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May 8, 2002  Iyar 28, 5762         Bersheva


Dear Rav David Berger, she-yihhyeh         


Shalom u-Beracha.


Since you are also expert in Christianity, I would like you to consider my following thought. It is obvious that the Shneerson idolatry of ‘eloheinu’ is exactly at the idolatrous level of the Deified Christ, not less and certainly a million times worse since it is declared in the name of the Holy Torah.

Note then the death of the Beast and its resurrection-like comeback to life. In a document in Hebrew of 15 years ago, I demonstrated that it was possible to interpret the Beast (at least of the Jewish world) around the false messianism and idolatrous Rebbe-cult of Habad. I noted there that the gematria of Schnerson, if the name is written as it should be in Hebrew Shin Nun Reish Samech Vav Nun is none other than 666.

I here leave out the other details of that interpretation. What is interesting is the mortal wound from which the Beast stands up to live again. This has happened since 1994 well after I wrote that document. The fact is that not even I believed that any Habadi might declare openly the Deification of Schneerson, as Christians openly declare the Deification of Christ! In secret perhaps but not openly!

But I am now amused (because I don’t take the Apocalypse very seriously except for a few possible ‘Signs’ that it contains) by the exact juxtaposition of the Diefied Beast of the Apocalipse and the Deified 666 of Habad. The open declaration of such by a Habadi of rabbinic standing among Lubovitchers closes the gap between the Deified Christ and the Deified Rebbe.

I believe that this represents an historical climax of the Idolatrous Sin of the Golden Calf of history because the Sin would not be completed by Christianity, historically, if the same level of Deification did not emerge within the Orthodox fold of Judaism. The main reason for this is that the roots of this Deified Golden Calf must be destroyed within the framework of Judaism for its historical purification being that the Golden Calf was in the Jewish fold even though it was caused by the Mixed-Multitude. That evil idolatrous root, therefore, could not receive its correction by way of Christianity, not having the force of the True Tradition of Israel.

What this means is that your important text is a great step in throwing down the Deified Beast of Brooklyn and the Deified Golden Calf of History in a double-whammy. The final death of the Beast, of course, depends on a Herem issued by Traditionalist Orthodox Judaism, as you have been working on with such great and true yirat shamaim.

I wish not to tire you here with the explanations of how the Deified Rebbe is the result of the terrible sin of the Last Days of Israel, the insidious sin of the Doctrine of the World of Emanation of the Zohar and the Four Generations of the false Kabbala of Spain, Tzvat, Hasidut and Habad. Nor will I explain here the corollary sin to Emanation in Christianity, the Logos of John. It is enough to realize that the Deification of Shneerson because of its reaching the level of the Deified Christ has brought the world to a new historical phase in the Wars of God against idolatry necessary to purify Israel and to purify the world for the sake of the Final Redemption.

Peretz Green


P.S. If you are interested in reading the ‘sefer milhhamot ha-shem neged ha-kabbala shel sefer ha-zohar’ of Yihhye Ibn Shlomoh ElKapach of Sana, Yemen, we have it on Website from Bersheva with my supplements to that Sefer, called the ‘Hherem Mi-D’Oraita’. As far as I know this Sefer is not found anywhere except on our Website. The address is: WWW.ANGELFIRE.COM/AK2/BOOK55/. The name of the Site is Camillo. search Kabbala or my name Peretz Green


continuing my reading page 100 - the Jewish insistence that the kabbalistic sefirot do not compromise divine unity consequently depends on the assumption that they are never incarnated -


Rav Berger, I am enthralled by your depth of perception concerning avodah zara. Please let me have the privilege of introducing you to the true core of the matter, the doctrine of emanation of the Zohar. The incarnation in the body of the Rebbe derives from the ‘incarnation’ of God (EinSof) in emanted forms of partzufim and sfirot in the Divine World of Atzilut. For this reason I have been explaining for nineteen years now that the sin of the doctrine of emanation of the Zohar is the ‘avon avot’ and the ‘emanated Rebbe’ is the fourth hated generation to the avon avot of the Zohar.

The chain of four generations of the idolatrous sin goes from the subtle, the doctrinal, the mistical and even logical avon avot. From there it descends to false ways of thinking, false philosophies, false Kabbala with prolific explanations, from there it falls to idolatrous rebbe-cults and new minhagim and fanaticism and closed-mindedness. In its fourth generation its form is totally idolatrous and disgustingly deviating from the True Faith of all Israel. The Deification of Schneerson is the long four generational realisation of the terrible and totally idolatrous Deification of the Emanated God-Man, Zeir Anpin of the Zohar and of all the false Kabbala that followed.


Your book represents for me a Sign that the finalized time of the sin of emanation has reached its concluding point in the Deification of Schneerson. It is a Sign that EL KANA is nigh unto entering into Milhhamot Ha-Shem against idolatrous theologies and doctrines and practices and against the false messianic god of Habad. The words of his Deification cannot escape the Jewish religious world. Until now they could not have the force to deligitimatize Habad because the summit of its sin had not been reached and then it takes a couple of years for the reality of Habad’s idolatry to sink in. Habad will be cut off and put under Hherem. At that moment, because of that zchut,  the time will open up the minds of the rabbis to search out the cause, the true idolatrous cause of the idolatrous sin that issued in its finalized form.

Then a day will come, a great Lag Be-Omer, and all will go out, here in Israel, to burn the books of the Zohar as well as all the kabbalistic texts and the hasidic books based on the Zohar and to burn the photos of Schneerson. Great will be the tribute to the honor of the holy Tana, Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai on that day. And all Israel will be purified of the foreign gods, elohei neichar, that were still maintained or that had crept into use in Jacob’s encampment. Amen. I am writing here on Lag Be-Omer, 5762, Beersheva.



I will enclose here my text of the Hherem Mi-deOraita which is also on our Website, Camillo.


as I finish the book before the appendices


my heart goes out to you in your battle against Habad. I have been in war with them for roughly thirty years, after being a ‘full-fledged’ Lubovitcher hasid in all effects for five full years. My holy teacher, peace be upon him, Haim ben Moshe, born in Sana, Yemen, saved me and redeemed me from their clutches. This was in Milan where I lived for more than thirty years before making ‘aliya. I was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1945. I was in Yeshiva University for a year and then I got caught in the Lubovitch trap, head and foot, beard and uniform and all the rest. I did not exactly fall into the messianic Lubovitcher trap but I fell into all the pits of Rebbe cult and Rebbe belief. I believed in ‘u-faratzta’ but my game was hasidut. Day and night I ate up the sfirot and partzufim and binyan ha-’olamot and ‘avodat ha-adam, all explained within the framework of Habad hasidut. I was not very inclined to Talmud or to Shulhhan Aruch, only to Tanach and Habad hasidut and also a few other books of Kabbala that I had bought. I will not speak here about how the holy teacher Haim worked with me slowly but surely until I myself came to the realisation of the profound pit into which I had fallen.

About a year or so before I came to Milan, in the occasion of a brit milah of the son of the head serpent of Milan Habad, Rav Garellic, instead of a minhag to place the name EL SHADDAI close to the new circumcision, Garellic did so with the photo of the Rebbe. The teacher Haim was taken by kina le-tohorat ha-shem and exclaimed, “zu asur, bar minan, zu ‘avodah zarah mamash, ani mahhrim et ha-minhag ha-ra’ ha-zeh shel ‘avodah zarah ve-ani mahhrim et ha-ochel shel se’udat ha-mitzvah, eina mitzva, ki im ‘avodah zarah ve-kol ha-ochel mi-se’udah zu ka-ochel mi-zivhhei ‘avodah zarah. And he stormed out of the Synagogue (Habad Synagogue, via Cellini- Milan) in protest. A few men of the congregation accepted  or took fear of his words and did not eat of that se’udah shel ‘avodah zarah.

I eventually left Lubovitcher and became the talmid of the holy teacher Haim. I had the great privilege of studying with him, in Milan, for 13 years before his demise in June 1982. Needless to say, Habad was in war against us because the teacher Haim had stolen a brick from their building. In truth the teacher Haim and I were in war against Habad, against their idolatrous cult to the Rebbe as well as against their midot ra’ot ve-zi’uf, of their inner arrogance and of the falsehoods that they preached to capture victims. I know very well that this is not so of all Habadiim but it would seem that some higher survey decreed that the worst Habad products be sent to Milan.

“They will eventually be cast out of Judaism” the teacher Haim would sometimes say “because they believe that only Habad represents the true Judaism and in doing so they have, in truth, separated themselves from the rest of all Israel. You’ll see it, Peretz, the day will come; they will break up into factions, and there will be those will shave their beards and change their clothes and will be ashamed to admit that they were once Habad.”

The teacher Haim hated their propoganda and became inflamed with disgust for the millions of dollars of their Rebbe-Proproganda that was being thrown away in futile lies. Money which could have been used in true mitzvot.

The teacher Haim had also told me that the war that I would have to combat was not only against Habad but against the false Kabbala and the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation. Habad was the result of a 400 year idolatrous error in the Jewish Religious World. In order to begin that war, the teacher said, I had to wait until, in one way or another, we would obtain a copy of Sefer Milhhamot ha-Shem of Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh. Ten years passed before that Sefer arrived when our friend David Levi, living in Israele, after giving up on all tentative to find the book, met a yemenite girl in the street and invited her for a coffee. When he told her what he was looking for, she brought him to her father’s house where an extremely rare copy of the text published in Jerusalem in 1931 was held. When David told the man that he was a talmid of a Yemenite Rav ve-Hhacham who wants us to move actively in this war against idolatry for the sake of all Israel, he handed the Sefer over to David and said “Take it with a blessing from God Almighty that you may be successful in your war against these idolatrous doctrines which have crept into the fibre of Judaism. David afterwards brought the Sefer to Milan and brought it to the teacher Haim who was in the hospital during the time of his last terrible suffering before his demise. Ha-Moreh Haim placed his hand on and blessed the Sefer saying “Sefer zeh yihyeh kadosh”.

After a few days the teacher Haim gave me the Sefer and told me to read it very well. In that period, which lasted a year and a half, I was totally taken up in mind and heart and time (I had no work) with the state of the teacher’s health, after a complicated operation for cancer of the stomach. I was extremely weighed-down and I held absolute seriousness throughout and I tried to be with the teacher Haim as many hours as possible every day. I spoke very little in that year and a half and I allowed myself no light behavior.

Sefer Millhhamot Ha-Shem which I read at night contained the great Key of demonstrating from the Torah, Talmud, Poskim, Rambam, ecc that the theological doctrine of the Zohar upon which is built all the so-called Kabbala  is a purely idolatrous doctrine forbidden by the second commandment. Ha-Hacham ElGafeh explains that the doctrine of Emanation is as foreign and as forbidden to the Jewish faith as are Buddhism or Christianity. The theology of Divine Emanations is totally pasul in Jewish Theology!

Not only, but in a proclaimed context of an Emanated World ABOVE creation but LOWER than the EinSof, every word and every form used to describe the Godhead creates another god, such as the five partzufim of Emanation or the Ten Sfirot of Emanation. And by calling these Aspects and Sfirot with the names of God, as they do, they are committing the idolatrous sin of the generation of Enosh, to lower the Higher Infinite God into lower realms closer to their senses. And such a doctrine is itself shituf and ribui reshuyot and elohim ahherim ‘al panai.


Excuse me, Rav Berger for speaking of this war when you are well taken up with the Habad war which is no small undertaking. You have complied to ‘be-makom she-ein anashim hishtadel lehiyot ish’. Your war is a great service to Israel before God. Your love for the purity of the monotheistic faith of Abraham and faith of Sinai has given you the merit to perceive a truth that all ought to see but very very few see. May the God of Israel and God of the universe help save many neshamot from falling into the trap. Do not weaken before the great indifference, and perhaps even more than indifference the great confusion of these times. You will win your war, if you pursue the stance that you have taken because the war is not yours; it is part of the Wars of God against all forms of idolatry in this prophesied generation.


The war against the false Kabbala of the Zohar and the rest is more difficult than your war against the idolatry of Habad because you are able to stand within the framework of Orthodox Judaism and announce the Terrible Deification from inside. Suppose you had to cry out for the tremendous idolatrous error which has thrown Judaism off its balance (to say the least) for the past 400 to 500 years. Your orthodox standing, at least, I believe, in most Orthodox circles would be endangered.

The truth is, nevertheless, that Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem of Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh is a totally Orthodox Sefer Kadosh. It is a Sefer of the true Torah of Tradition against a false prostitute. When the Book came out in Jerusalem in 1931, the ‘Kabbalists’ of Jerusalem immediately put it in Hherem and went out barefoot to the cemetery and put ashes on their foreheads and cried woe unto the sinful day that such a desecration be perpetrated. In truth they took fear of this text because it analyses the kabbalistic doctrine of Tzimtzum and Emanation according to all the traditional sources of Torah and Tradition concerning idolatrous doctrines and explains clearly where the idolatry lies, in the God of the Zohar, Zeir Anpin of Atzilut.

Coming to the understanding of Torà truth that the entire doctrine of Emanation is idolatrous is an illuminating but shameful realisation of the incredible thickness of hester panim of these past centuries. Because of the depth of your studies in idolatry, it is certain that Sefer Millhamot is of great interest to you. But also the research in understanding the idolatrous roots of the Habad Deification and idolatrous deviation from the true faith of Israel is part of your work. For if you believed that you might come to know the true ‘hidden’ source of Habad idolatry, an historically ‘hidden’ idolatrous source’ that could create such an abomination in the world of Torà, I think that you would certainly search it out.

I translated the text into English and Davide Levi translated it into Italian and for the first anniversary of the teacher’s death, we had it published in Italy, in Italian, by the Giuntina Press of Florence. In it there was an introduction which I had written while the holy teacher Haim was in that last suffering and I read it him and he agreed or corrected as was fitting. After the demise of the Tzadik, in a dream, ha-Moreh Haim yelled at me with fury because I had not yet written supplements to Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem. Afterwards the Supplements were put into a Book form called the Five Tablets of the Pact which includes in itself the Hherem Mi-D’oraita against the false Kabbala of the Zohar and against the false messianic movement of Habad.

This mitzva is the first mitzva in importance in this generation, already in the fulfillment process of many prophecies through the State of Israel. As said, these are the elohei neichar that had to be removed from Jacob’s camp before proceeding to Bethel. For it is not only an idolatrous Habad within the Orthodox fold of true Torah but an idolatrous Habad within an Orthodoxy which has erringly ‘sancified’, actively and tacitly, the ‘beautiful but treacherous and wretched idolatrous prostitute’ of the Zohar. According to our view (I and a small group of friends) this is the ‘hidden’ reason for which Traditional Orthodoxy has not had the merit to concentrate on the very meaning of ‘avodah zarah. Its own eyes are yet covered by the ‘decree’ of ‘avon ketz, the terrible, prophesied idolatrous sin of ahhrit ha-yomim.

According to our estimation, the shoa represents the end period of ahhrit ha-yomim. From 1948 to 2047 is the hundred year period called yemot ha-mashiahh. This is a lung double-generation in which great redemptional news is revealed and in which the terrible prophecies concerning the great and terrible Day of the Lord take place, not for a day but for a period of years especially from 2024-6 to 2042. I am not here to convince you of these calculations or to explain their bases. I relate them only to explain the context of my affirmation that this is the Great Historical Time of the Wars of God against Idolatry. Even though the Shoa represents the end of a 400 year period of ahhrit ha-yomim, the causes of that decree, on a true Torah level, are not understood by Israel until much later. Israel at first returns to its homeland and there begins a long process of understanding its errors and correcting them. Because of the idolatrous error of the Zohar the entire Torah world is in a state of darkness.

The Rebbe-Deification is the apex of the Incarnation of the idolatrous theory of Emanation in a human being, throwing down, God forbid, the Sanctity of the Torah and of Jewish Tradition. This is the Sin of the Hated Fourth Generation which sets off the Wars of God against the Sin of Fathers, of Sons, of the Third Generation and of the Fourth Generation. The idolatrous Deification of Schneerson is ‘needed’ for being the concrete realization of the sin of Emanation which will serve as a catalyst to searching out and finding the true hidden idolatrous cause which has plagued the Jewish world in these past centuries.

What you are seeing now is the staggering remnant of the Galut mentality of the last centuries, confused in the multifarious lights of false ‘mystic’ doctrines. But the time of awakening is coming unto its time and the sickening abomination of a Deified bassar ve-dam, before and after his death, is a Sign that the time of awakening is nigh. The sin has reached its apex in the concrete context of the world. The Mighty Judgment of EL KANA will now begin to descend in judgment against the City and the Tower.

Be then encouraged Rav Berger, for if I am right, this means that time-wise, historically, we have reached the beginning of the wars against idolatry. As said, for me, your book is a Sign that Higher Judgment need no longer wait for the Completion of the Idolatrous Sin; it has been completed, as clearly testified to in your Book. I feel that something will happen, some important people will be awakened, Lubovitch will begin to lose many ‘clients’, it will break up into factions, but as its breaks into factions the messianists will lift up their voices even stronger and Rebbe-Deification will be heard by a large public of scandalized Jews and all the Official Rabbanates will be forced into making a judgment of excommunication against Habad messianists. After that and in that merit the Rabbis will be sensitized into searching for the causes.

May that the Almighty Lord, our God, awaken the minds of the Jewish people quickly in these days so that it recognize the idolatrous stains from which it must be cleaned.


Rav Berger, I like you so much for this Book you published against Habad, that I want to bray in loving tears.

You have seen a level of the cloudiness that surrounds the Torah Jews of this time. You have known the frustration of knowing, seeing and feeling the truth while those who should be able to know, see and feel the very same abomination become philosophical get-nowheres or generous forgivers of ‘avodah zarah, so far are their thoughts, mind and feeling detached from the true connotations that this term once held. medakdekim be-eicha u-mezalzelim be-kriat shema, mamash, be-’avonot.

Be incouraged Rav Berger, a new time in history has begun, a phase that leads to the purification of idolatry from Israel and from the world. When the Wars of God will have passed, there will be no Habad and no hasidut and no Kabbalat Tzevat and no Zohar and no Emanation and no Logos in the world. For sure then the mitzvah of Milhhamot Ha-Shem at this moment is very great being an essential historical realization of the necessary preparations for the ge’ula sheleima.


with great respect

Peretz Green