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Gnomen 601 - GIMMEL

When the GIMMEL rides in the high places

it breaks down all arrogance.

After the Beit  in the blessing

and the blessing in the faith

the pride of Jacob is triumphant

in the splendour of Israel.

Beware of the GIMMEL which comes after the blessing;

Satan, indeed, is filled with shrewdness

towards those who give the goodness of their hearts

to bring the feet of the Bull

into the depths of goodness

used in evil.

This is the foolish goodness

used to nourish the feet of sinners;

this is the impure heart

used in love towards other people;

this is the self-love without the real sentiment for others;

this love fools the wise,

how much more so the foolish;

but those whose hearts are wise

will add knowledge to the ways of humility,

and will establish fences

around the Temple of the heart,

and the fires of goodness will burn in them without being consumed.

Gnome 602 -      DALET

This is the poverty which comes after the arrogance of the GIMMEL

until one returns to God with all his heart.

This is the door which has four sides,

a door opened from inside the house;

inside it receives the faith of the ALEF

and the blessing of BEIT;

it pushes away the arrogance of the GIMMEL and keeps it outside.

Gnomen 603 -

The DALET completes the four corners

of the House of Faith;

these are filled

with the blessing of the faith

and the blessing of the House

and the splender of the GIMMEL

and with the modesty of the soul

the doors of prayer are opened.

Gnomen 604 - HEI

This is the LETTER which blesses the children of the house,

happy for her sons and daughters

because they are filled with the fear of God,

‘the mother of her children is happy, Halleluyah’.

This is the presence of the Light

which brings in the New Comprehension;

this is the presence of comprehension in the doors of thought;

this is the Presence of God in the Segullah of thought.

Gnomen 605 -

But she hates every enemy and burns out every plague,

she binds every word to its root in the known HEI,

she lifts up the doors of the intellect to the sentiment of faith,

she prepares in the heart of man the Segullah of prophecy and the sentiment of sanctity.

Gnomen 606 -

The VAV is a line which binds every blessing to its proper place;

it is the six days of creation

binding the act of creation

to the sixth day,

that day crowned with the creation of man.

Gnomen 607 -

Therefore it is a LETTER of the NAME;

it corrects every distortion,

in its love for good,

in its hate for evil,

in the pupil of its eye derech eretz,

in its love for truth

and in its love for justice, founded upon the faith.

Gnomen 608 -

In the sixth day man was completed,  for in it he was created

and in it he sinned

in it he was expelled

and in it he prayed

in it he was corrected and completed

to receive the Sabbath.

Gnomen 609 -

Therefore the VAV completes the faith of the ALEF,

manifests the blessing of the BEIT,

receives the Segullah of the GIMMEL,

lifts up the doors of prayer

and brings close the Presence

in the joy of the Redemption of the sixth day.

Gnomen 610 -  ZAIN

This is the weapon

of those who follow the ways of wisdom;

this is the victory of the intellect

over the ways of the body,

the victory of holiness over profanity;

this is the ascent of the Sabbath

over the six days of Creation.

This is the war of God against the false constructions.

Gnomen 611 -

This is the Segullah of the Song

to the day of the Sabbath:

It is good to praise the Lord

and to sing to Your exalted name.

The Omnipotent One said,

“It is sufficient” to His world.

Blest is the man who confides in God

and who places his trust in the Lord.

He will taste the foods of the Sabbath

in the pleasure of his soul.

This is the Segullah of Israel

sanctified in the name of His people,                        and this is the victory of God

who fights to correct the nation

in His Segullah.

Gnomen 612 -  HHET

The HHET is the purification from sin

during the Inauguration of the House;

it comes to diffuse a new light among the multitudes,

in the Segullah of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot.

Gnomen 613 -

This is the renewal of time after the Sabbath

on the day of Shemini Atzereth:

this is the New Pact

after the sacrifice of days;

this is the renewal of the circumcision of Abraham, our father;

this is the renewal of the heavens and the earth

in the Completed Signs

Gnomen 614 -

This is the Reunification of the Parts

in the Pact between the Pieces

at the time of the Final Redemption

after the Last Days.

And He, Blessed is His name,

is merciful and filled with compassion;

He holds back His wrath

and does not let rage His anger,

so that life may remain in existence;

He is merciful and forgives our sins

nor does He destroy us

for His goodness is everlasting.

Gnomen 615 -  TETT

The TETT triples the Shield

and verifies the faith;

this is the taste of faith

and this is the lovely flavor of the blessing;

it delves into the taste of the Segullah

and the understanding of taste

in the House of Prayer;

Gnomen 616 -

It is the taste of the soul

in the Presence of God;

it is the taste of the Correction of Man

in all his measures;

and this is the pleasantness of taste

in the sanctity of the Sabbath;

it is the renewal of the taste

of Hhanukat Ha-Hhanukot

and the foundation of flavors

of the New Pact.

Gnomen 617 -

Faith, Blessing and Segulla

are in the Shield of Abraham;

Prayer, the joy of God’s Presence

and the Correction of the measures

are in the fear of Isaac.

The sanctity of the New Light

in understanding God’s commandments

is the heredity of Jacob

in the completion of the Blessing.

Gnomen 618 - YOD

The Yod is the TENTH LETTER

it flavors all the commandments

with wise action;

it is faith rooted in the wisdom of the heart;

it has no form more than a point

but there is no good without its influence;

every hope of the heart depends on its stability

as it quietly instructs the wisdom of silence

to ascend to the Palace of its pleasure.

Gnomen 619 -

The YOD binds the future to the present

so that the actions of the present

agree with the reward of the future;

it is the binding point between this world and the world to come.

Therefore the YOD begins the NAME

the fear of which is the beginning of wisdom

and wisdom requires silence.

Gnomen 620 - KHAF

The KHAF is the Crown

the YOD doubled

For Ten are the VIRTUES

from faith to silence are ten

from silence to faith are ten

crowned in the blessing

of God’s NAME

Gnomen 621 -

The Khaf is a higher light

crowned on men and women

sanctified in humility.

The Crown of God’s will

are the sanctified actions, words and thoughts

of men and women.

Gnomen 622 -

Thus one reinforces himself in the FAITH

recives the BLESSING

rejoices in the SEGULLA

PRAYS in the House of the Redemption

gladdens the DIVINE PRESENCE

CORRECTS himself in all his measures

SANCTIFIES himself in every action

RENEWS himself in the Pact of the Final Redemption


and is wise in silence as he lives in his faith;

so he accomplishes the will of God

who places a Crown upon man’s head.

Gnomen 623 -   LAMED

The LAMED studies and teaches

the way of study

it strikes the brain

to make it achieve results in comprehension

The Teacher Haim says, “It is better to understand one verse well than to read all the Torah with little understanding”.

Gnomen 624 -

The LAMED has three faces

high-left, low-right

and horizontal line in the middle;

in teaching, one must keep a distance with the left,

bring close with the right

and one arrives at the true middle-way

which is complete.

Gnomen 625 -

There are thirty ways of study

ten with the eyes

ten with the ears

and ten with the tongue.

And derech eretz is equivalent

to all of them

for if you delve into the study of derech eretz

you find all of them

without having to count,

for derech eretz preceded the Torah

and it is the first study.

Gnomen 626 -

‘Educate a child according to his way,

yea, even when he will become old

he will not deviate from it’. And the sooner one begins, the greater is the gain

and the later one begins, the greater is the loss before it.

If you have placed the intellect

above derech eretz

then you have lost your heart

you have eaten ice

and you have learned nothing.

Gnomen 627 -  MEM

The MEM is the water of the mind

which fills the House of the Redemption

when the four corners of the DALET

are filled with the TEN VIRTUES,

when the VIRTUES are complete

in each corner of the faith.

Gnomen 628 -

The First Corner is the simple faith of the heart, as it states

‘Be of a simple heart with the Lord, your God’.

This faith ascends until the highest levels of the true Tzadikim,

and descends unto the heart of the pure-hearted simple folk of every land.

Gnomen 629 -

The Second Corner is the faith in the Omnipotence of God who performs miracles and wonders, as it states,

‘I am the Lord, your God who has taken you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage’.

And it states, ‘And the just man lives in his faith’.

Gnomen 630 -

The Third Corner is the faith in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption,

faith in the renewal of the time

and the new time

of the Stars

of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven

of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot

of the Donkey who Eats Bread

of the Fourth Generation

and the New Construction

and in the resurrection of the Tzadik  Haim.

Gnomen 631 -

The Fourth Corner is the pure monotheistic faith of the SECOND COMMANDMENT

 Thou shalt have no other gods in My presence. Make not for yourselves statues or any image, not of the things that are in the skies, nor of the things that are on earth, nor of the things that are in the waters under the earth; do not bow down to them and do not serve them, for I am the Lord, your God, a jealous God who punishes the sin of the fathers on the sons, on the third and up to the fourth generation of those who detest Me, but I use clemency up to the thousandth generation of those that love Me and that safeguard my commandments.

Gnomen 632 - NUN

The NUN comes to give understanding

in the reception of Yehoshua bin NUN,

the reception of the laws against idolatry deriving from the 50 words of the Second Commandment.

And the second NUN of bin NUN

represents the reception of the oral tradition hidden in the Holy Tongue, alluded to  in the 50 words in the story of the Tower of Babel, as it states, ‘And all the land was of one language and of the same words’.

Gnomen 633 -

And the VAV between the 2 NUNS of bin NUN

binds the HATEFUL CONSTRUCTION of the TOWER of BABEL to the destruction of the FOURTH GENERATION.

Therefore the NUN sometimes turns about face (REVERSED NUN) and encloses,

to indicate the FINAL NUN


which turns about face

to enclose the world


and into the FINAL REDEMPTION.

Gnomen 634 -

From the hidden tradition of the LETTERS of the story of Babel


From the tradition of the pure faith of the Second Commandment


In merit of the FINAL GOEL, HAIM,

we are heirs to the original mishnah of Yehoshua bin NUN

to explain the idolatrous errors

and to receive the NEW LAW

and to see FIFTY GATES

in each study


Gnomen 635 - 

The double NUN of Joshua son of NUN

becomes a long FINAL NUN


to explain the true tradition of the past

and to expound on the true new tradition of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 636 -

From this is born the ‘PURE LANGUAGE’,

the SAFA BRURA prophesied

for the time of the FINAL GOEL.

For the NUN examines





and selects

the flour of the grain

and eliminates the chaff.

Gnomen 637 -

the NUN is the ALTAR of the PROPHET

in the House of the Final Redemption;

from Yehoshua bin Nun to the First Temple

to the Prophet Elijah

to Mordechai ha-Tzadik

and the hidden NUN of PURIM

and into the waters of Leviathan

that great NUN of the higher sea

until he comes down

after thousands of years

to delight in the New Revelation

and to sign his name


Gnomen 638 -

The NUN also corresponds to the THREE ASCENTS of MOSES

the first and the third

each 40 days and 40 nights

and ten commandments;

The VAV in the middle

is the middle, hidden ASCENT

into the TEN VIRTUES


which descends from the PALACE of ESTHER.

Gnomen 639 -        SAMECH

The SAMECH supports all the Signs of the Redemption

these are 60 orders

ten times each of the SIX GREAT SIGNS

according to the TEN VIRTUES.

When the Donkey receives his ordination


then may he , God willing,

begin to bray the MESSIANIC TRACTATES



Gnomen 640 -         ‘AIN

After 60 orders,

five times the 12 tribes of Jacob,

from the blessing of the HEI to multiply them

come the 70 nations of Esau

as alluded to in

‘there they found 12 founts and 70 date-trees’

so in the Sign of the Stars

in the Book of Abraham

the names of a multitude of nations

his descendants


for the 70 nations of ESAU’

Gnomen 641 -

Such is the allusion to the LARGE ‘AIN


to include the ‘listening’

of the 70 nations

in the faith of the ONENESS of the Creator;

it comes before the word YISRAEL

although the hearing is directly intoned towards YISRAEL

but Israel does not come to its essence

until the 70 nations of Christianity

testify to Israel’s faith and say,

‘Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One’.

Gnomen 642 -    PEH

The PEH is the mouth of the oral law

renewed for the Final Redemption;

this is the meaning of torah-she-ba’al-peh, the Torah which possesses a mouth;

thus it can speak of every question, according to every period, time and moment.

Gnomen 643 -     TZADI

Just is God in all His ways,

for I shall call unto the name of God,

give honour to the Lord.

The Lord is perfect in His works

for all His actions are just;

He is the faithful God,

just and righteous is He.

For the possession of the Lord is His people,

Jacob is the rope of His heredity.

Look now, I alone am the Lord

and there is no other god with Me.

I make die and I make relive.

I have wounded but I will heal

and no one can save himself from My hand.

Gnomen 644 -

The just man lives in his faith.

The just man fears God alone.

The just man trembles when he pronounces God’s name.

The just man sanctifies his Sabbath.

The just man does not sit in his father’s place and washes his mother’s feet.

The just man corrects himself constantly.

The just man does not steal even a minute of time from others.

The just man behaves with modesty even with his own wife.

The just man does not swear, unless he must, and if he must, he swears before God.

The just man does not desire even that which he possesses, how much less that which belongs to others.


Gnomen 645 -  KOF

The KOF is a hundred for completeness,

when each of the ten virtues is completed in the same ten virtues;

all is in ascent and in states of completion;

the Faith is completed in the Blessing,

the Blessing is completed in the hidden virtues,

the Virtues are completed in Prayer,

Prayer is completed in the Divine Presence,

the Divine Presence is brought close to the world through the Correction of man,

the Correction is completed in the Sanctification,

the Sanctity is completed by Renewal,

the Renewal is completed by Taste

and Taste is completed in Wisdom.

Gnomen 646 -

Wisdom is completed by Will

which is completed by teaching others;

teaching is completed by the New Humble Brain;

the New Humble Brain is completed by the Fifty Gates of Understanding

in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption;

the Signs are completed in the 70 nations,

the Great Israel is completed in the new oral tradition of the New Pact;

the New Pact is completed in the just man who lives in his faith

and in that year Isaac received a yield a hundred-fold that which he had planted.

Gnomen 647 - RESH

The RESH is the Head crowned with 7 instruments, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils and the mouth;

the tongue is fortified at 2 levels, the teeth and 2 lips,

for on the tongue stands life and death, but the wise man has his ‘AIN in his RESH (his EYE in his HEAD).

Gnomen 648 -

Moses, magister noster, is the HEAD of all the Prophets;

Elijah, the Prophet is the Head of the Men of the Ascent;

Mordechai ha-Tzadik was Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation;

The founder of the Hidden School of Esther of the Essenes, called by them the Teacher of Justice, was Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation.

The Rambam, the Great Eagle, was Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation;

The Tzadik ha-Shalem, Haim, was Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation;

and in his death he was resurrected as the chosen Final Goel, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Teacher of mankind of the Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 649 -

The beginning of Faith

is the heredity of the heart;

the beginning of the Blessing

is the heredity of fathers and mothers;

the beginning of the Segulla

is the sentiment of the heart;

the beginning of Prayer

is the cleanliness of the body;

the beginning of the Divine Presence

is the purification of the mouth;

Gnomen 650 -

the beginning of the Correction

is the knowledge of oneself;

the beginning of Sanctity

is in the selection;

the beginning of Renewal

is in the knowledge of others;

the beginning of taste

is in the root of the soul;

and the beginning of Wisdom

is in keeping quiet and listening.

So too the wise man has his ‘AIN in his RESH;

he looks into his own mind

and he keeps quiet.

Gnomen 651 -    SHIN

After one has become the HEAD and CHIEF of his own forces,

then is he truly able to stand before EL SHADDAI,

and to receive visions from EL SHADDAI;

then does one find his Peace

in the fear of His great name

and will seek completion in all his actions.

Gnomen 652 - TAV

‘I am the ALEF and I am the TAV’

says the Wisdom of the LETTERS

to the one who possesses it;

this is the meaning of ‘ET’ (ALEF TAV)

(placed, in Hebrew, before defined subjects of transitive verbs);

the ‘ET’ comes to include His Words, His LETTERS and His Signs.

Gnomen 653 -

The  Tav is also a sign of the 400 years of the Redemtional Cycle, as it states Genesis 15, 13  ‘your descendants will dwell in a foreign land not theirs; and they be made to serve as slaves and afflicted for 400 years’.

The Tav completes the 22 LETTERS in the sign ‘The Lion of the 22 LETTERS is the mother who receives the NEW TABLETS of the Third and Final Redemption’.

Gnomen 654 -  SHIN HHADASH


We saw the SHIN HHADASH      in the sky from Tel Sheva to Jerusalem. It just remained and remained and remained. We were Paolo, I Deborah, Adam and the children, in our car going from Beersheva to visit the old city and to make some signs as Deborah had received in dreams.


Gnomen 655 -

Our four month stay in Israel (from December 1990 to March 1991) was the very concentrated hidden Purim for all Jews, received in the Marvellous Signs of the New Reform in Judaism including the Signs of the Third and Final Temple, the New Construction of Seven Floors and Thirteen Altars of Prayer at Jerusalem and at Bersheva, received by us in the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. That was during the first year of the second period of six years which itself was under the Hidden Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven and in the Hidden Purim Signs for all Israel. Came the NEW SHIN and the NEW VAV and the NEW FINAL NUN of SHUSHAN on that day.


Gnomen 656 -

The NEW VAV which itself became the NEW NUN FINALE (to be distinguished in length and density from the NUN SOFFIT of normal Hebrew) appeared to us in the sky as we entered the large courtyard of the Weeping Wall. An amazing luminous cloud formed a shining beam across the sky, completing the sign of the NEW LETTERS of PURIM SHUSHAN. These three LETTERS represent the RENEWAL of the GREAT PURIM of the FINAL REDEMPTION.


Gnomen 657 -

At first the SHIN HHADASH of SHUSHAN completes the SHIN of ASHER for the historical CORRECTION of this NAME. Then the NEW VAV of SHUSHAN corrects the false ROSH which had formed from ASHER. Then the second SHIN HHADASH of SHUSHAN  binds the name ASHER to the second EHEYE. And then the NUN FINALE binds together in completeness the entire name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.


Gnomen 658 -

Then the name ASHER in its RENEWAL for the FINAL REDEMPTION again alludes to the HIDDEN PURIM of ALEF, ESTHER - SHIN, SHUSHAN - RESH, MORDECHAI (Head of the Tribunal). So too in the REDEMPTIONAL STARS of the GREAT CART appear the STAR of ESTHER, the STAR of the GOEL, and the STAR of MORDECHAI. These are the THREE STARS which renew the name ASHER for the sake of the FINAL REDEMPTION. Their completeness, however, requires that they extend to the THREE NEW REDEMPTIONAL CONSTELLATIONS, the FIVE STARS of ESTHER IN HER PALACE, the THIRTEEN STARS OF THE SHOSHANA, the FIVE STARS (and sometimes SEVEN STARS) of the GREAT TRIBUNAL OF MORDECHAI ha-TZADIK.


Gnomen 659 -

That the STAR of the FINAL GOEL is bound to the SHIN of the name ASHER and to the SHOSHANA, derives from several factors. The SHIN, 300 in number, is THREE in its small number which alludes to the THREE REDEMPTIONS which culminate in the THIRD and FINAL GOEL of history. In fact, the three letters of ASHER also allude to the THREE PATRIARCHS,  the ALEF to ABRAHAM, the FIRST PATRIARCH, the RESH to ISAAC (RESH is 200 in number, 2 in its small number, thus the SECOND PATRIARCH, and the SHIN to JACOB, the THIRD and FINAL PATRIARCH. The FINAL GOEL, HAIM, is, for the sake of the prophetic realisation of the Signs of the FATHERS also referred to as the JACOB of HISTORY, that is, the COMPLETED BLESSING of JACOB finalised prophetically in the FINAL REDEMPTION. That COMPLETED BLESSING of JACOB is bound to a ‘MYSTERY’ referred to in tradition as the ROSE OF JACOB, SHOSHANAT YAACOB. In merit of the Final Goel, Haim, we have received, within the framework of the BOOK of the STARS of ABRAHAM in the COMPLETED SIGN of the STARS, the revelation of the REDEMTIONAL CONSTELLATION of the THIRTEEN STARS of the ROSE, the ‘MYSTERY’ of SHOSHANAT YAACOB.


GNOMEN 660 -

As Jacob, our father, represents the PERFECT MIDDLE WAY between the KINDNESS of ABRAHAM and the SEVERITY of ISAAC, so too the FINAL REDEMPTION represents the PERFECT MIDDLE WAY between the MANIFEST REVELATION of SINAI and the HIDDEN REVELATION of PURIM. In this very important sense the THIRD PATRIARCH represents the MIDDLE WAY, and the FINAL GOEL, HAIM,  represents and is teaching that MIDDLE WAY, and so too the SHIN of ASHER is exactly in the MIDDLE of the name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, with FIVE LETTERS before it and FIVE LETTERS after it. Thus the STAR of the GOEL relates to the SHIN, the MIDDLE LETTER of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.


Gnomen 661 -

And so too the FIVE LETTERS to one side of the SHIN and the FIVE LETTERS to the other side of the SHIN correspond to the TWO TABLETS of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, FIVE on each TABLET. In the FIRST REDEMPTION the SHIN referred to Moses himself, in the midst, between God and between Israel. In the SECOND REDEMPTION, however, the TABLETS were hidden in the SHIN of SHUSHAN. And these in turn, in the THIRD and FINAL REDEMPTION correspond with the FIVE STARS of the TRIBUNAL of  MORDECHAI ha-TZADIK and with the FIVE STARS of ESTHER in her PALACE from which descend the NEW TABLETS of the NEW LAW of the FINAL REDEMPTION in merit of the THIRD and FINAL GOEL, HAIM. And the ROSE of JACOB binds the NEW TABLETS to the PERFECT MIDDLE WAY for all ISRAEL and for all MANKIND by way of the THIRTEEN FORMATIONS of the GREAT SHOSHANA of the FINAL REDEMPTION. WEDNESDAY, August 15, 1996, Menahhem Av 30, 5756. Sarzana, Liguria - Italy. Peretz Green