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Gnomen 451 -

And where then does the Donkey come in? We know, of course, that he was under Abraham, our father, when he brought Isaac to Har ha-Moriah to bind him on the Altar. One must, however, wake up early in the morning to understand the saddle of Abraham’s Donkey. But to comprehend Abraham’s Donkey, one may not sleep at all. Even Jacob, our father, would not have brought Issachar had the Donkey not shown him his stuff. And yet only Balaam’s faithful Ass really had a say in the matter.


Gnomen 452 -

These are the true and complete redemptional and messianic Signs of the Third and Final Redemption. They are as solid and as fixed in their essential form as are the stars in heaven. And in that universal framework are then engraved the ‘variables’ of the redemption which depend on merit. But between the Final Goel and the world there had to be a Donkey, a Completed Donkey of the Final Redemption, so that things got down to earth on solid ground, without mounting heads and false exaltations and fanatic attitudes. The world is not helped by human ranking but the brays of an authorised Donkey bind the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth.


Gnomen 453 -

The truth of the Final Signs, however, reveal the truth of the Initial Signs. Even the Donkey was there but he had no say in the matter, otherwise he would have explained to Yeshua his true position. Only now the immense historical value of the Hidden School of Esther of the Essenes can be fully realised. And only now can we begin to fathom the dilemma of that period when the first appearance of the Star of Christ shown over those sages of the School and entered the heart of Jesus. There had to be a tremendous historical confusion before the true relationship between the ‘Goel in the Kingdom of Heaven’ and the ‘Messianic Missions on earth’ could be explained by the Donkey.


Gnomen 454 -

That necessary historical deviation corresponds with the Resh of ASHER which becomes a Head unto itself for the entire time of Israel’s long Galut until the time of the Final Redemption when the LETTERS of ROSH are returned to their proper order of ASHER and the name ASHER is reproportioned into its FUNCTIONAL relationship in the binding of the first EHEYE to the last EHEYE. As for Israel the long exile had to precede the Final Redemption, so too the idolatrous Christian deviation had to come out before its Great Correction.


Gnomen 455 -

With plagues on my head and a pair of white shorts, I stretched out my arms and let my head fall. Paolo , Deborah and the children came home. When White Horse saw me in that position, he asked, “What’s wrong, Peretz, don’t you feel well”. Deborah said, “But don’t you see he’s doing a sign? Did you forget he is in the Passion of Christ Signs”. White Horse answered, “I also thought that but I thought maybe he didn’t feel well because of the sign he was making”.


Gnomen 456 -

“Get me some water, please”, I said as one who could not speak from thirst. Paolo went to get me a glass of water but he had to take Asher in his hands and Deborah brought me the glass of water and held it to my mouth to drink. I said, “This is the Sign of Christ descended in Sarzana of Liguria. It descends in the Sign of the Donkey who descends into the Sign of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected. It comes in the Sign of the SHIN HHADASH of PURIM. Blessed is God, my Father who has made me His Bread.”

* This blessing comes for the sake of the Correction of the Deified Christian Son and it may not be used in place of the blessing that we have received, ‘Blessed is the Lord, our God, who has made me His Bread’

Gnomen 457 - 

All those who desire the closeness of God’s love to be felt as the love of a father to a son or a daughter may say ‘my Father in Heaven’, in the same manner that we say ‘Our Father in Heaven’ for the love of the Almighty God to His creations is infinitely greater than the love of a father or a mother but the innate closeness of parents to their children is understood and felt in the heart. Therefore it states, ‘You are Children to the Lord, your God’ and it states ‘My son, my first-born, Israel’.


Gnomen 458 -

Jesus, in John’s Gospel, refers to these two biblical expressions when asked by chiding Pharisees why he blasphemed. Is it possible that Christians in 20 centuries could not realise clearly that Jesus’ answer denies any pretence of Son in any theological sense! Since it was placed in John’s Gospel, however, it was swept under the carpet of his theology. When the door is closed it is closed. Christianity was trapped into the great long cycle that it had to make, errors and all. All this so that in the end when the errors are corrected no such mistakes will be made in regards to the Final Goel, Haim, chosen by God Almighty as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the awaited Teacher of Life who after his last sacrifice in the world is immediately taken to his Chamber in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Gnomen 456 -

Without the Correction of the Christian error, Jews could not come to understand the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. The Christian error had to come out so that all deification be destroyed in the end. For the revelation of the Goel Haim, cannot reside in an idolatrous world; otherwise the same idolatrous mistakes would be made in regards to the Tzadik, God forbid. And because the Tzadik Haim is so greatly loved by God, if such an error happened, God forbid, the world would be destroyed.


Gnomen 457 -

The world, however, will not be destroyed, because the redemptional promises contain the keys to the Sacred Wars of God against idolatry and idolatrous doctrines and idolatrous movements. These are the Sacred Wars of God which destroy all idolatry as the War of God in Egypt destroyed the Ten Potent Gods of Egypt and in general broke down all Egyptian idolatry. So too in the end all traditional Christianity will fall and be no more. For all that which is rooted in truth in Christianity has been uprooted from Traditional Christianity and finalised in the Completed Signs. No one will any longer take a man as a God or call to any man his Lord, for all will know that God, the Creator of the universe and the Redeemer of Israel, is One and that He is infinitely greater than any man or soul created, whether in this world or the other.


Gnomen 458 -

The truth of the Final Signs of the Resurrection and of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Teacher who teaches us the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, carries with it totally new concepts, concepts which are of a level not spoken of in normal and normative Judaism. The prophecies, however, which exclaim that in the time of the Final Redemption completely new things will arrive, things which were not known before and never seen, cannot be denied. Also the New Pact prophesied to come cannot be denied when it comes.


Gnomen 459 -

All Judaism will be uplifted into concepts which it has not been accustomed to contemplate. The marvels of the Final Redemption are even greater than those of the First Redemption but they are not the same marvels; they are new and wondrous. Of the greatest wonders is that the Final Goel, after his resurrection, is seated as the chosen Anointed Judge  of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is there something more amazingly wonderful than this fact? And yet there is a 2000 year wonder to be contemplated without which no meditation is complete.


Gnomen 460 -

Without the ‘designed history’ of the Star of Christ, the truth of the Final Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven could not have been conceived of in the proper equilibrium. And had it been announced, for hypothesis, without Christianity and the Correction in Christianity behind it, the nations would have become confused and would have inevitably fallen into errors concerning the pure faith similar to those Christian errors. The deification of Christ is not everlasting because it is false but the Correction of all the idolatrous distortions of the poor Sacrificed Ram is everlasting because it is true. So too the false and idolatrous doctrines of the Zohar had to come out and had to get caught in the thicket of emanated Partzufim before the Terrible Correction of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita comes to establish forever the falsehood of such doctrines.


Gnomen 461 -

If the abominable doctrine of the Ten Emanated Sfirot of the Zohar had not come out, the entire question of ‘theological discourses above the ‘level’ of ‘creation’ ’ would never have been clarified. And if it had not been clarified on an historical level it would have come out in some other epoch. It had to come out so that it be corrected in such a way that it might never take place again. When the Hherem Mi-Deoraita will be understood, the rabbis will receive it as true Kabbalah and it will become definitive halacha. No longer will there be confusion.


Gnomen 462 - 

The Second Coming of the Star of Christ comes first of all with the designed purpose of correcting the First Coming of the Star of Christ. This was part of the Divine Redemptional Design in history. The Second Coming, in the Completed Signs, of the Star of Christ in the Sign of the Great Correction is proof enough that the First Historical Mission given by that Star had to be and that it contained true elements given to prepare a large part of the world for the Final Redemption and that, at the same time, it contained great errors because of the idolatrous doctrines that became formulated around it. It had to be because it had to be corrected and it had to be corrected so that the incredible and marvellous revelation of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim, never become confused or confusing in all future history.


Gnomen 463 -

It is, however, not the Correction of the doctrines of the false kabbalah of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita which assists Israel in understanding the concept of the Resurrected Tzadik and chosen Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is Esther hidden in her Palace in whose favor the Star of Mordechai will shine for all Israel and for the world until the extremities of the earth. For the Final Goel is not the mashiahh or the Messiah, He was Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, as was Mordechai ha-Tzadik and as the original founder of the School of Esther. The Star of Mordechai elevates the entire level of the Final Redemption by revealing the existence of the true, hidden tradition of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim.


Gnomen 464 -

And yet the Hidden School of Esther is needed to reveal the Stars of the Redemption to Israel. From its former hiding place with the Essenes, it returns for its completion in the New Purim Signs of the Completed Signs. For as the Star of Abraham is completing its cycle of 4000 years, and the Star of Solomon is completing its cycle of 3000 years, and the Star of Esther and the Star of Mordechai are completing cycles of 2500 years, and the Star of Christ is completing its cycle of 2000 years, and the Fourth Displaced Star is in the position of the famous Fourth Generation, a line is drawn by the Final Goel from the Fourth Displaced Generation to the Star of Abraham. Then the Tzadik explains the Messianic Star of Christ which in its second coming returns to the position of 4000 years ago in its perfect equilibrium in relation to the Star of Abraham to complete the Final Signs with the Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek.


Gnomen 465 -

Then shines the Star of Esther who reveals her position 2000 years ago in the School of the Essenes in merit of the Teacher of Justice. And now she reveals the Great Tradition of her uncle Mordechai as the Star of the Final Goel, Haim, shines brightly, and the Star of the Redemption announces the coming of the Jacob of history. See then that without the Star of Esther, the Star of Mordechai, the Star of the Goel and the Star of the Redemption could not be revealed. And the revelation of the Star of Esther comes only after she has been made Queen in the Royal Palace from where she will be able to speak to the King on behalf of her nation and from where she will eventually become known to the whole kingdom.


Gnomen 466 -

Therefore we sit and write gnomen so that the Star of the lovely Queen Esther may shine in all its splendid colours, although they be not seen except within the Palace. For only Esther can reveal and uplift the Star of Mordechai in the eyes of mankind, and without the Star of Mordechai, the Star of the Final Goel would not be understood. But when Mordechai obtains the Higher Tribunal through Esther’s intervention, then the tradition of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim can be revealed and the Star of the Final Goel can be understood and received. And without the comprehension of the exalted position of the Final Goel, the Star of the Redemption could not shine, for without the Final Goel there is no redemption.


Gnomen 467 -

Therefore it is the Final Goel, Haim, who makes the sign from the Fourth Displaced Star to the Star of Abraham, thus binding the Seven Redemptional Stars to their purposes for the Final Redemption. Fortunate are those who have seen the first Great Signs descend from the Kingdom of Heaven and who have remained faithful to the Signs of the Final Redemption. May that they work to fulfil their days in the sight of the Lord so that the fulfilment of their days be beneficial to others. Amen. And yet only the Hidden School of Esther will reveal the great hidden miracles of the Final Redemption to those in Israel.


Gnomen 468 -

Wednesday July 1991, Menahhem Av 5751, Sombrero, we fulfilled a sign received by Deborah. The Pupils built an altar in the backyard and kindled a fire. For the first part of the sign Paolo and I had to divide four animals, a bull, a calf, a male sheep and a lion. With the shchitah knife of the Tzadik Haim, I cut in half each animal after calling them down from the Kingdom of Heaven. Then we took two pigeons (real live ones) and I killed them with a smaller knife and we offered them to the Lord, our God, as a holocaust, as a sign of the Conclusion of the cycle of the Pact Between the Pieces. Present were Paolo, Daniele, Beniamino, Deborah, Gilat Haim, Yehoel Yehoel, Haim Shimshon and I.


Gnomen 469 -

Bulls are big masculine countries that carry a lot of weight. Calves are countries that have not yet become cows with milk of their own, but they are getting there. Male sheep are smaller good-sheep countries who need to be led by good pastors in order to survive. Lions are nations who still have many savage customs such as eating lions and snakes.  The two pigeons are for the Great Israel, Judah and Beniamin on one hand and the Ten Tribes on the other hand and the tribe of Levi. They are offered in holocaust as a sign of complete unity.


Gnomen 470 -

The division of the animals is in the sign of the final separation between the good and the wicked among nations. As explained, this second period of 6 years has also a correspondence with the second half of the Fourth Generation, and this is the point in which that frightening separation is made in the Last Days of Judgement. For the last days of the jungle world are coming in that second half of the Fourth Generation, and wild animals will roam the streets with their tongues out hanging. The great long war between the forces of evil and the forces of good goes only until the moment when all the lights go out and all mankind is left in darkness and confused. That will be the terrible sign for all to know that except for the protection which comes from God, all other protections will be destroyed and so too all those that are under false protections and false protectors. And the just man will live in his faith.


Gnomen 471 -

Prepare yourselves with candles and independent light sources for the time when the lights go out. Prepare a refuge if you can and do not listen to those who ridicule you. For the great illumination will fool everyone until the very moment when the lights go out and everyone is taken by panic when they don’t come back on. For the forces of good will have tried their best to better mankind and to save it, conducting battles against the forces of evil during the first half of the Fourth Generation, at times gaining great victories as well, but when the 36th year goes out and the 37th year begins (the second year of the second half of the Fourth Generation, be prepared from then on for the time when the great world-wide illumination disappears suddenly and mankind is left in darkness.


Gnomen 472 -

That will be the sign that evil has risen to such depths that no one can stop it except for the wars of God Almighty Himself in the Last  Days of Judgement of the Fourth Generation and until the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord in the latter part of the second half of the Fourth Generation. See then that the bulls, the calves, the sheep and the lions are already divided, but the good half will have to hide from the evil-doers lest they fall into the hunter’s traps, after the lights go out and there remains no electric current in the wires of humanity. Those who will not see the second half of the Fourth Generation may consider themselves blessed but those who live through it to see the goodness that comes afterwards may consider themselves the beloved family of God, saved and redeemed for the Final Redemption.


Gnomen 473 -

I just saw in the stars a perfect diamond of four stars and in the perfect center a diamond point of a star, very hidden that sometimes appears, if one looks hard to find it. That is the Star of Esther in her Kingdom, for although she is hardly visible in her depth and in her modesty, yet she has sway on all four angles of her Kingdom, and indeed each angle takes its perspective from her point of view. Most amazing is the beauty of this star with marvellous red and blue colours that splender when she peeps out for seconds to gaze at her Kingdom. For she is a faithful and valorous wife who rules her household with tacit wisdom, knowing when to keep quiet and when to show her face and what to wear and when to speak.


Gnomen 474 -

From here the Tablets of ASHER descend for the time of the Final Redemption. These were the Tablets which Moses tried to bring to the people of Israel in his second ascent. Jesus’ sermon on the Mount with its beatitudes has its source in this Tablet of the Ten Virtues. For the Initial Signs were potential openers of those virtues. The Megilat Esther represents the Tablet of ASHER in hidden signs. Yet its essence are the hidden virtues of Queen Esther and the hidden virtues of Mordechai the Jew and Hidden Tzadik. These are the Virtues of the White Marble Steps received in the Completed Signs and taught in the New Pact of the Final Redemption. Faith, Blessing, Virtue, Prayer, Presence, Correction, Sanctification, Regeneration (Renewal), Taste, and Silence.


Gnomen 475 -

In the Kingdom of Heaven these are ten great levels of inner sanctity, each with its own light to reveal. Two thousand years ago for the merit of the anonymous Teacher of Justice, the Initial ‘secrets’ of that Kingdom and of those Tablets of White Marble, the  Joy of Leviathan, were revealed in the School of the Essenes. Now we thank the Almighty Lord, our God, whose bounty upon us is without end and without separation, for the great merit of the Hidden Tzadik Haim, chosen by the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob as the Final Goel of Israel, of the Great Israel, and of the Great Universal Redemption for Jews, Moslems and Christians and all the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, as the chosen Teacher exclaims, “We are all of the same flesh”. 


Gnomen 476 -

For now we too are in the Hidden School of Esther where the hidden white Marble Steps are descending for study, so that one day all may learn the true big-fish stories of Leviathan. For one day all those worthy in the sight of the Lord will eat of the marvellous tasting portions of Leviathan and hear for themselves the stellar prospective of the Great Heavenly Fish of our Galaxy. O how I love the waters in which he swims even though they are so far above my head. But be quietly wise until your faith descends into all the toes of your feet so that your heart become wise enough to inherit the brain’s intelligence.


Gnomen 477 - 

If your faith is wisdom and your wisdom is faith, you may quietly enter into the chambers of the hidden virtues of the Palace of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a hidden Mishnah of the Kingdom of Heaven. Look into Christianity and you will see that the shadows of the Virtues of the White Marble Steps of the Palace of Esther of the Kingdom of Heaven are hidden there. For its purposes, Christianity claimed that Christ had brought a new faith, a new blessing, a new revelation of the virtues hidden in every person, a new prayer, a new Divine Presence, a correction of Judaism’s past errors, a new sanctification, a renewal of the spirit, a new tasting of the spirit, and finally a new wisdom supposedly revealed in John’s Logos.


Gnomen 478 -

Indeed a principle reason for which Christian minds have passed over the treacherous theological problems and have closed their eyes to the enormous doctrinal confusion has been due to the elevation felt in the hope of the new world of virtue taught by Jesus and received by all Christianity and even by large segments of the Christian masses. And notwithstanding the theological farce of errors, millions and millions of Christians in every age have found and acquired and passed on to their children innumerable virtues. And yet the source of those virtues were taken out of the Hidden Palace of the Essenes’ Esther and they passed over to the ‘other side’ where only false interpretations of the faith reside, the portion of Esau’s traditional Christianity. Imagine then the Virtues of the Final Palace of Esther of the Finalised Kingdom of Heaven of the Final Redemption in merit of the truly chosen Anointed Judge, the Tzadik  Haim, resurrected in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead, where all is in the pure monotheistic faith in EL SHADDAI, the faith of the Patriarchs and the faith of Sinai.


Gnomen 479 -

Esther’s Kingdom in the Stars is the kingdom of AHH, HHASH, SHOR, ROSH , BROTHER, SENTIMENT, BULL, POISON (Rome, Greece, Persia, Babylon). When the Higher Tribunal of Mordechai is at my right hand, Esther’s Constellation is to my left. From the Five Stars of the Tribunal to my right and the Five Stars of Esther to my left, I receive the New Tablets of the Final Redemption. Between these two Constellations directly above I have seen the Perfect Triangle of Bar Modeh, the Mouth of Leviathan.


Gnomen 480 -

Thus Leviathan’s Head reaches the Triangle of Bar Modeh while his double-tail reaches the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. And now in this Fourteenth Year (July 31, 1996), the Tzadik Haim has lifted up the Fourth Prophetic Circle from my middle and placed it in my head and mouth, for my refuge and my salvation is from the Living God. Five years ago on this night I received the blessing of sweetness and of maturity from the Tzadik Haim. There I had exclaimed, “My cup runneth over with pure honey and sweet grapes, for my Teacher has secretly girded me with the Fourth Prophetic Circle around my middle”. 


Gnomen 481 -

The famous four reigns of Daniel, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome respectively are alluded to in the name of king AHHASHVEROSH in the exact opposite order. Of the four ROSH, a poisonous plant (Resh Vav Shin and not Rosh (Resh Alif Shin), Persia, is the worst. Next is Babylon in evil etc. as a Bull who, given the chance, tramples down all in its path. Greece, Hhash, is all Sentiment and filled with philosophical justifications for following its FEELINGS. Rome, BROTHER, is the less worse of the Four. This is the Fourth Reign which extends into the two thousand year conflict of Christianity-Judaism.


Gnomen 482 -

The reign of the Bull was Babylon and the reign of the Poisonous plant was Persia and Ahhashverosh contained in himself all the four aspects of his name, as a husband and as a very sentimental king, as a symbol of the Bullish Babilonian Empire ready to trample down what it didn’t comprehend, yet also prone to have respect for certain institutions which it could understand or for which it had fear and the Poisonous Plant of Persian Empire which, however, could be neutralized and its poison disposed of. Hhash, connected with feeling and sentiment, refers to Greece for its deep sentiments for philosophy and art and also for its passionate feelings about the body. Rome is our big brother Esau who often doesn’t like us very much, but with a large enough offering even the Pope will shed a tear and embrace his brother with a counter-offering of a Pax Romana.


Gnomen 483 -

The redemption of Purim came at least 500 years before the time in which the promised redemption could have begun, being that the fourth prophesied kingdom was Rome which was established much later. This is one of reasons for which the Yemenite Sages who, aside from their true fear of God and the great knowledge of the Torah, had inherited many secrets of the stars, refused to return to Jerusalem at Ezra’s call. They knew that the redemption of Purim would not have been able to secure a Temple that would  last in time because Purim had been only a preparation to a much larger redemption which required a much greater time span to resolve all its manifold intentions. Thus their famous answer to Ezra, “We did not see the destruction of the First Temple and we do not desire to see the destruction of the Second Temple. We will return, God willing, to the Holy Land at the time of the Third and Final Temple which will never be destroyed”.


Gnomen 484-

The beginning Hidden Book of Esther of the Essenes,  containing the Initial Signs of the Redemption represented the first appearance of the Star of Esther in her secret kingdom, come at a time in which there already existed the fourth kingdom of Rome. That unknown and perhaps unwritten Sefer Esther revealed hidden meanings in Megilat Esther, particularly the Star of Esther, the Star of Mordechai and the Kingdom of AHHASHVEROSH. This present Book of Esther reveals the Initial Book of Signs of that proposed and probably oral Book of Esther at the School of the Essenes, by way of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. But what is Esther to the Final Redemption?


Gnomen 485 -

Right now she is the secret School of Esther in Israel secretly preparing the generation to receive the Final Redemption. And the Star of Mordechai guides us in maintaining the New Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik of the Final Redemption. In the formation which appeared 400 to 500 years later to form the School and the Community of the Essenes, the Teacher of Justice was under the Star of Mordechai and the secret School was under the Rule of the Higher Tribunal in all its severity. There was revealed the hidden Book of Esther containing the true Initial Signs of the Redemption and the Signs of the messianic missions. Now in the Third and Final Redemption, the Goel Haim, is guiding us here in the secret School of Esther, and in his merit we are learning to walk in the New Sanctity of the Higher Tribunal.


Gnomen 486 -

The Final Redemption does not come into the world until the revelation of the Star of Mordechai the Just, for the revelation of the true existence of the Higher Tradition of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in every generation, and even more so of the Higher Tradition of the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, represents the completion in understanding of that most essential element of the Final Redemption, the choice of the Final Goel. And it is just that understanding which places all the other elements of the Final Redemption in the correct proportions. For, as explained, it was Mordechai ha-Tzadik who merited to establish the ‘institution’ of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in its fixed number.


Gnomen 487 -

Yet the revelation of the Star of Mordechai cannot come on to the world except by way of the Star of Esther from her Hidden Palace. The Queen rules over her kingdom while she secretly prepares the hidden School of Esther, from which the Great Purim will eventually be revealed at the proper moment. At that time the Star of the Redemption which is now shining within the boundaries of the Hidden School will shine for the world and there will begin the great awakening to the amazing Design of God which brings all the positive elements of the large redemptional cycle of 4000 years to their marvellous conclusions. All those conclusions culminate in this long, great, terrible and displaced fourth generation so that their fruits may then be eaten for a thousand years or thousands of years, by the blessed children of God’s peace on earth.


Gnomen 488 -

Thus the Star of Esther reveals the Star of Mordechai which brings on the Star of the Redemption during the Displaced Fourth Generation. The New Equilibrium which is then born of the Star of the Redemption, first of all, reunites the Star of Abraham to its proper place in its long 65 year period of conjunction during this Fourth Generation (represented in the First Sign where the Goel, Haim makes a sign from the Fourth Star to the First Star which is the Star of Abraham). This in  turn brings the time into position to receive the Star of Isaac which is the Star of the Construction that Remains in Time. This is an essential element of the Final Redemption for the eventual Construction of the House of Seven Floors and Thirteen Altars at Jerusalem and at Bersheva which will never be destroyed.

Gnomen 489 -

Here now the elements of the Redemption are all but completed for Israel as they are all but empty for the Nations. For Israel it is all completed except for the very complex question of the Messianic Mission. And for the nations it is all but empty, for without the Messianic Mission, they have no access to the tradition of Abraham or to the tradition of the Temple at Jerusalem or to the tradition of Purim or to the Tradition of the Hidden Tzadikim. All depends for them on the revelation of the universal, messianic Star of Malchitzedek.


Gnomen 490 -

Yet also Israel with all that it has, without the revelation of that messianic Star, cannot have its Final Redemption. There would be, first of all, no true understanding of what the real Messianic Mission is all about, as on this question there is only vast confusion. Without the Sign of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ there is no way of breaking down the 2000 year barriers which were until now necessary for accomplishing the higher long-term purposes of the Final Redemption. These barriers, nevertheless, were meant to fall at the time when the false foundations would be revealed.


Gnomen 491 -

The Star of Christ in its second time around makes a Donkey out of everyone, Jews, Christians and Moslems alike. It breaks down the intellectual arrogance of the studious with simple clear brays of truth. He was loved by a few and scorned by many until from heaven was it said, “Get thee up and go to Beersheva, and hide yourself there in the School of Esther which you and the pupils must establish secretly”. There in Israel on the Carmel, the Hidden Donkey received visions and blessings from Mordechai, from the Prophet Elijah, from the Archangel Gabriel and from the lovely, modest and intelligent Queen Esther.


Gnomen 492 -

For as the Donkey can do nothing without the Goel Haim, so does he know nothing of the higher things unless the higher ones come and reveal it to him in one way or another. For the sake of those visions and messages, he remains a hidden Donkey, undisturbed by the turbulent wisdom of the scholars upon whom he gently tramples under all four Donkey hooves and disinflates with braying laughter. But Esther is beautiful, modest and intelligent, and when she will be revealed in Israel, the children of Judah will not be able to resist the Redemption that she brings together with Mordechai the Tzadik, of the tribe of Binyamin. And not being able to resist her charm, the children of Israel will be thrown into the vortex of that hidden Star of Esther which reveals the hidden Essene School.


Gnomen 493 -

She subtly and intelligently reveals the true origins of Christian revelation and she astutely seals that tragic but in the end victorious Mission of Yeshua ben Yosef u-ben Miriam in its proper proportions forever. At that point, when the virtue of humility is reached and the prejudices have been discarded, a great new illumination arrives from the Star of the Messianic Bread. Then a greater understanding of the Seven Stars of the Redemption and the Seven Prophetic Circles will reveal itself to donkeys of every level among the pupils of the New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Tzadik Haim.


Gnomen 494 -

The Seven Prophetic Circles represent 7 different kinds of prophetic revelations in the Divine Design of the Final Redemption. I was searching for Donkey-allusions in the story of Abraham, Abimelech and Phichol, his minister of war, and I found these two personages in the stars. Last night, August 15, 1991, the stars were brilliant, and as I gazed at the Star of 70 Colours, Phichol (lit. the 'mouth of all') stuck out his blue head and winked at me. Then he said in pure Philistine language which I understood in English, “What do you think, with all those 70 lights spinning around, he’s gonna speak for himself? He’s my big man, but I’m his faithful mouth, and therefore every minister has to listen to my words”.


Gnomen 495 -

There’s just something about the stars that brings the time together. So I knew from my new-found Philistine friend that his big star boss carried the name of Abimelech. That makes it 4 names to my counting, the Star of 70 Colours (or Star of the 70 Nations); the Star of the Mannah; the Star of Haman; and the Star of Abimelech. Now I had to figure out the relationship between those 4 matters for the comprehension of the new conjunction that had been reached, but Phichol insisted in winking me down and I was forced to listen.


Gnomen 496 -

“Listen here, little Donkey of Seven Prophetic Circles, gather your vision and look around. Is it for naught that my master has so many names? The Tzadik and his Tribunal are 5 and with the 70 Nations and I we are the 7 Prophetic Circles that you have been searching for for over 3 years now and I am your Fourth Prophetic Messianic Circle. This Higher Tribunal represents ‘The Tablets of the Just Man who lives in his Faith and its completion to ten is from the three traditions of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, the 3 Heads of all the Tablets. When, however, the Higher Tribunal of Five Stars is in correspondence to the Five Stars of Esther in her Kingdom, these are two Tablets of Five, in the position of the Ten Commandments. And When Esther in her Kingdom is in her Palace, the Tablet is one long Tablet of Ten White Marble Steps”.


Gnomen 497 - 

Then, from across the heaven, the hidden Star of Esther from the Palace of the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh appeared and looked the Star of Phichol directly in the eyes. At that moment a shooting star in its fall made a perfect line from the star AHH to the Star of Esther ----- and disappeared. I felt the profound union of the New Purim of the Final Redemption by now completely enveloped by the 7 Prophetic Circles. The 7 Prophetic Circles also correspond with the 7 days of the week.


Gnomen 498 -

The Star of Mordechai corresponds to the 7th Pro. Cir. And it belongs to the 6th day for reason of the creation of Man in the perfection of the image of God.

The Star of Abimelech or the Star of the 70 Nations or Star of 70 Colours or Star of the Mannah etc. corresponds to the First Pro. Cir. and also refers to the First Day of Creation.

The Star-Fulcrum of the Scale corresponds to the Second Pro. Cir. and to the tradition of Moses and to the Sabbath.

The Star-Miracle on the Fulcrum of the Balance, connected to the tradition of the Prophet Elijah and to the 6th Pro. Cir. of the Wars of God belongs to the 5th day of creation for reason of the creation of the angels and the great whales and thus Leviathan.


Gnomen 499 -

The Star of Nun, alongside of the Fulcrum to our right hand is connected to the tradition of Joshua Bin Nun and to the fifth Pro. Cir. Because of the redemption that goes out to the world from this Prophetic Circle in the Correction according to the faith of the Second Commandment, it corresponds to the second day of creation in which the separation of the waters took place. (It’s interesting that the mission of Joshua relates to the Fifth Pro. Cir. because we are used to associating the mishnah of Joshua and thus the kabbalah of Joshua with the wars of God, but that mishnah of the Second Commandment as we refer to it, comes also for the sake of uprooting idolatry from the nations, and thus to bring them to their redemption by way of the New Pact of the Final Redemption.

Only the Star of Phichol is left and he stands in the Fourth Prophetic Circle together with the Donkey who eats the Bread of Bethlehem. And Phichol is the mouth of all these 6 great stars and their spokesman for the sake of the Final Redemption. He is also like the moon whose main light she receives from the sun and which is hardly seen at all in the light of the sun.


Gnomen 500 -

The Prophetic Circles bring all the levels of prophecy which are hidden in the Torah to the present time and the present generation, and lo and behold, my Sanctified Stable under the Great Sombrero, has become the Tent of the Meeting Place of the Stars of the Redemption. And the God of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is with me in every step, notwithstanding my Donkeyish ways and my earthly comprehension. Therefore do not be surprised when I tell you that our mother, Sarah, wife of Abraham, came down from her world to visit me last night. I felt the radiance of her renowned beauty, but she cannot be described for she is covered with a thick veil and she reveals her face to no one except to Abraham, her husband. I got me down on all fours and kissed her feet and I felt the closeness of the Prophetic Heart, the heredity of Sarah, our mother. Then I stood up and I beseeched her to keep her eyes on Yehoel Yehoel and to defend him as she would for Isaac her only son, and the mother of our people tranquillised my Bread-ridden heart.