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Gnomen 501 – All now was ready for Rosh ha-Shana 5752*. We wish to understand the connection between the sign of the salvation of the New Law and the salvation of Israel, by way of the presently underway hidden School of Esther from which the Great New Miraculous Purim of the Fourth Generation of the Final Redemption comes to be revealed for Israel. Purim itself, in its time, represented the salvation of the people of Judah by way of the salvation of the Torah, as known in Jewish tradition. The Torah itself had to be saved at that time because the assimilating forces of the Persian Tolerance, and the lack of Torah education among the younger generation, had left the Jews, dispersed throughout the Persian Empire, without the Torah.

*All the Signs of Esther in her Kingdom and of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and his Great Tribunal had arrived and the Tent was ready under the Great Sombrero. Shor ha-Bar had decreed the correction of Deborah’s and Paolo’s mikveh of their conversion. From Israel Davide Levi, Adam Kamkhaji ,in Italy for a few weeks, came to Sombrero and were witnesses to the correction. After Deborah’ and Paolo’s immersion in lake Endine (Bergamo), ti was seen a sign written in mountain language on the other side of the lake. “Look” they said, “there’s a number written on the mountain, 195”. It was a message: After 9 years of the revelation of the Completed Signs, with the establishment of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, the sign of ‘the’ end, ha-ketz, in gematria 195, had come. The sign of the correction of the Mikveh, having been brought by Shor ha-Bar and having been done, was also the sign of proof that the New Tribunal of the Final Redemption, an absolute necessity for the New Law, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim, was in function.

Beniamino dreamed that Peretz and Deborah had conceived a fourth child, a girl named Carla. That same night after Deborah’s and Paolo’s mikveh, I received a sign in a dream that Deborah had saved Carla (a young girl who was almost drowning in the bath-tub) and that there was great joy and the praising of God for this incredible salvation.

The sheep that I slaughtered for Rosh ha-Shana weighed exactly 65 kilos, and afterwards, the net weight of the meat was 35 kilos. After having slaughtered many times in various occasions, this was the first time the sheep was female. How’s that for a sign of the Fourth Generation! Carla, the New Law of the New Pact had been saved. The important sign of ‘the end’ had come for Rosh ha-Shana 5752.

Now the concept began to clarify itself. After the signs of the Kingdom of Esther and the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik came the salvation of the New Law. Without the New Law, the New Pact is without its foundation, and, God save us, everything could have fallen apart. But with this hidden salvation of the New Law, the Jewish people had again been saved, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim, and by virtue of the redemptional School of Esther, now hidden under the Great Sombrero, in the Sign of the Great Purim of the Final Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 502 -

Only a miraculous redemption from God could have saved Israel from the decree of the Higher Tribunal above. Mordechai ha-Tzadik had heard the decree of complete destruction, God save us, of the Jews. The Jewish people had virtually destroyed itself because the Torah no longer existed. That decree had been signed (not yet with RED ink , however) and sealed but there was yet time a year before it would fall on the people. Then Mordechai, with permission from Queen Esther, established the Sanhedrin and established schools of Torah for the younger generation.


Gnomen 503 -

We had come to the same situation in its modern form. Unfortunately among the present day Jewry, because of a terrible error which began 400 years ago, there was no Torah, God save us, and all the rabbis and the Doctors the Law together did not even know how to distinguish true tradition (kabbalah) from false tradition (kabbalah). The faith of the Jewish people had been on trial. It was found among Jews all over the world, but not among the so-called ultra-religious, not among those who study the Zohar, not among the so-called pious Hassidim, and certainly not among the hated Habadiim whose falsehood and idolatry was decried before God by the Goel himself. (when fire descended from heaven into the Habad Synagogue in Via Cellini, Milan, to burn 4000 volumes of their sickening doctrines together with the large photo of their anointed Nimrod.) In general religious Jews believed that the Zohar was a holy book even without knowing its contents. The result is the same, however. There was no true Torah. And so is it and so will it be until the terrible error is corrected.


Gnomen 504 -

It was found mostly among those Jews who had little or no knowledge of the Torah, who said before they went to sleep at night Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehhad. It was in the heart of ordinary Jews who had not been contaminated by the idolatrous confusion of the Zohar. But whether the lack of Torah at the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and Queen Esther or whether the epochs of total corruption at the time of the Essenes, the time of aperture of the revelation of the Final Redemption finds Israel without the Torah, and terrible decrees are ready to fall on the people. So was it nine years ago before Rosh ha-Shana 5743 (1983) when we knew that the ‘Ketz’ had come in merit of the Tzadik Haim and of his Final Sacrifice.


Gnomen 505 -

Time was given until the Final ‘Ketz’ of Rosh ha-Shana 5752 to establish on earth the Redemptional Tribunal of Mordechai and to save Israel from those decrees. At first, for reason of the Christian Correction, six years are spent in trying to establish the New Mission in the Sign of the Stars in conjunction to the Sign of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot which in those first years meant ‘Mission’, announcing the Final Redemption even outside. Although in those years a New Law is announced, the new equilibrium brought about by the Star of Christ had to concentrate on the redemptional prerequisite of untying, once and for all, the historical knot of that enigmatic mission of Yeshua. Therefore, although the New Law is foreseen, it is at first necessary to establish the generalities of the new global vision and the universal outlook of the Great Universal Redemption.


Gnomen 506 -

It was not possible in that phase of the New Equilibrium to deal more than generally with the New Law of the New Pact which must satisfy the needs of non-Jews, of Jews come back home to the Altar of Efraim and of all Jews who wish to accomplish all the commandments of the Torah by way of the New Law of the New Pact on the Altar of Judah. Only after that global Pact, called the Universal Pact for the Altar of Malchitzedek, was well established does the external shell* of those Christian Signs of the Correction fall away, revealing the internal structure of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption.  The signs of the Stars of the Redemption sometimes come in the strangest way and through the strangest people, but White Horse will become famous for his sublime tmimut and naked innocence in telling amazing stories just as they happened.

*the external shell, in synthesis, was the ‘New Universal Church’ of the House of Prayer, received at the beginning of the revelation of the Signs - (That same night - - - , Deborah dreamed that we had to discard the terrible dead-weight that we had been holding. Together with other indications and the whole situation, we understood clearly that the dead-weight was that large universal structure of the Universal Church. It was then, after doing a sign of throwing the stone of the Fish-fossil into the Adda River (it had been a symbol of the Universal Church in the House of Prayer for all the Nations, as it was then called), that the Universal Synagogue became the Altar of  Judah and instead of the discarded Universal Church there arose the Altar of Efraim. It was also then that we became a School and no longer a Mission, a very great relief indeed after six years of trying actively to convince someone of the New Message. From then on the congregation of Genzano consolidated its rebellion and Carmine DelleDonne began to think that, instead of a title that served towards the Correction, he was truly the New Christ descended from his cross at Genzano di Lucania. But I let the fact ride because I didn’t have enough tangible proof that it was so. Only later in Israel did I receive an awesome dream which testified to the impure and idolatrous spirit which had taken them over, but even then I could do nothing about it.)

Gnomen 507 -

Therefore the strange adventure story of White Horse’s great delusion with that false mane and the entire episode of the false Christ of Genzano (Ester 4) will enlighten future generations in the history of these early years and in the first steps of the Donkey who eats the Bread of the New Revelation. And yet that misadventure and all the anguish that was suffered, especially by White Horse himself, contained the very hidden elements necessary to bind the thirteen redemptional Stars which bind the thirteen tribes of Israel. To those yet ridden with honour complexes of medieval standards and who were in truth unable to go beyond the new shell of that first global revelation, were we sent. Into the heart of that arid land in South Italy, where the ignorance imposed for generations on Catholics has become blood and skin, brain and heart.


Gnomen 508 -

Therein had the roots of the lost sheep of Israel fallen, never to know again, it would seem, that their souls, three thousand five hundred years ago, had been present at the revelation of Sinai and had heard the first two commandments directly from God. So had they walked in their land, in the land of Israel, before they were exiled, dispersed and eventually lost among the nations. Into the hands of those who were totally subjected for centuries to the false exaltations of John’s rocks, becoming the new children of God and of John’s logos which turns every title into flesh, such as the plaigerizing Christ thief, descended from the Cross at Genzano di Lucania. One of those female roots had to be joined to the roots of White Horse who is himself rooted in the ten tribes of Israel (from Issachar but also with a root in Judah and thus the 13 tribes) in order to receive the signs from the Stars of the Redemption necessary to complete the 661 Gnomen of the Book of Esther which brings the great salvation of Purim to the Final Redemption.


Gnomen 509 -

She came, half willing, half spy for the usurping Christ of Genzano, and after five months of silent manoeuvres and secret messages, about which we knew nothing nor even suspected, her Christ came to take her home with as many of the first Gnomen that she was able to steal. And without further ado, she up and left White Horse, cold as a fish in the freezer on a winter’s day in Greenland. White Horse suffered inside for all the falsehoods and insincerity that he had witnessed in those encrusted souls, unable to appreciate true values of any sort. Of course the Donkey had no intention of losing any Gnomen, and as that secret agent took up her baggage to leave, he silently detached from her the 661 stars which had been attached to her for the sake of the signs of the Book of Esther and placed them on himself to wait for the moment when he would receive the sign to go ahead with the second two thirds of the Book. Yet if the Gnomen themselves were saved, the time had indeed blocked everything that we were doing and we received orders to leave Italy and to settle in Bersheva, Israel.


Gnomen 510 -

Also in Israel, we were blocked in many ways from working, but there we established the signs of the School of Esther (see Introduction New Law on the many Signs received at Bersheva) and Yehoel Yehoel was born, and the signs of the Prophetic Circles were completed for Israel, and I was given to meditate the problem of the reformation of the Law. In a dream, the Tzadik gave me permission to form the School of Esther in which the New Law would be taught. This explains the direct connection between the School of Esther and the reception of the New Law, for you must at first have a School dedicated to that New Law before it can be received. After Yehoel Yehoel was born, the Tzadik Haim informed me that we had to go to Texas.


Gnomen 511 -

In America we established the signs of the School of the Yellow Rose. After 4 difficult months, we had to return to Italy and again we faced many difficulties and impediments. Everything began to go better only after I sent an official letter to the sickening Christ of Genzano and company, completely disassociating ourselves from every aspect and every element of their doings. I was able to begin introductory writings on the New Law and about a month before coming to Sombrero (Sovere, Bergamo), I again took up the Gnomen of this Book of Esther. We began to realise how important that official letter was and how we had been impeded (but miraculously saved at every step by the Almighty) because I had, in all that time, not broken with them officially. We had heard about a special documentation of Carmine which denounced the Donkey and announced the new Christ.


Gnomen 512

I kept saying to Paolo that I was very curious, although by nature I am not such, to know exactly what’s written in that documentation. But Carmine, in his ecstasy joy for having discovered his true identity, was convinced of having the proofs that the Ass had defected and had deviated from the true path. This was because of the Donkey’s stubbornness in refusing to crown the Christ of Genzano and to announce him to the world as the New Christ returned from that first Mission, corrected and renewed by the New Message of the Final  Redemption. It was Peretz’ fault for not wanting to understand that Carmine was Zerah, his messianic brother, destined to splender for the world so that all might bind their spirit to Carmine’s eternal spirit and thus be bound by him to his Father in heaven.


Gnomen 513 -

Was that not reason enough for kicking the Donkey out of Carmine’s stable? But every true Sign-thief should know that you don’t send letters of such immense importance to the Donkey who eats Bread. Just suppose he’s hungry? And yet, my friends, I must admit that I just might not have received my Donkey-straps, if not for his famous announcement. For sure that document will enter into the annals of history, together with Sefer ha-Mafli, as a testimony to what comes out of Stolen Bread.


Gnomen 514 -

Even the arrival of his letter, just before the birth of Haim Shimshon, was prophetically timed.  Haim Shimshon was born about 2:30 in the morning, and the night sky was of quite strange scarlet colour. - - - - * Only the marvellous new formation of the Star of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and his great Tribunal, after the appearance of the Star of Esther in her hidden Palace, together with the formation of the Sign of the Tribunal in the Hidden Tent of the Donkey, within the framework of the Hidden School of Esther, saved all Israel from those decrees. An important phase of the Great Hidden Redemption of Purim of the Messianic Days had been amazingly accomplished, in secret, under the Great Sombrero over the Clouds of Glory that cover us for now from the eyes of the world.

*Carmine, among the other titles that he attributed to himself, said he was Zerah, the brother of Peretz, whose destiny it was to ‘splender’ for the world (obviously all was stolen from my writings in that first published text of l’Asino che mangia il Pane). In the meantime, however, the Divine Providence had given us three children, in the signs of three missions, the Mission in Italy, the Mission in Israel and the Mission in America. According to those signs, Haim Shimshon, God willing, is in the sign of Zerah, or the Mission of Zerah. The true prophetic meaning of the refulgence of Zerah’s splender relates to the Great Diffusion of the New Message on an international level. That diffusion is the responsibility of the School of the Yellow Rose in the United States. In short, Carmine’s letter contained the Signs of the false Zerah and it arrived on the day of the birth of Haim Shimshon, designated in the Sign of the Mission of Zerah. So too every word of Carmine’s letter was the exact opposite side of the truth; they were the true Signs changed and falsified to meet Carmine’s new scheme of fulfilling his Christhood

Gnomen 515 -

And here in the Tent did Moses, our teacher descend from the other world, after I had cried out many times in desperation, “Moses, Moses, there is no Torah, there is no true Torah anymore. They have violated the true tradition of the faith which you had taught them and they have turned to emanated faces”. Then I had the vision of Moses descending into my Tent and I tried to stand up but was held back by a voice that said to me, “Stay seated, for you must receive this revelation as a Donkey”. The chosen legislator of all time was dressed in a thick whitish garment as worn by the Arabs.


Gnomen 516 -

I saw something of his beard and his holy lips and his vivid eyes and I perceived something of the humbleness of his expression. His upper lip seemed slightly rigid, as is known that Moses was ‘kvad peh’, of a heavy tongue. This aspect enhanced the expression of humbleness that permeates his whole presence. I was asked to explain why there was no Torah and I began to speak, with a very broken voice from my crying, about the sin of the Partzufim.


Gnomen 517 -

Only a few words about Aba were sufficient to see the immediate reaction of consternation. The first Goel of all Israel looked up quickly, made a motion with his hand, and the 35 Hidden Tzadikim who have now the new privilege of being the living judges of the newly founded Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, descended into the Tent. I felt their presence. The great teacher of all times asked them if they agreed and they all stretched out their arms towards heaven and put their heads down sadly saying, “It is so” (ken hu, be’avonot, ken hu).


Gnomen 518 -

After that I saw a small wooden tabernacle-type box, about three by eight inches, which was in the two hands of Moshe Rabbeinu, ‘alav ha-shalom, at the level of his chest. It had two doors as the Aaron ha-Kodesh and inside there was a scroll upon which was written in Hebrew ha-Hhok ha-Hhadash (and even as I looked at it, I perceived the name in English as well, the New Law). Then the humble man of God took the Closet (aron) with the Scroll and gave it to me whole and said, “Swallow it. Now it is in you and you will write it all in Sefer Mishnat Haim for the sake of all”.


Gnomen 519 -

The ‘end’ had come and the New Law, with the grace of God, could now be written.* The sign of the fifty day ascent on the mountain had been a great success, thank God, and the Donkey prepared himself for the work ahead. Also Paolo who has the fortune of Yoseph was blessed during this period by Joseph ha-Tzadik. And Deborah received many precious gifts from Heaven as she too prepared herself for the prophetic dreams of the Tail of the Donkey. Before Succot 5752 Deborah, Paolo and I saw the new formation of the 13 Star-Sign of the Rose which is also the sign of the completed reunification of the 13 tribes of Israel. - -

*in this re-writing, we are in the 14th year; I am exactly at this point. In the five past years, very little was done on the New Law. The Tablets of the New Law were not yet held by me with sufficient force to write them down. The signs return cyclically and each time they return they add force to the application of those signs to writing. I am of course the guilty weakling for needing so many cycles to apply the sign. This year, however, is completely different, the Year designated as ‘the Astounding Year of the Resurrection, in the Sign of the Passion Resolved’, and it is also the ‘Year of the Strong Hand’. And since we have already received many truly amazing signs of the Resurrection and of the Passion Resolved in the first part of this year, the signs of the Strong Hand will certainly come in the second part of this year, from Rosh ha-Shana 5757 to Pesah 1996-7.  Recently the signs have changed upon me in many ways. Most essential is that instead of Peretz, Man of the Signs, in the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, I am now in the Sign of the True Donkey wearing the Red Work-Jacket in the signs of Peretz, Man of the Tablets. These also include the Tablets of Esther, which represent the left hand Tablets while the Tribunal of Mordechai represents the right hand Tablets. And there was an important sign, August 5, 1996, with Michail-Esther who brought here to Sarzana in Liguria original cuneiform Tablets 5000 years old, and she entered into the Sign of Queen Esther and sat on the regal seat with the Tablets in her hands. This was also the period in which the Tablets of the 7 Commandments of Noah were revealed to me. It is for sure the time of the Tablets

Gnomen 520 -

Yet in order for the hidden Purim to be revealed, Esther must be in her Palace in the middle of the Four-Star-Kingdom of AHHASHVEROSH. The five star formation of Esther in the Palace of her Kingdom contains the ‘secret’ of EL MISTATER, the God who hides Himself in the natural process of history, revealing only in the end, by the miraculous victory of Israel, that He was there all the time, Blessed is His name forever, hiding behind the veils of nature to perform His will and to save His chosen people. But He does not save them without merits from their part. The merits connected to the miraculous redemption of Purim came by establishing Yeshivot for Jewish children to study Torah. - -


Gnomen 521 -

Paolo has given me of the whiteness of his heart to help me enter into the Separation. Last night he passed on to me the blessing of the presence of Moses, our teacher. From heaven did I hear it said ‘Blessed are the hands who passed on this blessing to his teacher’. Such is the fortune of the one who stands under the star of Joseph ha-Tzadik.


Gnomen 522 -

And Joseph-Baby-Prophet called down the souls of children from the Kingdom of Heaven whose reassurance I needed. They said, “Do not be afraid, Peretz and think of us, for all your words are a delight unto our souls. Have no fear of the great seriousness of those levels, for as honey you shall receive them”. “Don’t worry, Peretz” said my Donkey protégé, “I see two maroon coloured angels coming down to separate you with fire from the world beyond the Tent.


Gnomen 523 -

One is putting fire around your writing desk, and the other is placing a wall of fire around you. When you touch the stone of Silence it will descend and you must not speak or leave the Tent. And when you wish to be free, you must touch the stone of speaking which permits you to speak or to leave the Tent; so may you order your silence and your concentration and you will be in perfect harmony with your work on the Book Tastes of Life from the Teachings of the Tzadik Haim, and the Scroll of the Third and Final Redemption.”


Gnomen 524 -

I drank bitter coffee which sweet-Donkey Giuseppe had extracted from his heart by way of his left breast. As I drank it, the bitterness turned into seriousness, first prerequisite of the Inner Separation. At the same time Sweet-Ass was cured of the bitterness which for many years had accumulated within him and he became now an even Sweeter Donkey. Indeed, he stopped playing wicked pranks on Gilat Haim and Yehoel Yehoel and the infant Haim Shimshon was saved from Baby-Joseph’s capricious torments.


Gnomen 525 -

But big-brother Daniele, slightly invidious of all those marvellous presents that his little prophetic donkey-brother was bestowing on Peretz, suddenly rushed into the Tent and said “I must certainly have something to give you, but I don’t know what it is!” “Don’t worry big lion of the Second Commandment, I know what it is”, I said a bit worriedly. “You were called Atlas and you held the weight of the North Star on your shoulders, until the Beast of the Kremlin (Michail Gorbachov) could regain his balance. That also happened by way of the Central Pillar which has descended into the middle of the Tent.


Gnomen 526 -

Now it is time for you to be relieved of that tremendous weight and to pass it over to me. For now I need that weight for the work which lies ahead. I’ll stand here in the Central Pillar of the Tent, and you, put your spine against mine, and place that weight upon me. Then the Star of Pharaoh stiffened my neck and quadrupled the force of my spinal cord, while Daniele became as light as a thirteen year old child born two hundred years from now in the light of the Final Redemption.


Gnomen 527 -

Beniamino kept the silence of our secret and from him I received the Secret Silence of the Kingdom of Heaven. - - Then my wife Leah (to all she is Deborah (afterwards Noda) but to me alone she is Leah) came into the Tent and sat down on the oriental puffy at my feet. She placed her head upon my knees and kissed them with great love and respect and said, “Oh, Peretz, I forgot the phrase you taught me that I’m supposed to say when I kiss your knees”. “It’s O.K.; You must say “Blessed are the knees that bow down to God alone”. Leah kissed my knees and said the phrase and I said, “And blessed is the soul of my wife, Leah, mother of the messianic joy of life, mother of the prophesied Joel, Yehoel Yehoel, mother of the messianic sunlike-force which will bring life to the world with the Great New Message of the Final Redemption. And blessed is the wife who blesses her life in her husband and is blessed by her husband in the blessing of life.”


Gnomen 528 -

But Shaul, o Shaul, two kisses I give you; for you have elevated Israel in your love of God. And two kisses I receive from you; for you have despised the uncouth behaviour of this generation and you have hated the enemies of Israel. Great happiness have you brought to me with every sound of the Red Flute of Esau; for you have separated the good from among the nations and you have thrown down the seed of Amalek. Up now, Red Horse, my son, and let us kiss quickly; then leave and close the door of the Tent, for you have allowed me to enter into the triple separation of the triple meditation of the Prophet, of the Rose and of the Heart of Leviathan*.

*In essence, the Triple Meditation is a ‘Way’ of contemplating the many aspects and subjects of the Final Redemption brought in Sefer Mishnat Haim in terms of the Prophecies, the Virtues and the Stars Gnomen 529 - 

Then all the sand around my Tent from without, was blown around by a fierce wind which then lifted up my Tent high above the ground and quickly brought it to the desert of Sinai on one of the mountains where the presence of Moses, the legislator loved by God, faithful in all His house, was to be found. This wonderful transfer at extremely high velocity, was made possible by way of the Signs of the Final Redemption. Paolo, in whose merit the signs of Egypt, of Cheope, of Sinai, of the Construction and of the Construction which lasts in time, had been brought to us, knew what to do. Together with Shaul the night before, they had placed the sand of the Protection of Monte Rosso al Mare of the Cinque Città around the Tent from the outside and together verbally placed the Tent on that same spot where Paolo had felt the presence of Moshe Rabbeinu, alav ha-shalom, three years previous.


Gnomen 530 -

Paolo and Shaul, White Horse and Red Horse participated in bringing and binding the new revelation to its roots at Sinai. I extend the Triple Curtain of my Tent and I put on my Veil which shows me how I am looked upon from the Kingdom of Heaven so that I might begin each composition in the proper key and on the correct note. I strip myself of all pre-concepts while I together with my Tent are taken by the angels to the desert of Sinai, close to the mountain of Moses.


Gnomen 531-

Here I sit to visions of my desert screen, all clean polished by the stars and by the sand, looking at the dough of my desert Bread. I look upon the Fourth Prophetic Circle while with a quick glance now and then I check the love of Paolo and Deborah back at Sombrero and I am tranquil for the safety of the children. But here in the desert Tent I delight in the Prophetic Oil upon me. I dance a long jig and I roar as a lion as I vitalise my forces in the holy desert sand.


Gnomen 532 -

I take out my tongue and I lick my whole body, sand, oil and sweat, so that the Triple Meditation might come to suck me up into the New Clouds of Glory of the New Pact. I have been sucked up by the amazing Cloud of Colours and seeing the Dead Sea from before the hills of Sodom I chant the rhythm of the Hidden Cave Song. How the caves have mastered secrets in the silence of the desert. How the cave is holy in the cloud of many colours. I am in the Hidden Cave and the curtain of the vision is going up.

*Dicembre 16, 1991, Sombrero. In vision, Giuseppe saw a cave close to the Dead Sea in Israel. To him was indicated the exact point where he was- it was the extremely 'hidden cave' of the School of the Essenes.

Some Romans, however, in that epoch had closed the cave since it happened that some soldiers had wandered in that place and something happened there before their eyes; they were met with a blinding light that frightened them terribly. So with slaves they had the cave covered and concealed all traces of it. It happened, however, that a witness saw all this without the soldier's knowing it. The same person had seen those who used to meet in that cave, persons with great zeal for God who would meet there and sign a Pact that they had made.  Rome at that time was violent against the religious Jews knowing that they would never lower their head to the Emperor, as those brought in chains to Rome under Titus. Some time before that event, a strong wind had come that completely covered that place.

In that cave were three staircases upon which the talmidim had to be very careful when going up or down. The Pact they made was of  fidelity and used a system of signing their name which was consided more than an oath made only by mouth. There was an important battle there during the period of the Roman conquest of Israel.

In the cave were guarded important secrets. The malodour of the place was due to petrolium there, and this was one reason for  their decision to close it. 

Not without reason that cave had been chosen. Because of that unbreatheble odour no one could come close to it. To approach and enter it, one had to use certain herbs held under the nose and to wear a veil that covered the eyes.

Hidden there were the TABLETS OF THE LAW which emanated a great lightò only just persons could enter there. 

By night the cave was discovered because of that effulgent light, as a light without end that continues to burn The founder of the School of the Essenes had not seen the Tablets but he was able to hold it up or 'capture' its light; he had been amazed by the way it shone, with many marvelous colours. If one would look at it too long, he could become blind. Thus with sand he held the light back. By day, on the other hand, whoever came close (to the cave) saw an extremely strong reflexion that created fear because it was a light stronger than solar light. It was all not natural. Only just and faithful men could enter. For those dew it was a place of prayer, of elevation and purificazione. A curious thing happened there.


Gnomen 533 -

What are the Romans doing here in this most secret grotto of the Essene School? They ordered that the cave be closed, afraid of the great ‘fire’ that had consumed the soldiers who had found it and tried to enter ten paces from the mouth of the furious furnace. The next soldiers sent only stood at the mouth of that newly discovered wonder and were blinded by a great light. “Let it be closed and covered over so that none recognise it and let our hands be clean of the fury of the God of Israel and of the secrets of the Jews” said the Roman Legion to a small force of special hired soldiers.


Gnomen 534 -

Someone, however, had seen the happening without being noticed by the soldiers. That someone knew some strange information about the underground meeting-place. He had seen many of the pious ones from the Essene Community enter there for extremely elevated hidden services to the Holy God of Israel. It was the time of Roman hostility to Jews in the last years before the final self-massacre at Mazzada  in the year 73. Looking from Mazzada towards the Dead Sea, not more than half a kilometre from the Sea itself, lies this hidden cave which was known in secret to the inner circle of sworn-in teachers and pupils of the Essene School.


Gnomen 535 -

The great secret contained in the cave which was called by the EssenesMe’Arat ha-Brit’, was also protected in nature by three factors: its depth, its natural hidden location and its unbearable odour. This latter was due to the sulphates and probably to petroleum which lay deep underneath. There inside the cave were the two Tablets of the Ten Commandments received by Moses, our teacher, at Sinai. They had been there for about a hundred and fifty years.


Gnomen 536 -

It was this great secret that had been known by the Teacher of Justice, as Head of the Hidden Tzadikim of his time, and which he decided to reveal to the faithful pupils of the New Messianic and Redemptional Pact taught in the School established by him. This was the solid proof that aside from the Hidden Tzadikim themselves, only the pupils of that New Pact of the Essenes, knew that the grace of God was with them. Not without reason did that small group of initiates carry the weight of the great privilege to which they had become heir. Nor was it without reason that they practised to their utmost the fear that protected them from falling short of that privilege.


Gnomen 537 -

That secret was the light that illumined their heart and mind and that gave them the great inner happiness to be able to fulfil the onerous and austere way of life to which they were sworn. They served the Holy God of Israel with a full heart of silent love constantly enhanced by the faith which they saw before their eyes. They called it the Cave of the Pact (me’arat ha-brit) because whatever pertained to the New Messianic Pact of the Essenes in its hidden aspects was spoken about in the Cave itself. All secret teachings, especially those oral for which there was no permission to write down, were taught and received in that hidden grotto, and only those who were sworn into the secrets had permission to enter the Cave.


Gnomen 538 -

Three ladders were needed to descend into the inner-sanctum of the Cave. Together with the horrendous odour of potash and sulphate, at least until the inner-sanctum itself, the task of descending was itself difficult and dangerous. For sure no one was permitted to go there by himself. But those talmidim who were accepted as full fledged, life-time pupils of the Essenes, and who had been in the cave for their oaths and swearing-in, were shone the great secret which would dwell and shine within them until their last breathe, the holy Tablets of the Commandments.


Gnomen 539 -

During the writing of this Sefer Esther 1, there were three prophetic revelations which served to focus important aspects of 1) - the sanctified level of the Teacher of Justice and the School by him founded, 2) - the key to understanding the discrepancy between the sanctified and veritable Initial Signs at the School and between those Initial Signs when they were ‘stolen’ from the School and used for a Mission in public, and 3) - the particular ‘secret’ of the Tablets. The first was revealed in Deborah’s dream concerning the Action and the Punishment of the Teacher of Justice. The second came out of the schism of Carmine DelleDonne. The third was received in vision by Baby-Prophet Giuseppe.


Gnomen 540 -

At the time when the construction of the Third Temple, the House of the Final Redemption of Seven Floors at Jerusalem, will be at hand, this cave and these Tablets will be discovered and the world will be amazed at the finding, to say the least. Then will the time be right and ripe to understand the manifold truths of Sefer Esther, the Book which reveals that which was hidden. For in no other document is the fact of this cave known and its discovery will further verify the entire contents of this text.


Gnomen 541 -

Or, perhaps, some document yet to be discovered among Dead Sea scrolls, may come to reveal the existence and the importance of the secret cave. I do not know the manner in which it will be discovered, unless it comes by way of this Sefer Esther itself. In any case it cannot happen until the historical position of Israel and the world is ready for the Construction of the House of the Redemption. (see here a description of the cave inside). I do not know for how long the Tablets were there.


Gnomen 542 -

From this prophetic vision of Baby-Prophet-Joseph, however, (seen by him inside the Tent at Sombrero, Dec. 15, 1991) the Teacher of Justice was seen, while the event itself in the vision certainly speaks about somewhere around 73. The unhistorical method* which I am following gives me roughly 150 years from the original Teacher of Justice, founder of the School. Therefore I presume that the Tablets were there for not less than 150 years, yet perhaps they were taken out and hidden at an earlier date, such as Hhanukah, for example. But whatever historical knowledge will be discovered concerning the cave and its contents will not in any way change the essential redemptional value of coming to know the great secret of the Essenes.

*in the whole Sefer Mishnat Haim, I follow the principal of not invading the fields of others. Thus I leave the work of precision history to the historians, of precision document interpretation to the scholars, and the halacha to the rabbis. Now those are really three big elephants that a Donkey like me is happy not to carry on his back; indeed Sefer Mishnat Haim is extremely content of not having its pages adumbrated with ten scholarly opinions for every question without any prophetic decisiveness. One good un-scholarly prophetic opinion is worth more than ten times ten scholarly opinions that almost always leave you in the same confusion but with more opinions to get confused about. It is sufficient for me to remain within the limits of the general historicity of the events - - Gnomen 543 -

If such was the height of the Essene elite, together with the many secrets of the kabbalah maasit etc., and together with the messianic structures of the School etc., and together with all the information and their explanations contained in this Book, then the entire historical and spiritual vision of the first and tragic messianic mission of Yeshua, son of Joseph and son of Miriam, will change. For with this discovery, the redemptional role played by the Essenes rises to great heights. This will in turn verify the understanding that whatever truth could have possibly come out of that dark generation, it could have come only from that hidden fount in the hands of the Essene Elite.


Gnomen 544 -

And if it is so, no other source could have furnished the Baptist with his prophetic zeal or Jesus with all the messianic and redemptional concepts that he attempted to explain in his short-lived mission. Christians will then understand that Jesus did not come out of a cloud sent by Heaven when he was about 29 years old, but rather did he come out of a very exclusive and secret cloud hidden in the community situated along the Dead Sea. And Jews will be amazed, profoundly amazed, and they will come to appreciate the incredible plight of the first-general Donkey of the redemptional and messianic mission. Then they will enter into a long and silent meditation, a triple meditation called the Prophet, the Rose and the Heart of Leviathan.


Gnomen 545 -

In that time the heart of Israel will be humble before God and before mankind and they will say, “Marvellous is the Holy One Blessed is He and hidden are His ways. Trample us under in Your love, and lift up our spirits with Your mighty hand to stand before You in truth. Beat down our arrogance with the vital breathe of our souls, and renew our sentiments in the ways of Your hidden love. Never had You abandoned us but You had allowed us to believe that we had abandoned ourselves. Great is the salvation from behind the fence, when You have broken all the barriers asunder.


Gnomen 546 -

You have widened our horizons and lifted off our blindness and the light of Your patience has surrounded us. Forgive us our sins and correct our defects and let us live in Your eternal light. Let us walk in Your Presence forevermore and let the work of our hands be Your bread. Shake us down to our bones to feel the foolishness of our errors, and fill us with the love of Your salvation.


Gnomen 547 -

Let us bow down in the House of Your Presence, to conserve our souls in Your non-destructibility. Let us join hands with Princes of Peace who search the world over for Your name Shalom. Then will the nations sing a hymn to the people of Israel, to the Jews of all the world and they will sing: Glorious is the people of Jacob, wise the seed of Abraham and holy the spirit of Isaac. Great is the Lord who has chosen His Israel, the eternal Shepherd of His chosen flock.


Gnomen 548 -

Profound are His thoughts which we cannot fathom. Deep are the roots of His unchanging love. Mysterious are the paths of His promised salvation and the ways of His Law are just. Blessed is the nation that clings to the people who knows His name and that recognises the fear of the Lord which shines in the heart of Israel. Blessed is the light of Israel which illumines the heart of Japhet and radiates to all the Tents of Shem. Blessed is the chosen Tzadik who has intervened on our behalf and who has won the victory of Jacob and shattered the yokes of confusion from upon us.


Gnomen 549 -

Then together all will chant praises to the Holy Lord of the universe, Creator of all. Foolish is the wisdom of all mankind together compared to one ray of Your understanding. Naught are we to know the light of Your wisdom. Humble is our Creator, for in His mercy has He lifted up His servants and has let His voice be heard unto the extremities of the earth. Bestow upon us the knowledge of Your Providence and lead us in the path of Your Divine Design.


Gnomen 550 -

Purify us in the light of our innocence as You have turned our iniquity into whiteness. Let the secret of Your kindness give health and long life unto our children and may they inherit the happiness of Your blessing. Give us a new white brain that we may start afresh to know Your voice within us. Re-quicken our spirit and let us try once again to climb the steps of White Marble in the Palace of the Kingdom of Heaven.