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To Camillo Website,

I accidentally came across your website  a few years ago.  I must say that it strengthened certain thoughts that I had over the subject. I had always known, for example, that my great grandfather,  who was an important rabbi and hassid (in the original sense) in Tunisia, was a follower of the Rambam, and a opponent to the study of the zohar (and got himself into a lot of arguments). Myself, on the other hand, being brought up in a masorati (but not religious) home, made the decision to become a ba'al Teshuva. I read a lot of books, and was particularly attracted to Rabbi Shneor Zalman's Tanya. I loved the chassidic attitude to that emphasized the Heart in Avodas Hashem. The Tanya taught me about the constant struggle between the Neshama and the animal soul, and about serving Hashem with love. At first I had trouble understanding what was written, but as my understanding increased with time, I began to delve deeper.

I soon began to realize that it was a lot of kabbalistic stuff, woven together with the beautiful Musar. I realized that in order to really understand the Tanya, I would have to study the Zohar and the works of R. Hayim Vital. Since my aramaic was very poor, and I had a peculiar fear of actually buying the Zohar( unconscious fear), I started studying the text through the internet. I couldn't understand a word.

My Brother-in-law, in the mean time, was completely enticed by the kabbalah. He would pray with all the kavvanot of the Ari, concentrating on the Sefirot, despite being a new Hozer Betshuvah, and his Rabbi told him not to do so and that he should stick to the Shulchan Aruch. But Why? If the Zohar is the truth, the Hochmat ha-emet, why hide it from us?

 Anyhow, one night I have this strange dream. I dream that my brother in law has bought a large pink fat pig. This lovely pig is running around in his house, all over the place.

Next morning I go and visit him. To my great surprize, the guy has bought the whole set of  Zohar "Matok Midvash" edition. That is the day he became a total fanatic.

I myself, perplexed by my strange dream, decide to study with him, with all the perushim. The problem is I am not satisfied with the perushim because of the polytheistic bent of the perushim, and the fact that it all seems to disconnected from reality. I didn't realize at that time that there was anything polytheistic about it. I tried to interpret it allegorically. It just didn't make any sense. Who was Abba, Imma, Zeir and Nukva. I didn't understand. I thought it was some kind of Spiritual Quantum Mechanics. Totally innocent. But after a while I found out that they were talking about G-d!!!  I was shocked. All this was "maarechet HaElohut"?!!

You see, I was so Tamim, in my belief in Achdus Hashem, that despite all my intelligence, I could not understand what  I was reading. Mental Blockage. SO I reread the stuff, as if it was some semi-polytheistic pantheon of Hashem's internal life (whatever). The whole Zohar became clear as day. All the difficult pseudo-aramaic disappeared. It was easy. AND TERRIBLE. I developed a terrible headache. My head felt light as feather. Completely hollow. The feeling you get when some uberChochem tries to bullshit you(excuse me for the language).

Then I came upon your website, Camillo. It all fit. I could never undertand how the beautiful Hassidut of the Baal Shem Tov had degenerated into hundreds of warring factions. Never understood why everybody was going to graves of Zaddikim. Why there were so many charlatans. Why the Mitnagdim and hassidim were always quarreling. Why the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who I admired, was being deified. Why they were all cuckoo. Why it was O.K to put up his pictures, everywhere.

This knowledge has left me with a lot of pain. I love Hassidut. I love Rebbe Nachman's concepts. I think most Rambamists are over intellectualizing. I think they misinterpret him. I also need to feel part of my community. I don't want to be considered a Kofer, so I shut my mouth. I pray in minyan, but don't say leshem yichud. Most people don't understand what they're saying. My brother in Law still thinks its got nothing to do with Hashem. He calls it Kinnuyim for the Sefirot. He says that the Zohar is the truth, the Emet. That the mishna can only be understood through it. That most of us don't understand it because we are from the Erev Rav. My Rabbi loves reading stories from the Zohar, though he never goes into Kabbalah. He is a real Zaddik, but he accepts everything with Temimut.








Dear Michael, Shalom u-Bracha,

Your letter really warmed my heart and I thanked HaShem for your being redeemed. In some ways your situation reminded me of mine before becoming talmid of the Tzadik Haim. I too am from a 'tradional' non religious Jewish family. I had the good fortune to study Hebrew in a public High School (Weequahic High School, Newark New Jersey). After High School, I went to Yeshiva University for a year but I was searching for a more totally encompassing spirituality and ended up a Lubovitcher Hassid with full beard and black garb and with a great constant appetite to enter higher spiritual realms etc. etc.

As all the others, I believed fully in all that stuff and in temimut gemora I never questioned such things. On the contrary, my desire was to get inside those higher levels and I spent most of my five years with Habad in studying Tanya (even teaching Tanya to new-comers), Hassidut, Zohar and Sifrei Kabbalah. My life changed when I met, in Milan, the Tzadik Haim, born in Saana, Yemen, in 1914 (passed in June 1982 in Milan).

This great and hidden Yemenite Sage opened my eyes to the tremendous falsehoods that Israel has erroneous fallen into in the last 400 years because of the idolatrous doctrine of the Zohar. And slowly but surely he lifted me out of Habad, teaching me the entire false context in which they operate. I have had, thank God the great fortune of studying with the Tzadik Haim 13 years in Milan. It was the Tzadik Haim who ordered me to study the Sefer Milhhamot HaShem of the Hhacham Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh of Sana, Yemen, and to write supplements to it. The supplements became a text called Hhamisha Luhhot Ha-Brit ve-ha-Hherem Mideoraita which is on the Web. For something more on the Tzadik Haim see my introduction to Sefer Milhhamot HaShem.

For the past 24 years after his death, I have been writing documents and books of the teachings of the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim of this past generation. These books and documents, which are all part of the larger Work called Sefer Mishnat Haim, are not published nor do I have permission to publish them. They are kept with us, a small group of pupils, until the time comes to make them known. The documents that you find on Website Camillo and in the linked Website Beit Ester are all texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim of which I am responsible.

I read your letter, translating it into Italian, in our Tuesday night Beit Ester study, before Paolo, Noda, Giuseppe, Abramo and Hadassa. They all loved your letter and were immensely happy for you and they praised your intelligence, your temimut and your zchut (perhaps, and even probably, zchut avot from your Grandfather of Tunisia).

All of us were extremely awakened by the brilliant description of your non-realization of the fact that all this is supposedly speaking about HaShem. I said to them, "It's perfectly true, you do not realize what it's all really talking about. You think about some sort of 'cosmic construction' the secret of which is now being revealed. They have not been able to understand the sense of Emanation before Creation. Yes, your speaking about a 'construction'- a 'construction of Emanated Godheads' before creation!!!!!

We thank God Almighty that you have been redeemed, Michael, from this terrible plague from which Israel must yet be purified.

We received your letter, sent to us e-mail by Adam Kamkaji in Bersheva who manages the Camillo and Beit Ester Webs from there, today Tuesday, Dec. 6, on this the same day that the conclusion of the International Convention in Iran on the existence of the Holocaust or not, finished. The mamzer's conclusion was the same, Israel has to be destroyed, hhass ve-hhalila. Israel will never again be destroyed, it is already into the prophesied happenings of its redemption and the preceding great confusion of the Messianic Days. But this mamzer from Iran is a final great historic replay of Purim's Persian Haman. For sure great miracles of EL MISTATER will soon come for a Hidden Redemption of Israel, 'Hidden' because they  will also be perpetrated through natural means (perhaps war).

This two-day Convention, however, is climactic. It is an outrageous outpouring of hatred and anti-Semitism to which the entire world is witness. And so too the entire Arab world in this moment relishes in the idea of Israel's destruction, God forbid! We have, therefore, seen the Providential aspect of the timing of your letter (after 3 years at that). We know, unfortunately, that there are great impediments in Israel's Judgment but that the worst is, God save us, the falsification, in name of the Holy Torah, of the very Foundation of Israel's faith: the Zohar (sin of the fathers) and Habad (the hated Fourth Generation to that sin).

Your letter thus came at a moment in which there is a great necessity to find merit in Israel, whether in Israel or wherever Jews are. What is needed are the voices of those who oppose the terrible Pantheon of the Zohar and the disgusting false messianism around the Rebbe and his idolatrous deification in the hands of his followers. Your personal experience and your testimony to it in this letter represents a great light of a true Jewish mind and heart that throws down, smatters, bashes to pieces and burns out the terrible idolatry that has so stealthily crept into the fiber of 'Orthodox Judaism' in these past centuries, HaShem yerahhem. Your awakening and your affirmations represent a great Ray of Hope to all Israel. Baruch HaShem.

The dream that you received was a true prophetic dream. The pig shows its cloven feet trying to pass off for a kosher animal, but its only a big fat pink pig. Pink is a female color. This alludes to the fact that the Zohar is a big, fat prostitute and that it possesses nothing of 'zachar' - that is worthy of mentioning or of remembering. Kulo Taref! Your dream is nothing less than a testimony from Above, not from people of the earth but from Above, that the entire Zohar and everything it teaches and all the false Kabbalah that has derived from it is a big, fat, pink pig. Heaven has spoken it. And you, Michael, in your love for the truth, merited to receive it.

I, therefore, ask you, Michael, to give us permission to place your letter on the Site so that others may benefit by it. Your experience and the dream you received is a mind-opener and many others could be helped by it. It is as well a great zchut for you because if other people are helped by it, you take merit in this for each person that gains understanding from it. Please let me know if you agree or if this represents a problem for you and we'll respect your decision.

Please feel free to write to me. And if you have any questions, please ask. For now we can correspond through the Web in Israel by way of Adam  Kamkhaji.

Very happy to have heard from you,

Happy Hhanuca

Peretz Green                                                  Inzago, Milano