1 - (June 23, 1982 - Milan) - Eight days after the passing of the holy Tzadik, Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of the generation, Peretz saw in a dream: he was standing outside, at night, under a thickly star lit heaven; he stood on a sort of tar platform in the midst of circles visible on the ground. At a distance of about 30 meters (90 ft.), stood the Teacher, Haim, who looked at Peretz to have his attention. Then the Tzadik raised his eyes and looked above towards the stars. Peretz followed the Teacher’s action and looked upwards at the stars. At that moment an extremely powerful voice came out of Peretz’ mouth, declaring in Hebrew "ba ha-zman” - “The time has come”.

First General Completed Sign of the Final Redemption: The Time has Come


2 - (April 1983 - Milan) , - In his dream, Gino Tampieri saw the Book of the Stars in the hands of his brother-in-law Giordano Levi. In the Book of the Stars, Gino at first saw the names of a multitude of nations many of which he had never heard of. Then he saw in the Book 4 stars, 3 in a row and 1 displaced from them[1]. He then saw the Teacher Haim. The vision of the pages of the Book now became a vision of the stars themselves in heaven. Gino, somewhat impatient asked the Teacher when it (the time?) will come. The Teacher, Haim, answered, “Don’t worry. When we arrive at the fourth star, I will make a sign, and all will proceed with great velocity”. As the Teacher said this, he made a sign from the fourth star to the first star. At this point, in another point of the heavens Gino saw a large, luminous star that amazed him. Again he saw the Tzadik Haim who explained to him, ”This is the Star of Christ and it has come in virtue of humility”. - -

First Completed Sign of the Final Redemption: Sign of the Stars

6 - (March 30 - 1984 - Milan) - In his dream, Davide Levi was in Israel. There was great confusion; from every side there were battles, skirmishes, panic, enormous confusion, everyone arguing vehemently one against the other etc. At a certain point, all this stopped and then it changed completely. Then a building was seen, a new and beautiful building from which there emanated peace and harmony. Green fields were seen and many flowers. There was peace and calm everywhere. - -

Fifth Completed Sign of the Final Redemption: Sign of the Fourth Generation and Sign of the New Construction


8 - Iliade dreamed (June 1983 - Milan) the Teacher Haim who was speaking with all the pupils. He warned, “In this year you will have to stay very close to the Teacher”. Around, on all sides, Iliade saw visions of shootings, wars, destructions and blood. It was necessary that the pupils find a refuge. They found it in a place of prayer that had no Christian or Jewish symbols. [2]

From the Altar of the Prophet: Sign of Refuge


18 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Oct. 18, 1984 - Milan) that she saw a rectangular field. The uncultivated camp was of an old farmer who had lost all hope in life because of family troubles. Now Anna was looking from above. She was accompanied by a ‘guide’ who explained the situation. She saw that same field freshly cultivated. There were modern tractors that turned over the earth which appeared humid and fertile. And yet in that field they would not have planted or sowed. Grass would spring up there spontaneously, marvellous new flowers would come into being. In the middle of the field, a line was traced out. There were to be placed the bee-hives for many bees to make their home. -

Sign of the Rejuvenation of the New Generation


25 - Davide Banin dreamed (Nov. 1984 - Milan) that he was in the Center of Milan. He entered a Synagogue. He sat down. The atmosphere was rather sad and he did not feel at ease. He left the Synagogue, went down another flight of stairs where he found a ‘Place of Prayer’ without Christian or Jewish symbols. There were many people, Jews and non-Jews who were praying together with joy. The atmosphere was of a holiday. Before the congregation, a ‘priest’ without Jewish or Christian symbols, was reading the Scroll of Ester in Hebrew and Amaraic. - [3]

Sign: the Universal House of Prayer under the Synagogue


26 - Gino Tampieri dreamed (May 1984 - Milan) that he saw the Teacher Haim walking together with Giordano. Although they were fully dressed, they walked chest-deep in the water of a lake with Gino behind them. Gino was amazed that the Teacher and Giordano did not get wet. - -

Signs of the New Protection of the Final New Pact


34 - Sarah (Puddu) dreamed (Feb. 21, 1985 - Milan) an important Chinese lord and a westener in torn clothing of poverty. The Chinese man planted grain with a small pitch-fork. - [4]

Altar of the Prophet: Historic Changes coming


45 - Adam dreamed (March 6, 1985 - Milan) that he was in a car with two Jewish school-mates of the past. They were now involved in some ‘dirty-work’ and they wanted to force Adam into their scheme. Adam was driving and they were in the back. Alongside of Adam was a man who was to be the victim of their plan to kill him. Then Adam found himself in the elevator of his parent’s house. The man was with Adam who said to him, “Thank God that you have been saved. Now go and don’t make any more problems”. Outside Adam was shouting at the two school-mates, “At least I have repented from my sins. And you who had been pupils of the Teacher Haim, should be ashamed of yourselves”.[5] Now there was a loud speaker fixed onto the house of his parents. The voice of the Teacher Haim was heard continually. He was announcing the Redemption ‘There is wonderful news for the world, news of peace and of blessing. New times are coming’. During the daytime, the crowds passed without paying much attention. In the evening, the street was illuminated. A great multitude of people had gathered. They gave their full attention to the New Redemption that the Teacher Haim was explaining. There was an atmosphere of peace and blessing. -

Sign of Correction and Redemption


47 - Anna (Sharon ) Albertoni dreamed (March 6, 1985 - Milan) that she was in Israel on the day of Purim. She was looking for a Synagogue. Along the street she saw a ‘new building’ from which there came voices of prayer and joyous singing. She entered with the understanding that this was the New House of Prayer for all the nations. The congregation consisted of both Jews and non-Jews. Conducting the congregation were a male priest and a female priestess. Sharon found herself in conflict. She was attracted to the new House of Prayer but she was also nostalgic for the traditional Synagogue. Someone of the congregation perceived her confusion. He spoke to her and said, “If you like, you can stay here. Also here it is possible for you to fulfil all your obligations. Sharon thought it over for a while and in the end she decided to remain. -

Sign: In the New House of Prayer, a Jew can comply to all the mitzvot


53 - Adam dreamed (Spring 1985 - Milan) a military camp to which had been gathered people of all nationalities who had been gravely wounded or were very sick. They were all in very serious conditions. There were postcards of many colours representing the various nations. Someone indicated to Adam that also Israel was among them, but that, thank God, in comparison to the others its condition was much better. -

From the Altar of the Prophet[6]


56 - Adam dreamed (May 5, 1985 - Milan) (a letter signed by Peretz and Adam had been sent out against idolatrous words printed in an article here in Italy in a Lubovitcher publication) that he showed the letter to a group of people, all non-Jews. They read the letter and they all agreed that, “It is shameful; they go against the words of Moses, Magister Noster”. -[7]

Sign: also the Nations will understand and receive the Law of Moses, Magister noster


58 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (May 20, 1985 - Milan) that she was in some unknown square. It was dark. Above, surrounded by clouds, the moon was full. Unexpectedly there was a total eclipse of the moon. Marco Federico, her son, had her note the complete absence of the moon. At that point, from the dark moon one was able to perceive quick rotating movements with luminous traces. Peretz by way of friends warned them not to look at the moon because it was dangerous and told them to pass on the word. Anna and the other talmidim warned people that fifteen people had died because they looked at the moon and they had been hit by fatal radiation. The pupils took cover in a large house with small windows and red wooden lockets. By day, the sun was pale and dark. By night the moon was too bright. There they lived and there they took guard, barricaded inside. For cooking, they ignited any wood that they could find. By night they were extremely cautious to avoid the rays of the moon. There were apocalyptic scenes, but the pupils of the Goel Haim were unharmed and protected.-

Sign: Dangerous Sun and Dangerous Moon of the Fourth Generation


60 - Shimon dreamed (May 1985 - Millepini Rodano) that Peretz performed on him the new circumcision with an instrument that was painless and allowed for quick healing without any problems. -

A prophetic Sign concerning Circumcision


70 - Stella Forti dreamed (Sept. 1985 - Milan) that she saw all the pupils with the Teacher Haim. The Teacher was explaining that this year all judgements will be different, and from now on one has to judge in a DIFFERENT MANNER. The Sig. Mazal (wife of the Tzadik Haim) was dressed in completely different garments than usual to demonstrate the sign.[8] -

Signs: the New Judgment during the Fourth Generation

(Sign of the year 5746 -from Sept. 1985 to Sept. 1986)


71 - Stella Forti dreamed (Sept. 28, 1985 - Milan) that she was a secret agent for Israel, followed by an extremely clever female spy who interrogated her intensely, trying to trap her. Stella decided to flee, in order to get back to her house. When she entered her house, this is what she saw: A spit usually used for roasting pigs had on it a slaughtered turkey as fat as a calf from which much blood was running. Below this, hooked onto a large butcher’s hook was a suffering camel. Giordano held a large knife ready to slaughter it. Stella moved to pity, asked Giordano to free the animal. He answered that it was necessary and that the Teacher Haim himself had ordered it because it was a slaughter for the purpose of salvation. -

New Law: certain exemptions for Jews from common Jewish laws during the Fourth Generation for the sake of salvation


75 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Oct. 1985 - Milan) that she had bought a piece of chicken. When she took it to begin cooking, someone said to her that it was impossible to use it because it was part of a load of chickens from Austria which were contaminated and had to be thrown away, even if their appearance seemed unchanged. She now saw the eggs that had been bought with the chicken. They were black and had to be thrown away. -

Signs of Food Contamination during the Fourth Generation

91 - Sarah Puddu dreamed (Dec. 25, 1985 - Sardinia) that she was on a road. It was a dark and cloudy day. Walking along she found herself before a small altar with statues of the Madonna (Virgin Mary) and other Saints. Suddenly a tremendous dark wind swept away all the statues and the altar.

Sign of the Divine Wrath against idolatry in this fourth Generation


93 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Dec. 28, 1985 - Milan) that she had to bring a class on a trip. After having crossed a suspension bridge made of armoured cement, of a dizzying height, she noticed that she had forgotten her pocket-book with the documents and wallet; after asking those with her to wait for her, she returned on her steps, but soon she realised that it was no longer possible to cross the bridge which was now in a construction phase and was incomplete in the middle part. Below the bridge was a dangerous, fire-hot desert. Seeing the impossibility to return and rather hungry, Anna stopped in a Trattoria (type of a small Italian restaurant) run by nuns, to refurnish herself with food and other needs. Anna explained that she was without money and without documents and asked what she should do. A nun gave her a package and said to her that for whatever need she had, she should put on the garment (that was in the package) and to pray to God, and that whatever she wanted would be given her.[9] In the package was the green tunic of Peretz, the white tunic of Anna and her blue, woven jacket. -

Sign: Protection needed in ‘crossing the bridges’ of the 4th Generation -


95 - Peretz dreamed (Dec. 7, 1985 - Milan) that he was about 200 miles south of Milan. An Italian company had constructed a bomb destined to go to the Syrians, but that weapon which dug up the earth with great rapidity, had back-fired and was now going against its constructors. At the same time a terrible black cloud threatened everyone; it was toxic and everyone had to close the windows. Someone said that the Russians had been put on the trains. There was no way for Peretz to return and there was enormous confusion. -

A prophet sign to the Toxic Cloud of Chernobil


98 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Jan. 24, 1986 - Milan) that she was at a table with many people, family and pupils of Peretz. There were also present, as guests of honour, three young men about thirty years of age, of handsome and vigorous aspect. Two were blond and one had chestnut coloured hair. They kept on speaking about a ‘protection’ that they would be able to give to the group. Then Peretz was illumined and he realised that these were angels who had been sent to protect the group and the work. He said, “Now I understand that you are angels”. They showed a sign of confirmation. There was great joy among those present. They all embraced and kissed one another. To give even greater value to the good news, Anna’s father (dead already 22 years before this dream) came from the other world to participate. Carolina, Anna’s mother, almost fainted when she saw him. Antonio had come to tell them about the immense satisfaction that there was in the world of the dead for the news of the New Message. -[10]

Sign: New Angels of Protection

Sign: Many of the defunct already have knowledge of the FR


99 - Davide Banin dreamed (Jan. 25, 1986 - Milan) that he was in a Synagogue. He was called to take the Sefer Torah (Scroll of the Five Books of Moses). It was much larger than usual. After this, he found himself walking in the street with the Sefer Torah under his arms. Someone, a non-Jew, rebuked him, saying that he must give the proper respect to the Sefer Torah and hold it up with his two hands in front of him. Mr Banin did such and he continued to walk along the street. Then, with the Sefer Torah, he entered the Rinascente (a large department store in Italy -the name means ‘rebirth’).-

Sign of the Torah Enlarged for the World


100 - Davide Levi dreamed (Jan. 27, 1986, Bat Yam, Israel) that he was in a school play-ground following a game of soccer. Above the heads of the boys in camp, an aeroplane circled, slowly losing altitude and finally breaking down just in front of him. Everyone screamed and fled, horrified. Davide, instead, drew up close and he noticed that in this kind of aeroplane the passengers were in no way hurt. All the passengers were children. Davide, ecstatic with joy, cried out, “Praised be God, for His mercy is everlasting”. Also the Priest of the school came close to Davide and he repeated the same verse in praise of God. There was great joy and all those present made a Feast for the great miracle to which they had assisted. In the second part of the dream, Davide was together with Giordano and Iliade inside a church. He was explaining to a Priest that the Jews use the prayers of children to implore God because He loves the prayers of children. Then Davide tried to explain to him the uselessness of the statues, but the Priest, although interested, was not too convinced about this last argument. -

Signs of hidden miracles of God during this Fourth Generation


101 - Shimon dreamed (Feb. 6, 1986 - Milan) that the moon moved across the sky from east to west, to set in the west. Then, after the moon set in the west, an enormous celestial body, perhaps 50 times the moon or more, appeared; it had 4 signs covered by 4 black clouds. Shimon said, “Behold, the great and terrible day of the justice of God has begun”. He understood that the fourth sign was death. The large celestial body descended to earth, touching the streets and the houses. He understood that these were angels who brought death. His daughter said, “We must hide and place ourselves under the protection of the cross”. Shimon answered, “No, we are under the protection of EL SHADDAI and this is sufficient for our security”. Shimon was afraid for reason of his sins, but he placed himself on God’s mercy, and indeed the celestial body could not harm him. –

Signs of the Fourth Generation: the Protection of EL SHADDAI


102 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Feb. 2, 1986 - Milan) that she was in space and she saw formless masses that formed the nucleus of a comet. After this she saw a torrential rainfall on circular lakes. She saw a Salami maker who, in order to resolve the problems of his store had to change personnel and to control his accounts to the lira. [11]

Sign of the Comet Shoemaker-Levi


109 - Adam dreamed (Spring 1986 - Milan) that the day 14th and Shabbat will be a terrible and marvellous day; the Lord will demonstrate His power and His love for Israel. -

Prophetic Sign of the Fourth Generation


112 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (May 5, 1986 - Milan) that a grave ecological disaster, an out spill of petroleum, came about on the Mediterranean Sea. Experts from North Africa showed large pieces of coagulated naphtha, saying that the disaster had passed almost unobserved because it was winter and less eyes were on the sea. -

Signs of Ecological Disasters in this Fourth Generation


114 - Adam dreamed (May, 1986 - Milan) that he was together with Peretz in Russia, probably Moscow. They were inside a Synagogue filled with people and Peretz recited, together with the congregation, the Shema’ Yisrael - [12]

Sign: need of Protection for Jews in Russia from Anti-Semitism


116 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (May 5, 1986 - Milan) that there was an atomic devastation wherever she looked; not so much was the air polluted as much as the ground by nuclear fallout - people covered themselves with ashes to protect themselves from radiation. Noah[13] was in a house where many people were in refuge; he said to a woman that she had put too many olives on her plate and warned her to think of tomorrow as well -

Signs of Atomic devastation and the need of Refuge Houses


118 - Shimon Lupano dreamed (June 5, 1986 - Milan) that one of three ugly women held a miniature-sized man in her hand and wanted to place him in a transparent plastic sack. Shimon turned to the police but they said that it was a decree and that they as well because of their impotence would have to return above. Shimon said to a head policeman, “But you cannot do that to abandon us with our problems; even if you will go above, we too will go above to bring you down”. The policeman answered, “If it is so, thank God, we will remain here”. [14]

Sign: sin of a New Genetic Race created by scientists in this Fourth Generation


131 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Sept. 3, 1986 - Milan) that she saw Anna Passalacqua on a bed in the hospital after an operation. Anna G. said to her, “I am sure that the doctors have noticed that you have a new heart". -[15]

Sign: the Goel Haim brings a New Heart for Humanity


132 - Adam dreamed (Sept. 9, 1986 - Milan) that he saw one of the Prophets of Israel, in an open field, standing with his head upwards and his hands open, praying to God. As he prayed, the Prophet stood on a small block of earth, consecrated exclusively for prayer, upon which no other might stand. In this small piece of earth was also a small altar. In the vision, Adam saw a serpent sent by God that swallowed up the other serpents sent from the forces of evil.[16] He saw other miracles which he doesn’t remember. After this, someone, accidentally perhaps, stepped onto that piece of earth and the Prophet said to him, “It has not been requested of you to stand here before God” thus inviting him to leave. -

Sign of the Altar of the Prophet in the New House of Prayer

141 - Paolo dreamed (Oct. 12, 1986 - Milan) that he was seated outside in company of two drug-addicts. He read in their faces the bitterness, the dissatisfaction, the unrealisable hope of coming out of it. Paolo, moved by their situation, took their hands and held them tightly, and tried with the sincerity of his heart to transmit peace and security to them as he had received it, thank God, by way of the New Message. Paolo said to them, “It’s lucky that we have met because with the New Message you will find the answer to why one lives, thank God”. After Paolo spoke with them, their faces were completely changed and a light had entered their eyes; they had acquired new hope for their lives. - [17]

Message: Hope of Salvation for Drug Addicts


146 - Adam dreamed (Nov. 2, 1986 - Milan) that he was without money and without meat, having previously left them in an ‘industrial refrigerator cell’. Adam met CarmineSaul and told him that he was worried. The week-end was long and he could not accede to the great refrigerator. CarmineSaul encouraged him, saying that he would help him recuperate his money and his meat. Then they were in the place of this refrigerator and CarmineSaul and Eusapia searched it out vigorously. In the meantime Adam felt cold and soon also CarmineSaul and Eusapia were very cold but they kept on searching. Suddenly the door of the room they were in closed and they were trapped inside. A voice said to them ‘If you want to be saved, you must bow down to the spirit of Dianetics’. They refused and CarmineSaul was extremely angry - [18]

Message: Against Dianetics of the Scientologists


179 - Deborah dreamed (March 20, 1987 - Milan) that she saw in the sky many white moons and in the middle, the true moon, all red. Deborah asked Paolo why there were so many moons and he answered, “This is a sign that the Lord has begun to make the selection of the souls”. Deborah then asked Paolo when would come the day that lasts all night, but he said that he could not answer and he had to prepare himself. -

Sign: Selection of the Souls


181 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (March 24, 1987 - Milan) (in a longer dream, at the end) that she explained to a journalist that the New Message was the ‘scoop’ of the century because, thank God, the few messages already received could be compared to the tip of a gigantic iceberg that would eventually emerge from the water. -

Sign: the Tip of a Gigantic Iceberg


182 - Paolo dreamed (March 25, 1987 - Milan) that he was in the mountains; there was an extraordinary sun that emanated an intense white light. He saw in the sky a rainbow and he understood that this was the sign of the Pact. After this, the rainbow moved in the sky and finally entered into a large ‘cylinder’. In the meantime Peretz had arrived and was watching closely. At first the rainbow entered the cylinder half way and it was noticeable from Peretz’ expression that he hoped it would enter completely. After this, the rainbow completely entered the cylinder which then closed itself hermetically. Then Peretz said, “Thank God, peace has been made between the stars”. -

Signs: Pact of the Rainbow, the Cylinder and Peace between the Stars [19]


185 - Deborah dreamed (April 6, 1987 - Milan) that she saw the Sign of the Apple and the Dead Serpent.[20] -

Book of the Signs


186 - Paolo dreamed (April 11, 1987 - Milan) the sign of the terrible waters. The great dike that held back the water collapsed and a multitude was submerged by the water. -

Signs of the terrible waters of the Fourth Generation


187 - Deborah dreamed (April 16, 1987 - Milan) that Peretz and Paolo and another two persons were standing on a small mountain, looking at the sky. Peretz began to explain that it was necessary to get prepared for the period in which the food will be scarce. He then said this strange phrase ‘From the maternal breast that God will open there will be contained milk and honey, and, perhaps your husbands will want to drink, but be careful because also this milk will finish’. -

Sign: Admonitions concerning the Scarcity of Food


191 - Deborah dreamed (April 20, 1987 - Milan) that she told to Peretz a dream that she had seen two years before - ‘President Reagan was speaking of war. At his side was an enormous block of ice inside of which were two human heads with their tongues sticking out. Then president Reagan entered a large room and closed the door. Deborah understood that there was an important meeting and she tried, in vain, to listen. Then the scene changed and she was on an island and the island was Switzerland. Deborah asked why it was that Switzerland was detached from Italy and from the other countries. She understood then that there had been a war that had also involved the neutral countries. Switzerland had become as a primitive island which had to begin from scratch. -

Prophecy of the destruction of Switzerland


193 - Adam dreamed (April 22, 1987 - Milan) that he saw Peretz in via Kramer number 33. Peretz said with a loud voice, “This old house is like the Synagogue; if it is not renewed, it will pass serious difficulties”.

Sign: the Traditional Synagogue needs to be Renewed


196 - Sarah (Puddu) dreamed (April 25, 1987 - Cernusco) that we the talmidim were in a dark place, in a sort of a cave. A tremendously strong earthquake began to make everything tremor violently. Sarah began to say the Shema Yisrael. To help keep a balance they formed a circle and held hands. Sarah, beseeching help, in prayer, called on the merit of the Final Goel, Haim, and repeated the names of the Signs of the Final Redemption. When she reached the 5th Sign of the Fourth Generation, she paused, thinking ‘Oh, God, it is not possible that all be destroyed’ and with great intention, she completed the 6th Sign of the Resurrection. Then she looked at Peretz and was surprised to see that he wasn’t praying, having an expression of ‘It cannot be otherwise’. Sarah returned to her prayer, “God Almighty, if you do not do it for us sinners, do it for the children of the world”. At this point, a current of stagnant water began to pass over the place where they were standing. Everyone stood up on the point of their feet so as not to be submerged. Someone who was close by and sitting down was doused with water in his face and was rubbing his eyes. Peretz said, “Do not touch your eyes with this water”. Sarah tried to bring a tissue to the man to wipe his eyes with, but it was too late. He was already blinded by the water. - -

Prophetic Sign: the Poisonous Waters of the Fourth Generation


197 - Maria (Polenghi) dreamed that she was walking in a street. Suddenly all was dark. A thick fog had descended with zero visibility. Then she saw an ass come onto the path and she said happily to her daughter, “If we attach ourselves to the donkey, he will bring us home because he knows the way”. As soon as they touched the head of the donkey, the fog lifted. After this they were on a bridge and Maria took up a stone to throw into the water below. She wanted to show her daughter what a great splash it would make, but to her surprise it made no splash at all. –

Sign: the Donkey who eats Bread knows the Way


201 - Paolo dreamed (April 1987 - Milan) that he saw all kinds of food falling down from the sky. Many people gathered them up and placed them in the trunks of their cars.[21] -

One of the Prophetic Signs of Scarcity of Food


202 - Paolo dreamed (April 1987 - Milan) the fourth sign of the turbulent waters.[22] -

One of the Prophetic Signs of the Turbulent Waters


203 - Deborah[23] dreamed (May 1987 - Milan) that the pupils were closed in a room with only one oil lamp to break the darkness; they were afraid and held each other close; outside there were noises, lightning, balls of fire that destroyed whatever they touched; men, women and children tried to flee but could not; food was lacking and there were dead people all around from a kind of plague that struck them down; whoever was in a house cried with pain. The pupils were confidant that all this would cease from one minute to the next; they alternated between moments of long prayer and moments of silent waiting. Suddenly a fire broke out outside and burned away everyone and everything; then the waters of the seas left their boundaries and carried away what was left. -

Signs of the Fourth Generation


204 - Carolina (Anna Gasparotti’s mother) dreamed (June 1, 1987 – Pilzone, Brescia) that Peretz had returned from (Catholic) Mass. He said, “The priest didn’t want to permit me take communion but I insisted so much that he finally gave it to me”. Peretz was very proud of this victory. -[24]

Sign: Donkey-Peretz takes back the Initial Signs of Bread and Wine for the Altar of Malchitzedek


205 - Adam dreamed (June 3, 1987 - Milan) that he was speaking to two Jews the morning of Rosh Ha-Shana. At a certain point, he took them under arm and said that he had something very important to tell them. Then, in a low voice, he pronounced the words 'Ba-ha-zman’ (the Time has Come). Then he yelled it out with great force, until he woke himself up yelling ‘E’ Arrivato il Tempo’ (Ba Ha-Zman - The Time has Come) - [25]

Repetition in the Fifth Year of the Sign ‘Ba Ha-Zman


211 - Deborah dreamed (June 23, 1987 - Milan) that a rose, after not being watered for three days, died. Deborah said to (her friend) Rose to give it water nonetheless. Rose did so but the flower withered completely. Deborah noticed, however, that from a small branch exited buds.[26] They entered the house and, looking out the window, saw in the sky a ‘slice’ of the moon. Then Deborah saw the sun that seemed to be a moon. She wanted to look at the moon again but it was no longer there. Then she looked at the sun and quickly said to Rose, “Close the windows because the moon that had been seen emanated dangerous rays”. -

Another warning not to gaze at the sun or the moon during this Fourth Generation


213 - Deborah dreamed (June 26, 1987 - Milan) that she was on the balcony of her house alongside her father. In the sky Deborah saw two stars close to one another. She explained to her father that one was the Star of the Signs (Malchitzedek) and the other was the Star of Abraham. Their union would conclude a period of 4000 years; at that point the Teacher will have made a sign and everything would precede with great speed. Deborah then looked at the moon that had two lights at its side. She looked again at the two stars and saw that the Star of Abraham and the Star of the Signs were closer to each other; close to them were three stars forming a triangle.[27] She looked at the rest of the sky and then again at the two stars; now they were united and the triangle was gone. In that moment Deborah saw a shooting star and after it many others. After this, sitting on her bed, Deborah prayed to God that the tortures of the holocaust never be repeated because the Jews had already suffered too much during the 2nd world war. -

Book of the Stars


214 - Paolo dreamed (June 28, 1987 - Milan) that the Pope quit his job. He abandoned the Vatican and then a voice said ‘The successor has to be Peretz”. After this, Peretz, with a white Taleth on his shoulders went into the Basilica of the Vatican (San Pietro) which was totally filled with people. Peretz walked very slowly towards the altar where the now vacant poltroon of the Pope was. Paolo followed him. Coming closer to the poltroon, Peretz quickened his pace because some Bishops and Cardinals wanted to occupy the poltroon. He reached there first, however, and made a sign on the poltroon itself. Then he returned, resuming his previous pace. - [28]

One of the Donkey-Peretz-Pope Signs so as to get things back on the proper footing


216 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (July 2, 1987 - Milan) that she was in front of the Tzadik Haim who was seated at the head of a table. The Teacher had need of an ice-chopper. Anna, extremely happy to be able to be useful, brought the ice-chopper to the Teacher and, with much emotion said that she was sorry for the smallness of this favor. The Teacher, Haim, smiling answered, “Each person does what he or she is able to do, and this is good”. Because of her emotion Anna noticed that she was waking up. The Teacher assured her not to be concerned and that even if she woke up she would again fall asleep and return there. Indeed, Anna woke up and when she fell asleep again she was in the same place. Now the Tzadik Haim was speaking with two men about a third person who had presented strange and worrisome symptoms. The Teacher explained that that illness was due to the influxes of the moon. -

Message of the Teacher Haim: As much as one can do is sufficient, even if it seems to be little

220 - Deborah dreamed (July 10, 1987 - Milan) that she was walking along the street with a boy, going towards Peretz’ house where an important sign had to be made. The boy asked Deborah what they would have to do in making the sign and she answered, “Just think of kissing and embracing as much as possible because in that moment each one of us will represent a nation and every kiss and every embrace will represent the future peace of that people,[29] through the reconciliation of the Kiss and Embrace between Esau and Jacob”. They passed under a clock and the boy said that he was angry with the Church for its having told falsehoods for 2000 years. Deborah said, “It is true that they have embroiled you for 2000 years, making you ‘adore’ a man, Jesus”. A drug addict who heard them speaking said, “But now it is the time to know the truth”. They reached Peretz and went to the balcony to look at the stars. Peretz said, “The Sign must be postponed until tomorrow because there is fog and many stars are needed to make this Sign. -

Reconciliation, Correction and waiting for the coming of the Time


221 - Deborah (July 11, 1987 - Milan) dreamed that the old generation is black[30] but the new generation can be saved by the New Pact –

The New Pact saves people from this money-ridden generation


222 - Deborah dreamed (July 16, 1987 - Milan) that she was walking alongside a nun. Suddenly both she and the nun were without any clothing. They continued walking and the nun at a certain point wrote on the ground a word in Greek. Peretz came and asked what she had written. Deborah answered that she had written ‘son’. Peretz looked at the word and smiled with contentedness. [31]

Prophetic Sign of Nuns that break their vows to live normally


226 - Adam dreamed (July 18, 1987 - Milan) the Tzadik Haim who said to Peretz, “Peretz!” (he arose to his feet immediately) “Who am I?” Peretz answered, “The Teacher Haim is the Goel, even if only a few know it as yet”. -

Message: it’s the Truth that counts, not how many know it


230 - Deborah dreamed (July 24, 1987 - Milan) that a boy who had no faith, only after an accident with a motorcycle, listened to the New Message.[32]

Message: many do not listen until they are hurt


231 - Deborah dreamed (July 24, 1987 - Milan) that she was in a convent with many girls who were becoming nuns. The girls were confused; each one held a stone in her hand and was looking for explanations of the stone. They came before the Superior who was blind and held a stone in her hand. She listened to that which the novices had to say, then she licked the stone that she held and her sight returned, astonishing the nuns. The Superior then began to speak about Peretz. The future nuns listened with interest, but in the end they lost their desire to become nuns. - [33]

Another Sign of Nuns returning to the world


235 - Deborah dreamed (August 7, 1987 - Cassina, Como) that she saw an angel who appeared to her and to Rose. The angel said, “Do not fear; I am watching over you”.[34] -

Signs of New Angels of the Final New Pact


238 - Deborah dreamed (August 12, 1987 - Cassina, Como) that she was in a car at the corner of a street, looking at the sky. In front of her were two large sky-scrapers. In between them the moon was visible with a star beneath it. A cloud covered half of the moon, then it lifted, leaving the moon uncovered. Deborah went to Peretz and told him the dream. Peretz said “Sixty-five”. Peretz was sitting under a large tree. He said, “The moon in that position with the cloud formed sixty-five and it symbolised the six thousand and five hundred years, from Adam, to arrive at the Final Redemption. -[35]

Sign: the Fourth generation of 65 years


249 - Claudio dreamed (Sept. 8. 1987 - Milan) that, on a bridge over a river, a man asked him and Deborah if they were German. They said that they were. The man asked Deborah if she was the Antichrist and she said that she wasn’t.. The man said he was looking for the Antichrist that would cause a great war. Claudio explained that it was not the Antichrist to cause all those deaths of the great war that was coming, but also many natural calamities that would last 2, 3, or 4 years. Claudio explained that there was a house of Refuge to save oneself from all that was coming.[36]

Correction of a false concept of ‘the Anti-Christ’.

The necessary Refuge Houses during the Fourth Generation


260 - Daniel dreamed (Oct. 8, 1987 - Milan) that someone said to him that he knew Peretz and the New Message but he didn’t know the Second Commandment. Daniel took out of his pocket a paper upon which was written the 2nd Commandment but instead only the words ‘to those that hate Me’ were written. A strong wind came, blowing away the paper from Daniel’s hands. The room changed and there was no ceiling. An infinity of stars were seen. Daniel then said the second commandment by heart word for word and as he did so there were thunder-claps and lightning and stars were falling from every side until there was a proper rainfall of stars. Then everything was dark and nothing could be seen. Daniel understood that this was the wrath of God.[37] -

Sign: The School of the Second Commandment


261 - Deborah dreamed (Oct. 10, 1987 - Milan) that she was given a design of the Ten Commandments (the moment in which Moses, our teacher, gave over the two Tablets to the Wise Man of the City at Mount Sinai[38]). When Deborah gave this design to Peretz, it changed into the two Tablets of the Law. Then Peretz and Deborah went towards home. Peretz went up the stairs while Deborah took the elevator. Not remembering at what floor to get off, Deborah stopped at the 35th floor which was about half of the building. Deborah saw Peretz pass by in his walk up the stairs. He was going to explain the New Message to a woman who was accompanying him into a very bright room. Both Peretz and this woman were dressed in red. Deborah asked someone if he knew where Peretz lived. He answered that she had to go up to the 65th floor. She took the elevator and went up to the 65th floor. Peretz and CarmineSaul entered and sat down at a table and the pupils showed him the work that had been done. Peretz was satisfied because although they were only at the beginning, the work proceeded well. -

Sign: 65 Years to arrive at the Beginning

263 - Deborah dreamed (Oct. 21, 1987 - Milan) that Peretz told Paolo that it was necessary to give a particular blessing of Protection to be able to affront the period of the Wars of the Lord. They were on the Altar of Malchitzedek and made a sign to this effect.[39] The day afterwards the pupils held each other’s hands in a sign to receive this blessing. -

New Rite: Blessings against the evils of the Fourth Generation


264 - Deborah dreamed (Nov. 2, 1987 - Milan) that someone gave over this message: The wrath of God is about to explode; those who have not received the blessing are in danger. Peretz has a week of time to extend the blessing. - After this, Deborah was on a beach with all the pupils for an immersion. [40]

(a week to write those Blessings and to extend them to the pupils)


265 - Deborah dreamed (Nov. 4, 1987 - Milan) that the pupils were at the river Adda. On their knees, they thanked God. Before immersing themselves in the water, after wetting their heads, they were blessed. Then with their heads rubbed with sand, they held each other united, with one hand on the head of whoever stood before them and with the other hand holding sand that they would then keep. The blessing was made before EL SHADDAI, in the presence of the Goel Haim and of the Angel of the Third Redemption. -

(the sign to be made for the extension of those blessings)


282 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 6, 1988 - Milan) that Paolo said that the Signs of hail-stones had arrived but they had not yet been verified. So Deborah and Paolo both thought that the sign would not be verified. It was a day of sunlight but, in the sky, suddenly, there was lightning and thunder. Then a voice was heard that said ‘That which God says in the Signs will be verified, for God does not say things in vain’. The voice was very severe and as these words were said, pieces of ice fell violently on Paolo and Deborah and they were terribly frightened. They got down on their knees and cried and asked forgiveness of God for having had doubts. Then all became calm and Deborah went to Peretz and told him of the happening. Deborah said that she had not seen such a thing from the time that God gave the Second Commandment at Sinai.[41] -

Message of God Almighty: Do not doubt the veracity of the Signs. God does not say things in vain.


286 - Giuseppe dreamed (Jan. 15, 1988 - Milan) that Peretz was quite old, over 90 years. He was dressed in white, seated between two lions, and he said, “The Jews must leave the station because they have already paid, and now they shall no longer pay”.[42] -

Sign: the Jews have already paid in the Shoa


287 - CarmineSaul (Paolo’s brother) dreamed (Jan. 23, 1988 - Milan) that he saw the moon burning, as if exploding bombs issued from it. From this, large metal objects fell on the buildings while cars by themselves moved, opened and were split. There was enormous chaos. CarmineSaul was calm, knowing that it came from God and that he was protected. He said to his mother-in-law, “This is the hand of God that is striking”. After this, he, Paolo and Eusapia saw a policeman who signalled that it was finished. Then they looked and the stars had become as soft, feather-like objects that moved around and came down to caress people. CarmineSaul, taken by emotion for the marvellous works of God, thought to himself, “Tomorrow the newspapers will have what to write about and the whole world will know that God exists”.[43]

Double-Sign: Fourth Generation and Redemption


290 - Deborah dreamed (Feb. 1988 - Milan) that she saw a very red moon. Whoever looked at it fell dead to the ground. Deborah was afraid; she felt a hand that held her arm and she thought of the Prophet Elijah. She placed her thought on God and she became calm. Paolo explained that the moon was in the sign of the honey-moon but also in the sign of the moon of blood. Its rays come to destroy evil people who do not take refuge in God. -

Message on the fear of God


293 - Adam dreamed (Feb. 1988 - Milan) that Peretz, in a festive atmosphere of peace, shook hands with a group of Palestinian Arabs. -

Sign of Hope for the future


295 - Paolo dreamed (Feb. 19, 1988 - Milan) that he was in Israel, inside an apartment used by the pupils of the House of the Redemption. Paolo was speaking to Rafaela who said to him, “I see by your eyes that you are concentrated for that which you must do, for the arrival of Moses”. Paolo went towards other houses to avert other people of what was about to happen and to bring them all into one house. In the streets the atmosphere was of death and it was understood that the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord was close. Arriving at the destination, Paolo saw Peretz, very content, but also very timorous, for the presence of Moses.[44] -

Signs of Binding with the First Redemption of Moses


296 - Deborah dreamed (Feb. 23, 1988 - Milan) that aside from having to gather water for two hours to put in reserve, it was necessary to ration the food, as a sign of famine. Peretz explained to the pupils that also the ‘venetian-blinds’ had to be completely closed because the moon rays were too dangerous. -

Prophetic Signs: famine and dangers in this Fourth Generation


302 - CarmineSaul dreamed (March 13, 1988 - Milan) that an angel gave him the following message ‘Whoever defends the Jews will receive a Sanctification.’[45] -

Sign: ‘Whoever defends the Jews will receive a Sanctification.’


304 - Rafaela Feyer[46] dreamed (March 20, 1988 - Milan) that in a conversation with Gerard she said, “I am Jewish”. Arabs who were standing close-by heard and began to say “Jew” and to look at her with eyes of hatred. In that moment she realised that she was in Israel, in the critical period of the territories. She was afraid, finding herself amidst many Arabs but she was given to understand that she was being presented an occasion to speak with them and she began in English, “Aren’t you tired of this struggle without end”? Wouldn’t it be better to unite our forces to live in peace and harmony, to work together for bettering the conditions of life in Israel? After all, we have been living together in the same territory for much time and what will it help to hate each other, except only to harm one another? And then, in truth, we serve the same God. And remember also that Israel is a democratic country" - - . As Rafaela spoke, she saw that her words began to have effect, but when she pronounced this last phrase, an Arab interrupted her and said, “One moment, Israel at the beginning was a socialist country and it is only behind extraction (perhaps ‘through voting’) that Israel has become democratic?” Rafaela, understanding his spirit of contradiction answered, “Isn’t it a point in favor of Israel that it has accepted to become democratic and that it has allowed you to remain even though you are of a different race and religion?” All agreed with Rafaela who by now was amazed at herself for having found the words and the courage to speak these things. -

Message: Reasoning with the Palestinians


305 - Peretz dreamed (March 24, 1988 - Milan) that he was in Israel and walked together with Sarah close to the sea. Peretz said, “See what a bad sign there is; the water of the sea is not moving at all”. It was night and the atmosphere was severe and sinister. Now Peretz walked alone and searched for a place to sleep. He found a place with a young married couple, two young Israelis. He thanked them for their hospitality and thanked God for all. The husband, however, looked with suspicion. Peretz went to bed and he dreamed several visions. In one he saw this husband with his friends, all of Ashkenazi extraction, as he. They made fun of Peretz, considering him religious. One of them put out a cigarette on Peretz’ hand with disgust. Peretz reprimanded them saying, “It is not because you are not religious but because you haven’t the slightest fear of God”. In another vision, Peretz walked along a street and a Sephardic Jew began walking along side him. On the ground there were many rocks, covered with caramel, designed with lines of chocolate, all as if confectioned to be sold. This person said something to make conversation but Peretz didn’t answer and instead lifted up one of these beautifully ‘confectioned’ stones showing caramel and chocolate outside but being totally un-eatable for the stone that it covered, and he threw it away. Peretz woke up in the house of this couple and said, “I have received prophetic signs. In 2 or 3 weeks Israel will have to pass through a grave danger. Unfortunately” he explained to the woman, “there is a decree on Israel because of sins; among the Ashkenazi there are many who have no faith at all, their behaviour is horrible, they are egoistic, without love and without respect for others. And among the Sephardic Jews there are those who behave with sweet formalities on the outside only covering over a stone interior” Peretz added that from the dream he understood that her husband treated her badly whereas she loved him and that such was an unfortunate trend in Israel now. Now this husband came down stairs treating Peretz with disrespect and insisting that he go away immediately. The wife did not agree but she was forced to do as he commanded. Peretz woke up. -

Message: Warnings against cruel behaviour and false derech eretz


308 - Daniel dreamed (April 3, 1988 - Milan) that he was at home; there were many guests eating lavishly at a large table relishing the foods at hand. Daniel didn’t participate and was very disgusted. He went out to the balcony and found there a policeman who asked him for help; the work consisted of storing up food. Together they put away various foods into blue-coloured cartels (boxes), to seal them and put them in order on the shelves. The work was very tiring and long; in the end they filled an entire room. The principle foods stored were pasta and meat. -

Message: Preparing for scarcity of foods


309 - Adam dreamed (April 3, 1988 - Milan) that Peretz was explaining to a group of persons faithful to the New Message the meaning of the words ‘not a stone will remain upon another’. He said, “The human mind cannot imagine that which will happen in those days”. Suddenly there was an enormously strong explosion. Peretz had to move from where he was so as not to be hit. Pandemonium broke out; people died; a black hand descended from above and was killing everyone. It was a terrible moment. Peretz, taken with fear, called the name of God (the Tetragrammaton) in Italian. He made sign-movements from below to above and immediately the souls returned into the dead bodies, giving them new life. -

The power of ‘resurrection’ given from the Tzadik Haim


310 - Paolo dreamed (April 3, 1988 - Milan) that he was standing outside of a hospital and he saw the Teacher Haim, accompanied by Peretz. The Teacher Haim was serious and did not speak. Together with the Signora Mazal they went home. Then Paolo was seated on steps, outside of the Teacher’s house, and was happy inside, thinking to himself, “Thank God, now one can see and speak with the Goel”. After this Peretz and Paolo went by car to the Teacher’s house. Paolo noticed with surprise that there were many gift-packages in the car. Arriving at the Teacher’s house, Peretz said to Paolo, “Tell the others that I must stay alone for a few days, because I am entering the Sign of the Messianic Veil in order to write the Message of the Prophet”.[47] -

The Messianic Veil for Prophetic Messages of the 4th Generation


313 - Daniel dreamed (April 4, 1988 - Milan) that CarmineSaul was very happily excited because he had received an important mission of exploring various planets in space. Daniel, with other friends, decided to accompany him on the space-ship. As they rode together to the place of the space-ship, they stopped to look at the stars, there being an incredible limpid sky. At a certain point, they saw stars that moved in many directions. Daniel, CarmineSaul and Giuseppe were astonished at this marvellous vision. As the minutes passed they saw an incredible number of these star movements that in their turn formed groups of stars that moved in every direction. Then from this multitude of star groups there became formed metal bodies. Daniel pointed up and said, “Look, those are UFOs”. The space was invaded by these war machines and after having flown over that zone they began to shoot, hitting at first a parking lot filled with cars. Daniel tried to warn the people around but all remained indifferent, as if nothing had happened. He was wounded three times by their attacks and being unarmed he was unable to defend himself. Then seeing Giuseppe and CarmineSaul defend themselves with guns, he also took one. In the great confusion only they, however, were under attack. Daniel, wanting more bullets, took Giuseppe’s advice to take the train. On the train they saw that the sky was filled with these infernal machines. They saw that they were in Japan. After this Daniel saw that all was calm and again he saw CarmineSaul getting ready to take on this new assignment.[48] -

CarmineSaul chosen as Ambassador of Peace to the Aliens


314 - Giuseppe dreamed (April 7, 1988 - Milan) that it was a beautiful day with a splendid sun. Shortly afterwards there was a very strange ‘apocalyptic’ moon, enormous, close to the earth, a moon with fiery red tones and many clouds around it. Giuseppe then announced to a group of young people ‘This has already been seen in dreams so that you can have no doubts. When this sign arrives, there begin the true signs of the Fourth Generation’. -

Signs of the Fourth Generation: the Apocalyptic Moon


316 - Adam dreamed (April 9, 1988 - Milan) that Peretz was giving a lesson to group of people among which there were also Israelis. Peretz said, “In that which concerns the events and the happenings in the course of the life of Jews, it is directly God Himself who decides; for that which regards the other nations, however, that which happens depends on its destiny. That which happens to the Jews is in merit of Abraham”.[49] -

Sign: Israel is directly under God’s Providence.


319 - Giuseppe dreamed (April 12, 1988 - Milan) that he saw a man come down from heaven with blue eyes and blond hair. This man went close to Giuseppe and began speaking many good and correct things. At the end, he asked Giuseppe to follow him and to do as he did. He brought Giuseppe under the subway telling him to follow. Then he threw himself on the tracks just as the train came. Giuseppe saw that the man’s body was all shrivelled to pieces but then the man returned to life without even a scratch. Giuseppe marvelled at all this, but he thought, “I will not follow him” and afterwards he answered, “I’m staying with the Donkey”. - [50]

Sign: Follow the Donkey Signs and not miracle workers


321 - Giuseppe dreamed (April 16, 1988 - Milan) that he was in a city where he averted danger; suddenly, above, there were millions of insects that obscured the skies. Giuseppe closed himself up in the house; locusts arrived from all parts. In the meantime, Giuseppe warned the others of the danger. Once closed in the house, even with all the windows closed, the locusts were of such a great number that they broke the glass and attacked from all sides. Giuseppe could do nothing and remained immobile. He observed a group of them that reproduced with great velocity even when they were dead. -

Sign of Plagues during the Fourth Generation


323 - Giuseppe dreamed (April 21, 1988 - Milan) that a youth was treating Peretz badly and threw him to the ground. Peretz was in his green tunic and with a pacifier in his mouth.[51] From heaven a voice said (to the youth), “What did you want to do?” and it broke out in laughter. The young man was terrorised; he placed his hands on his head and fire broke out all over him. After this a newspaper appeared in which was seen the word Jerusalem.-

Message: be respectful towards the Donkey Signs, otherwise!!


324 - Giuseppe dreamed (April 26, 1988 - Milan) that he saw Peretz on the rug (altar) of the Prophet Elijah and he said, “Salvation derives from the four corners of the House of Prayer”.[52] -

Message: Salvation comes from the New House of Prayer


331 - Paolo dreamed (May 21, 1988 - Milan) a long and confusing dream of which he remembers a few scenes. In the world there was an atmosphere of fear and people were frightened. It was felt that a great cataclysm or something similar was coming. Paolo associated this to the Day of the Lord. After this Paolo found himself after the Day of the Lord. He saw that the earth was semi-deserted. Some men came towards him among whom were two Russians in uniform, who frightened, asked in which locality they were. Paolo knew that the terrible Day of the Lord had just passed, but also he did not know where he was. -

The Terrible Confusion coming in the Fourth Generation


347 - Daniel dreamed (July 11, 1988 - Milan) that he was below a Church in via Mattioli, with CarmineSaul and with a Witness of J. The Witness said to Daniel, “You, with what name do you call God?” Daniel answered, “EL SHADDAI, as the Jews”. The Witness was surprised by this answer and wanted to say something but before he could speak, a voice was heard from above that said, ‘Woe unto the one who pronounces the name of God in vain, for God will not forgive whoever pronounces His name in vain’. The Witness became very frightened, hearing these words.[53] -

Sign: the ‘Witnesses of G.’ profane God’s name the whole time


356 - Paolo dreamed (August 10, 1988 - Cairo) that he was with the pupils at Minervino, in a refuge, due to a star-war. There were UFO space-ships all around that attacked the earth. Peretz placed into Paolo’s hand a round object and told him to go outside with it. All had to pronounce the name of God EL SHADDAI repeatedly. Paolo went outside with this object that had the power to attract the UFO; it was enough to destroy the first one and this in turn would destroy the others. -

Star-Wars coming


360 - Daniel dreamed (Sept. 1, 1988 - Milan) that he knew the helping-director of Scorsese and was explaining to him how to defend himself from the accusations made by (religious) critics of the film The Last Temptation of Christ. Daniel said, “the only way to close their mouths is to say that Jesus was a man, the son of Joseph and Mary, chosen by God, born, as all human beings, of a normal relationship”. with this key Daniel explained to him something of the New Message and this helping-director, an active and sympathetic youth, understood that the film was a ‘sign’. Daniel perceived that these were events that came to prepare the way for the New Message. -

Sign of ‘signs’ in the world, even in certain films


366 - Daniel dreamed (Sept. 28, 1988 - Milan) that he saw a south Korean woman who was giving birth. The birth was difficult and Daniel helped her. The baby was born, then he became a boy and was Daniel’s friend. Daniel promised that he would eventually teach him the true faith. After five years, the boy came to Daniel, saying that he remembered him and the promise that he had made. After this the youth remained immobile and from his head issued a white seed that multiplied with incredible rapidity giving birth to a myriad of disgusting beings. Daniel tried to destroy them but it was too much for him because every time he struck one, it multiplied into thousands. Suddenly everything stopped and was blocked. Daniel heard a voice that said ‘It was the Teacher Haim to block everything’. He then saw his father, with hands on head and a look of despair. Daniel took an insecticide or something similar and destroyed all those horrendous beings.[54] -

Message; for the salvation of those from Asiatic Religions


378 - Giuseppe dreamed (Oct. 16, 1988 - Milan) that Peretz was saying, “The Horse must close the Fourth Corner. This represents the Seal of the Sixth Year. It has not yet been closed and the Horse is the one who has to close the Fourth Corner”[55]. Then the sign was made on a square designed on the ground. White Horse went inside the square and closed the fourth corner, giving way to the beginning of the period of the Kingdom of Heaven. After this there was a terrible earthquake and a voice said ‘The Day of the Lord will be great and terrible for all’. Also Eusapia was present. -

Sign: White Horse closes the Fourth Corner


382 - Adam dreamed (Oct. 21, 1988 - Milan) that Peretz was speaking with extreme concentration with Davide Levi on the telephone and he said, “Thank God, we have the key to defeat them”. [56]

Sign: the Keys to defeat the false doctrine of the Zohar


394 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Oct. 31, 1988 - Pilzone) that she found the stone of Capricorn. After Peretz received the stone, he said, “Good, this stone will give its positive influences upon the Donkey for as long as his Assignment will last.[57] -

Sign: the Stone of Capricorn


395 - Deborah dreamed (Nov. 1, 1988 - Milan) that a celebration of the House of the Redemption was being celebrated in a Christian Church not yet desecrated. As the pupils listened to Peretz, Deborah and Giuseppe explained to the old ladies who came to hear the regular service that what they were seeing was a function of the House of Prayer for all the Nations and that that church would be desecrated of its idolatrous Catholic cults and would then become a House of Prayer[58]. Hearing this, the old ladies turned into horrendous monsters with faces similar to cannibals, but Deborah and Giuseppe without any fear threw them out of the church. -

Sign: eventual conversion of Churches into Houses of Prayer


397 - Paolo dreamed (Nov. 3, 1988 - Milan) that he was in the center of Milan. He saw a majestic villa upon which was written the name of Reverend Moon. A man of the villa invited Paolo to enter so as to try to convert him to their religion. Paolo said to him, “Do you know that the true Son of Man has come?” The man became frightened at these words and said, “But we do good”. To this Paolo answered, “Do all the good that you want, but don’t try to pass for the Messiah”. -

Sign against the Messianism of Reverend Moon


401 - Deborah dreamed (Nov. 16, 1988 - Milan) that Paolo held in his hand a photo of the dawn and he was so proud of this fact that he went to Peretz to show it to him - -Peretz explained that the Teacher Haim said that the dawn should not be photographed because of the many phenomena that happen in that moment. - -

Sign not to photograph the Dawn


405 - Deborah dreamed (Nov. 12, 1988 - Milan) that Adam placed the stone of Capricorn[59] on the 1st corner (of the House of Prayer) ; then a voice said that when Adam had placed the stone of the Seal of Capricorn on the first angle, this made the connection with the Kingdom of Heaven and the Gate of the Kingdom was opened. -

Sign: the Stone of Capricorn


412 - Adam dreamed (Nov. 25, 1988 - Milan) that he had to undergo a sacrifice for the sign reason for which the other pupils looked at him with great respect. After this he had to combat with a man who wanted to fight with him in order to demonstrate that the Message was false. There was an appointment for the struggle, Thursday, in a certain place. Adam said, “I don’t remember what it is we must fight for”. The man answered, “I want to fight with you to demonstrate that the New Message is false”. Then Saeed came along and said, “Very well, now we shall see who is right”. Adam then began to combat with this man but there was no struggle at all because the man was immediately pulverised. Adam now said to a crowd of people that was present, “Don’t look at me but at the force of the Message that God is giving to us”. - After this the scene changed to the island of Bali where Peretz revealed to Adam that dogs do not support an owner who is too optimistic or too happy or of a facile character. -

Whoever fights against the New Message will be destroyed


415 - Deborah dreamed (Nov. 27, 1988 - Milan) that she was at the sea with Peretz where they had to pass a day because the Teacher Haim, would come there to explain hidden things of the sea to Peretz. Deborah and Peretz had a stalk of corn.[60]-

Sign: Hidden Things concerning the Sea


422 - Paolo dreamed (Dec. 3, 1988 - Milan) that he left home before dawn; it was still night (but) in the sky the sun and the moon were close to each other. Then he saw the dawn and the breaking of day. It was a marvellous vision; the clouds and the sky had astonishing colours and the sun was the sun of the Redemption.[61] -

Signs of the New Dawn


425 - Giuseppe dreamed (Sept. 12, 1988 -Milan) that he was with Peretz at a meeting where there were many new youths listening to the New Message. In the room Giuseppe noticed a woman (whom he knows in reality) who was contrary to the New Message but who found nothing to say against the Message itself. At a certain point she saw a girl who had been saved by way of the New Message from drugs. The woman, seeing her, said, “Look, she’s a drug addict. Thus you are drug pushers”. Giuseppe answered, “It’s not true, we are not drug pushers nor do we have anything to do with drugs”. The woman insisted with her affirmation. Suddenly she was swallowed up by the earth. Giuseppe understood that it was the punishment of those who speak evil-tongue and proffer falsehoods. -

New Law: evil-tongue


427 - Giuseppe dreamed (Nov. 12, 1988 - Milan) that he was led to a planetarium where a man showed him in the stars the constellation of the Big Dipper. He said, “You see the Big Dipper. This is the Cart[62] which brings the marvellous news of the Kingdom of Heaven to the whole world”. -

Sign: the Great Cart of the Marvellous News

429 - Giuseppe dreamed (Dec. 17, 1988 - Milan) that he was in a place unknown to him and he heard the voice of his father who said, “I have always had faith in God, blessed is He, but I didn’t know the questions well[63]”. Giuseppe was moved by these words because they were said with heart. Giuseppe did not see his father and his father’s voice spoke to him through a fish that was in the water. -

The Inner faith that many have but are unable to express


451 - Paolo dreamed (Jan. 10, 1989 - Milan) that he was looking for a spacious house. Peretz said to him, “The reason that you are looking for a house is that the Kingdom of Heaven has already descended on earth”. [64]

Sign:The Kingdom of Heaven has already descended on earth


452 - Paolo dreamed (Jan. 11, 1989 - Milan) that he was looking at the sky and he saw it open. Immediately afterwards, with much fear, Paolo said, “Welcome, Kingdom of Heaven”.[65] -

Sign: Welcome Kingdom of Heaven


453 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 12, 1989 - Milan) that it was said to her that while, in the first redemption, only Moses, our teacher, received the laws, now, in the third redemption, all (may) receive the laws.[66] -

Sign: New Law: In the Final Redemption all may receive the laws


455 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 14, 1989 - Milan) the Prophet Jeremiah who announced things to the people; the people laughed at his words. The Prophet said, “Whoever does not believe in the words that God has sent me to say for you will die for having made fun of me because I carry the word of God”. After this, Deborah saw that she was announcing to people as did the Prophet seen in the dream, but now she was announcing the prophecies of the Fourth Generation. Also she repeated the words of the Prophet against those who made fun of her words. -

Donkeys are Donkeys but prophecy is from God. Be warned!


458 - Giuseppe dreamed (Jan. 18, 1989 - Milan) that he was at Circolo Lucano with the pupils who discussed the space reserved for the congregation and the space for the Altars. Suddenly a wall appeared separating the two parts and a voice said ‘if you make the measurements as you are saying, the space for the congregation will be too restricted, equal to the room close-by’. Then the wall was shortened by half; then it disappeared leaving a sign on the ground, thus indicating the exact dividing line between the congregation and the Altars. -[67]

The measures will be given from Above


459 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 18, 1989 - Milan) that she was on the Altar of the Prophet in a garden and she warned the people that all the falsehoods of other ‘Messages’ will be destroyed by the New Message. One woman insisted in her way, became angry and wanted to harm Deborah; Deborah fixed her in the eyes and she fled. -

All false Messages will be destroyed by the New Message


461 - Daniel dreamed (Jan. 19, 1989 - Milan) that he was in the United States with Paolo in a very beautiful place where many people were watching a waterfall from the foot of a mountain with a river below. As they walked to reach that place, wherever Paolo stepped the rocks split. Then Daniel saw the top of the mountain that broke down and the river below arose with enormous rapidity and overflowed. He then saw Adam who showed him the Mississippi river and the lakes of its origin on a map. Daniel told this to Peretz who said that this was the sign of the ‘dangerous waters’. Daniel asked Peretz why he was afraid and Peretz answered that this was part of the great equilibrium that derives from the true tradition.[68] -

Prophetic Message: Danger for the Mississippi


481 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Feb. 2, 1989 - Milan) that a terrible communication arrived: The period of the Last Days would begin after an interruption of dreams to the pupils of the House of Prayer. After this the dreams would come again but that would be the sign of the beginning of that period. - Worried, the pupils realised that the announcement was actually taking place and they began to occupy themselves with warning people about it. All were indifferent, however, or they even made fun of who warned them because only two or eight days had passed since the dreams had stopped coming. In that same period a boy had done some bad thing to Marco Federico. Anna, however, did not want to rebuke the boy. This was because she was conscious of the fact that her every word, as that of every pupil of the New Pact of the Final Redemption, in good or in bad, would be a word of judgement on that soul. Therefore, understanding the heaviness of that responsibility, Anna remained silent, although she well knew that the boy had done wrong. -

Sign: A period of interruption of dreams

Virtues of Silence: do not judge, your words count


483 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Feb. 4, 1989 - Milan) that ‘South America would be advantaged compared to North America concerning its adherence to the House of the Final Redemption’.

Prophetic Sign: South America before North America


491 - Giuseppe dreamed (Feb. 19, 1989 - Milan) that he was in his native south Italy at his aunt’s house. As he greeted them he felt the presence of his father, Domenico Manigrasso, peace be with him, who was in the next room. He entered and embraced him. Then Giuseppe saw the Teacher Haim who motioned him to follow. At first the Teacher spoke together with the relatives in their dialect. Also Giuseppe’s father walked behind the Teacher observing everything closely. After this the Teacher was seen in bed and Peretz was at his side. Peretz said, “From now on no one will suffer of this illness” indicating the place where the Teacher Haim was operated on for cancer of the stomach.[69] -

Message: a Cure in virtue of the suffering of the Tzadik Haim


508 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 2, 1989 - Milan) that he said, “Whoever has faith will see; whoever has no faith will see nothing. Hee-haw”.

New Law: Message on Faith


509 - Paolo dreamed (March 4, 1989 - Milan) that he was with his brother CarmineSaul. Paolo said, “There are many sorcerers who use the letters of the Hebrew alphabet”. - [70]

New Law – Message against Magic


513 - Deborah dreamed (March 8, 1989 -Milan) that she was in the city with the pupils; around them were many people. The pupils were making announcements; they said, ‘There will be water, after the water there will be fire and after the fire there will be an earthquake”. As they finished saying this it began to rain. After the rain they saw fire. A person said, “Many small children will die”. Deborah, angry, said that one must be careful with every word pronounced because everything pronounced by us becomes verified. Then she corrected those words spoken and said, “The small children will not die but will be saved”. After this there was a tremendous earthquake; the earth split up all around forming large furrows. Whoever tried to escape was swallowed up into the earth. The pupils of the House of Prayer knew that it futile to try to escape; instead they fell to their knees and prayed to EL SHADDAI. The earthquake finished. The small children had not been touched. Those people who had survived were afraid to leave their houses for fear of what might happen. So great was their fear that they passed food by way of cable-cars.[71]

Message: Warning: Careful with words, everything pronounced by us becomes verified


518 - Paolo dreamed[72] (March 12, 1989 - Milan) that he heard a voice that said ‘Woe to whoever pronounces the name of the Teacher’. Paolo then told the fact to Peretz who upon hearing this affirmation said, “This is important”.[73]

Message: ‘Woe to whoever pronounces the name of the Teacher’.


520 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 15, 1989 - Milan) that he was together with a colleague Giovanni, a man about 50 and another young pupil of Giuseppe. Giovanni spoke about this pupil in a very vulgar way. Giuseppe explained to him in a delicate manner that it is not correct to speak in such a way. Then the young pupil spoke to Giovanni in a vulgar way. Giuseppe strongly reprimanded Giovanni saying, “Be respectful towards people older than you because there is judgement and punishment for this. Be very careful”. Giuseppe then smiled and said to Giovanni, “Did you see what a balance there is here?”

New Law (derech eretz): there is judgement and punishment for vulgar speech


521 - Adam dreamed (March 17, 1989 - Milan) that he saw a writing in Hebrew and heard a voice that read it. In translation it read ‘The spirit of His goodness will extend to Jerusalem and to all the far-off islands’. -

Prophetic Message: ‘The spirit of His goodness will extend to Jerusalem and to all the far-off islands’


522 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 18, 1989 - Milan) that he was on an island somewhere together with John the evangelist who was wearing a long brown robe. Giuseppe was quite happy but John was extremely sad. Giuseppe asked him why he had written certain things in the Gospel and added, “Didn’t you have any doubts about what you wrote?” John, with his head lowered, answered, “I didn’t want to” - he did not speak for the rest of the dream. Together Giuseppe and John went to look for Jesus. Giuseppe felt sorry for John.[74] -

John Corrected: John didn’t write all those things


528 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 22, 1989 - Milan) that there were green points on his right arm. The points then grew into clots from which issued a green liquid. These spots then became larger and took on the form of ‘scabs’ and these in turn grew to cover the whole body. Giuseppe saw other persons with the same disease. By now Giuseppe’s face, as those of the others, was completely unrecognisable. Then Giuseppe saw a white cloud in front of him and the Staff of the Teacher Haim that touched him. He felt something come out of him from inside and he was healed. He said to the people around him, “Whoever has faith can be saved even from this terrible plague”. -

Through faith one can be saved even from a terrible plague.

530 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 25, 1989 - Milan) that he was in Egypt together with Peretz, Paolo, Saeed and Daniel. Giuseppe saw an Arab who spoke in German and said, “Heil Hitler”. A man behind the Arab began to sing in German and gave the Nazi salute. Many other persons ‘hidden’ among the people returned that salute. The man said, “Less two” referring to 2 Israelis killed. Giuseppe went up to him and with his hand tapped on his head three times and said, “Against Haman, Amalek” and in a whispering voice added “Amorei”. Giuseppe in his dream thought of Purim. Suddenly that man became a (Catholic) Priest. -

Hatred against Jews and Israel until the Great Purim of the FR.


531 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 27, 1989 - Milan) that he was at School in a class of about 30 pupils. The teacher interrogated a certain pupil named Galasso. In one of his answers, this Galasso began to say things against the Jews. Giuseppe rose to his feet and had Galasso repeat his words about the Jews. Then Giuseppe said, “It is time that this story finish! Enough! Now the time has come in which the person who curses the Jews will be cursed”. –

Now the time has come, whoever curses the Jews will be cursed


532 - Deborah dreamed (April 3, 1989 - Milan) that she saw a child of 4 years old with a look so cold as to seem almost a robot; there was a strange gait in his walking and Deborah noticed the cruelties in his face. At that point Deborah understood that that child had the spirit of Hitler returned to do evil against the Jews. When Deborah recognised this fact, the child exploded; this was because when he is recognised, people then know how to defend themselves from him. This was a sign that he could no longer be victorious and he exploded. -

Signs of anti-Semitism on the rebound but it will be destroyed


538 - Marco Federico[75] dreamed (April 20, 1989 - Milan) that all the good people of the earth had to take refuge underground. God threw down lightning that cut off the lower part of the legs of these people. This, however, not only did it not impede their walking but made it easier. Three men were already underground. Marco Federico and his parents and relatives had to follow them, but being very anguished by all this, Marco woke up. When he fell asleep again, he returned to the dream and he saw that from the sky an enormous amount of water was falling. The drops were so large that bad people were trapped within them. When the rain stopped, God lanced more lightning, this time to displace the cars (machines) that had accumulated above the earth which hid the people that had taken refuge in it. Everyone went out of the underground hiding place. There was a brilliant sun and the legs of the people had returned to be normal. -

Youngn’s dream with biggin’s meaning


542 - Beniamino Perico dreamed (April 24, 1989 -Milan) that he saw a blue sky in which it was written ‘REGNO DEI CIELI’ (Kingdom of Heaven). -

Another Sign of the Descent of the Kingdom of Heaven


546 - Adam dreamed (April 27, 1989 - Milan) that he saw Peretz accompanied by a crowd of mixed origins and variegated cultures. Peretz walked slowly, holding the (black) Sceptre of the Teacher, Haim. Smiling, Peretz said to Adam, “The Teacher Haim had said to me îçø úäéä òí ëì îéðé ñåó (literally- ‘tomorrow you will be with all kinds of the end’[76] ). Peretz was very content because he had found the confirmation of the words said to him by the Teacher. The place where they were was filled with debris and ruins. -

Sign: Every kind of ‘End’ in the Fourth Generation


551 - Adam dreamed (May 8, 1989 - Milan) the rise of the cursed Hitler. Adam was living in a house (condominium) where a female friend (or his sister or his sister’s friend) lived. Their neighbours were German and they were in a good relationship with them. Then suddenly came the rise of the cursed H. The relationship with the neighbours was ruined. There was hatred. They were persecuted but they could not escape and were practically prisoners. The Germans were content because of their bettered economic situation. Only one family urged them to flee and wanted to help. Adam and his sister refused, not wanting to hide anything of their being Jewish. Unfortunately they had to escape but no one was able to do them harm. The danger, as it was born, so did it dissolve into nothingness.[77] -

Immanent Anti-Semitism will rise but fall


An Archive of texts of the FR


556 - Paolo dreamed (June 1, 1989 - Milan) that he saw an explosion of a meteorite in the sky. The fragments of this explosion then formed the constellation of the Big Dipper.[78] After this there was great joy and celebration. -

The Comet Shoemaker-Levi


574 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (July 9, 1989 -Milan) that she and her husband George and some other persons prepared themselves for a trip to the north, putting on heavy fur-lined jackets. Arriving at their destination they saw a small lake surrounded by a slightly inclined terrain thickly embedded with trees. These trees had to be cut down. The head of the foresters, after having greeted George (as if recognising him as an authority) and having made a friendship with him, gave orders to begin the work. The foresters (who, from their faces and clothing appeared to be Lappons) quickly began cutting down the trees and laying them up systematically. Then when the head of the foresters presented his work-colleagues to George, Anna noticed that on the terrain there were many shovels each with a young tree in it ready to be planted. Anna began to cry for joy, thinking about those workers who at first sight seemed somewhat primitive and uncivil but who were, instead, giving an important lesson of civility to humanity. Indeed, speaking afterwards with one of the foresters, he confirmed that, “For every tree cut, a tree planted”. Anna because of the great emotion that she felt woke up. –

Message: “For every tree cut, a tree planted”


581 - Giuseppe dreamed (July 30, 1989 -Ranzanico) that there were very potent earthquakes all over the earth. Even cement houses with anti-seismic armature collapsed. After this, Giuseppe was together with Peretz, Paolo, Deborah and president Reagan in the cellar of a house that had collapsed. Peretz said to Reagan, “We must remain outside for now; we will enter the refuge when the Vatican will collapse and will be destroyed. Then we will have to enter and to remain there for ten years. It is necessary to study the Prophets Joel and Daniel about this fact.” Then the Prophets Joel and Daniel were with them but they were indistinguishable. Peretz then said to Giuseppe, “Now you must do something in the way of reconstructing; you must begin at dawn.” Giuseppe said, “OK I will begin at nightfall” confusing the word of Peretz who rebuked him, saying, “Giuseppe, I said at dawn”. Reagan intervened and said, “It’s alright like that”. - [79]

Sign: eventual fall of the Vatican and in Refuge for 10 years


582 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (July 31, 1989 - Villosimius (Sardinia)) that Marco Federico had gone to play in the woods near their house and was now calling for help. She and her husband George ran to him and he informed them that he had been molested by a man. This man was known to them; he was married and had a son. George spoke to him trying to make him understand that it was wrong for him to behave in such a way. The man seemed to understand. Then an elderly man, also homosexual, joined the conversation. This man had never been married and had always lived with his mother and had always hidden from her this fact. In speaking about himself, he related a dream. Anna interpreted the dream, saying that it revealed that his mother had come to understand this fact very well and that for this very reason she had died of heart failure. The man was very struck by this revelation and he remembered that, in fact, his mother’s face had assumed an extremely tormented expression and that this ‘mask’ (of not letting him know that she knew) had been transformed only after her death. Since the two men now seemed to be convinced that they were in error, Anna and George decided to bring them to Peretz. Peretz received them and invited them to enter a room in which, to the amazement, incredulity and joy of Peretz, George and Anna, there was the Teacher Haim. The Teacher was seated on a sofa with his face turned towards the window. Peretz murmured some words of thankfulness to God. Anna quickly went close to the Teacher to show how delighted she was. The two men, of course, knew nothing of the Teacher or of the miracle of his being resurrected from the dead. These two men were then washed with soap and rinsed in the genital zone (following an oval sign which passed under the scrotum, turned towards the outside and passed over the penis). With the purification finished, there was conversation but only at the moment of taking leave, one of the men, somewhat astonished, said that the Teacher, in a way unseen by the others, while they were in that sign of purification, had passed his hand over their back side. This information created great joy for Peretz, George and Anna who understood its meaning, namely that the healing of the two men had been completed and that they had been freed forever of their problem.

The Goel Haim announces a miraculous cure for homosexuals


584 - Daniel dreamed (August 10, 1989 (9th of Menahhem Av -5749) Milan) that Israel destroyed once and for all the descendants of Amalek. Then he heard a voice that said ‘Israel has become a light for the world’. Daniel was then at Jerusalem with Jews of the Great Israel who were all going to inaugurate the Third Temple. Also Domenico Manigrasso (Defunct), Daniel’s father, was with them. -

Signs: destruction of Amalek, Israel light for the world, the Third Temple


586 - Daniel dreamed (August 19, 1989 -Milan) that he had a ‘Mission’ given to him by the government. He had to search out information in a clinic concerning the disappearance of elderly persons and children. In the end Daniel discovered that the reason behind those disappearances was that a group of whites, made up as blacks, stole the elderly and the children for cannibalistic purposes and that (some persons of) the American army were accomplices to this fact. -

Message: cannibalism still exists, God save us


598 - Paolo dreamed (Oct. 28, 1989 - Milan) that he was with Peretz and some other pupils of the New Pact in the center of Milan. He then saw three Lubovitchers who were running and a brown horse who ran behind them. Afterwards they were together with these Lubovitchers on a tram. Peretz said that it was the moment to act now. Paolo went to sit in front of them and said, “I know your doctrine of the Zohar; it is an idolatrous doctrine which has nothing to do with the Second Commandment”. One of them said, “But look, our faith is monotheistic”. Paolo answered, “It’s not true, because you say that the Beast of Brooklyn, God save us, makes a body with God!” [80]Peretz then went over to them and spoke with them calmly. -

From Heaven are their sins revealed


600 - Adam dreamed (Nov. 1, 1989 -Milan) that Peretz said to him that in order to block the intifada, 4 Jews should go to Cis-Jordan where under the open sky in plain day, they should say the ‘Shema Yisrael’ - it is because we cannot find an agreement among ourselves (to say the Shema) that there is no success in finding an agreement.[81]

Sign: why an agreement for peace is so difficult

606 - Deborah dreamed (Nov. 12, 1989 - Milan) that in the sky there was a ‘curved street’ of white colour. Above this ‘street’ was Noah who helped the animals get off the Ark. Slowly but surely the animals reached a shore. -

The Ark of Salvation of the Fourth Generation


608 - Giuseppe dreamed (Nov. 18, 1989 - Milan) that he was the balcony of his house with a black man named Robert. Giuseppe saw in the sky an UFO which then disappeared Then the moon appeared, very close to the earth. Suddenly it moved out of its position and changed direction. Then was seen space above the earth all in fire. Giuseppe said, “There will be a collision of two planets[82] towards earth. (and he saw the collision in a vision) Only God Blessed is He will save us”. Then he saw a sea of people on earth in a fenced-in place. Many of them were afraid. A voice from heaven said ‘The person who has faith will be saved”. Then Deborah appeared and she said, “There will be ten days of light in that period”. A vision of a great light of fire illumined the earth. -

Signs of the Fourth Generation


612 - Giuseppe dreamed (Nov. 30, 1989 -Milan) that he was in America in New York. He walked along the street and observed many people. Then he saw that there was a Jewish funeral directed by Lubovitchers. He placed himself behind without letting himself be nervous. He heard vulgarity and curse words exit from their mouths. There was a Lubovitcher with black hat and long beard who was even worse that the others in vulgarity. Behind him there were children of 7 or 8 years old and also they used vulgar language. Giuseppe reprimanded them, saying, “You are Jews; you are commanded to speak in a correct manner. You are commanded even in the correctness of your thoughts“. After this Giuseppe felt something pricking his arm and he saw that the sky was filled with locusts. He called out, “Famine, famine!”

Message against the vulgar ways of Habad and of decrees caused by them

613 - Giuseppe dreamed (Nov. 30, 1989 - Milan) that he was in the center of Milan (Duomo). He looked at the sky and saw clouds that took on forms. He understood that they were signs and he attached himself to a pole to answer to the signs. The clouds changed colours until they became intense orange. The people around watched and were frightened. Giuseppe said to them, “These are signs from heaven, as it is written, ‘I will make signs of fire and pillars of smoke from heaven’. Then he saw that a cloud took the form of Italy and it split. -

Difficult Signs for Italy


621 - Deborah dreamed (Dec. 25, 1989 - Tel Aviv) that Paolo showed to the pupils of Milan photos that he had taken of ancient columns of various colours. The columns were not Greek or Roman; they were close to mountains. Peretz appeared holding a stone that had a red sign on it. Peretz said, “This is the sign that I’ve been waiting for; it’s a sign of the Fourth Generation and it is bound to Gilat Haim; we must do it quickly”. Then she saw Peretz at a table set with food, together with the pupils and with Sig. David Banin who played friendly with Gilat Haim. -[83]

Sign: Joy of Life in Israel even in the Fourth Generation


623 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Jan. 1, 1990 - Pilzone) that from above she saw a large ship or marine-platform struck by an air attack. The explosion was almost atomic and it set in motion a frightful war. People were panic stricken and they fled to find a place of refuge. After this Anna was by a river with threatening waters into which flowed other rivers from right and left that were filled with dirty water. This situation incremented the terror of the people and they sought shelter. Anna and her family had a key: it was that of a house partially hidden under the ground which had in it all the necessities, including food, for living securely. Anna tried explaining to a woman that Peretz had not worked to prepare that house for himself, as some imagined; in fact Peretz was now distant. Anna concluded with some bitterness, “And I had even said to Peretz that he should go to work”.

Signs for the need of Refuge Houses


627 - Peretz dreamed (Jan. 4, 1990 - Bersheva) that he saw many falling-stars that reached the earth. Afterwards it was said ‘the stars have entered the new formation of the Fourth Generation’. -

Sign: ‘the stars have entered the new formation of the Fourth Generation’


629 - Adam dreamed (Jan. 6, 1990 - Bersheva) that he saw the Teacher Haim who was together with a massive crowd composed of people of all kinds and all races. The Tzadik Haim, with extreme humbleness and immense love, embraced one by one, without distinction, each person of that enormous gathering which included very poor and humble folk, saying to each, “We are all of the same flesh”. [84]

Great Message of the Goel Haim: “We are all of the same flesh”.


630 - Peretz dreamed (Jan. 1990 - Bersheva) that he and Paolo went to Zanzara di Muccania. In the ‘Congregation’ of ‘their’ ‘House of Prayer’ were about 40 persons who recited the prayers written by Peretz for the New Rite of the New Pact. Peretz went towards the back of the room to pray together with them. The man who was conducting the prayer, seeing Peretz, halted the rite, pointed towards Peretz and declared, “This person cannot remain here and pray together with us!” Hearing this Peretz became angry and said, “You recite the prayer that I myself wrote and now you don’t allow me to pray together with you. We shall see how this is going to finish!” and he left the room furious. Then Zara di Zanzara gave over to Peretz sheets of paper containing ‘signs’ received at Zanzara and the ‘new formulas’ and ‘explanations’ written by him. Peretz took them into his hands and declared immediately, “This is kishuf (sorcery) and it is completely impure”. - There was a kind of computer which served to decipher their messages, showing corresponding images and speaking out the meanings of those images; the images had the quality of animated cartoons. Peretz placed one of their messages into the computer. There was an image of a strange person, between monster and human who declared, “Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is Three”. But before the image pronounced the word ‘Three’ there was a tremendous enthusiasm (stimulated in those of Zanzara), created by the first part of the message, that did not permit the listeners to hear the final part of the phrase. In this way the followers of Zara were not able to recognise the terrible contradiction of EL SHADDAI is Three. Peretz proclaimed that all those messages had to be burned and that aside from that all of Zanzara had become infested with that impurity. There was, however, no intention on the part of the Zanzarese to listen to Peretz or to believe him. ; they were all overrun by that impure spirit and were not able to realise what was being explained. There was only one girl of about 9 years old (a niece or relative of Para) who desired to be purified. Peretz burned one of their messages close to her face and purified her of the enchantment. Her face changed completely and she returned to her natural self and to her normal beauty and intelligence. After this, others, seeing how the girl had returned to her naturalness, looked for Peretz’ assistance. -

Concerning the Schism


633 - Peretz dreamed (Jan. 10, 1990 - Bersheva) that he saw the Tzadik Haim in an airport, who was dressed in extremely poor and torn clothing. He had the look of an Ashkenazi Russian Jew. Peretz asked where the Teacher was going and ha-Moreh Haim answered that he was going to Israel for four days. Peretz asked the Teacher if he might go with him. The Tzadik answered, “With pleasure, if you accept the conditions” and he indicated the state of poverty that he was in. Peretz was very happy that the Teacher agreed.[85] -

In merit of the Hidden Tzadik Haim the great ‘aliya from the north

634 - Adam dreamed (Jan. 10, 1990 - Bersheva) that Peretz was making signs with Adam and Paolo in Bersheva, at the highest and lowest points of the city.

Surveying Bersheva for its future


635 - Daniel dreamed (Jan. 10, 1990 - Milan) that he was walking in the subway. A gypsy approached him and threw him to the ground. Daniel reacted violently and threw him off. Other gypsies came and wanted to beat on Daniel. He invoked EL SHADDAI and he cursed them, saying, “You are pagans and idolaters and you do not know the true God; You are hated by Heaven.” Hearing these words they were frightened. -

Message: against the idolatrous practices of Gypsies


636 - Giuseppe dreamed (Jan. 11, 1990 - Milan) that he was with the journalists of the Repubblica and he said to them, “The Book of the Apocalypse is to be discarded, because there is more confusion than any truth contained in it. You will use now many apocalyptic titles, citing examples from the Bible such as the locusts or concerning Iraq” etc. -

Message: against the confusion created by Journalists


640 - Giuseppe dreamed (Jan. 28, 1990 - Milan) that he saw it written ‘Where there reside treasures of the earth, there will be the destruction’ - it referred to Switzerland. -

Another Prophetic Sign of the destruction of Switzerland


641 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 30, 1990 Bersheva) that Peretz held in his hand two stones and he said, “This is the bread and this is the brain”. Peretz and the others entered a house broken down and ruined on the outside but well-furnished inside with a beautiful white room. This was the House of Prayer with the Symbol of the Twelve Tribes. Inside this room there was a large scale. Peretz placed on the left plate the stone representing the brain and on the right plate he placed the stone representing the bread. Then the bread miraculously passed over to the other plate. The pupils were astonished and they expressed their gladness for the fact that Peretz’ words were confirmed by the work of Heaven. -

Message: the Bread of the Signs becomes the Brain of the coming generations.


645 - Beniamino Perico dreamed (Feb. 3, 1990 - Milan) that he was somewhere in a Bar or Restaurant. Outside there was enormous confusion; there were people who were saying that the sun had changed direction. Beniamino went outside to look but instead of the sun there was the moon. It was daytime; the moon changed colours varying between red and violate. The weather was very bad with black clouds that surrounded the moon. Beniamino said to those present, “This is a sign of the Fourth Generation and one must be very careful”.[86]

Other Signs of the changing sun and changing moon of Fourth Generation[87]


647 - Deborah dreamed (Feb. 8, 1990 - Bersheva) that Paolo indicated a high pillar of iron, saying that this was the Pillar that Peretz received from the Kingdom of Heaven at Cernusco. Peretz and Deborah looked at this pillar and Deborah asked how it would be possible to recognise it, it being of iron, when it had been said that it was of white marble[88]. Paolo said to look more closely; she looked and saw that it had no beginning, just as it had been said. Deborah noted that the moon was close to a star and that there was a bond between them. Now they were at the sea-coast where the high tide touched their knees. Deborah then saw Peretz in a sort of night-club; he said that the strip tease is prohibited and that many sicknesses of the skin will be the punishment for those who do it. Then Deborah entered a garden where there were many elderly people and she searched for some elderly man with whom to speak. -

Sign: continuation of the New Megilah of the Final Redemption for Israel


650 - Deborah dreamed (Feb. 11, 1990 - Bersheva) that she saw the Teacher Haim come out of a Synagogue with an expression of happiness. From above a voice announced ‘The Teacher Haim has 666 pupils. Davide Levi is the 666th, but he is also the 6th because he is one of the first”. Deborah, happy to have heard this, went to tell Peretz the good news. Now Peretz and Deborah were on a tram which followed a direct course (route). Deborah said to him that the tram had its route to follow; it goes on the tracks but then it turns right, not going direct nor continuing to turn but going towards the head-station. At the beginning Peretz did not want to listen, not understanding what she wanted to say. Then, however, Peretz asked her a question to bring her back to the subject of the tram. Deborah answered that she had seen the Teacher and that it had been announced that there are 666 pupils and that Davide Levi is the 666th but also the 6th. Afterwards Deborah was praying together with 3 men towards heaven and she saw Mrs. Fortunee pregnant, not really pregnant but having made herself a large stomach as a request to God to have a child. Behind her was a following of relatives who with their hands extended towards Peretz moved towards him quickly and with hope to ask for something. Then from above was it said ‘It is as asking to heal a blind person who was born blind’. At that point they stopped praying and asking in the manner of many Christians who do such in the name of Jesus. - [89]

Signs of the Correction of the Apocalyptic ‘Beast’

659 - Deborah dreamed (1990 - Bersheva) that she saw Jesus who walked with Paul of Tarsus and with John the evangelist; Deborah was at their side and listened to the words of Jesus. Yeshua was saying that the heavens and earth must be renewed. Then the scene changed and Peretz was walking with Deborah and saying that the heavens and the earth must be renewed[90]. At a certain point Deborah looked up in the sky and asked Peretz, “How is it possible to change the heavens and the earth? The heavens are immense; we haven’t even knowledge of how great it is”. Then Deborah saw an old man who possessed a great faith and who thought constantly day and night how to praise God. Then a voice spoke from heaven and said ‘When all people will believe in the One Living God and they will think always about praising Him and about what actions to do in order to praise His glory and His greatness, then the heavens and the earth will be renewed because the serpent will not have where to work’. [91]-

The Humanity renewed in the living faith in God Almighty will see the Revelation of New Heavens and a New Earth


660 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 3, 1990 - Milan) that he was looking at the map of Israel; in particular he saw north Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Then he heard the voices of some generals of the Israeli army who were saying ‘This time we will not do as we did last time towards Damascus; we will go all the way to conquer it!’’

Prophet Sign against Damascus


661 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 5, 1990 - Milan) that he was in (seeing in his vision) Europe. Around him he saw much destruction, of houses, trees etc.. In the dream it was said to him that there are three reigns that contend for Europe; then he saw the two Germanys covered by a red cloud[92]. -

Prophet Sign concerning Europe


662 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 9, 1990 - Milan) that he was walking on a street in Milan. While walking he saw in front of him two angels dressed in black with their faces covered. (On their garments was a large star with three yellow coloured points) Giuseppe immediately recognised them and he thought about Sodom and Gomorra. The angels went towards Giuseppe to take him but they recognised him and greeted him as if to assure him not to worry. The angels took hold of a person, passing through a wall to reach him. Then Giuseppe saw a Jewish woman who had seen the angels and was dumbfounded. Giuseppe put his hand on his head and realised that he had on a kippa which he then took up and kissed understanding it to be a sign of recognition[93]. -

Prophetic Sign concerning destructive angels


668 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (April 4, 1990 - Milan) that she heard a voice which said ‘Today an extremely dangerous man has been conceived”.[94] -

Prophetic Sign of an up-coming Anti-Semite


669 - Deborah dreamed (April 4, 1990 - Bersheva) that she saw the Temple; the religious men left after the prayer and saw that in the Square there was a prostitute with few garments upon her. The religious men were taken by anger and began to shout against her. Then Deborah who was among them struck her through with a knife; the prostitute, however, did not die immediately and remained in agony. At this point Deborah said to the men, “For her sin she has already received her punishment and soon she will die. But let us now ask mercy for her and that her agony last as short as possible”. At this point the religious prayed to God that He have mercy on the woman[95]. -

The Virtue of forgiveness of sinners even when they must be punished

674 - Peretz dreamed (April 14, 1990 - Bersheva) that he was in Jerusalem at the house in which his 5 children[96] live. There was a man at the head of the table who was saying that notwithstanding all efforts the (economic) situation was in agony. Peretz then said that such coincided as well with signs received that the situation was in agony. Present was a middle-aged woman who listened with light-headed superficiality and then said, “I don’t think that the Prophet Elijah would ever allow such a thing”. Hearing this Peretz stood up quickly and declared with force, “This is a decree from Above in which even the Prophet Elijah has no permission to intervene”. Then the woman said, “And why then doesn’t the good God do something about it?” Peretz fixed her in the eyes and with full severity rebuked her, saying, “It is because of such false persons as you who do not know God and who do not have the true faith in their heart that these things come about”. - [97]

Prophetic Sign concerning a decree of economic crisis at Jerusalem


677 - Giuseppe dreamed (April 16, 1990 - Milan) that he was with CarmineSaul, his wife Luana, and Daniel. They were studying together the dreams, each one reading a dream. One of them took up a dream and read it in a light-headed manner. Giuseppe then took the dreams away from them and said, “These are dreams that have descended from the Kingdom of Heaven. To read them one must have fear of God and they must not be banalized in any way because they are ‘hidden things’ from the Kingdom of Heaven. -

Message: be with the utmost respect for these dreams


678 - Daniel dreamed (April 19, 1990 - Milan) that he saw Jewish children playing. Some fellows passing by saw that they were Jewish and they pushed them away. Daniel, seeing this, rebuked the children, saying, “With all the anti-Semitism around now, you go and place yourself in danger”! After this Daniel was in a room with Jewish youths. One of them acted with feelings of superiority. Daniel said to him, “According to you what difference is there between you and me before God. Perhaps you don’t have two eyes as I have or one nose and one mouth? Or perhaps you have four eyes and two mouths? Both of us need food to live!” The youth, hearing this, lowered his head. There was a child who was disturbing the conversation. Daniel criticised him and said, “Yes, you are Jewish and I am not. You are circumcised and I am not. You belong to Israel which is the chosen people of God. You are a light among the nations. Without Israel there is no Red.” One of the boys present asked, “What does the word ‘Red.’ mean. Daniel answered, “Redemption. In order to be part of the H.o.P[98]. one must remember all these things”. The boy said, “But are you speaking in Code”? Daniel answered, “Yes, for the moment”. -

Signs: the 2nd period of 6 years, in ‘hidden signs’ of the Great Reform in Judaism


684 - Giuseppe dreamed (May 1, 1990 - Milan) that ‘traditional Christianity was being accused in judgement’. Giuseppe said, “Now the time has come that God, blessed is His name, will not give his honor to another”. -

Sign: the Correction of Christianity which is now in judgment

685 - Paolo dreamed (May 1, 1990 - Bersheva) that he was with Adam K. Together they planted two large trees. Adam planted a eucalyptus tree and Paolo planted a date-palm tree.[99]

Prophetic Sign of Calm and Sweetness in Israel


688 - Deborah dreamed (Oct. 11, 1990 - Ranzanico, Italy) that she was with Paolo and the children in a house in the mountains. Yehoel Yehoel came out of the house with a Talet around his shoulders. Deborah was afraid and quickly brought him into the house. In the meantime she noticed that Peretz was putting the Torah and other things visibly pertaining to the Jewish tradition in a hole under the ground. Then he entered a very small room to say the prayer.[100] Inside, in the wall, was a container with a stone in it. Peretz held his feet pressed to this container. As Peretz was praying, Deborah said to him that his mother was present and she wanted to know when he would again begin to pray for her. -

Prophetic Signs: coming Anti-Semitism for which precautions must be taken

689 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (May 11, 1990 - Milan) that the waters rose up to the top of a mountain. - [101]

Another Prophetic Sign of the High Flood Waters coming


690 - Giuseppe dreamed (May 12, 1990 - Milan) that he was in Africa. On the television it was said ‘The day of the Lord is close’. Then he saw ants who had eaten everything, a fact which had caused catastrophes. -

Prophetic Sign during the Fourth Generation


692 - Paolo dreamed (May 15, 1990) that he was with Peretz and Sarah in Israel. They observed the high level military exercises of the technologically advanced Israeli Air force which was quite marvellous to see. Then there was an invasion of UFO and panic broke out among the people. Also they were seriously worried about the critical situation and looked for a secure place. Along the way they met extraterrestrials and thought about the worst but these latter greeted them friendly. Afterwards they were underground; they went up on a large ramp of stairs made of crude stone that led outside. When they came out into the open they found a completely ‘new’ world. The sky had a marvellous and intense colour; the sun radiated tranquillity and prosperity, the earth was red and all around there was perfume of peace. Peretz, Sarah and Paolo were astonished to see the great change and they understood that God had renewed the heavens and the earth.[102] -

(Prophetic Signs to study)


693 - Daniel dreamed (May 23, 1990 Milan) that he saw Jews leaving Switzerland because of anti-Semitism. -

Another Sign of Anti-Semitism


695 - Francesca Tramontana dreamed (June 4, 1990 - Milan) that she saw a man who said, “Appreciate food now because the time will come when it will be missing”. -

Another Prophet Sign of the Scarcity of food


698 - Deborah dreamed (Shavuot 5750 - 1990 -Bersheva) that Peretz, Paolo and she walked together with many people who came from all parts of the world to see the Third Temple. It was evening; the Third Temple was a modern construction with a circular form; it had high and thick walls of desert-sand colour; its large roof was overlapping and on it were seven circles[103]; close to the circles were lights that illuminated each circle, sending lights into the sky. Peretz, Paolo and Deborah met a pupil of the Yeshiva connected to the Temple. This pupil spoke about the rabbis who taught in the School. He explained that were all dressed normally and were without beards. He emphasised the fact that the pupils were taught foremost to have respect for every person among others and among themselves. One of the rabbis, very young and with perfect derech eretz spoke to them. -

Sign: vision of Third Temple

699 - Giuseppe dreamed (June 17, 1990 - Milan) that it was snowing in the month of June. People assisted at this phenomenon with astonishment. Giuseppe said to them, “Who can do this? Only God, blessed is He, can do this”. -

Another Sign of Climate Change: Snow in June


702 - Beniamino dreamed (June 28, 1990 - Milan) that he was in Spain with Daniel. Daniel was angry with the Spaniards because they spoke in an iniquitous way about God. Beniamino then said that it was necessary to carry the Staffs with them more often. Then he saw Paolo who had in his hand the Book of the Donkey who eats Bread. Paolo was speaking to many persons. - [104]

Prophetic Sign concerning Spain


708 - Giuseppe dreamed (July 30, 1990 - Milan) that he was in some ‘terrible’ place in the country, in a house with unknown people. There were beasts there that devoured everything, people included. Giuseppe saw that a non-human being caused all this, directing those beasts. Giuseppe tried to stop it, but was unsuccessful. He tried then to curse it, but to no avail. Then this being tried to attack Giuseppe with words, but the Protection shielded him and blocked the mouth of this entity. Then this being said, “I come during the Day of the Lord, for I am an angel of the Day of the Lord.” From this Giuseppe understood that he must not intervene. In the mean time nature disappeared and the people died, eaten by the beasts. -

Signs of the Day of the Lord


714 - Peretz dreamed (Sept. 11, 1990 - Houston Texas) that it was the Brit Milah of Joel.[105] In the Synagogue where the rite was performed, there were several Lubovitchers. In organising the Brit, Peretz had to leave the Synagogue for a moment. When he re-entered the Lubovitchers had already made the circumcision on Joel. Peretz, very angry inside, asked what name had been given to the child. One of them indicated to a child that he say the name; he said, “Shneur Zalman”[106]. Peretz with intense determination said, “This is a sign that the Lubovitchers will be cut off (excommunicated from the Jewish people) in the time of Joel”. -

Message against Habad –The Herem Mi-Deoraita


732 - Giuseppe dreamed (April 23, 1991 - Milan) that extra-terrestrials came down from space. One of them said to Giuseppe with heavy seriousness, “Mankind is disturbing us, and if it does not stop, we will have to intervene very soon”. -[107]

Message: a reason for the hostility of extra-terrestrials (at first)


737 - Giuseppe dreamed (August 6, 1991 - Milan) that he was in the mountains; there was a group of people. No one was able to understand where he or she was; it was frightening; there was no sun, it was dark but no stars could be seen; the air was ‘terrible’, the darkness was thick; the only thing that one could do was to walk and not to stop walking; no one knew the destination; the mountains were ‘fragile’ having been shuffled by earthquakes; the world was without light and was held by tenebrous forces. In that small group of persons, however, there was a light - the faith in God. Yet the physical darkness was so thick that no one was able to see his own feet. -

Signs of the Fourth Generation


740 - Giuseppe dreamed (August 20, 1991 - Milan) that there was war; there were many Italian Alpini (particular group of soldiers); they left for the front. Giuseppe had been recalled to military service for reason of the war. Giuseppe then saw Peretz, very tranquil, serving in a bar, preparing a cocktail. Peretz said, “Don’t be afraid, everything will return to the way it was in the first world war”. Afterwards Giuseppe saw the two Germanys and Russia. On a map before him, the cities of Berlin and Moscow were marked with black spots. -

Prophetic Signs


741 - Giuseppe dreamed (August 22, 1991 - Milan) that he was looking at a map, at the two Germanys and Russia (the zone of Moscow) Then he saw the image of Kohl and the German people. A voice from heaven said: One will return to slavery. Giuseppe was frightened by these words and refused to believe it. He was blocked in his thoughts, however, and the same voice repeated: One will return to slavery[108]; so will it be. -

Prophetic Signs


744 - Giuseppe dreamed (Sept. 14, 1990 - Milan) that he was at Sombrero; there were tremendous thunder-claps that came from the mountain; the mountain shook and the thunder split the rocks of the mountain with fragments coming down on the house and all this became continuously stronger. Giuseppe was afraid. He looked down and observed the ants. In the mean time from the heavens a sort of rhythmic, tambourine-like beat was heard, a constant sound with a precise rhythm. Then the ants began to speak, saying, “It is God who saves”. Then he heard a voice come out of the walls of the house, saying, “It is God who saves”. In the same manner the birds flying above, the trees and plants, the earth itself and the spirits of the defunct who in that moment came out of the house ‘smiling’ - all were saying, “It is God who saves”. Giuseppe felt great fear and all the voices that he heard continually grew stronger. Also the thunder from the mountain became ever stronger with explosions and consequent splitting. Giuseppe went into the garden and lay down on the ground. From every angle men, trees, earth, sky, animals etc. - all kept on saying with the same rhythm, “It is God who saves”. The mountain now became even more explosive. There appeared a dog with two red eyes and a ferocious look. Also the dog said, “It is God who saves”. -

Messages on the Day of the Lord


748 - Giuseppe dreamed (Sept. 29, 1991 - Milan) that he saw Peretz who was very young and who was wearing an elegant black suit. It seemed as if Peretz was embarrassed about what was coming. Then a voice from heaven said, “Now I will show you something of the future”. In that moment from above there came down the ‘cloud of time’ from which a vision was seen: It was another epoch. The sky was ‘different’ than it is now. Also the trees were ‘changed’ and the earth was ‘transformed’. There was an indescribable calm. Then Giuseppe saw a kind of tent in which there were three elderly men, filled with wisdom and with good health. Giuseppe understood that these three men were Joel, Haim Shimshon and the husband of Gilat Haim. Behind them there were technologically sophisticated instruments. Joel, who was in the middle, took a scarab (scarabeo)[109] and with meditation said, “In merit of our fathers”. Having said this, he put the scarab in his mouth. Giuseppe understood that he was meditating on the New Pact and that the reference was to Peretz, Paolo, Adam, Daniel and Giuseppe. -

Prophetic Signs

749 - Giuseppe dreamed (Sept. 29, 1991 - Milan) that he was in heaven, looking at hosts of angels; every host was divided into squads of various colours. Giuseppe was able to distinguish those ‘yellow’ and those ‘blue’. Every squad had a chief. These chiefs came to Giuseppe and said, “We have now received permission to descend to earth to fulfil all that has been ordered”. Just as these stopped speaking, Giuseppe saw angels descend on earth to take their ‘positions’. These were destructive angels îùçéúéí; some went towards the earth itself, some went towards the trees and many took places on plantations. There were also angels of the wind, of fire and of the sea. Then the chief of the ‘blue’ angels spoke to Giuseppe and said, “We have awaited this moment for a long time. Now that there is permission, we will go down and we will vindicate ourselves. We are those who create panic and terrible disorders in the world.” After these words, Giuseppe saw a large valley; a train, travelling at high speed, crashed into another train. After this he saw a multitude of people taken by panic. -

Angels of Destruction of the Fourth Generation


750 - Paolo dreamed (Oct. 1, 1991 - Sombrero) that the American army was stationed in a land inhabited by indigenous, uncivilised people. The purpose of the army was to civilise that place and to govern over it. This people was simple, not evil; it led a tranquil and pacific life with its own tradition. They could not understand why they should change their traditions and be subjected to the will of others unknown to them. In the end they decided to oppose the Americans. Then the Americans, with an attitude of superiority frightened these people with acrobatic aeroplane exercises. The people lay down on the ground with their hands around their heads terrorised, asking themselves why all this was happening to them. Then Paolo saw the figure of President Bush who was aware of what was happening to those people.[110] -

Some American errors of Foreign Policy


752 - Giuseppe dreamed (Oct. 8, 1991 - Milan) that he was speaking with an unknown man who was telling Giuseppe all about his past and also his future. Giuseppe then said to him, “Is it true that you like to defend yourself”? The man answered affirmatively. Then Giuseppe saw Peretz and the pupils who were walking very slowly. A voice from heaven said, “Now is the moment to go slowly”.[111] -

Message: Time to go slowly


755 - Giuseppe dreamed (Oct. 22, 1991 - Milan) that he was with some youths. From their mouths were heard songs of death regarding the Catholic Church; they were songs of accusations from the past until the present. Giuseppe saw that one of these boys was under ‘magic’ done in the name of the Church. Giuseppe made signs and was able to break the magic. Giuseppe asked one fellow, “Who are you?” The youth showed him a document with the mark of a dragon on it and said, “The (Catholic) Church will be dead by 2020-2021”. -

Prophetic Message concerning the Catholic Church


756 - Giuseppe dreamed (Oct. 23, 1991 - Milan) that he was in Syria and Lebanon. There were military manoeuvres to make war against Israel with heavy weapons. Giuseppe said, “There will be war then?” In that moment appeared Shaul who said, “Yes, there will be war.” -

Sign of War against Syria


790 - Roberto Lupano dreamed (April 18, 1992 - Millespini-Milan) that he saw three young Jewish youths, about 20 years old without a beard. They were half naked, bent over; they covered their head with their arms and hands. They were extremely afraid and ashamed. With Roberto was a Jewish friend who said, “You see these youths; they were part of the Lubovitcher Movement and they have left. They are waiting for the only person able to do something for them. That person is Peretz.” Now Roberto saw Peretz who went towards those Jews. Roberto’s friend said that he had two brothers in the Lubovitcher Movement, that one had come out by himself but that it was more difficult that the other come out. -

Message: the Excommunication of the Lubovitcher Movement


799 - Giuseppe dreamed (June 28, 1992 - Milan) that he was at Bersheva in Israel. He was very happy to be there and the atmosphere was festive and cheerful. In the city there was much movement. One saw Jews and Arabs seated in the streets watching television from which there was news of peace. It was as if the city had flourished with large trees. The sky was clear blue. Giuseppe decided to visit Adam (Kamkhaji). Adam was involved in a political meeting. Giuseppe waited for him and when he came out they embraced with enormous feeling. Giuseppe then saw two acquaintances of his from Italy at Bersheva and he asked them how come they were in Israel. They answered, “We are here for the circumstances that presented themselves”. Giuseppe said, “How strange destiny is”.[112] -

Prophetic Sign of Peace


800 - Deborah dreamed (July 10, 1992 - Sombrero) that Daniel was speaking about the ‘territories’. From heaven it was said, “The territory where you are, is considered land of our fathers; it is not considered Italy“. At that moment Daniel began writing prophecies in English. -

Message: Extension of the Holy Land


806 - Daniel dreamed (August 18, 1992 - Sombrero) that he, Peretz, Paolo, Giuseppe and Beniamino went to make a sign in the Temple at Jerusalem in order to establish the borders of Israel. Peretz took hold of a map and Daniel said that the borders were the biblical ones; Peretz added that there is another ‘secret’ border, north of Israel, on the Black Sea which belongs to Israel. The name of that place was Modian or Madiani (he doesn’t remember it well) - [113]

Prophet Sign concerning Israel’s future borders


818 - Paolo dreamed (Nov. 18, 1992) that he was with Peretz at Minervino Paolo’s birth-place in Puglia, South Italy). Peretz stopped to speak with a sorcerer (mago) in apparently sociable conversation. Then they entered the house of Anna’s (a friend from Minervino) parents; the mago was with a friend. As soon as they entered the house, the mago couldn’t even move a finger before Peretz had made a sign on the man’s hips, blocking him. The mago’s friend, seeing him in difficulty, wanted to hit Peretz from behind. Paolo quickly took hold of the man and brought him outside. In the meantime, Peretz triumphed over the sorcerer. -

The New Pact triumphs over Sorcery and Magic


828 - Adam dreamed (Dec. 9, 1992 - Bersheva) that he was visioning in a film-like manner the catastrophic situation in Russia; he saw Gorbaciov several times and the terrible conditions of the present Russia; tremendous confusion, prostitution, evil spirits and demons, all kinds of serious problems. -

Prophet Sign concerning Russia


837 - Deborah dreamed (Dec. 1992) that Peretz, Paolo and she were on a balcony. There arose a strong wind, blowing away everything around. Then they were at the house of Mrs. Accettone[114]. Shaul was there and Salvatore Gamo.[115] The pupils displayed complete indifference to Salvatore. Then Salvatore began to speak, saying, “I don’t understand how such people (referring to those of Genzano) were able to rebel against you (tradirvi) in such a false manner". Peretz listened completely surprised by those words. Deborah said to Salvatore, “You’re just the person to speak!!” Deborah looked at Peretz who quietly went close to Salvatore, and, by indications, made it understood that it was not Salvatore who was speaking but the Prophet Elijah and to let him continue. Then Salvatore answered, saying that such persons are ignoble, whereas he had never gone against the truth of the faith in his soul and he had maintained true values. -

Concerning the Schism


843 - Adam dreamed (Jan. 8, 1993 - Bersheva) that he was at the tomb of Yosef ha-Tzadik. He saw a dense group of Arabs with evil intentions that tried to enter. Adam tried desperately to close the entrance door, but he mistakenly opened it. The Arabs came in and there was a proper battle between Arabs and Jews. -

Prophetic Sign


850 - Daniel dreamed (March 13, 1993 - Sombrero) that he was woken up by someone extremely frightened by a dream in which were seen 3 days of Shabbat, the wrath of God and an new bus. Daniel explained the dream: the 3 days are 3 sins that unchain the wrath of God; among these three is the Shabbat unrecognised by the ‘Witnesses’ and by Catholics (these are 2) and the ‘Witnesses’ who profane the name of God; the new bus represents the New Revelation which the ‘Witnesses’ do not possess.

Prophetic Sign against the Testimonies of G.


868 - Giuseppe dreamed (July 3, 1993 - Sombrero) that he heard a voice which explained: To cure A.I.D.S. one must search for all the anti-bodies at disposition in the person to be cured. In this way one comes to know the defences that his body has. Once the series of anti-bodies and the immune defences are analysed, it is necessary to insert an anti-body which combats all that which is outside of the defences. That is, an anti-body which strikes against the viruses that are outside of these defences. The antidote against this virus is found in dogs. This antibody has to be placed aside in a sack of healthy blood; it lives together with other anti-bodies and it does not attack them. By nature it combats and its combating action is for 6 months. After 6 months it begins its battle; it individualises the invaders that are damaging the organism. After its battle, it dies. Practically, its function is to see to the equilibrium encountered from the time it (the virus ?) was born. These anti-bodies must be extracted from the pancreas of a dog and immediately placed in a sack of healthy blood. There the anti-body reproduces and if it is put immediately into human blood, it becomes used to that system. After 6 months begins the purification of the body, attacking all that which it does not recognise. The virus becomes individualised and destroyed. - [116]

Remedy against A.I.D.S.


871 - Giuseppe dreamed (July 9, 1993 - Sombrero) that he was in Naples; he went around the whole city; wherever he went he found iniquity. Giuseppe was completely disgusted and felt great anger inside. From his mouth issued harsh judgements; he the heavens and the waters to come out and strike. The sky in Naples turned dark, thunder-claps were heard and strong winds arose. Every word that Giuseppe pronounced was immediately realised. His voice was in ‘line’ with the waters, the heavens and the earth. All this was for Naples’ arrogance which was bringing it to total destruction. There was no mercy on the place and once the wrath had begun, nothing could stop it. -

Prophetic Sign concerning Naples


872 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (July 10, 1993 - Milan) that she had to bring Marco Federico into an unknown house because there would be a dangerous exposure of lunar rays. She took him, together with another child who was present, and, after having wrapped him around with a blanket from head to foot, she brought him there. The danger was so great that even the moon rays which infiltrated the fissures of the venetian-blinds would be damaging. The highest point of danger would be reached on the 5th of May. In that house, Anna saw the remains of a dinner with a large part left over, wasted. She stopped to pick up the pieces of left-over bread that were still fresh and she put them in her pocket-book to carry away with her. -

Signs of the Scarcity of food and the Dangers of the Fourth Generation


873 - Daniel dream (July 10, 1993 - Sombrero) the amazing vision that follows; all of a sudden Daniel saw a gigantic arch so great that its end could not be seen; there were natural gold-coloured outlets from which emanated a splendid light. Then Daniel saw the inside of the Temple; it was so large that the surrounding walls were not seen but only the floor of smooth red stone. Very suggestive hymns of prayer to God on high were heard all around. The vision continued; a splendid large sun illuminated Jerusalem. At the same time was seen Peretz who walked very slowly with (the) Tablets in his hands. The vision showed this repeatedly, the sun that shone marvellously over Jerusalem and Peretz who walked very slowly with the Tablets of the New Law in his hands. As Peretz walked on, he came to the Arch of the Alliance. Moses, our teacher was standing there and awaited him and then said, Good, you have done good work. Peretz lifted the Arch and deposited the New Tablets of the Law inside. Suddenly a voice from heaven was heard - it said ‘Behold, I will make a New Alliance in which all shall know Me, from the smallest to the greatest. I will establish My New Law in the heart of each one of you so that it remain incised in the heart and no one will ask ‘Where is God?’ because the New Law will render you simple before Me. At that point a large heart descended from heaven. Then Daniel saw the Teacher Haim extremely content. The Teacher had observed everything. The vision concluded with a large heart in Daniel’s hands. Daniel called Paolo and together they placed the sign inside the Tent (of Peretz at Sombrero). -

Prophetic Joy for the New Law of the Final Redemption


875 - Giuseppe dreamed (August 10, 1993 - Milan) that he was in the midst of the sea. There were species of fish and sea-life creatures that he had never seen before. There were also sea-monsters. Giuseppe was very frightened by them. At a certain point he was raised up from the waters towards the sky. From Giuseppe’s mouth came the words, “Moses, Moses, Moses”. All the sea-creatures, as well as the water, the fish - the sea itself - were overtaken with fear. There was a trembling. A voice from heaven declared ‘Before the name of Moses, peace be with him, all become frightened’.[117] -

Sign: ‘Before the name of Moses, all become frightened’


878 - Giuseppe dreamed (Oct. 6, 1993 - Sombrero) that he saw America, Russia and China. There was a play of force between them; there was, so to speak, great pressure in those three directions. The argument concerned nuclear bombs.

Prophetic Sign


880 - Daniel dreamed (Oct. 27, 1993 - Sombrero) that he was in a large Roman type arena where the Ministers of the Nations were present; many wore military uniforms. Suddenly, from the top of the Arena, the High General of all the Ministers stood up to speak. He began: "I have descended here in the world and I have seen that both the Israelis and the Arabs have, in the interior of their hearts, the clean faith in God". - In that moment there was absolute silence in the Arena. The General continued: Yes, it is true. In the world both the Israelis and the Arabs have, with respect to the other nations, a higher interiority due to the faith in their heart. When they pray, they call to God and God is with them and inside their hearts. When they pray, their souls ascend to the heavens and praise God. Look at the Moslems, for example, when they pray to Allah, how they stimulate a feeling of the fear of God around themselves. It is true, they also have many defects, but when they pray to Allah, they themselves do not know how much they are loved". - In that moment, a strong fear of God fell over all the Ministers of the nations. Again the General took up: "Instead, I have seen in Christianity an enormous superficiality in the faith and in the way Christians judge Israelis and Arabs". - The General stopped speaking. Many Ministers were frightened and whispered consultations among them were heard. Then the Minister ‘defence lawyer’ of Christianity, dressed in black garments all worn and torn, took up the discourse, saying: "Why is it said that we have a superficial faith? We teach love for one’s neighbour, charity, the faith in Saints and in God; the Israelis and Arabs, on the other hand, have great defects in their behaviour, and they believe themselves to be who knows what!" In that moment Daniel had permission to speak. He interrupted the Minister of Christians, saying, “Be careful how you speak. You immediately turn to speaking about the defects of the others. Remember well what the General said. He said both Israelis and Arabs have a clean inner faith in their hearts; he didn’t speak about their various attitudes; who is there in the world that doesn’t make mistakes! You Christians, however, not only do you have defects as all the others, but the very faith in your heart is defective. You have never taken up profoundly your theology to see its errors; on the contrary, you have justified it.” - The Minister of Christians, flustered and angry, answered Daniel: "How can you say this! We have had many miracles of the Virgin Mary; she has saved many people. Many saints are seen in dreams and dreams come by way of God". - Daniel interrupted him again, exclaiming, “This is idolatry! The Madonna is an impure spirit hated before Heaven.” The Minister, furious, said: "Now I will call the Madonna, Mother of God, the Queen of the Heavens, and she will convince you that our faith is just". - The Minister then made a sign and the Madonna appeared in the Arena, all covered over (veiled). Daniel looked at her with hatred in his eyes. The Virgin Mary then stripped naked before all, assuming an aspect of the rock-star Madonna. At one side of the arena there was a painting picturing the Pope (Woitylla) who guided the Madonna, trying to have her do harm to Daniel. Daniel took hold of her and he violently thrust her into a hole of a toilet and said, “May God curse you and destroy you in the excrement”. The Madonna was completely swallowed into the hole. - - - - and Daniel woke up from this extraordinary dream. -

An Incredible Prophetic Sign from the Higher Tribunal


896 - Giuseppe dreamed (Nov. 18, 1993 - Sombrero) that he saw Italy from above, particularly the zone of Naples and the volcano Vesuvius. There was judgement from Heaven and all eyes were pointed towards the Vesuvius. Voices said, “As soon as the Great Shofar will begin to be sounded, the Vesuvius will be given orders to erupt in full force. This is one of the decrees that must descend on Italy". In that moment was seen the inside of a crater, with lava risen until the top ready to spill over. The whole mountain was incandescent and there were also earthquakes. The sky was thickly dark and frightening. After this Giuseppe saw two women from south Italy. One said to the other that everything they had been taught was false and that the truth is that God, Blessed is He, is One. The woman spoke against the cult to statues, to saints and to Madonnas. She was angry for the false teachings that she had received. [118]

Prophetic Sign concerning Napoli


897 - Deborah dreamed (Dec. 3, 1993 - Sombrero) that there were accidents of large proportions, natural catastrophes, pollution of the atmosphere and of the water. These were decrees of the ‘Bridge’ of the Fourth Generation in Italy, but they were displaced from Italy and placed in various countries of Europe for reason of the many merits in Italy. Consequently, there will not be such catastrophes in Italy, but an internal revolution in the country. -

Prophetic Signs concerning Italy







[1]. these are the 4 stars of the ‘handle’ of the Big Dipper

[2]. note - first sign of the House of the Redemption in the Sign of the House of Refuge and House of Salvation - here the House of Prayer is as yet undefined except for the fact that it was without Christian or Jewish symbols. In the second Sign more of its nature is revealed. This Sign indicates the necessity of the New House of Prayer as a place of refuge and salvation during the Fourth Generation. All those who desire to follow the instructions of the Teacher Haim must know that the terrible events of the Fourth Generation are coming. Thus the resurrected Tzadik warns all his pupils that there is a ‘particular year’ ‘this year’ in which the House of Prayer will represent the true Protection for those who take refuge in it. ‘This year’ is to be understood as the Day of the Lord. As one doesn’t know which Day it is and must thus be ready every day for that which is coming, so too one knows not in which year and must prepare for it ‘this year’. -

[3]. note - it is essential that the New Universal House of Prayer is separated from the Traditional Synagogue but under it. Thus we have here Jews and non-Jews praying together in a Universal House of Prayer which is ‘officially’ under the traditional Synagogue. The reason for the sad atmosphere of the Synagogue is that the Jews have not yet been renewed in the new spirit of the Final Redemption. This, however, does not degrade the traditional Synagogue of its priority. This is the priority of Israel, the chosen nation, receiver of the holy Law at Sinai, guardians of the pure monotheistic faith. Nevertheless, as to the recognition of the New Pact and the New House of Prayer, it is to be surmised that ‘many of the first will be the last and many of the last will be the first’. The Book of Esther, read at the feast of Purim, represents here the Scroll of the Redemption in the key of the Sign of the Stars. The Book of Esther of Sefer Mishnat Haim is the Scroll of the Redemption as the Redemption is directed through the time cycles of the Stars often in extremely hidden ways, ununderstood until the salvation itself is revealed in the end. Purim represents the Hidden Redemption where the Divine Intervention is hidden in the natural events of history reason for which the name of God does not appear in the Megilat Ester. In the end it represents the victory of God over the enemies of Israel and the salvation of His beloved. In the House of the Final Redemption we celebrate on Purim the Feast of the Book of the Signs in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

[4]. possibly a sign of eventual dominion of the third world (more than Chinese the man was Asiatic) -

[5]. in reality there was never such a relationship -

[6]. note - sign of the international collaboration which will be upheld in the time of the war. At that time, the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption will be called upon for aid and volunteers. -

[7]. note - this is marvellous news that when the New Message of the Final Redemption will be understood by all, not only Jews will say ‘Moses, our teacher’ but also the nations will understand the Redemption of Moses, magister noster -

[8] This, of course, an incredibly Large Sign, to speak about New Judgment and there are, for sure, many aspects of the Question. ‘This year’ in any case is a sign of this Fourth Generation. It is significant here that Signora Mazal demonstrates the New Garments. There is a great, new Fortune in Judgment. God Almighty’s choice of the Tzadik Haim opens up the Great, New Epoch of History. In all the heavens above there is great rejoicing for the chosen Jacob of God Almighty’s Design in the Completed Sign of the Resurrection. That is in the heavens but on earth none knows what has happened except for a restricted number of Donkeys etc. and great fortunes flow down from the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan, and the Teacher Haim reveals the New Constellations and the Stars of the Redemption etc. And there is a change in judging others as the Goel Haim declares with immense love “We are all of the same flesh”. And any person who had the great fortune of knowing what has happened, and he or she believes, even if said person was extremely far from salvation, he or she will, so to speak, be given a new white page and will be forgiven all his or her past. And all the Messages are intended to go out for the Nations because the Final Goel brings justice to the nations etc. and ‘we are all of the same flesh’. All these are New Parameters of Judgment now come into the world.

[9] In those terrible periods ahead, whoever helps others is loved by God, even Nuns whose idolatry is known. Even their words of encouragement and good will are to be accepted with love. For in those dark times, ‘We are all of the same flesh’ goes above all differences. This is of course true for all the times afterwards in the light of the FR but all will be in the true faith then. In the dark times, however, where still confusion reigns, that which counts is a good heart to do good for others and the rest is secondary.

[10]. note - sign of the Angels of Protection who follow the adherents of the House of the Final Redemption - sign of the Great Joy in the world of truth for the News of the New Message -

[11]. probably an early sign of the Comet Shoemaker - Levy of 1994 - the torrential rain may be the fragments of the Comet in their hitting Jupiter, the planet of Justice. The Salami that we know is Giordano Levi; he is Levi and has a store as a shoemaker has his store. Also the Butcher is the one who must be exact in using the weights of the balance etc. as the Comet Shoemaker-Levy is in the Sign of Justice (Jupiter) in the Sign of the New Justice of God during the Fourth Generation -

[12]. note - sign of the necessity to save the Jews in Russia from Anti-Semitism -

[13] The Final Pact is the Ark of Salvation during this Fourth Generation

[14]. this is a sign of the terrible sin of Genetics of the Fourth Generation, so terrible that the angels of God’s protection would all be called back above in that period and there would remain no protection on earth, God forbid, if not for the New Protection of the New Pact etc. -

[15]. see documentation of Adam Kamkhaji on Anna Passalacqua -

[16] This Altar derives from the Power of Prophecy given to Moses, Magister noster. It is in direct line with the Prophetic Tradition of Israel and thus a very sanctified Altar for which one must have permission to ascend. -

[17]. note - sign of hope for many desolate youths- we have received it that many drug-dependants will be saved by way of the New Circumcision of the New Pact which gives a new protection and the force not to return to their death-ridden past -

[18]. note sign of the hated spirit of Dianetics which, with diabolic cerebral coldness, robs people’s money and destroys the meat (the true heart) of its adherents. But people do not realise this and they are trapped inside without a way out. One can study all the evil of Dianetics by way of this very important prophetic sign which represents a strong warning from Heaven to stay clear of this false messianic spirit that traps its victims in the Great Refrigerator -

[19]. note - this marvellous sign indicates that the New Pact of the Final Redemption has been sealed for the world – The Pact of the Rainbow is the Pact made by God when Noah and family left the ark. It returns for the Final Pact where all the true Pacts return. The Cylinder with the Pact of the Rainbow sealed inside on the level of the Stars of the Redemption represents the Final New Pact of Splendor sealed into the New Constellation of the Hexagon which is 6 times 6 Stars. This represents 36 Hidden Stars which are the 6 Completed Signs of 6 cycles. The multifarious colours of the Rainbow indicates the Splendor of the Final New Pact.

[20] Obviously bound to the defeat of the Serpent of Garden fame and the Apple is from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected. Note that the ‘death’ of the Serpent is not the death of Satan or the Yetzer ha-Ra because he is well needed for the world of the Final Redemption. Without him, there would be no procreation, for example, nor would there exist Free Choice etc. His ‘kingdom’, however, will be diminished to the bare necessities. The Serpent, on the other hand, is not the angel Satan himself but was used and became associated with the Yetzer ha-Ra, otherwise there would have been no reason to punish him. The Serpent is the false cunning and the strategic falsifications perpetrated by the Yetzer ha-Ra that will be destroyed in the FR. All will return to a simplicity in the faith in God Almighty which will no longer allow for such falsifications. -

[21] A sign to make provisions for the times ahead. Until now it’s as if the food were falling down from the sky etc. -

[22] There are 4 categories: The High Waters, the Dangerous Waters, the Turbulent Waters and the Poisonous Waters -

[23] Deborah in 1996 with birth of Noa Hhana Noga took on the name Noda’ (as the Hebrew Noda’ be-Yehudah – known to the Jewish people) and so is she called in all the texts -

[24]. note - this dream contains the confirmation of the Sign of Malchitzedek. The priest doesn’t want to give communion because he knows that through the Signs of Donkey-Peretz the wine and the bread are neutralised of the idolatrous doctrines to which they are associated and are then substituted by the New Rite of the Redemption, the sanctification of the wine and the blessing of bread on the Altar of Malchitzedek – These are strategies of the Star of Christ to take back whatever must be gleaned from the Initial Signs. The Christian ‘mass’ of wine and bread are ‘recuperated’ for the Completed Sign of Bread, Wine, Milk and Honey on the Altar of Malchitzedek. The Sign in the Torah ‘therefore was he called Jacob and he has beguiled (fooled, tricked,) me these two times’ comes when the Jacob Signs of the FR ‘recuperate’, with the Stellar Strategies of the Star that Astounds, the Initial Signs that had gone out to Esau, Christianity (in particular the Catholic Church). This dream contains one of the ‘two times’, that of Bread and Wine. The second time in dreams is when Donkey-Peretz ‘plays’ the Pope and is called the ‘Highest Priest of all the Priests of the world’ (see dream of Daniel Manigrasso). It is thus the Church that says to the Marvellous Donket-Peretz Signs ‘therefore has he been called the Completed Donkey of the Jacob Signs for he ‘stolen back’ our Material (hhamor is also hhomer) ‘material’ in these two Completed Signs.

[25]. note - repetition of the Sign ‘The Time Has Come’ in the Fifth Year - the Christian Signs of the first 4 years are completed in the fifth year by the Jewish Signs -

[26] Note 2011 - This is prophetic, unfortunately, to the state of the School of the Rose until now, but its Sign is saved, however, for the sake of the FR, here for the sake of warning people of the dangers of the Fourth Generation. -

[27] Note Nov. 2011. Perhaps the 3 Stars of the Triangle of the Mouth of Big Fish, as received: the Star of the Sea of the Heart of Justice, Star of the Sea of Forgetfulness (Neshiah) and the Star of the Sea of Prophetic Realization. The 65 years of the Fourth Generation continuously sees the coming closer together of the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek (Star of Christ and Star that Astounds) until they reach the Redemptional position of 4000 years ago (2047) in the meeting between Abraham and Malchitzedek. The Triangle of Leviathan’s Mouth correspondingly opens the 13 New Mazalot of Leviathan for the world and at the end of the 65 year cycle, those 2 Stars and the New Mazalot represents the entrance of the Redemption in the world. When, however, the terrible period of the Fourth Generation (from 2017 to 2042) comes, the Triangle is not seen and the 13 Mazalot of Leviathan cannot be revealed because it’s a time of destruction, not a time of Redemption, except for God Almighty’s salvation of individuals. Therefore in that terrible period for the whole world, Deborah prays for Israel which has already paid for the bulk of its sins in the Shoa, as received in the Signs that for reason of the Holocaust it will be less heavy for Israel. -

[28] The reader must consider that most often when Peretz is mentioned in the dreams, he is together with the Donkey who eats Bread because it’s the Donkey’s flexibility that allows Peretz to take on whatever form is needed for the Sign. In any case, if a good traditional Jewish Donkey is the Pope he can surely revolutionize the Catholic Church, Hee-haw! This was necessary for the Correction of Christianity in those first years of the Signs.

[29] One can obtain here the incredible Power of the Signs made by the Donkeys of the Final Redemption. -

[30] Black in its negative sense is especially associated with the false-god Mamon (Money) – this is the terrible generation when people put their on money instead of on God Almighty; this is the worst generation ever for the substitution of true values with false values. -

[31]. note - sign that by way of the New Message many nuns will strip themselves of their vows, will get married and have children -

[32] sign that many only after they receive fear for their lives come to the faith -

[33]. note - Signs of the Donkey- in the first 6 years there was permission to lick the stones of the House of the Redemption with faith in the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread - these are hidden waters of the Kingdom of Heaven for the purpose of binding the Signs to earth and to the person who makes them. The Stones in the Signs of the Donkey against idolatry destroy the blindness of centuries -

[34] There many signs of New Angels of Protection to those who follow the Final New Pact -

[35]. see dream of Deborah of Oct. 9, 1987 - the building of 65 floors etc. - these two dreams determined definitively the 65 years of the Fourth Generation - see all relative explanations -

[36] They are brother and sister and thus German which means brother; he probably asks this to ascertain their fidelity in answering him. Germany, however, is known for making wars. For a ‘brotherhood may be good if its purpose is good but it is very bad when its purpose is bad, such as Germany in its history. The man thus suspects that perhaps they are the Anti-Christ who in his conceptualization of it brings on the great wars that are coming. They deny that and Claudio explains to him that such a conceptualization of the Anti-Christ is false. There is no Anti-Christ coming to make wars in the world. There will, however, be many natural calamities for which a Refuge House will be necessary. -

[37] To Daniel Manigrasso has been assigned the task of conducting the School of the Second Commandment. -

[38]. sign of the permission to explain the 10 commandments - the reference to the Wise Man of the City must be studied - sign of the length of the Fourth Generation 65 years - sign ‘the assignment of Peretz always arrives to the beginning’ -

[39]. note - this sign with Paolo was an oath of fidelity on Paolo’s part to work together with Peretz -

[40] An immersion in conjunction with the blessings against the evils of the Fourth Generation, as in dream 263 -

[41] This was also a proof that the Neshama of Noda’ was present at the revelation of Sinai -

[42] Israel and the Jewish people will not suffer as much as the nations in the Fourth Generation because their general punishment was already expiated for in the Shoa, unfortunately -

[43] - refers to the terrible phenomena that will occur during the Fourth Generation, until a certain point in time and then everything will change as indicated here by the vivid image of the ‘softening of the stars’ -

[44] These are signs that come to bind the Completed Signs of the FR with the first redemption of Moses, magister noster, and thus to the Signs of the Holy Torah. -

[45] Aside from the blessing promised in God’s blessings to the Patriarchs, they receive a true light of sanctification which further elevates them in their thoughts and deeds. -

[46]. see Report of Paolo

[47] In the first 5 years the Sign of the Messianic Veil helped envision the ‘Messianic Dilemmas’ of Jesus in his Mission. Being under the Messianic Veil, practically in silence, the Donkey who Eats Bread could better see how those Messianic Dilemmas became ‘resolved’ by way of the Signs of the Donkey. In any case, with the descent of the New Prophecies of the Fourth Generation, the Donkey was able to write Prophetic Messages. They’re referred to here as ‘Messianic’ (in the Sign of the Messianic Veil) because the Prophetic Messages they contain come for the sake of ‘salvation’ during this Fourth Generation.

[48] There will be invasions of aliens during this Fourth Generation, proven by many Signs received. There exists an assignment connected to the House of Prayer of the Redemption to speak with them as Ambassadors of Peace and to demonstrate our peaceful attitude towards them -

[49] Deuteronomy 4-19 ‘Lest you lift up your eyes to the heavens and you see the sun and the moon, all the hosts of the heavens’ and you go astray and bow down to them and you serve that which the Lord, your God, has apportioned to them, to all the nations under all the heavens’. This demonstrates that the ‘portion’ of the nations is under the stars’ – Destiny means ‘that which is already written in the stars’ – all people are under the stars and every person is under the star under which one was born. The Jewish people, however, are under the commandments of God which are above the influences of the stars, and therefore their destiny is not as the nations etc. This privilege of the Jewish people is in merit of Abraham, our father. In the Final Redemption, however, all those who take on the true monotheistic faith of Abraham are called ‘Abraham’s children and they enter the New House of Prayer as the ‘Children of Malchitzedek; they participate in the New Law of the FR and so they too rise above the influences of their stars and God is with them in merit of Abraham. Therefore it states of Abraham ‘and in you will be blessed all the families of the earth. This is true for all individuals. As for the nations as a whole, they are under their Mazal whereas the land of Israel is directly under God’s Providence. Nevertheless, in the FR, it is said that the Rite of Bread, Wine, Milk and Honey on the Altar of Malchitzedek renders that place as Eretz Yisrael flowing with milk and honey. Note that this Sign mentions Abraham because only Abraham is called the Father of a Multitude of Nations. -

[50]. NOTE - from Heaven a test was sent to Baby-Prophet-Giuseppe. The test came to demonstrate that even if an angel descends from heaven, performing incredible miracles, a true pupil of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread will not follow him -

[51] The sin was even worse because Peretz was in the Sign of the Anointed Priest (Green Tunic) and was in the Sign of the Donkey, Innocent as a Baby (the Pacifier). - Jerusalem means ‘the True Fear of God’ éøàä ùìîä- One must be fearful of that which has been sent by God Almighty. -

[52] Thus the New Rite of Pesah (the New Haggadah of the FR) is based on the Four Corners of Faith of the New House of Prayer. -

[53] That group is extremely hated by Heaven; their doctrines are false and they proclaim God’s name on those false doctrines; they are the foremost sinners against the Third Commandment; they will be destroyed in the end and they will lose their soul because they don’t believe in life after death. -

[54] These disgusting beings are the concepts of faith of the Asiatic religions. They are so numerous that it’s impossible to destroy if not for an intervention from Above, here by the Final Goel Haim -

[55] The first 6 years were in the Sign of the Stars, the second period of 6 years is under the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven, the third period of 6 years is under the Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot etc. – here a sign was needed to close the fourth corner of the first 6 years in preparation for the entrance of the Signs into the second period of 6 years -

[56]. referring to the false doctrines of the Zohar -

[57] Capricorn in Heb. Is ‘g’di’ and these 3 letters make ‘dagi’ ‘my fish. Capricorn is the particular Zodiac sign loved by Big Fish Leviathan by way of which he binds his higher 13 Mazalot to the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Thus the Donkey needs this Stone of Capricorn to help him get Leviathan talking. Hee-haw, hee-haw!

[58] - many churches will eventually become Houses of Prayer for the Altar of Malchitzedek. We’ve received the news that the same third and Final Temple of Jerusalem, of 7 Floors, 13 Altars and the Carpet of Islam will be built in Bersheva and that just this doubling of the Final House of Prayer gives the possibility of extending the House of Prayer in the world, according to the necessity of each community.

[59]. see sign in dream of Anna Gasparotti -that the Stone of Capricorn gives happiness to the Donkey all his days – Capricorn is particularly bound to Big Fish Leviathan and ‘gdi’ in Heb. Has the same letters as ‘dagi’ – my fish. -

[60] the stalk of corn, ‘panocchia’ in Italian, was a sign of the New Sanctity -

[61] Sign of the New Dawn represented by the Final Redemption

[62]. in Italian Il Grande Carro ‘the Great Cart’ – This confirmed that the essential name of this Constellation stood in the Cart, not in the Dipper. -

[63]. This is a marvellous dream. Sig. Domenico Manigrasso was not only uninstructed in religious matters, but didn’t even know that he had faith; in truth he had the true faith in his heart but he didn’t know its name; his true inner faith, however, was like a voice that issued from his inner comprehension - see documentation

[64] Paolo, the White Horse who must bind the 4 corners of the world for the extension of the New Message is looking for a spacious house adequate to help extend the News. Comes down the Donkey in Peretz and says, “Oh there good White Horse, you are looking for a spacious house but do you know why? For if your idea is to extend the New Message to the world, this can only be because the Kingdom of Heaven has already descended into the world. You want a spacious house to give more space to the descent of the Kingdom of Heaven.” -

[65] December 2011 ‘ only now after 22 years, I realize that this expression must be used in the New Rite ‘

[66] This incredible New Mishna demonstrates the enormous ‘sweetening’ of the Revelation of the Final Redemption compared to the first Sanctity revealed at Sinai – The fact that the New Revelation descends by way of the Stars of the Redemption is instrumental in this ‘sweetening’ because all people are able to receive dreams, and if with merit, redemptional dreams which many times pertain to the New Law of the FR in merit of the Goel Haim etc. -

[67]. signs such as this may seem relatively unimportant now, but in them are contained the power of the Signs to give the exact measurements of everything concerning the House of the Final Redemption and thus eventually the Third Temple at Jerusalem -

[68] 2011: unfortunately this was verified last year -

[69] When the name of the Final Goel Haim will become known in the world, I do not know to what level, a definitive cure for cancer will be found and it will become understood that that cure came in merit of the suffering of the Hidden Tzadik Haim. -

[70]. message against sorcerers - see ‘curses against sorcerers based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet -

[71]. message on the importance of words pronounced, especially when announcements are concerned -

[72]. Paolo says that he was not properly asleep but half asleep when he had this vision. I think that it refers to using the family name of the Teacher. The true family name of the Teacher is unknown to us, as explained elsewhere, and the family name used was only a borrowed name used in entering Egypt and it would be a lack of respect to use it; and for those who think themselves clever and use it ‘Woe unto them etc.

[73] It is prohibited to pronounce the Teacher’s name as if it were a holy name of God or to pronounce it if such represented a prayer to the Goel which is strictly forbidden – for the sake of merit, however, it’s permitted to use the name of the Goel Haim, as it is to mention Moses or the Prophet Elijah etc. -

[74] Important for confirming that many things in the Fourth Gospel were not written by John and were interpolated after him and not according to the spirit of what he actually did write -

[75] Marco Federico was only 6 years old when he dreamed this -

[76] To be interpreted but the primary sense is that all that which pertains to past history, especially the prophecies of the Final Judgment, the destruction of evil and of evil-doers etc. etc. must be concluded during this final Fourth Generation.

[77] These are bad signs of Anti-Semitism, such as the Neo-Nazis who will again rise but will not succeed. There were a few other prophetic dreams of this substance -

[78]. it is more than likely that this prophetic dream refers to the comet of Levi-Shoemaker and its 21 fragments crashing against Jupiter, the entire event having been interpreted by us into the Signs of the Final Redemption in the Sign of the New Justice etc. having the event re-enter in the Completed Signs also means that it is bound to the Big Dipper seen in the Sign of the Stars which is thus also the Constellation of the Signs. see Book of the Stars - - -

[79] - to study -

[80]. see documentation in the Reports - the expression used by them in an article was “Il Rebbe fa corpo con Dio” -

[81] Message on the lack of unity, unfortunately, among Jews, especially religious Jews; alludes here: they say the Shema’ but the true Unity of God Almighty expressed in the Shema’ is falsified by the doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar; that, unfortunately, represents the true lack of Unity which doesn’t allow for any true unity among them. -


[82]. probably ‘planets’ is not to taken to the letter, but moving stellar bodies -

[83]. note - this kind of dream contains ‘signs of binding’, signs that complete and bind signs already under way - this dream, I believe, bound the Altar of the Anointed Priestess, in the Sign of the Joy of Life (Gilat Haim) to the Fourth Generation in Israel, so that also during the Fourth Generation there will still exist the joy of life in Israel. The ancient columns probably allude to the solidity of Israel’s Tradition -

[84]. it seemed to Adam that this took place in South America, although, in essence, this is irrelevant. This affirmation “We are all of the same flesh” (“Siamo tutti della stessa carne”, ëåìðå áùø àçã represents the Central Pillar of the Teachings of the Final Goel Haim. -

[85]. this is the sign that the great Russian aliya came in merit of the Hidden Tzadik and Final Goel Haim.

[86] There many signs of the changing moon and the changing sun, and many admonitions not to fix one’s glance on the sun or the moon during this Fourth Generation -

[87]. note - if the sun changes direction and instead of the sun there the moon, this would imply a ‘cosmic cataclysm’ such as the Tower of Babel - more probable is that the decree of such a cataclysm itself will not come, but will be transmuted into lesser destructions distributed at various times - the Lord alone knows - in any case, the change of direction of the sun is not to be taken to the letter, otherwise, God forbid, the world would be destroyed and all nature would vanish to become another, an element which is not consonant with the will of the Creator, as explained in hilchot melachim of the Rambam, peace be upon him, in the name of the sages who maintain that there is no difference between the world in which we live and the world of the final redemption, except for the ‘shi’bud malchi’ot’ -the ‘liberation’ of Israel from its enemies of every kind and every level, exterior and interior. - thus the change of direction of the sun or the moon reigning by day or the displacement of stars etc. must be understood within the context of the Fourth Generation and of the great and terrible day of the Lord, but they must not exceed the measures of the reality of the world and of nature. Even the Red Sea turned back to its nature after the great miracle etc. - So too will there be great miracles and terrible disasters which exit from nature for a moment to fulfil the decrees but the world then remains in its nature. - These measures, which of course, must be meditated on for fuller comprehension, may be gleaned here from Beniamino’s vision - if the change of the sun’s direction etc. would be literal, it would be quite an understatement to say ‘and one must be very careful’ but instead this represents an aide in understanding the correct measures etc. -

[88]. note - the Pillar is the Scroll of the Redemption which arrived in Israel; iron which is strong but not luminous represents the state or measure of the second period of six years- it is, however, the same Pillar the beginning of which cannot be seen. Then the vision goes on to describe that phase in terms of the moon probably because Israel is under the sign of the moon, as known that in relation to the nations often Israel is compared to the moon and the nations to the sun. If so, the waters directed by the moon reached the knees and no more; the level of this phase thus reaches the knees of Israel but has yet the rest of the body to be touched by the new revelation; from the feet to the knees indicates the ‘root-years’. Since it speaks of Israel it also comes to give one reason for Israel’s impediments concerning the redemption, namely the lack of modesty and sexual freedom which unfortunately ruins Israel’s skin etc. There are, however, also merits, thank God, one of which derives from Israel’s concern and care of elderly people. Deborah the prophetess searches for one of them to speak with to witness this merit- -

[89]. this dream is obviously filled with allusions to the Correction of the Christian Apocalypse to be taken up in John Corrected. For the present, however, it has correlated corrections for the sake of not falling into errors that have taken place in Christianity, but also, in a different manner but nevertheless erroneous, to many Sephardic Jews of the kinds that live in Bersheva. - On the positive side, the 666 also allude to 3 times 6 years of the sign. I think it possible to interpret ‘it goes on its tracks but then turns right’ to the first 6 years - ‘not going directly and not turning around’ to the second period of 6 years (the Hidden School of Esther etc.) - and ‘goes directly towards the head-station’ to the third period of 6 years which is already in the correct equilibrium without the margins of error of the first 12 years, errors that would have conducted, if left uncorrected, to errors of personal cults, God save us. Therefore the Teacher Haim is very content with this announcement, having foreseen the success of correcting and of not falling into the traps of the ‘beast’. This dream came in Israel and Davide Levi is the receiver of the 5th Sign which takes place in Israel and Davide is also the first pupil of the Teacher Haim to live in Israel. The correction of the ‘cult to the beast’ which has many types of manifestations in Christianity cannot be complete until similarly ‘beastly errors’ are not corrected in the Jewish camp. Thus Davide Levi, being the first to hold the Signs of the Final Redemption in Israel is the 6th talmid because he brought all six Signs to Israel and he is the 666th pupil because the extremely important correction of those ‘beastly errors in Israel (including the worst of all in the idolatrous cult to the Beast of Brooklyn on the part of the Lubovitcher movement). – (see the document on Shneerson which in a simple transliteration in Heb. Would read ùðøñåïin gematria 666 and the entire interpretation)

[90]. here you see a perfect example of how the ‘second’ coming of the Star of Christ for the sake of the Christian Correction is resolved by way of transposed ‘re-plays’ through Peretz, Man of the Signs dressed in ‘Messianic’ Donkey Clothes. The answer, however, is directly from Heaven which decrees the truth of the pure monotheistic faith, thus undoing all Christian theology and resolving by correction the missions of Jesus, of Paul and of John the evangelist, the Three Pillars of all Christian Tradition. -

[91] Jesus, John the Evangelist and Paul of Tarsus believed in the prophesied Renewal of the Heavens and the earth. Peretz speaks of this for the FR. Noda sees an elderly man of great faith. The voice from Heaven then explains that the actual renewing of heavens and earth will come about when the people of the world will be in the proper faith. Nevertheless, we have received the Signs of said Renewal as well as the Sign of the New Eighth Firmament and the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, which come to prepare the world for when it will come. The dream then further elucidates that it’s the Serpent who impedes that Renewal and Descent. -

[92]. the red cloud probably refers to Moscow, as was seen by Giuseppe in other dreams that he saw map signs for the two Germanys and Moscow - it is not clear for us in this moment how Moscow might contend for Europe -

[93]. the kippa, used for prayer, or in general having the head covered, is a Jewish symbol of faith and modesty before God - these are angels ready to punish the enemies of Israel when the moment will arrive - there are also recognisable signs which when they see them know not to touch that person etc. the kippa here is an example of one of those signs. And if you ask, ‘what if that person is totally unworthy even though he dons a kippa?’ – This is similar to the Destructive Angel who had no permission to touch those where the sign of lamb-blood was on the door posts, without distinguishing the individuals inside. The ‘sign’ of Lot was the attribute of hospitality inherited from Abraham. Then the angel gave Lot and those of his family who might follow him a ‘sign’ ‘not to look back’ and Lot’s wife looked back and was turned to stone because she hadn’t fulfilled the sign given. -

[94] - note 2011: Other dreams spoke about a Hitler-type that comes again but this time is defeated and destroyed before he causes damage against the Jews – if this refers to him, he would now be 21 years old. -

[95]. this vision represents a subtle but important ‘correction’ against the ‘futile hatred’ at the time of the Second Temple and the ‘correction’ of the resolution of Jesus which goes to the other extreme. Here this prostitute by exposing herself and practising before the Temple was a profanation which cannot go unpunished; otherwise shame would fall on the House of God that permitted it. On the other hand the hatred must be for the sin but not for the sinner, as the well known interpretation of Bruria, wife of R. Meir, who said that one still must pray for them, for it is not written ‘and the sinners will be destroyed from the land’ but the ‘sins’. Deborah in this dream teaches exactly the measure in which this is applicable etc.

[96]. of Peretz’ first marriage - Eliahu, Leah, Rachel, Esther and Mazal -

[97]. there were a few signs of this afterwards but nothing of the decree as advanced in this dream - what has been understood from the signs and their constantly inter-twinning relationship with the pace of our work, is that the ‘sacrifice’ of our having to leave Israel as commanded us by the Teacher Haim just after Joel’s birth was enough to stop the decree. If the decree was undone or only postponed, I cannot say for sure, but it would seem that it was undone because in the dream it was intimated that the ‘decree’ was Immanent’ -

[98]. House of Prayer - this was the period in which we had no permission to say the names of the Signs and terms as they are, but only in code. The reason for this was to purify them from the margin of error of the first six years. This dream emphasizes the words of the Goel Haim, “We are all of the same flesh”. -

[99] The eucalyptus is a sign of a calm life and the date palm is a sign of a sweet life – So will it be in all Israel after the Fourth Generation -

[100] Note 2011: These are, unfortunately, signs of a dangerous wave of Anti-Semitism that is coming. Even now in 2011 there are groups of skin-heads, especially in northern Europe; there are many Anti-Israeli groups throughout the world, and most of the media is extremely slanted towards the Palestinians and against Israel; and there is still a great deal of Anti-Semitism which is more or less hidden etc. etc. -

[101]. if the period of the ‘high waters’ came all at once, the Universal Flood would repeat itself - instead, the decree of the high waters is distributed throughout the Fourth Generation in different places at different times so as not to destroy the world - (note of Jan. 5, 1992)

[102] This seems to indicate that the invasion of extraterrestrials will be closely bound up with the last period of the Fourth Generation, perhaps from 2037 to 2042, but I’m not sure about this. – The arrival of extra-terrestrials and war with them is part of the terrible confusion and general panic in the period of the Day.

[103] Deborah saw that these 7 Lights represented the Seven Prophetic Circles of the FR. It’s essential in this dream that there is no fanaticism and that the foremost requisite of all studies is that of Derech Eretz

[104]. note of Jan. 5, 1992 - the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven (Beniamin) together with the Sign of the Fourth Generation (Daniel) would destroy Spain for reason of the idolatry and the evil there. In effect, the prophecy here is that Spain will receive many ‘beatings’ during the Fourth Generation. In the end, however, arrives White Horse (who himself has a root in Spain) and saves many through the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. þ7/2/2012

[105]. actually the Brit Milah had already taken place in Israel, about 2 months before this, in the Synagogue Agudat Ahhim of Rav Rafael Peretz in Bersheva; the mohel was not a Lubovitcher -

[106]. founder of Habad Movement about 250 years ago in Russia -

[107]. I am writing here a week after the incident of the woodpecker in America who stopped the Shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral. It may be related to this dream. In any case, the Tzadik Haim explained to that the invasions of the extraterrestrials comes because they are disturbed by the quest for space, the rockets, radars etc. etc. and they think that the intensions are bellicose. -

[108]. something like the situation of the workers before the first world war -

[109]. this is a ‘sign’ showing the continuation of sign-making - probably the scarabeo is representative of the ‘protection’ of Egypt - it was thus a sign here binding the protection of the first redemption to the Protection of the Final Redemption. -

[110] The United States has its errors in foreign policy -

[111]. from note - After the end of Rosh ha-Shana 5752, this announcing voice declared that now one could proceed with the work slowly, step by step instead of the tremendous time-race speed of the first 9 years of this sign- thus in the ‘past’ one had to run in order to ‘defend’ oneself in the Donkey assignments; now and for the ‘future’ in order to defend oneself, one had to work slowly, step by step - -

[112] A prophetic Sign of a New Bersheva of Peace and Heart-felt sentiments that will be – The political meeting of Adam indicates that at that time there will be those of the Final Redemption who will deal with or be part of the Government in Israel. “How strange destiny is” means that so is it written in the Stars of the Redemption. -

[113]. I do not know the meaning of this dream, although for sure it speaks about the extension of the borders of Israel -

[114]. a friend of Paolo who previously helped us with typing documents - the reason of her presence in the dream is to bring the vision back to a time when there was still unity between us and those of the Muccanese rebellion -

[115] The third of the Schism, together with C.Delle Donne, Mimi L. and Salvatore, we refer to them in our texts as Zara, Para and Farfallone. This Sign has to be understood. Why is Salvatore here saying the exact opposite of what he did? Together with those two he rebelled and worked on their side against us (and so until now Feb. 2112). And again how is it possible that he have such a merit, if it is a merit, that in the end it is not he but the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, who is speaking? First of all there is a difference between Zara, Para and Farfallone. The first is a megalomaniac and a cunning serpent. The second is worse than him because he knew the truth of my being the Talmid of the Tzadik Haim for at least 8 years before the Resurrection and of the first 4 years after the Resurrection. He could have stopped his nephew Zara right from the beginning with the truth. Farfallone, however, coming in the fourth year, was new to all the questions. In the end he became convinced of Zara’s plight. He was the Victim among the three. And both Zara and Para covered over many facts from him etc. The Signs that they stole and falsified, however, derived from the True Signs of the Redemption, the Signs of the Heredity of the Prophet Elijah. For this reason the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, enters here as if Salvatore, their Victim, declares their falsehood and foolish rebellion. It is the Prophet himself, however, Heir of the Completed Signs and the true announcer of Ba-Zman who destroys with his declarations here all that which Zara, Para and unfortunately also Farfallone have created, a totally false building which at the given moment will plummet into nothingness.

[116]. this dream is all the more incredible because we are not doctors or not scientists; in fact only they will be able to fully understand its contents and to verify it. It is amazing that Giuseppe remembered all this when he woke up -

[117]. this dream obvious derives from the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea - here is an example of how the Torah becomes large for the water in the Final Redemption - look out for this kind of dreams; they represent an incredible passage from the First Redemption to the Third and Final Redemption. -

[118]. see reports for the sign of the Grande Shofar made by us the day after this dream - the Vesuvius did not explode, however. Perhaps the dream indicates that the decree was annulled because of the recognition of these two women of the truth. But more probable is that the women only explained the reason of the decree, and that the dream is a sign of what is coming when the Great Shofar is sounded, which, for example, may be when the New Message will be announced publicly. The entire Fourth Generation is under the Sign of the Great Shofar so that it may have many different times in the sequences of the Last Days of Judgement. -