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        Sefer Mishnat Haim


Petal 5 - Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds) , from Sefer Esther 3

Chapter 2

Gnomen 88 Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik: Jan. 24, 1999, Shvat 7, 5759, Heavenly Perfume 26: After reading the booklet Kabbalah, Torat Nistar (in Hebrew) written by Gilad Shadmon, I have taken permission from the Final Goel, Haim, to excommunicate this entire group and to include it in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, although, in essence, the School of Kabbalah at Jerusalem in the name of the late R. Judah Ashlag, author of the Sullam (the Ladder) is already included in the Hherem etc. This terrible booklet, however, demonstrates clearly a ‘level’ of its own, a pharaoh level that must be destroyed and annulled from all Israel and its potential victims saved.


Gnomen 89 - It is in counter-position to the 5th Universal Star of the Sign of the Stars. This is extremely important because until now the sin of the Book of the Zohar in the Hherem goes until the Hated Fourth Generation of Habad. We know, however, from the CS, that the Fourth Generation, the 4th Displaced Star, is always doubled (and then quadrupled); the doubling, for example, is for Jews and for the Nations, or, concerning the corrections of idolatry, the Hated Theology of all Traditional Christianity and the Hated Theology of the Book of the Zohar in Judaism. With the Hated 4th G. of Habad, the cycle of the Sin of the Book o.t. Zoh. was not yet complete. It still needed the Second or Doubled-Sign of the Hated 4th G. It is this Doubled-Sign that corresponds, on the negative side, to the Sign of Binding the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star from which results the coming of the 5th Universal Star, the Star that Astounds (also the Star of Malchitzedek and called the Star of Christ for the sake of saving the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel) in the Great Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption.


Gnomen 90 - This can be compared to the 4 Gospels, with its Hated Fourth Generation Gospel of John. That Fourth Hated Level of the theological idolatry of Christianity is Doubled in the theology of Paulus but with changes of a ‘universal’ nature that render it more acceptable to the nations to which Paul was messenger. Paul completed the cycle, in doubling the Hated Fourth G. Theology of John and in bringing that theology out on a universal level. Therefore the Universal Church of Christianity came out of Paul, not John. The 5th Universal Star, so to speak, eats the Bread of the other 4 Stars and bakes the Bread-rolls in its own oven, in such a way that the Bread can be given over to the world, even to the masses of the nations.


Gnomen 91 - The language of the 4th Gospel is thus entrenched in its mystic garb of the ‘logos’, not given to direct comprehension but rather to abstract reflection and mystical enthusiasm. The 4th level solidifies the substance of the False Language in course and brings it down to the earth-level of the spirit, meaning words and expressions formulated to express its meanings. This is the Logos-level of John’s theology, removed from the relative simplicity of the first 3 Gospels. From the beginning of the first Gospel the true theology has fallen, in the mouth of the Baptists’ ‘children from the rocks’ descendants of Abraham etc. but the solidification of the false theology in course is sealed only in the Fourth Gospel.


Gnomen 92 - The doubled Hated 4th G. of Paulus has eaten the logos in his way but he does not bake bread from it directly since it is too high for the masses. He points, instead, to the Son-of-God Language more easily assimilated by people. His speech, too, is direct, not as a prophet or the giver of messages from the oracle, but as Priest and friend of the people etc. John’s Jesus was the theological Son-of-God because he was the Logos. Paul’s Jesus was the theological Son-of-God of all people. In this you can see the Hated 4th G.: 1) doubled, 2) returning to the ‘simplicity’ of the first Gospel and 3) extending to a universal level.


Gnomen 93 - Thus the mystical connotations of John are, in Paul, transformed, for example, into the active experience of receiving the new spirit of the eternal Christ. John remained in the Jewish fold, searching out his Jesus in the Torah and Prophets. Paul thought of getting his bread out to the nations. It was, however, Paul that turned the language of the Torah into the dead-language that had to give way to the newly resurrected language of the Doctrine of Christ.


Gnomen 94 - John had completed the killing of the true theology of the Second Commandment but Paul separated (even with gyration linguistics more complicated in essence than John’s but with resulting conclusions that were simplified) his Christianity from the language, law and tradition of Israel. It was Paul who firmly established the barrier between the Synagogue and the Universal Church of Christ.


Gnomen 95 - In any case, for the sake of understanding the 5th level on the negative, idolatrous side, it represents for one a thick attempt of clearing away all past history so as to pin-point the present new form for the masses. Paul, in order to simplify his theology for the masses, cleared away the Torah and the Law and Tradition and all past history, bringing humanity up to the time of the revelation of the Son of God.


Gnomen 96 - I was thus wondrous to see how the new fifth level of the Hated Sin of the Book of the Zohar had taken its form, to be able to study the astute simplification required for clearing away all the complexities, diatribes, confusion and historic divergences that the false Kabbalah had undergone in its 400 year course until its extremely sophisticated Hated Fourth Generation Habad form. I found that but even more, as Paulus in his time, but much more subtly, even here, the Torah has gone and Law and all Tradition! Just wait, we’re still at the beginning of the discussion.


Gnomen 97 - Thus the Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar is nowfor all, even young children from 9 years old should begin to get used to studying the Higher Emanated Worlds. The 5th level of the false Kabbalah of the Zohar has opened the doors to the ‘highest secrets of the spiritual worlds’ to all people and even to all peoples, at all levels and in all walks of life. So claims Gilad Shadmon that every person in the world can now become a Kabbalist if he so desires; one must have only the strong desire to receive the light of the higher spiritual worlds while studying the Book of the Zohar in the School of Ashlag’s Sullam. And Shadmon’s sales-pitch has no limits in that ‘the very purpose of all creation is that the souls come to their final correction by way of the light of the Book of the Zohar by which they can come to participate constantly in both this world and in the higher worlds and know only delight and pleasure’.


Gnomen 98 - And yet there have been so many Kabbalists and so many ‘schools’ of different trends of Kabbalah. How can one know where to turn? Simple now! There are only 3 Kabbalists that should interest you: Shimon bar Yohhai who received the Book of the Zohar (hhass ve-shalom), Yitzhak Luria (the work ‘Etz Haim written by his pupil R. Haim Vital with the Ashlag commentary) and Rabbi Judah Ashlag who was sent into the world to finally bring the Book of the Zohar into the language that the souls of this generation are able to receive. So forget about all the other Kabbalists since they didn’t know how to speak to this generation of souls! Simple! Within 3 to 5 years of study, you will be both in this world and the ‘other world’ (‘olam ha-ba!) and all the problems of your existence and even those of your past and future existences will be resolved forever.


Gnomen 99 - More simple than that! Well, he adds in an underhand side-paragraph, it’s true that the other Kabbalists, for the most part, were accused of false theology concerning the B. o.t. Zoh., well, yes, they made an error and therefore they were accused since they believed that the forms of the higher spiritual worlds were actually enclosed in the physical object referred to; thus the spiritual ‘hand’ actually was ‘found’, he thought, in his physical hand, thus creating limited images which in reference to God are prohibited by the second commandment. All this is so but it happened because they did not study the method of Judah Ashlag.


Gnomen 100 It is simple, explains Shadmon. The physical object does not contain the higher spiritual form but is only the last result of the higher spiritual world. The name of the object exists so that the Kabbalists, in their quest to bring the higher spiritual forms that they see, feel and know in the higher worlds, into the level of human language, use the language of ramification (‘sfat ha-’anafim’). This means that they are not really describing what they see but are using the term which binds it to the term of the physical object which is itself the final ramification of the higher spiritual world which is its source. Only this concept must you understand in order to make no mistakes, as the former Kabbalists, but once you have reached the higher spiritual worlds, you will then see the matter on the level of truth and you will no longer to be able to err. May that God save us all from such simplicity! In any case, let me simplify: it is similar to the Protestants when they explain that their concept of the Trinity is the true one, not the concept of the Trinity of the Catholic Church!