tzadik Haim stood at a distance, not on the tar platform. He looked at me and then towards the stars and from my mouth an enormously potent voice announced “Ba-ha-zman” (The Time has arrived). From that moment on and until now, all the Final Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel, Haim, have been revealed by way of the promised Redemptional Dreams foreseen by the Prophet Joel, to a very few lucky Donkeys of the FR.


For the last 19 years my main work has been to write as many documents as possible for the Thirteen Petaled Sefer Mishnat Haim.


The Tzadik Haim is buried in Milan, in the Jewish Cemetary, Musocco, and I am responsible for the dedication inscribed on his Tombstone. In Cairo and in Italy, the Tzadik went under the family name of Wenna. In Cairo he worked for the Jewish comunity, virtually as Vice-Rabbi to the well known Haim Nahum and the Teacher was Head Shochet for the Community in those years; 70 Jewish men were taught schita by the Teacher and became shochtim. I too learned from him schita for chickens, sheep and lambs. The Teacher Haim once told me that the name Wenna was assumed in Cairo for burocratic reasons and that his true family name was another. He told me the true name but I foolishly did not write it down and I forgot it. And the matter was never mentioned again.


I have been ordered by the Tzadik Haim, in a dream of Giuseppe Manigrasso of Milan, to write a book on the Thirteen Years with the Tzadik Haim before the revelation of the Geula Shleima. I have as yet written only about five chapters; thirteen are needed. Those chapters are in Hebrew and I have not yet done English translation. The texts are not yet on the Web.


Also the text of the first thousand dreams of the Final Redemption, in English and in Italian, is not on the Site. We have a Web-Site in Italy for the Italian texts. Not on the Site is also a Book of the Diary of the Donkey who eats Bread of the first eight or nine years of the Signs. Other texts not on the Site as well: Sefer Ester 2 concerning the Virtues of the Heart; Sefer Esther 6, in Hebrew, on the Six Great Signs of the FR. Sefer Esther 7 on 13 years with the Tzadik Haim, Sefer Esther 8 on the Altar of the Leviatanit, Sefer Esther 9 - the Diary and writings of our first year here in Israel.


And the Great Historic Bomb of the now revealed ‘secret’ of the Initial Signs of Jesus’ mission and the new study of the Initial Signs compared to the Completed Signs, is in Sefer Esther 1 and not on the Site. Also other texts of the Correction of the Gospels is not on the Site. A text in English with about a hundred dreams in which appears the Tzadik Haim with many of my notes concerning the Teacher, is not on the Site.


Part of the New Rite, the Seven Floors of Shahrit, in English can be found in the New Law among the last ten chapters of the Third Column of Thirty Passes, in the Tablets of the Just man who lives in his faith. There are also quite a few texts or messages of the New Law, such as Eating Laws, Message concerning magic and cultism, Message on sheddim and spirits, Message to the Arabs, Message on the Day of the Lord, great and terrible, Laws concerning sex and the problem of masturbation, Message to homosexuals, Laws on the New Marriage in the House of Prayer of the RF, and others while yet a great many of these New Tablets of the New Law have still to be formulated, God willing. Also the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, which is given to us in the First Great Sign of the Stars by the Goel Haim, is in English still mostly handwritten and its preparation takes time. There is also a New Text written by me last year here in Israel, in Hebrew, Or Hhadash la-Rambam, ha-Nesher ha-Gadol (New Light of the Great Eagle, the Rambam); this is an analysis of the last two chapters of hilchot melachim concerning the Messia, son of David; not on the Site. The New Rite for Pesah (including the New Haggada) and for Shavuot and for Succot as well as for Purim and Hhanuka etc. are not on the Site. A small Book in Hebrew, called Meshullam, Deaf and Dumb Servant of God, is not on the Site. The Book of the Prophecies of the Fourth Generation, On the Altar of the Prophet, is on the Site in Italy, in Italian. I have the prophecies themselves also in English but the text is missing the explanations and it will take yet time to get it on the Site. The Prophecies have not yet been translated into Hebrew. There are also texts on the New True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan, not on the Site. There are other books that must be written or finished, God willing, such as the Message of the Archangel Gabriel and the Commentary on Bersheva.


There is an enormous amount of work to be done for the texts of the Final Redemption. God willing, someone will come to help me with the organization of the texts in English and in Hebrew. In a dream about a year and 6 months ago, at David Levi’s house in Holon, I pleaded with open arms to the Lord, my God, because of the lack of a secretary. The Italian texts are in the hands of Paolo Fierro and Nodah, here with me in Israel, and with Anna Gasparoti and Giuseppe Manigrasso, in Italy. There are obviously many texts in English and Hebrew that have not yet been translated into Italian. Perhaps David Levi and Adam Kamkhaji will eventually tackle that terrain.



Our inclination might be to diffuse first and foremost the Marvelous New Signs in merit of the chosen Goel, Haim, and to speak about Milhhamot Ha-Shem afterwards, since the majority of the Jewish people, fortunately, has no knowledge whatsoever about the Kabbalah of the Zohar and the rest of it. They pray to God directly not by way of Emanated Spherot or Emanated Partzufim or Tzimtzumim.


We must, however, give the first place to Milhhamot Ha-Shem, especially here in Israel but for the Jewish fold in general. This is the great, terrible, insidious but externally beautiful face of the Sin of Emanation, that in the Hester Panim of the Galut, skillfully captured the hope of the thriving Jewish minds who desired the Great Light of the Final Redemption and they fell into its sumptuous snare. 


The true light of the FR cannot reside in the world together with the Zohar and four hundred years of false Kabbalah. So too it is necessary that the nature of this very sophistocated and idolatrous doctrine, which represents the highest level to which idolatry can attain while at the same time covering over its true face, become known to all Israel because its Correction is an Historical Correction for all the future generations. It will also represent a great catylist in the destruction of idolatry and idolatrous ideas and doctrines in the whole world.


This is because the nations will all come to know it when the Rabbis of Judaism denouce the idolatry of the Zohar and of all the false Kabbalah. These two terms, Kabbalah and Zohar are already spread out in the world. Israel will officially repent for its Zohar past and the world will know it and the main reasons behind it. These will be cause to great upheavals in the Christian world, coming together at that time with our War against the Logos and the deification of Christ. But the Jewish people is commanded in the pure montheistic faith of Abraham and of the Torah and in the commandments. They will need understand, in this generation and for the generations afterwards, the terrible idolatrous error into which the Leaders of Israel fell in the darkness of ahhrit ha-yomim.


And that understanding will be a great Sign-Post of warning so that no one again fall into sins of human reasoning about what is totally above human capacity to fathom. “And all will know Me, from the greatest to the smallest” because the true faith is simple, God is One, and everyone can participate in the true faith, without Zohars and false Kabbalistic Mysticism that create false constructions in the brain of the victims while contorting and falsifying the true faith of Abraham, our father. All this must become known in the Jewish world because it is the necessary preparation for the enormous changes of attitude necessary to receive the Great News of the Final Redemption.


Patience! This is what we have been able to give over until now, with enormous difficulties and with enormous devotion on the part of Adam Kamkhaji in establishing Camillo and Beit Sefer Ester in Bersheva. I do not know how things will develope and I cannot make promises that I’m not sure to fulfil. Hopefully we will be able to place more information and more documents on the Site.


Peretz Green

I know nothing of the rabbi mentioned in the letter working to fulfil the Seven Mitzvot Bnei Noach with non-Jews. Obviously the term ‘kabbalist’ is negative. True Tzadikim would never allow themselves to be called ‘kabbalists’ and those upon whom the term is used generally indicates the false kabbalah of the Zohar and the 400 year chain of that immense confusion etc. Nevertheless, the work of breaking down cultism, of recuperating Jews and of teaching the Seven Mitzvot is extremely commendable.


As to the Seven Mitzvot of the Children of Noach, we have received for the Final Pact a ‘new’ (different from the Talmudic) version of the Tablets of those Mitzvot. They are part of the Tablets of the New Law. We do not regard them so much as a ‘separate entity’ but as a basis to the commandments taught in the New Law to those who are not Jewish and who pray on the Altar of Malchitzedek in the New House of Prayer since the New Law comes to extend the Laws of the Torah to the Nations without, however, extending the Sanctity and Proibitions that pertain only to Israel. The Tablet of the Seven Mitzvot is basic to understanding which laws need be extended to all.


I will try, bli neder, to get them on the Site under the Tables of the New Law.



I know that there is a group of Dardain Yemenite Jews here in Israel. They know of Milhhamot Ha-Shem and they basically agree with it but they do not combat a war against the Zohar. They concentrate mainly on Talmud and Mishnah Torah. Obviously going against the Zohar and the writings of the so-called Kabbalists of the last 400 years is a choice of great force and not all are ready or willing to endanger their positions and their standing among the official rabbinate. We reclaim therefore the ‘war’ of Yihye Ibn Shlomoh ElKapach for the Final Pact, with the hope that many Jews will understand the Sin of Emanation and will desire to take part in the Jewish battle for the true faith. The mitzvah is great and God will be with him or with her because these are truly milhhamot ha-Shem. They are in truth His wars and it’s a great mitzvah to combat for the truth when He desires that war. This is also a ‘special mitzvah of the time’ because after the Fourth Generation it will no longer exist.


I will ask about the address of the Dardain for you.